A Friend From Different World – Chapter 2



Barbie and Jerry immediately sat up on the bed.

“What’s that sound?” Jerry asked.

“I’m not sure, but we got to go out and see,” Barbie said as she got down from the bed.


Vic and Winnie broke their kiss, and looked up to the first floor of the mansion, not sure where the sound comes from.

“What happened?” Winnie asked.

Vic shook. “Let’s find out,” he said as he held her hand and they immediately rushed in into the mansion.


Pace and Vanness broke their kiss harshly upon the screaming and Pace accidentally bit Vanness’s lips.

“Argh,” Vanness immediately covered his mouth, but his head looked up the staircase to the rooms, not sure the sound comes from which room.

“I’m sorry, baby… I’m so sorry,” Pace said as she looked at him touching his mouth.

“It’s ok, it’s ok,” Vanness said as he looked at his fingers.

“You’re bleeding,” Pace said, seeing the blood on his fingers.

“It’s ok, baby. What is that all about?” Vanness said looking up and slowly stood up.

“Not sure from which room…” Pace said and stood up as well.

“Did you hear that?” Vic said at Pace and Vanness as he rushed in with Winnie.

“Yes,” Vanness said.

“You make that sound?” Winnie asked.

“No, it comes from the room,” Pace said.

“What was that?” Vic asked.

“We gotta find out,” Vanness said as he Vic, Winnie and Pace immediately walked up the stairs.

Barbie and Jerry walked out of their room and they met Vanness, Winnie, Vic and Pace just right outside of their room and Jerry almost kissed Vanness.

“Whoa!” Jerry and Vanness yelled as they placed their hands against each other so that they both are in distanced. “Careful dude!” they both said.

“What is that?” Barbie asked. “The scream?”

“It’s not you?” Pace asked.

“No, we were shocked with it. It’s not from any of you?” Jerry asked.

Vic and Vanness shook.

“Means it comes from Rainie’s room,” Winnie said as they all hurriedly run to Rainie’s room and knocked on the door.

“Rainie!” Winnie, Pace and Barbie yelled.

“Ken!” Vic, Vanness and Jerry yelled.

“What happened?!” Barbie yelled as they keep knocking the door.

The door suddenly flung opened and Ken and Rainie rushed out of the room. They both stood far from the room, panting and gasping for air. Ken and Rainie are hugging each other, and with one strap of Rainie’s spaghetti strap shirt slides down from her shoulder.

“What happened to you two?” Vic asked.

“You… you…” Vanness pointed at Ken, and then at Rainie, and then pointed at her strap. “You both ahhh for that?! We are all shocked and run to you at first chance just for that?!”

“NO!” Rainie and Ken yelled at the same time, and pant for more air. Ken abruptly pulled up her strap back on her shoulder.

“There’s something in the room…” Rainie said.

“What?” Jerry asked.

They all glanced at the door, taking a step forward, wanted to go in.

“No!” Rainie and Ken yelled again. “Don’t go in!”

They all looked at the shivering and shocked face of Rainie and Ken

“Why not?” Pace asked.

“Winnie!” Rainie said as she pulled Winnie.

“What?!” Winnie shocked at the tone Rainie called for her.

“Remember I told you I don’t feel fine with this mansion… it’s true… this mansion is haunted!” Rainie said as Ken held her tight.

“WHAT?!” they all said at the same time. Winnie just looked at her, speechless.

“Don’t you dare to say things like that, Rainie!” Jerry said.

“I’ve told you this place is creepy!” Rainie said at Ken, and then turned at Winnie. “Did you see something in this mansion?”

“Winnie?” Vic asked.

“I didn’t see anything, Rainie… I only feel uneasy, that’s all…” Winnie said.

“Look, it’s in my room, don’t go in!” Rainie said.

“Rainie, calm down,” Ken said, hugging her tight.

“You did?” they all asked Winnie.

“I… just feel,” Winnie said calmly. “I just feel something weird in the mansion, that’s all, just a feeling,” she looked at Vic who stared at her in disbelief. She smells trouble ahead, she may need to do explanation to him for she did not tell him that she senses something is wrong in this mansion despite she just agreed to tell Vic whatever that bothers her.

“I don’t believe in such things!” Jerry said. “I want to go in and see for myself!”

“No, Jerry, no!!!” Ken and Rainie yelled.

“I want to see it myself too,” Vanness said as he walked in with Jerry into the room.

It didn’t take them more than 5 seconds that they both were screaming and running out from the room.

“AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Jerry and Vanness screamed.

Their screaming leads to everybody screamed for a moment and hugged each other outside Ken and Rainie’s room.

“My room is haunted!!!” Rainie yelled.

“But what now?” Pace said.

“Let me show myself,”

They went silent and stunned for a moment. The voice does not belong to any of them. Their brains worked through to find out if they really heard the voice or it’s just plain illusions. They all looked among each other.

It took them a while before they start, “AHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” they all screamed again, and they start running down the staircase.

Rainie and Ken are the remaining ones at the hallway near their room, and the rests already panting at the downstairs.

Rainie and Ken looked at the door of the room, with still their eyes widely open.

A pale thin hand slowly landed at the side of the door. Slowly, the figure’s face showed beneath the entrance of the room, with its face looked down on the floor. The figure is tall. He then slowly walked out of the room and stood at the entrance of the door.

Rainie and Ken remained looking at the figure.

“Can you carry me and run…” Rainie said. “I can’t feel my legs…”

“My legs are numb now I barely can run… I needed someone to lift me and run instead…” Ken said.

The figure lifted up his head and looked at Rainie. He took quite a long time to finally talk. “Don’t be afraid of me,”

Rainie stunned at the sight of the figure. The figure is good looking, whose voice is similar to Ken, but slightly harsher than Ken. He even looked similar to Ken, only Ken is a lot younger. The figure is smartly clad in a white 3 quarter sleeve blouse and jeans. He has fringe that extends from top of his right forehead to his left cheek, covering his left eye. He looks blue and pale. He doesn’t look like something alive…

Ken and Rainie hardly blinked.

“He looks… like you, honey…” Rainie said to Ken, despite her sight is still focused at the figure.

“I know… I… know,” Ken said, staring at the figure in disbelief.

“Don’t be afraid of me. I will not hurt you or your friends,” the figure smiled.

“You’re a human or what?!” Rainie suddenly yelled out.

The figure took a deep breath and smiled lightly. He walked past in front of Rainie, he then looked at Ken and smiled lightly too. “Come down with me, both of you,” the figure said.

Jerry, Vanness, Vic, Barbie, Pace and Winnie looked at the figure descending the staircases, heading towards the living room and sat down at the couch. They all quickly run away, looking for place to avoid him. Rainie and Ken looked at each other, were too stunned to talk or move, just stood at where they have just stand.

“Please, don’t be afraid. Come down,” the figure repeated, without needing to turn his head to look at Ken and Rainie.

Ken and Rainie looked at each other, and nodded. They took a deep breath, and control themselves to not be afraid, gather their strength and slowly walked down the stairs.

“Psst,” Vic signaled Rainie and Ken. Rainie and Ken signaled them that they are OK.

“Take your seat, all of you,” the figure said.

They all sat down just as directed by the figure, with having mixed feelings of scared, curious and so on. They all sat down together at a couch opposite the figure, despite the small spaces, but they still want to sandwich and squeeze together because of their fear.

After all of them sat down, they stared at the handsome figure sitting in front of them, and then at about the same time they opened their eyes widely and diverted their sight to Ken, then to the figure, and to Ken again. Ken stared at them turning heads repeatedly to him and the figure.

Ken swallowed hard. “Can… you guys… stop… looking at me… like that?” he choked on his words, as he looked over to the figure.

Instead, they looked at each other and doubted. How much the figure looks like Ken! Wait… or Ken looks like the figure?

“I know he and I looked alike, so stop doubting and switching sights,” the figure said.

All of them immediately stared straight at the figure when he starts talking.

“Are you… human?” Pace asked. “Or…”

“I am not a human. And yes, I am a ghost. I will not hurt any of you,” the figure said.

“How can I trust you? You just claim you are a ghost!” Barbie said.

Jerry looked at Barbie. “Barbie! You wanna get us killed?!”

“Because of all of you,” the figure said, and then pointed at Ken and Rainie, “Especially Rainie and Ken,”

All of them stunned.

“How did you know our name…” Ken asked.

“Sorry for listening to your conversation,” the figure smiled. “And I know all your names too,” he pointed to them one by one. “Jerry, Barbie, Vanness, Pace, Vic and Winnie,”

“You listen to all our conversations?” Vic asked. “And why especially Rainie and Ken?”

The figure smiled lightly. “I will listen if I want to,” he looked at them. “And…”

“Wait!” Vanness yelled.

They looked at Vanness being brave to interrupt a ghost’s speech.

“Who are you? Why are you telling us this? Why are you here anyway? Why here and not any other place?” Vanness asked.

“He just said he is a ghost!” Jerry yelled at Vanness.

“Ghost roams freely, ok? He can be anywhere too but why is he choosing this mansion? At our place!” Vanness yelled back at Jerry. “Then why?” Vanness turned looking at the figure.

The figure looked at Vanness. He clasped his palms together, looking at his hands.

“I died here,” the figure responded. “That is why I am here,”

They gaped looking at the figure.

“That explains why Collin is willing to rent out this mansion at a dirt cheap price!” Pace said.

“Then who are you?” Winnie asked. “What is your name?”

The figure looked at Winnie, and then switched his focus to each and everyone of them. He then looked at Rainie.

It was silence. He took a long time before he opens his mouth…

“My name is Xi Men Zhong Er Lang,” the figure said. “Fondly called as Xi Men when I was alive,”

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