Inner (and Finalized) Thoughts from Me

Dear all readers,

I believe all, if not, many of you would have heard by now that Meteor Garden will be remade and is expected to be broadcasted in 2018. If you didn’t know, then you know now.

For that news – yay (or nay)! It is probably one amazing news, since Meteor Garden has/had a significant spot in our hearts. The remake, according to what I know/heard/read, is to complete the story of MG that they felt is hanging.

Nay? Because there is a chance (high probability actually) that the casts will not be the same. So, at the end it is up to individual on how to accept and perceive the news whether it is a good move or not.

And now it brings me to highlight the second matter;
Many of you probably know; I love writing stories. But lately I am aware that I have lacked inspirations to write a good story (which I did not actually reveal about this), therefore, just right several weeks ago, I have planned to take a hiatus for a while after the completion of Conflicted, to hopefully someday return with some new stories.

But with this news that they are remaking MG, I have decided to rethink my plan about my hiatus.

I have given this a deep thought and thorough consideration for 2 weeks, or precisely since the day the remake news is out, and I have decided.

I won’t be going on a hiatus, but instead, I will actually push myself to write for one last round… and then retire from writing Xi Men and Xiao You’s story.

Yes, you read it right. I am retiring from writing Xi Men and Xiao You’s story.

Many of you have heard of this from me back then; that I have mentioned a couple of times that I have desire to retire/stop writing, and many of you probably had prepared mentally. I would not deny that this matter has always been at the back of my mind. Yet, time after time, I keep on pushing myself to write, motivating myself, trying to get some inspirations, and keep going.

But I know: this is it. The day has come.

This is my official announcement on my retirement from writing our favourite couple’s story. The remake’s news is the deal breaker for me.

One of the reasons is because in this remake, I believe Xi Men and Xiao You; regardless they will be using the same name or create new characters’ name for this role, will have an ending – regardless it is a happy or sad ending for the couple, I believe the couple will have a proper ending instead of leaving it hanging in season 1 as well as season 2. This is what we have been waiting for.

The lack of proper ending for this couple is the reason why I write their stories; to give them an ending. Since the new remake will most likely give us what we’ve been waiting for (and I mean, an ending for them), then my role as a writer for Xi Men & Xiao You’s story is done.

Good news, albeit momentarily, is that I do not have the date for my retirement yet; though I am certain the day will be before or during the broadcast of the new Meteor Garden. This is because at the moment I have one (or two if I can) story in my hand that I wish to write and complete so it is my desire to complete and post them. I will push myself to try writing them and complete them, and post them. Unless, I am really unable to do so, then my retirement is going to be sooner than expected. But we will get to that later.

I may probably make some changes/arrangements on story posting days after this but as usual, I will make the announcement when that happens so all of you will be informed.

And I must clarify this: This note is to address that I am only retiring from writing Xi Men & Xiao You’s story; not bidding goodbye to my writing career (not yet). Actually, I wanted to retire from writing altogether after this (writing of Xi Men & Xiao You’s stories) ends but decided against it and leaves my option open in case I do feel like writing again in the future. Writing has been my passion for 20 years; it is not easy for me to say goodbye too. But I am not saying I will write again; the chances of me returning are in fact extremely slim that you can consider this as semi-retirement (or should I term this as indefinite hiatus?) but who knows what’s going to happen in the future. And IF (that’s a big if, you see) someday I did return to writing and you saw me somewhere, writing about someone else, do not be surprised but do drop by and say ‘Hi!’.

Thank you for reading this note. Thank you for staying around. Thank you for your never ending support. I hope you will still stay with me until the end of this journey. (And well, I hope I have given you enough time to prepare for my retirement now…)



10 thoughts on “Inner (and Finalized) Thoughts from Me

  1. You do you boo. I’ve been following you since I was in HIGH SCHOOL. I know, it’s crazy! Although I am originally a fan of the Korean version of Boys Over Flowers/ Meteor Garden/ Hana Yori Dango, I love every single version of So Yi Jeong and Chu Ga Eul/ Xi Men Er Lang and Yang Xiao You/ Nishikado Sojirou and Matsuoka Yuki. I read fanfiction from all three. Your fics have been in my life for a long time and if you think it’s time to stop, then stop. You’ve been doing this from your own free will for years, so we have no right to make you keep writing.
    I’ll always be here reading the great stories you have left for us.

  2. I am crying…
    anyways thanks for those wndrful stories… Aan.. I Dnt know wat to tell.. I am going to miss ur stories… take care Aan.. going to miss u

  3. Would always support you on whatever your decision
    I can always read back all your great stories
    anyway thanks for all the stories that accompany me

  4. goodness i thought they’re done with this after so many version..geez. anyways i’ll always support you sis and welcome on board with me. its seem like forever since i rode into the sunset. hehe.

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