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Notice & Released: Secret Affection – Chapter 66

Hi all,

I have just discovered I made a huge plot mistake in the upcoming chapters so I am now in midst of fixing it. There’s a lot to fix so it will take some time.

Do not worry, chapters that have already been posted will not be affected so I will not rewrite them (and you do not have to reread them). Instead, I will fix the upcoming chapters to match them with what I’ve posted/you’ve read in the posted chapters.

And this means, new posts will be less frequent until I’ve done rewriting. I will try my best to fix them as soon and as much as I can so I can post them.

The good news is today’s chapter is not affected so here you are, Chapter 66 of Secret Affection.

Thank you.

Posting postponed

Dear readers,

I will have to postpone posting the next chapter as I have fallen sick and doctor has asked me to rest at home for few days. My laptop is not with me (it is in office) so I am unable to post. I am posting this from my phone.

If all goes well I should be able to go back to work and resume posting on Friday (Sorry I am unable to update the side bar as well so the date will be outdated).

My apology. And see you soon.