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New chapter(s) will be posted on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Changes will be announced, if any.

No-Post days will be listed on the sidebar on the left.
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4 thoughts on “Posting Days

  1. Hi Ann, thanks for visiting my site 🙂 You are amazing, to commit to updating your story twice a week. WordPress is pretty good site to load stories as there are no ads. I got my domain name because it’s easier to search and easier for my readers to remember 🙂 Yeah, it is a big commitment to keep a live website, almost like running a store and taking care of the window display at the same time. Thanks for your encouragement – I won’t just be copy and paste my other stories, I actually will be re-editing before I upload. I started reading one published work and was ashamed at some of the wordings. But I think it will be easier because I’ve wanted to reread my work just to enjoy it again 😛

    • Hi Aleiya, you are welcome. 🙂 Oh, and thank you for your compliment :D. Actually, there are readers hoping I can update thrice a week (and some mentioned they wish I can update everyday) but I can’t do so. Hahahaha. Twice is the most I can deal with.

      Ah? WordPress has no ads? I think it does. Perhaps it only appear occasionally, unless you opt to buy the domain then there will be no ads. I agree with you that readers will remember easily if you have your own domain name. 🙂

      I have been contemplating with the thoughts of rewriting my past stories (let’s just say the first few) because of its odd flow of scenes as well as my… umm… grammar/sentence structures, but I decided to let it be what it is now because it is where and how I started, although I share the same sentiment with you, that I feel ashamed to read them again. Hahahahahah. 😛

      Thanks again! 😀

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