And we are here again…

Ah, read some news and said Ken is getting married! Congratulations!!

But then… how do I continue focusing/imagining on my writing now that he is marrying someone… umm… else?

I know one is reality/his personal life and the other is fiction (MG/my writings) but the thoughts just… hmmmmmm conflicted. Haha. Yeah, I am conflicted now.

Anyone mind sharing with me what are your thoughts? Because I am at that crossroad again. Not a nice thing to keep coming back to this crossroad.


8 thoughts on “And we are here again…

  1. I am still ok..i mean i do not mind with he getting married. Thats why i am enjoying myself reading here.. I am enjoying the fiction and the imagination you have created for us. and one thing for sure I am happy here. hahahaha…seriously i know the reality they will not be together… but your stories made me imagine they are and it give satisfaction to me…yes i love it….dear ..please do not feel affected..continue what you have done and you made us enjoy and continue imagine about them being “together”….

    • Hahahah, I mean, just like you, I don’t mind he get married either because, we all know, he’s gonna get married someday so I am actually happy for him that he found his happiness. But what concerns me is that now he is getting married, my thoughts are a little messy and my imagination is a little affected, considering he is taken now.

      Also, I am always looking out for signs if it is time to stop writing and if people are getting tired of MG/no readers. This time, I am not as severely affected as when he dissolves fan club and may leave the showbiz, but my imaginations are affected, as I still need to imagine when I write. Haha.

      Thanks for your thought, ais. 🙂

  2. yay…congratulation to Ken!
    Ann maybe you can take a break for a while to refresh your imagination about ximen/xiao you NOT ken/rainie…just my thought….he…he… FIGHTING…!!

    • Hahahahah, problem is I have just taken a very long break (like, very, very long) and recently I have just started writing again and then this has to happen. =.=

      But thanks!

  3. Authornim, I hope you won’t get affected by this. Now, that it had already been like a decade since MG aired, more and more fans are forgetting about them but sometimes they still read MG fanfics. But there are still loyal fans who live in fantasy world that Barbie and Jerry, Vic and Winnie(Jing), Ken and Rainie, Vanness and Pace (Xiao Qiao) are together. And this fantasy world is what we called fanfiction. I’m sure authornim that there are still many readers reading MG fanfics. They may be not commenting always but I somehow know that they are still into MG eventhough years have passed. I know you already know that I am one of those silent readers, and I am always looking forward to your updates since this is the only world(site) which I still can say that Rainie and Ken can be together. I know that this news may cause you to have a messy mind now with regards to organizing your thoughts in building a fiction story about Ken and Rainie but please do continue to write about them. I’m sure many readers out there are always looking forward to your updates of your new stories. For me, this is the only site which I can still imagine that they are together since you know winglin is already down. Please do continue to write about them, if you can not update for a period of time because of this, we will understand you and will still wait for your update in case you have already organized your thoughts but please DON’T stop writing about them. Although, I’m happy for Ken that he is getting married, still imaginations are free and the only way we can do it like how we want it is to express it through writing. I know that Barbie and Vanness are already married for a long time but still you can create stories about them eventhough they have little parts in each of your story so I can say that you can still do it authornim. You just need a little time to organized your thoughts because of this matter. Please continue writing about them. We, your readers may not always comment but we want you to know that we are grateful to you for still writing fictions about them until this day. We always enjoy your updates and your stories so please don’t get affected by it. =( Still fighting authornim! =)

    • Larah oropesa ssi, I am not severely affected however I would say it is enough to mess me up. Haha. I didn’t know you have faith in me more than I did in myself.

      As for updates, they will not be affected as I have complete the writing offline. What I am worried is the future ones. Conflicted is a guaranteed story with ending – not gonna stop posting it somewhere and I can assure you of that (I will not post a story that is incomplete). But as of now, Conflicted is the last story I have and I am trying to write another one. I have been on a break for a long time and when I get an idea to write, this happens.

      Anyway, thank you for your thoughts, larah ssi. I will keep it in mind and I do hope I’ll get back on track soon.

  4. Kinda mixed feelings. Maybe its just I didn’t think of it that much. I know it will happen but I feel that it will take time but then it seems time flies so fast. Sometimes you just want things to remain the same. But after a couple of minutes of digesting your story, all we can do is to accept. And also I’m just happy that you’re still active in writing XM/XY. Its something that I look forward for.

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