A word from author: The follow up

Last week, I’ve posted a note, seeking the thoughts of readers. This is the follow up post.

I appreciate the messages left, though I think, like it had happened many times before, I may have scare my readers again about wanting to leave. That is not my intention as I was just seeking opinions, not declaring a decision. I do not post such things to scare my readers or to seek attention, I just want everyone to be prepared if it happens. I know everyone has been relying on my weekly posts, so I do not want to shock my readers with immediate stop and termination to your weekly dose. So, do stay calm.

Although I have very few reasons to continue writing, I have plenty of reasons to stop writing.

And yes, I have to admit, there are also surrounding reasons that can affect me to stop writing. And I supposed, Ken’s leaving MAY be one of the effective reasons, thus, the previous note.

My current status: I am still writing, though I do not know how long I can continue doing it.

Thank you for your thoughts. If you still would like to add your message, please do so. The comments area is always open.


7 thoughts on “A word from author: The follow up

  1. Whatever you decide I will support it. And the stories you have already wrote will be with us even after you stop writing. As long your happy Annie 🙂 Jia you!

  2. Glad to hear that you’ll continue writing! I know you had us, readers, in mind when you published last week’s post. I guess we have to prepare our mindsets also.

  3. i will still enjoy reading your stories . I don’t care if i have to reread it several times. To me you are the best writer that i have come across… i will always cherish your art…

  4. i will continue reading your stories.I don’t care if i will read them several times. You are totally my mentor… i do love everything you write…

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