Uploaded: My Loved One Chapter 1-10

Chapter 1 to 10 of My Loved One have been uploaded to the site.

Thank you.


13 thoughts on “Uploaded: My Loved One Chapter 1-10

      • So far this and your latest update. Im not really familiar with WordPress so I also don’t know if I’m doing it right.

        • There is only a link to ‘My Loved One’ in this post and none for Chapter 1-10. You can mouse over to the word ‘My Loved One’ and it is a clickable word that will direct you to the contents page of My Loved One. Because chapter 1-10 consists of 10 links, I did not put them in into this post.

          You can also find a word ‘My Stories’ on top of the page (if you are accessing the site using a laptop/computer). You can mouse over or click into it and it will bring you the list of stories that I have uploaded into the site.

          If you are still having problems navigating the site, try clearing your computer cache, cookies and browsing data and then reload the site again. Do let me know if you are still having problems. I will try to work it out for you. 🙂

          Thanks kaye.

          • Thanks I’m viewing it from my tab. And it always says an error occurred. Sorry for the trouble.

          • Don’t worry about it. 🙂

            Tab? Hmmm… I am not so sure about using tab, but so far, none of any other readers have problems with this site though the only concern I have is broken link but upon checking, all is well. However, there is a chance the cache stored in tab causes it. Sometimes clearing the cache will help.

          • Thanks. I’m using the app for WordPress and there’s the Web icon I clicked it and a browser opened for me with your stories 😆 I think that’s the way to read it. Thanks and sorry again for bothering you with my nonsense 😀

          • Ah, the app is pretty buggy, to be honest. Haha. Sometimes an update to the app may fix the problem, and sometimes it makes the app worse than it was but anyhow, if you managed to read it now, then it is good. 🙂

            Thanks again, kaye.

          • Thanks too. I’m planning on reading it again from the start coz I honestly forgot some of it. ^_^ I’m already in my 3rd chap. Hopefully by this weekend I’m done and I’ll let you know what I think about it 😉 like old times.

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