Released: I Still… – Chapter 6


No, it isn’t really a surprise surprise because it’s been ‘there’ for a while now.

I guess many probably did not notice; I have put up a ‘Counting Down To’ at the side bar, and yes, I have been counting down to today – and it finally comes.

Here’s why.

Today is this site’s 1st year anniversary. 🙂

Truth is, last year’s today is the date that I released the site’s address to everyone though I have actually gotten the site probably one and a half week earlier to get familiarize & work around the site before releasing it at the last day of the year. However, this date is more significant, thus I took this date of release as the anniversary instead of the date I obtained the site.

Anyway, to cut things short; to celebrate the site’s anniversary, here’s the next update: Chapter 6 of I Still… and yes, update on Friday remains.

Enjoy the update. Thank you very much.


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