A Friend From Different World – Chapter 29

“Lei is rushing back from office, please take a seat first,” Jing said. She looked at Winnie and smiled. Winnie smiled at her.

“You are looking at her in person now instead of the photo,” said Vic looked at Winnie, then at Jing. Jing then looked at Vic and smiled, as a sign of respect to her guests. All of them are at Lei’s home. Living room.

“Wei Wern, Wei Chien, go and play with Xing Xing,” Xiao Qiao suddenly said.

“Alright!” Wei Wern and Wei Chien immediately run into Lei’s mansion.

“Wei Wern and Wei Chien are my daughter and son. Xing Xing is Lei’s daughter,” Mei Zhuo said, looking at them. His cell then rang. “Sorry, it’s Ah Si,” he then walked off. “Hello…”

“I heard from Xiao Qiao… you all saw Xi Men in his home…” Jing said. “His soul…”

“Yes,” Vic said.

“He didn’t rest in peace?” Jing asked.

“He…” Vanness said, as he looked at them.

“He always seems like something is bothering him, but we do not know what it is… so…” Pace said.

“Oh…” Jing said. “He…”

“Ah Si!” Mei Zhuo suddenly yelled on the phone.

All of them turned and looked at Mei Zhuo standing rather far away from them. His scream cuts their conversation. “Lei is coming back now and see for himself if this is real, I know you don’t believe it but you can see it too. Come over now!”

“Mei Zhuo has changed since the death of Xi Men,” Xiao Qiao said, looking at Mei Zhuo.

“I should say everyone changed since the death of Xi Men. His death impacts all of us, and nevertheless Xiao You is the one that was hit the most and she changed the most,” Jing said.

“Indeed,” Xiao Qiao nodded. “Xi Men is our best friend. Mei Zhuo and Xi Men used to share a lot of common thoughts, when Xi Men passed away, Mei Zhuo put all his concentration to work and family. He wanted to know who killed Xi Men and why… so, whenever it comes to Xi Men… he would act differently… look at the way he talk on the phone with Ah Si…”

“Because it is about Xi Men,” Jing said. She took a deep breath. “Since Xi Men died, everything is not the same again…”

“All of them grew up together. All of a sudden, you lost your best friend that shares everything with you since kids… the feeling is very hard to bear…” Xiao Qiao said. “The first few months after Xi Men died, Mei Zhuo has been extremely harsh and was always in bad mood when he is in the office. But he shows me smiles and happy faces when he is home, and at that very same time I am pregnant with Wei Wern, so at least it brings him smile when he sees me…”

“The same goes to Lei. It’s just that he hardly shows it on his face, doesn’t mean that he is not affected,” Jing said.

“We are all at Lei’s house now. You better come over and take a look for yourself at least. Once you see it and til then if you don’t believe it, I don’t care!” Mei Zhuo hangs up the call and walked to him, taking his seat next to Xiao Qiao.

“Hubby, don’t be so angry…” Xiao Qiao said, patting Mei Zhuo’s chest.

“I only ask Ah Si to come over and listen, he gave me so many reasons like I am fooling him,” Mei Zhuo said.

“Mr. Ling, we understand why each of you will react that way… after all, it is not easy to believe that we do see Xi Men…” Barbie said.

“I don’t believe it too in the first place until you tell me things that media did not cover, and no one else knows but us, and the ring,” Mei Zhuo said.

“Ring? What ring?” Jing asked.

“The one that Xiao You bought for Xi Men,” Xiao Qiao said.

“Is there any possibility of imitation of the ring?” Jing asked.

“No. The ring matches the one we always see Xi Men wore and plays on,” Mei Zhuo said.

They all heard a car drives into the driveway and then stopped the engine. They heard some footsteps walking towards the door of the house and Lei’s servant opened the door.

“Lei’s back,” Jing said as she immediately walked to Lei who is walking in into the house. Lei smiled at Jing and gave her a quick kiss on her lips. Lei turned at Mei Zhuo and Xiao Qiao.

“Lei’,” Mei Zhuo called out.

“Mei Zhuo, Xiao Qiao,” Lei called out. He then looked at his guests. “You bring a lot of guests to my house,” he smiled but then he stopped smiling when he looked at Winnie. “Honey, your niece?” he asked Jing, while looking at Winnie.

“I wanted to know if he is your cousin,” Jing said, referring to Vic.

Lei immediately turned looking at Vic and stunned as if Vic is his replica.

Vic and Winnie immediately shook, as well as Lei and Jing.

“I don’t know him/her,” Vic, Winnie, Lei and Jing said together. They all looked at each other and then laughed at their same reactions.

“Mr. Hua Ze didn’t seem to change because of Xi Men’s death from his look of his face…” Rainie whispered to Jing. “I bet he knows we are coming because of Xi Men, right?”

Jing smiled. “Yes, he knows. I told him over the phone. He did change actually, but not much. He now appreciates everything around him, he missed Xi Men, especially the first few months of Xi Men’s death, and he still is now,”

“Ah Si just called me. He said he is coming,” Lei smiled. He then looked at the youngsters. “Are you all by any means related to my friends?” he then looked at Ken. “And Xi Men?”

“I am not Xi Men or have any relationship with him…” Ken said. “Sigh… I need to explain this time and time again…” he thought to himself.

“Oh, you really look like Xi Men,” Lei smiled.

“Yeah… I know… I see him on my own…” Ken mumbled.

“Well, alright,” Lei said as he got a little more serious. “I got a little surprised when my wife called me and tell me that you are going to talk about Xi Men,” he then looked at Mei Zhuo. “We have uninvited visitors telling us they have news about Xi Men’s killer and we got fed up with it. And it is already 4 years since we last have visitors, and that guy approached Xi Men’s fiancée. He is now in jail, for giving false information,”

“Lei, I have mentioned to them about the serious offence they are going to make if what they do is just trying to get the reward, so, no point of you repeating the same thing,” Mei Zhuo said. “Plus, they are not coming for the killer,”

“So, I supposed you trust them, that is why you bring them over to my place,” Lei said.

“Yes,” Mei Zhuo said.

“What is it that they’ve told you?” Lei asked. “And if they are not going to furnish us about Xi Men’s killer, what are they doing here anyway?”

“Xi Men’s soul is residing in his mansion 82. These youngsters are staying there at the moment and they saw him. He told them his life story, and some things that only we know,” Mei Zhuo said. “Xi Men is looking for us,”

“Checked? I mean, media stuff?” Lei asked.

“Yes. I don’t believe them until they prove to me,” said Mei Zhuo. “With Xi Men’s ring,”

“Then prove to me,” said Lei, facing them. “Tell me things that will make me believe that Xi Men is there, at mansion 82,”

“Maybe we should wait for Mr. Dao Ming to come too,” Vanness said.

“Yes, it is pretty exhaustive for them to repeat things over and over again,” Xiao Qiao said.

Jing smiled and nodded at Lei.

“Since Jing agreed, ok then,” Lei said, turning from his wife to face them. “So… you’re staying at mansion 82,”

“Yeah…” they all replied together.

“But I can see you guys are just… students, why stay at a mansion?” Lei asked.

“We’re graduates,” Vanness immediately corrected.

“Sorry,” Lei smiled. “Young graduates,”

“Actually we rent the mansion,” Barbie said.

“Oh,” Lei said. “Many people believed the mansion is haunted. What makes you wanted to rent the mansion anyway?”

“Actually we are not local… we just saw the advertisement in a newspaper about this mansion that we can rent cheaply… so, we just…” Rainie said.

“Oh, not local?” Lei said.

“We’re from Kaohsiung,” Winnie said. “Basically we were cheated by the advertisement and agent to rent the mansion in the first place…”

“I see…” Lei smiled. “I heard a lot of people moved in into the house and then moved out again. But I am not sure if the house is really as scary as it seems… so, you…”

Their conversation was cut off when they heard a car pulled up at the driveway. They all heard someone closed the car door, and Lei’s servant immediately opened the door.

“This better be good!” Ah Si yelled as he walked in into the house, however, limping.

“Ah Si! Don’t yell! Ah Jie and Ah Mei will get scared!” San Chai yelled at the back.

“Alright, alright. Both of us, don’t yell…” Ah Si said. He then kneeled down in front of his son and daughter, “Ah Jie, Ah Mei, go up and play with Xing Xing,” he smiled.

The kids jumped and hurriedly ran up the staircase.

Ah Si smiled, and San Chai helped lifting him up to stand still due to his leg limped.

Ah Si turned and looked at the youngsters, and then he switched his sight to Mei Zhuo. “I hope this is not wasting my time like those we had years back about Xi Men,”

“Ah Si…” San Chai pointed at the youngsters.

Ah Si looked at them. “Are you…” Ah Si said, looking at Jerry.

“No, no, no… I don’t have any relationship with you,” Jerry said immediately, looking at Ah Si.

“Oh…” Ah Si said. “Hey, but all of you looked like…” he said as he pointed to them and then to Mei Zhuo, Lei, Xiao Qiao and Jing.

“None of them had any relationship with any of us,” Mei Zhuo said.

They all just smiled and nodded.

Ah Si then pointed at Ken and he stunned. “Xi… Men…” he stammered.

“No, no, no!” Ken waved both his hands. “I’m not Xi Men!”

“No, no, he’s not,” Lei said. “He’s way too young,”

“Oh…” Ah Si said. “But he does looks like Xi Men…”

Ken smiled and shook. “I just… look like him…”

“Guys,” Ah Si called. Mei Zhuo and Lei looked at Ah Si. “Any chance that Xi Men might have cloned himself or something when he is alive?” Ah Si looked at Ken.

Ken looked at Ah Si in disbelief. “I have parents, okay?” he simply annoyed.

Mei Zhuo frowned at Ah Si. “Why don’t you ask yourself if you get yourself cloned?” he then looked at Jerry.

Jerry looked at Mei Zhuo, “I have parents too, okay?”

“Why not you asked yourself if you have impregnated someone else’s daughter when you were roaming freely during your playboy years?!” Ah Si yelled at Mei Zhuo pointing at Vanness.

“What the heck…!” Mei Zhuo snapped as he stood up.

Vanness gaped. “First, I have a father too! And secondly, isn’t he way too young to be my father?!” he looked at Mei Zhuo. “And please! I am born in a perfect marriage of my parents!”

Rainie, Barbie, Winnie, Pace and Vic shook their head upon listening to them.

Mei Zhuo and Ah Si were suddenly involved in a huge verbal fight between each other and poor Ken, Vanness and Jerry were inadvertently involved in their conversation, leaving Ken, Vanness and Jerry speechless looking at the two CEOs arguing like hell.

“SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU!” Lei suddenly yelled out loud, overpowering their loud argument.

Mei Zhuo and Ah Si stopped. Everyone turned and looked at Lei.

“Sorry to let all of you see this, and apology to the three youngsters being involved in the meaningless disputation,” Lei said, looking at the youngsters, before he turned and looked at Mei Zhuo and Ah Si angrily. “It is beyond acceptable level for both of you to comment about cloning and impregnating someone to which you are aiming at these youngsters who are obviously NOT as what you both have said! You want to say Xi Men is cloned at the age of less than 10? And you want to claim Mei Zhuo impregnated somebody at the age of less than 10 too? What the heck! Respect these people, please! Secondly, they are our guests and you both are fighting in front of our guests! And thirdly, this is my house so if you want to argue get the hell out of my house and argue all the way you want!”

Everyone silent. Mei Zhuo and Ah Si looked at Lei, and then at each other.

“Now both of you sit down,” Lei said.

Mei Zhuo sits down and Ah Si limped his way to his seat.

“He’s… limp?” Rainie mumbled, stunned at her sight of Ah Si limping to his seat with the help of San Chai. “Xi Men never told us he is…”

“I… don’t know,” Ken turned looking at Rainie.

“So, now I’m here, what is it that I am supposed to see or know?” Ah Si took a deep breath.

“They claimed that they saw Xi Men in mansion 82,” said Lei.

“Well, that’s something new,” Ah Si said. “We didn’t hear from any people about such things previously, people are interested to tell who they saw or know about the killer to get our money,”

“Listen to them,” Mei Zhuo said.

“I know you trust them, Mei Zhuo,” Ah Si said. “I can feel it in the call we had earlier,” he then looked at the youngsters. “You saw Xi Men in the house? And now what?”

“Ah Si,” Mei Zhuo said. “Xi Men talked to them,”

Ah Si looked at Mei Zhuo. “Xi Men talked to them? A ghost? I even doubt if ghost exists!”

“If not a ghost then what? Inside their dreams?” Mei Zhuo asked.

“If you think for a second we are over the talk we had earlier, you are so wrong,” Ah Si said.

“Look! I bring them over because they saw Xi Men and I did not bring them over to cheat on your damn money or something!” Mei Zhuo yelled.

“They must have known your weakness point when it comes to Xi Men and…!” Ah Si yelled.

“Two of you, STOP!” Lei called out again.

Mei Zhuo and Ah Si stopped.

“One believed them, and one doesn’t. You both have been like this since Xi Men’s death, finding it hard to trust one another when it comes to Xi Men. For once please don’t argue anymore. Please focus on them,” Lei said, referring to the guests in front of him. “I repeat. They are my guests, and also your guests. They come over here because of Xi Men, regardless if it is true or not, we will know later on. I hope you two will have a decision on your own whether to trust them or not. And also, Mei Zhuo brings them over, definitely for some reasons. Please,” he said a little mad and rather harsh in his speech.

Ah Si and Mei Zhuo looked at each other.

“I trust them. Now it’s up to both of you,” Mei Zhuo said as he crossed his arms on his chest.

“Ok,” Ah Si said, he crossed his arms too.

“Now, let’s get down to business. Ah Si is here. Make us believe you,” Lei said.

“You were previously based in Japan, and then you asked your father to transfer you back to Taipei to work because of Jing, your wife,” said Vic. “That time, she isn’t your wife yet, but you wanted to marry her, that is why you come back.”

Lei looked at Jing and then at them, smiling. “Then?”

“Mei Zhuo… I mean Mr. Ling and Mr. Dao Ming took years to convince Xi Men to go to Canada to get Xiao You back, but they never succeed. Only when you convinced Xi Men, he decided to go and get her,” Jerry said, looking at Lei.

Ah Si nodded. Lei smiled as he looked down. “Yes, indeed,” he then looked up. “What else?”

“You were sitting next to Xi Men during the press conference, when he got shot, he squeezed your arm, and then you discovered it. You reacted by unbuttoning his shirt and checked what happened,” Ken said.

Lei nodded. “But media do cover this too, you know?”

“This…” Ken said. “I am not sure if the media did some coverage on Xi Men squeezing your arm,” Ken said and continued, “Xi Men died wearing white blouse in mansion 82,”

Lei, Ah Si, Mei Zhuo, Jing, San Chai and Xiao Qiao immediately stunned. They looked at Ken.

“Did the media cover this?” Lei asked at Ah Si and Mei Zhuo. “White blouse?”

“No…” Jing said. San Chai shook.

“Xi Men was actually going up to his room to get a magazine that talks about his assassination for you to read and he got shot while descending the staircase,” Pace said, continued convincing them.

“It happened a week before his wedding,” Vic said. “And for sure all of you know media might cover this, but I know they didn’t cover next, that all of you are in his house for the ‘night before wedding’ reunion as, Mr. Hua Ze, will be leaving to Japan the next day,”

“The night is supposed to be held 3 days before the wedding, but reschedule it for Mr. Hua Ze’s trip,” Barbie said.

“Again,” Rainie said as she took out the ring. “This is Xi Men’s ring. To prove that what we’ve said is not just something we can search or get from the media,”

“This is the ring that Xiao You put hers along with Xi Men’s in his coffin! She said the ring is a set, a pair,” San Chai said as she lightly twisted the ring and there comes two. “There are even words carved at the back of the ring…” she said before she looked at it and then she went silent.

“How was it?” Jing asked.

San Chai turned and looked at them. “This is really the ring… for sure…”

“Means what they have said is true,” Ah Si said.

“I don’t doubt what they said were some kinds of made-up stories… because… I cannot find a flaw in it…” Lei said.

“Only one of us has the ability to tell these things out so perfectly…” Ah Si said.

“So now you trust them? That Xi Men exists in mansion 82?” Mei Zhuo said.

Ah Si looked at Mei Zhuo “I might need some time to accept the fact that he is,” He looked at the ring that Rainie holds, who then keeps the ring safely back in her pocket. “With the ring… I do believe though,”

Lei took a deep breath. “You have made us believe that Xi Men is at mansion 82, what is your motive now?”

“Xiao You,” Mei Zhuo said. “They have mentioned that Xi Men wants to meet Xiao You,”

They all took a deep breath, looking at the youngsters.

“That is the hardest part,” San Chai said.

“Why?” Jerry asked.

“Xiao You changed drastically since the death of Xi Men. She is not the Xiao You we have always known anymore. It is so hard to convince her…” San Chai said.

“She got disappointed when everyone who came to provide information about Xi Men’s death is actually for the reward money. She grew hate to people eventually,” Xiao Qiao said.

“That is why… whoever approaches her to tell her or talk to her about Xi Men, she will… you know… shrugged it off, staying her own tough way… she cannot be able to trust anyone when it comes to Xi Men,” Jing said. “But nevertheless… all that came are not really helping us, so we cannot really blame her for the changes,”

“But we are different. We are not coming for the reward money,” Pace said. “We didn’t even know anything about the reward money if not for Mr. Ling telling us that just now,”

“I should say… it will be difficult to convince Xiao You, especially when you say you saw Xi Men as a ghost…” Ah Si said. “Regardless whether it is about reward money for you youngsters, it is never easy for Xiao You when you mention of Xi Men,”

“But it is Xi Men’s wish. We will do everything we can to help him fulfill his wish,” Vic said.

“Look, we have gone this far, by finding all of you, and you believed that Xi Men exists too, right?” Barbie asked. “And we wouldn’t be so daring to come over and meet all 3 reputable CEOs in Taipei for a joke!”

“Plus… Xi Men gave us Mr. Ling’s address… we did not find your address from the media, honest,” Vanness said. “That is the first sign that we hope you believe us that we are not playing pranks on this,”

The CEOs looked at each other and then nodded.

“We do believe you, after what you have said,” Mei Zhuo said.

“We will try to convince her, and we believe you guys will support us too, right? You all can help convince her that Xi Men is now the ghost of mansion 82,” Jerry said.

“We’ll work on the plan on how to talk to Xiao You… let’s work on this together,” Jing smiled.

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