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AnnwithKnR turns 4 & Released: Secret Affection – Chapter 21

It is the site’s 4th anniversary this Sunday, 31st December 2017!

And this means it is the time of the year again for me to express my gratitude for everyone who has been with me, supporting and loving the stories I have written for all the years.

Yes, thank you. Thank you so much to every single one of you. I am honored.

I am grateful and glad that I am able to keep this going for so many years now, however this time, it will be slightly different compared to the previous years.

Please bear with me with this long post as I have not written my thoughts for a while, and I feel I should write it now since it is the anniversary of the site…

There is always uncertainty if I can keep going year after year of writing, and miraculously I just keep going until now [and yes, I am still writing and editing Secret Affection]; but this time, I am able to be say, I will retire next year. As everyone knows, this year, we were told that MG will be remade and will be broadcasted next year.

It is kinda good… and also brings bad news. Good news is that we may get the ending that we have all been waiting for for this couple, and the bad news is… a drama reboot means the end of my writing journey for them.

Many of you know that I have been saying I wanted to retire for some years, yet I just keep going… one story after another. I don’t know how I did it though, probably due to the passion that I have for writing. One thing I hate about writing is that there are some draggy/mundane parts in the story that I need to go thru/deal with. I can’t ignore or remove them because the story needs it, and these parts are the killers for the writers. And this phase is when it makes me think whether I should continue or drop the story. It is difficult… extremely difficult. I have dropped so many stories in the past for the exact same reason. But when I managed to get thru it and continues until completing the story, I feel immense joy and satisfaction from it. That is why I start another story… and the entire cycle repeats. Haha.

The other joy I had from writing and posting my story is that I get to see the reaction from readers, and reading the comments from readers let me know what their thoughts on the story are about. It is refreshing and it motivates me. And it makes me happy to know you are happy with the story, and when it brought tears and sadness to you the way I had expected to, I knew I did it right; that I managed to convey the story and emotion the way I wanted to.

I am glad that I am able to keep the XMXY pair alive for all the years and I will be ‘passing’ it back to the reboot version and hope they will be given an ending; at least a proper ending to the pair, whether it is a happy one or not – we needed closure. [Show, I am watching you]

So yes, this time, it is slightly bittersweet. It is the anniversary which I should be happy about because it is a milestone, but at the same time, I am aware this is the last one that I will be having with all of you since I am retiring after Secret Affection.

Anyway, I am unable to do anything special for the anniversary this year since 31st falls on a Sunday and I am not around to do any posting on weekends so… I can only compensate with posting everyday from Tuesday to Friday next week. How is that?

And here’s the post for today; the last post of 2017 – Chapter 21 of Secret Affection.

Thank you. And Happy New Year!

With Love,