A Friend From Different World – Chapter 23

Pace looked at her notebook and her face shows some disappointed look.

“What is it?” Xi Men asked Pace.

“There are still no responds for my job applications,” Pace said.

“Not only you… us too,” Winnie said, crossing her hands on her chest.

“All pending…” Vanness said, clicking here and there in the website.

“No worries, take your time to find it,” said Xi Men.

“It’s not easy to find a job for fresh graduates like us… we are trying on all possible vacancies…” Vic said, looking up at Xi Men standing behind them.

Xi Men, in his living life, does not need to go through this problem because he was born with the fate that he is the sole inheritor of Xi Men Corporation. Upon his graduation he started his work in Xi Men Corporation without even the need to apply or attend interview. So basically he didn’t know how tough and difficult it is to land a job for a fresh graduate.

Pace pointed at the notebook. “Look… some said my resume has been viewed, but there is no respond,”

“Wait for call,” Barbie said, patting at her shoulder.

Pace nodded. She then turned looking at Xi Men. “Let’s continue your story,”


Xi Men attended a meeting with Red Light Corporation with Xiao You. He stepped in into the meeting room of Red Light Corporation, and firmly greeted by Mr. Liu.

“Mr. Xi Men!” Mr. Liu called out loud.

Susan immediately turned her head and looked at Xi Men, and she smiled. Then, she saw Xiao You walking in behind Xi Men. Her smile fades and expression immediately changed.

“Good morning, Mr. Liu,” Xi Men said. “I came over to see how the project is going,” he sat down and Xiao You sat down next to him.

“It’s going well, Mr. Xi Men,” Mr. Liu said.

“Actually I heard from Ms. Yang that this project is a bit difficult to work on despite we have lined out all the requirements,” Xi Men said.

“Susan did outline some of the requirements over the period, therefore we need to amend and change accordingly,” Mr. Liu said.

“I see,” Xi Men said and turned looking at Xiao You. “Ms. Yang,” he called.

“Yes, CEO Xi Men?” Xiao You called.

“Put the project on hold. You can work on another project first,” Xi Men said.

“Sure, CEO Xi Men,” Xiao You said.

“But Mr. Xi Men…” Mr. Liu said, stunned with Xi Men’s order to put the project on hold.

“Since your Miss Susan needs to change the requirements over the period, then, let her change all first. And once finalized, do contact us,” Xi Men looked at Susan. He then looked at Mr. Liu. “Once finalized, Ms. Yang will outline her requirement changes and discuss with me before proceeding with you,”

“Mr. Xi Men, I thought…” Mr. Liu said.

“Mr. Liu, I can’t bear to put my resource over in this project which is going nowhere for a period,” Xi Men said. “According to the agreement, both sides must agree on the requirements before proceeding, however, I believe Miss Susan requires changes in the requirements so often we cannot be able to proceed. Therefore, if Miss Susan needs to do so, please…” Xi Men looked at Susan. “Call us once you have finalized,”

“According to the agreement, she has to be here when…” Susan said looking at Xiao You.

“There is never stated in the agreement that you have the right to change the earlier agreed requirements so often, which might delay in the commencement of project as expected. Both my company and your company are losing money for each single minute you delayed the 1st phase completion and for everyday you changed your requirement you are subject to cause delay in the actual project commencement day. That is why, I have the right to place my resources to another project,” Xi Men looked at Susan. He then turned looking at Mr. Liu. “If the requirements changed every day, either the technology advanced too fast, or your employee has problem with fixing the expected requirements. If she is going on like this, I can say the requirements will never be able to get right, and the project will never be able to start,”

“I understand that too, Mr. Xi Men, but Susan has her reasons why she changed the requirements…” Mr. Liu said.

Xi Men looked at Susan. “I understand as time goes, the requirements will and might change. However, I was expecting this to happen when the project is launch and running. And that means I prefer some minor changes occurred in the running project, rather than putting this entire project on hold just for you to define the requirements again and again and seemingly if it works this way, the requirements will never get right as time goes, and thus, the project will passed the commencement date and delay, and waste all my time, money and resources and so much more,” he gave her an angry look. “Please define your requirements WELL,” he turned looking at Mr. Liu. “If by any means this project cannot be able to start within 2 weeks after the expected date, please find Xi Men Corporation quitting from this project,”

“We have an agreement, Mr. Xi Men,” Susan said.

“The agreement stated any party can quit within 2 weeks after the expected commencement date if the project is not starting. Please read the agreement,” Xi Men said. He looked at Mr. Liu. “Once Miss Susan has finalized with her requirements, contact us, we’ll see how to follow up from there,” Xi Men smiled forcefully. “I need to go now with Miss Yang,”

“Sure…” Mr. Liu said, he looked at Susan. He didn’t know what to do or what to say at that moment to Xi Men as Xi Men is completely right, and it was all Susan’s fault.

Xi Men and Xiao You turned, walking towards the door and walked out from the meeting room when Susan immediately walked ahead of them.

“Mr. Xi Men,” Susan said, blocking his path just a few steps away from the meeting room and then she eyed Xiao You.

“Miss Yang,” Xi Men gave Xiao You an eye signal that indicates her to go first. Xiao You nodded and walked away. “Yes, Miss Susan?”

“What was that for?” Susan asked angrily.

“No, what was THAT for? Miss Yang has already been here for the past few weeks to work on the requirements with you yet you only keep changing it. She can do nothing at all to advance in this project. Are you a difficult person to work with?” Xi Men asked as he folded his hands on his chest.

“Stop calling her Miss Yang. She is your fiancée!” Susan said.

Xi Men smiled. “Yes, but in professionalism, I should address her as Miss Yang. And so, you know about her,”

“Yes, don’t you think I am blind,” Susan said.

“No, you get the news from the media. Well, yes, I go out with her and I don’t care about the media going after the CEOs of the big companies! So, you are making her difficult because of her status as my girlfriend, fiancée or soon-to-be wife?” Xi Men asked.

“I don’t need to see or read the media to know about you. I will be informed by the media instead! I know everything about you before everyone else in Taipei does!” Susan said.

“If you are making her difficult because she is my fiancée, then it’s so ashamed of you. You don’t know how to differentiate between work and personal,” Xi Men said.

Susan stared at him. “Look at her. She is not compatible with you,”

Xi Men hated that word. “You mean you do? More than her?”

“Why you sounded like I couldn’t?”

“Because I don’t like my other half’s attitudes like you. By any means, she is better than you in all senses, which makes her so precious to me,” Xi Men said. “I know as per you said, you are a great fan of mine. But I am not suitable for you, and I will not like you. You should find one who will appreciate and love you. And since you compare that way, then I am going to tell you that my fiancée is more compatible with me than you did. She will be the only person I love in my life,” he looked at her. “What lies between you and me are just the project. You and I have nothing else to talk about beyond the project, especially my personal life. Get the project run, else, your company will lose partnership with me,” he turned and walked away, heading towards Xiao You standing at a corner with a file in hand, waiting for him. He smiled at Xiao You and said something while placing his hand at her waist and walked to the lift with her. The look of a happy couple.

Susan angered with what he had said, she eyed him.


A month later, it’s the day Mei Zhuo, Ah Si, Lei and Xi Men signs the agreement of their partnership to work together. They held a press conference and will sign the agreement in the conference in front of the media to announce their partnership officially.

All the four CEOs sat down in front of hundreds of reporters and photographers from worldwide as well as media that broadcasts this live on television. They were bombarded with questions from the reporters and they replied the reporters professionally about the partnership.

It’s finally time for them to sign the agreement.

“I heard that the stock has already increased three-fold even before we sign these agreements,” Mei Zhuo said, as his secretary pointed at an area where he supposed to sign.

“Really?” Xi Men asked, as Secretary Xu pointed him the area to sign in the document.

They landed their signatures on the agreements, and their secretary exchanged their agreements with the other CEOs to get all four documents signed with four signatures.

The MC announced, “And now, Ling Corporation, Hua Ze Corporation, Dao Ming Corporation and Xi Men Corporation will work together to…”


The hall immediately went silent.

Everybody looked up and around, searching for the not-so-loud thud which sounded like a paintball shot from the paintball gun during a paintball game, but this is not a paintball game. No one knows what it is.

“What was that?” Ah Si asked.

Xi Men gripped the edge of the table tight.

Everybody in the hall looked around to see what exactly happened.

“Where did the…” Lei’s words are cut short when Xi Men, who is sitting next to him, hold and squeezed his (Lei) arm hard. Lei immediately turned at Xi Men. “What…” he stunned and stopped at the sight of the pale face of Xi Men. He wasn’t like this earlier!

“I…” Xi Men said, as he choked on his words. “…argh…”

Lei looked at Xi Men trembling, Xi Men’s grip on Lei arm is getting tighter it starts to hurt Lei, and the wet patch on the black coat Xi Men is wearing grabbed his attention. He immediately unbuttoned Xi Men’s coat and saw Xi Men’s white blouse beneath the coat is coated with blood at his heart area. Lei shocked, with his eyes wide opened, “XI MEN!!!” Lei yelled.

Ah Si and Mei Zhuo immediately turned to face Lei upon hearing him yelled and stood up to look at Xi Men, for Lei screamed his name earlier and they panicked. Xi Men holds onto the pain as his face shows he is in pain.

“Xi Men just got shot!” Mei Zhuo yelled.

The whole press conference got chaotic as some already start running and some taking the opportunity to take pictures of the wounded Xi Men. All the security guards, bodyguards and police at work at the scene immediately protect and cover the CEOs from further possible shots as well as holding on the crowd and the media who tried to move closer to get pictures.

“Take my car, we’ll send him to hospital now!” Ah Si said as he pushed his chair away and quickly rushed to Xi Men.

“Xi Men, hold on!” Lei panicked.

Xi Men looked at Lei for a while before he closed his eyes and slumps back on the chair.

“XI MEN!!!” all of them yelled.

“Quick!” Mei Zhuo yelled.

Lei, Ah Si and Mei Zhuo immediately lifted Xi Men up from his seat out from the hall. They carried Xi Men into Ah Si’s car, and Ah Si sped to the nearest hospital with Lei and Mei Zhuo in the car as well.


“Ouch… why the sudden pain… since 20 minutes ago,” Xiao You said as she put a hand on her left chest. “I am not going to get heart attack, right… sudden pain in my heart…”

“Miss Yang!” Secretary Xu called as he run into her room.

“Yes, Secretary Xu?” Xiao You asked as she is typing her email.

“CEO Xi Men…” Secretary Xu said as he gasped for air.

“Looking for him? He is at the press conference,” Xiao You said. She suddenly feels weird because Secretary Xu is supposed to be at the press conference with Xi Men. Then why is Secretary Xu here? She frowned to herself.

“I know… I mean…” Secretary Xu takes a deep breath. “He got shot,”

Xiao You looked at Secretary Xu. “Huh?”

“CEO Xi Men was shot during the conference,” Secretary Xu said. “He has been rushed to the hospital by CEO Dao Ming, CEO Ling and CEO Hua Ze,”

“He was shot?!” Xiao You asked, giving him an unbelievable stare. She did not watch the live telecast of the press conference as she is rushing for some work to be done.

“Yes, Miss Yang!”

“OH NO!” she yelled. “Take me to the hospital he is in,” Xiao You said as she rushed out from her room. She asked Secretary Xu without looking at him, “What happened?”

“After the signing ceremony, we heard a thud… and realized he got shot,” Secretary Xu said.

“Why don’t you call me… why come back to office?” Xiao You asked, panicked, and worried about Xi Men’s condition.

“There is some documentation about CEO Xi Men in his room that is required by the hospital later on, so, I come back to take all, and to inform you, Miss Yang,” Secretary Xu said.

“Thank you, Secretary Xu…” Xiao You said, as tears slowly rolled down her cheek.

“Don’t cry, Miss Yang…” Secretary Xu immediately took out a tissue and handed to her.

“I’m so worried… where is he shot at?”


Xiao You immediately looked at him. “Maybe that’s why my heart was pain earlier…” she closed her eyes. He’s her soulmate. “Heart… he got shot in his heart…”

“CEO Xi Men will be alright, Miss Yang… he is a nice person, he will be fine,” Secretary Xu said.

“Hope so…” she said as more tears rolled down her cheek.


Xiao You reached the hospital and she hurriedly run towards the emergency room. She saw Ah Si, Lei and Mei Zhuo all standing outside of the emergency room, talking to a few policemen and with their bodyguards standing next to them.

“Ah Si, Lei, Mei Zhuo!” Xiao You called out.

They all turned and looked at Xiao You.

“Xiao You,” they called.

“How is Xi Men?” Xiao You asked, both hands gripping Ah Si’s hand.

“He is still in the emergency room. He got shot during the conference,” Ah Si said.

“Who shot him, and how did it happen?” Xiao You asked.

“We have no idea how it happened and who did it,” Mei Zhuo said. She turned and looked at Mei Zhuo answering her.

“This is Miss Yang, Xi Men’s fiancée,” Lei said, looking at the policemen, when his right hand extended out referring to Xiao You. “She is also a staff in Xi Men Corporation, a business manager for Xi Men,”

“I’m Darren,” the policeman said. “These are my staffs. We are acquiring some information and details about what really happened during the conference. And I was at the conference to control the situation of the press and I saw the entire happening too. We are not sure where the thud comes from, possibly from the crowd of media,”

Xiao You looked at him and stopped for a moment, finally voicing out, “What else did you get?”

“We are investigating if he is shot by a bullet, or explosion of something that got to hit him. We are now pending for the item, if available, from the surgery Mr. Xi Men is having now. We are also investigating if the shot is directed to Mr. Xi Men or by accident. I hope you don’t mind if I ask you some questions,” Darren said. “I have gathered some information from Mr. Dao Ming, Mr. Hua Ze and Mr. Ling about themselves and Mr. Xi Men, because we are worried too that the shot is actually aimed at them, but Mr. Xi Men may have became the victim,”

Xiao You nodded. “Go ahead,”

“Does Mr. Xi Men have any enemies?” Darren asked.

“As far as I am concern, not in personal wise. But if it comes to business and professionalism, I can say possibly there are a couple of them,” Xiao You said. She looked at Ah Si, Lei and Mei Zhuo. “Some failed businesses, partnership and agreement do cause enemies…”

“True…” three of them said together.

Darren turned and said at his staffs, “Please enquire Mr. Dao Ming, Mr. Hua Ze and Mr. Ling about failed businesses. We will investigate everything from there as well, if the shot is actually aimed at them,” Darren then looked at Xiao You, “Miss Yang, is there any current failed businesses or partnership?”

“There are a lot of failed businesses and partnerships all along. But I don’t know if there is any new enemy for current failed businesses…” Xiao You said.

“It’s ok. We will check and investigate all of it…” Darren said. “Did Mr. Xi Men receive any threat or hate mail recently?”

“No, not at all,” Xiao You said. “He would tell me at least if that ever happens. Or he would have report to police about that…”

“That’s difficult for him to investigate. We do not know the motive, the people, and if it is caused by accident or for real he/she is trying to murder one of us,” Mei Zhuo said.

“Because all of us do have enemies in business wise, because like what you’ve said, failed businesses, agreements and partnership,” Lei said.

“But if it is professional wise, this should not be taken personally,” Ah Si said.

“It’s hard to say, some people just can’t differentiate between work and personal, or actually the work is their life… who knows?” Lei said.

“The scope of this case is wide; we could take some time to do the investigation. But we will work around the clock to get it done and hope we can solve this,” Darren said.

Xiao You nodded as she wiped her tears away. “Thank you,”

“Thank you, Miss Yang, Mr. Dao Ming, Mr. Hua Ze, Mr. Ling, for the information. Take care,” Darren said as he slowly walked off.

Xiao You sat down at the bench, looking down onto the floor.

“Xi Men will be alright,” Lei said, sitting next to her and patted her.

“He got shot in the heart, you know?” Xiao You said. “Heart… I am so scared…” she looked at him.

“The doctor will do everything he could to save Xi Men,” Mei Zhuo said.

“You two will get married next month, he will be alright. He is determined to marry you. He has been waiting for this for the past few years since you left, how can he give up right now?” Lei said.

“That workaholic’s dream on marrying you is getting near… he will survive to see you walk down the aisle to marry him,” Ah Si said.

Xiao You silent. “Hope that he is alright…”

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