Released: One Week In Paris – Chapter 28

Yes, you see this right. This is an update!

You must be finding it odd that there is a chapter updated today – as it is NOT Tuesday and it is NOT Friday either.

And no, this is NOT an early update.

Here’s why.

Well… if anyone of you noticed, there is a ‘site statistics’ on the sidebar (depending on the device you use to read this site, the sidebar can be at the side or at the bottom) that has just popped up a few days ago. Yes, it is an indicator for this update. I have reached 50,000 views since the establishment of this site about 8 months ago and today’s update is to celebrate that – and to thank you for your support.

I know I have said this many times (for years) about how thankful I am with your support and such (I probably have said it so often that it could be instilled in your mind), so, I am keeping it short this time – and I’m giving you now: an update – Chapter 28 of One Week in Paris.

If anyone of you wondered if there is still update tomorrow (Friday, 29th August) since I have updated now, the answer is YES. Another chapter will be up tomorrow.

Enjoy the update and see you again tomorrow.

Thank you very much.


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