A Friend From Different World – Chapter 33

“A visitor?” Ken asked.

Xiao You nodded and smiled lightly.


“Hi, Miss Yang,” Lawyer Chen said, as Secretary Xu directed him into her manager room.

Xiao You looked up at him. “Hi… err… do I know you?” she frowned.

“Maybe not. But Mr. Xi Men do,” Lawyer Chen said. “First of all, I’m so sorry for your loss,”

“It’s ok,” Xiao You looked at her documents, and then she closed her documents and focused on Lawyer Chen. “What can I do for you?”

“Mr. Xi Men wrote a will before he died,” Lawyer Chen said as he took out the documents.

“A will?” Xiao You asked, staring at him. “What will?”

Lawyer Chen smiled lightly. “This is the will that Xi Men had requested and signed,” he showed the will to Xiao You. “Mr. Xi Men had written your name as the inheritor to all his properties, which includes Xi Men Corporation, 15 cars, 4 houses, 3 penthouses, mansion number 82, his monetary accounts in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Switzerland, Australia, other countries… and many more in the lists,”

Xiao You looked at the will as she reads it.

“Officially, you are the owner of Xi Men Corporation now,” Lawyer Chen said.

“Xi Men’s post has been staying vacant since his death… and his father is thinking of coming back to hold the post…” Xiao You said.

“Miss Yang… I mean, Mrs. Xi Men, you are the owner of the company but the position of CEO can be held by someone else,” Lawyer Chen said. “It doesn’t mean you must be the CEO,”

“I didn’t walk down the aisle to marry Xi Men… so, I am not Mrs. Xi Men,” Xiao You said. “Thank you for your explanation about the company… but… a will? I wasn’t aware of Xi Men making a will or something like that…”

Lawyer Chen smiled. “Mrs. Xi Men, I only do my job according to what has been written in will, and what I had been told and assigned to do,” he pointed at the will. “Upon passing of Mr. Xi Men, therefore, you, Mrs. Xi Men, is the inheritor of Mr. Xi Men’s properties as written in the will,” he then took out another document while Xiao You still focused on the will, practically dazed with what happened. “Mrs. Xi Men,” he showed her a document. “This is your wedding document,”

“What wedding document?” Xiao You asked, stunned with his words as she immediately turned her head from looking at the will to look at him.

“Mr. Xi Men had earlier signed this document when he is alive. He said he can’t wait to marry you, so he signed the wedding document. This document is not complete without your signature still,” Lawyer Chen showed Xiao You.

Xiao You looked at the documents. Indeed, Xi Men had signed the wedding documents.

“You are Mr. Xi Men’s wife… even before he died. But Mr. Xi Men hasn’t written the date yet, so, you only need to sign this and write the date… please write down a date before Mr. Xi Men’s passing… and please…” Lawyer Chen said. “This is against the law… please don’t tell anyone about how this wedding document is being done…”

“Means…” Xiao You said as tears started to form in her eyes. “I am Xi Men’s wife…?”

“Yes. Once you sign this, you are officially his wife, because he had signed this earlier,” Lawyer Chen said.

“I…” Xiao You said, looking at the wedding document. “I can’t believe Xi Men did this for me…” she buried her face in her hands as she cried.


“That’s when I officially became Xi Men’s wife. I put the date to a month before his death. I can’t believe Xi Men did this… he can’t wait to marry me that he signed the wedding document beforehand…” Xiao You said, looking at the youngsters as tears brimming in her eyes. “As for the company… Xi Men’s father taught me things about the company’s in and out and everything about business and I became the CEO of Xi Men Corporation in less than half a year and he became the advisor to me for the company. I officially inherited all Xi Men’s properties not only because of the will but also as the status of his wife. And…as for mansion 82…” Xiao You abruptly stopped. “Mansion 82 gave me a lot of sad memories, especially Xi Men’s death, so I sell the mansion as per advice for me to move on…”

“Then we heard a lot of rumors about this mansion… but we didn’t know it was real…” Ah Si said, crossing his arms on his chest. “We didn’t know it is Xi Men,”

“If we know earlier it is like what you have said, we would have gone there and take a look,” Lei said. “If only we know Xi Men is there waiting for us to go back so that he can meet us again,”

“Please understand that Xiao You sells the mansion off because she knew that keeping the mansion will not be able to make her move on,” San Chai said.

“There’s still a child that she has to bear, selling the mansion is the first step,” Mei Zhuo said.

“Xiao You became tough and strong for the sake of Jian Xiang, and we never doubted her decision to sell the mansion off, because it will remind her of Xi Men’s death, which might harm her even more,” Xiao Qiao said.

“And that’s why mansion 82 is put up for sale and how Xiao You became his wife officially,” Ah Si said.

“We didn’t know Xi Men is taking the drastic step to sign the wedding certificate even before his wedding date,” Lei said. “All of us know about this after Xiao You told us that she had signed the wedding document,”

“For once, I do not even think that I had the chance to be his wife… until this news came to me,” Xiao You said. “It was like all of these happened like a program… like he knows he is going to die before he marries me,”

“Xiao You…” San Chai said, patting Xiao You’s hand. “Don’t say like that,”

“All of these came as surprise for me. I didn’t expect any of these to happen. Not the wedding certificate, not the will. I wasn’t even considering of taking Xi Men Corporation. But everyone has been so supportive and helpful,” she smiled. “Xi Men once told me when he is still alive that he wanted Secretary Xu to be a manager, I wanted to make him the Business Consulting Manager, which is my former position, but he rejected as he wanted to be my secretary, CEO’s secretary,”

“Then how?” Barbie asked.

“In order to fulfill both Xi Men and Secretary Xu’s request, I retained Secretary Xu’s position as my secretary, but I promoted him to be a Secretarial Management Manager,” Xiao You said. “Sounded strange, but I make him the manager of all the secretaries in the company. I do not only promote him in position, I increased his salary and his job scopes,” she smiled.

“Secretary Xu’s position in the company is even higher than any other manager or secretary in the company,” Ah Si smiled. “He’s the number 2 highest ranking employee after Xiao You. He is the most trusted and loyal secretary cum manager to Xiao You, to Xi Men Corporation,”

“Secretary Xu is not only a secretary but also a trusted friend to Xi Men; that is why I am taking the step. You may not have heard such things, and I am creating history,” Xiao You said. “With then, I have fulfilled Xi Men’s desire to have Secretary Xu promoted to be a manager,” Xiao You said.

All of them took a deep breath and smiled.

“It wasn’t easy to raise a kid on my own, thank goodness all of them are here supporting me…” Xiao You smiled. “And to take care of him when I was away,”

“Don’t mention. He is our godson too,” Lei smiled. “He is our precious too. He’s the only child of Xi Men,”

“Mentioning of that, Jian Xiang earlier said he’s sorry for Ah Si… what happen?” Jerry asked. “And what happened to your leg?”

Ah Si smiled lightly and dunked his head down. “It happened about 3 months ago… Xiao You was away for 2 days for a business meeting in Hong Kong, and both San Chai and I offered to take care of Jian Xiang for the 2 days because Xiao You wouldn’t be free to bring Jian Xiang around. What would make him happier if Ah Jie and Ah Mei are here to accompany him so he can play with them, rather than staying in the hotel room and get bored?”

“We were at home. We wanted to go out for dinner before picking Xiao You up from airport after her 2 days trip to Hong Kong. It was raining, Ah Si asked me to drive the car over from the parking lot to the driveway to pick the kids, so as the kids need not walk further to our parking lot under the rain… and so I did,” San Chai said. “Ah Si usually handles the kids, tying their shoes’ strings before going out and so…”

“He’s a loving father,” Mei Zhuo immediately chipped in and everyone smiled.

“I helped Jian Xiang, Ah Mei and Ah Jie to wear their shoes. When I am helping Ah Jie’s, I saw Jian Xiang and Ah Mei were playing with a ball… and the ball rolled to the driveway. Jian Xiang ran to the ball, and… you know, kids just want what they want, without seeing San Chai is driving to the driveway…” Ah Si looked at San Chai.

“I was driving very slow… but Jian Xiang just rushed out and I was already pressing my brake, then I saw Ah Si ran out, carry him up and my car’s halting impact hits Ah Si’s left leg…” San Chai said. “I repeat: I did not hit Ah Si. It’s the halting impact hits Ah Si,”

“Honey, you’ve said that numerous times, and it’s not your fault at all, really,” Ah Si smiled at San Chai and then he looked at the youngsters, “I was so scared at the moment upon seeing Jian Xiang rushing out for the ball… and there I was… rushing after Jian Xiang, I lifted him up, embraced him, and the car’s halting impact hit lightly on my left leg… resulting in my bone cracked,” he said. “I know San Chai drives slow, and managed to stop in time even if I didn’t run after Jian Xiang but my instinct just tells me to run after him, and I did. It was a very soft hitting impact that causes the crack, so… I was admitted to the hospital for a few days,”

“He went all out to save my son,” Xiao You said. “It was because of Jian Xiang, Ah Si risked his life for Jian Xiang,”

“I wouldn’t blame Jian Xiang for this because it was my fault for rushing out to grab him despite San Chai won’t be able to hit him from the pace she is driving. Anyway, for Xi Men, for you,” Ah Si said, looking at Xiao You. “Because he is the only hope you had, Xiao You,”

“Thanks, Ah Si… thanks…” Xiao You said, tears brimming in her eyes still.

“So that explains why I am limping… but thankfully it’s my left leg. So I still have my right leg to drive an automatic transmission car,” Ah Si smiled. “I’m staying positive about this, so I’m alright, and no worries I will be able to walk straight in a few months,”

“We don’t know what might happen if Xiao You loses Jian Xiang… we might lose her too…” Mei Zhuo said, looking at Xiao You.

Xiao You smirked. “I don’t know too…”

“Life since Xi Men’s death is never easy for any of us… the feeling of someone missing…” Xiao Qiao said.

“Basically all of us changed… it’s so empty without Xi Men… and his lost… we are never complete since then,” Lei said. “There is no more F4,”

Xiao You smiled. “They tried everything to compensate the emptiness for me. Losing Xi Men… I feel I lose my life too. Sometimes it feels like I am living on a soulless body. And since his death, I have to do a lot of thinking and decisions all by myself, when I used to have Xi Men to decide with me and help me out… my life took a drastic change and I need to cope everything by myself… and I tried hiding all these sadness from them,”

“Aww… Xiao You…” her friends said.

“I admit… at some point, they do know that I am sad… but at some point, I managed to hide it well like I am alright when actually I am not,” she smiled. “But anyhow… thanks, guys,”

“She suffered for 5 years… and each time there’s a celebration, we will group together with her. We didn’t want her to be alone,” Jing said. “No matter what business trips the guys had, they will cancel it all just for Xiao You. If we are going off for a vacation, either we will cancel or postponed it, or all of us go together for the vacation. We will not leave her behind,”

“Whenever each time the name of Xi Men is mentioned… she will not be happy… and which is why, she does not give in for people coming to us and furnish us with fake details about Xi Men’s killer. All she did was to put them in jail each time someone comes…” Xiao Qiao said.

“I grew hatred to people making fun of us, one after another. I am so upset with what they did, trying to extort money from us, it may be what they are looking forward but at the same time it is adding more pain for us… it’s been 4 years since I heard any news about Xi Men… until you youngsters came,” Xiao You said. “But this is totally new…”

“But we know you are telling the truth,” Mei Zhuo smiled. “And you’ve tried very hard to gain Xiao You’s trust, you almost fail, I know,”

Ken, Rainie, Jerry, Barbie, Vanness, Pace, Vic and Winnie smiled.

“I’m very thankful for this conversation to take place,” Xiao You said, looking at her friends. “At least all of us know how much pain we’ve been thru and done for each other, and I honestly appreciate what you guys had done for me,”

“Yes, thanks to the young graduates,” Lei smiled. “You helped us opened up to each other,”

“You’re very welcome. We hope this conversation with each other will make all of you feel better,” Winnie smiled.

“I believe it did… and it will,” Ah Si smiled.

“And so you said your life changed after Xi Men’s death…” Vanness said. “What about you guys, besides Xiao You, who had furnished us with her story earlier…”

“I would say besides Xiao You enduring the entire painful journey without Xi Men, I believe Lei, Mei Zhuo and Ah Si were badly hit too,” Jing said, turned and looked at Lei.

Lei took a deep breath. “Why are you exposing me too… honey?”

Everyone laughed.

“I hate to admit but yes, all of us were impacted too,” Mei Zhuo said.

“It wasn’t easy to cope with being pregnant, and our husband lost a buddy,” San Chai said.

“When we are pregnant, we cannot be sad… so we try to be positive though it hurts to know one of our friends is no longer with us. Thankfully Lei could still understand my mood swings at that moment… I do feel bad over the mood swings but it wasn’t anything that I can control of because of my pregnancy. In another way, being pregnant at that moment is good because I can help diverting his sadness over the loss of his buddy to happiness of his soon-to-be-born daughter,” Jing said. Lei extends his hand across to Jing’s waist.

“I tried to juggle,” Lei smiled.

“True, it wasn’t easy,” Ah Si said. “Sometimes it is very depressing, when I am grieving for Xi Men, and another side I have pressure from my work, and at the same time San Chai has pregnancy mood swings and weird cravings…”

“And with then you grew into the Ah Si that we have always know since kids,” Mei Zhuo said, looking at Ah Si. “Despite San Chai changed you, Xi Men’s death changed you again,”

“Did I?” Ah Si asked.

“Yes, welcome your bad-temper back into your life,” Mei Zhuo said.

“Literally Mei Zhuo, you changed too,” Lei said, turning his head to look at Mei Zhuo.

“Me?” Mei Zhuo asked.

“Despite all of us are equally close, you have been the closest one to Xi Men compared to me and Ah Si. Losing Xi Men is like losing a hand… and you became very different…” Lei said. “You also became very hot tempered,”

“Oh?” Mei Zhuo asked. “Hot tempered? That is so not me,”

Xiao Qiao nodded in agreement. “I agree, I was told that you have been very harsh towards your staffs, and your temper was so bad causes everyone to get scared of you,”

“Oh…” Mei Zhuo smiled lightly at Xiao Qiao. “But have I been that to you? I really didn’t notice…”

“No, you have been a very good husband, a good father, and a good family man,” Xiao Qiao smiled. “You diverted your attention to the family from your depression,”

“And since the death of Xi Men…” Lei released his hand from Jing’s waist, and folded them on his chest, “These two hot tempered men: Ah Si and Mei Zhuo had been in so many… uncountable verbal fights,”

“That scary?” Ken asked.

Ah Si and Mei Zhuo looked at Lei with a wondering look.

“And almost each time we talked about Xi Men… they will fight at their different opinions and to defend themselves. Yelling, screaming, snarling at each other…” Lei let out a deep sigh. “To Ah Si, this is nothing special because we have always know Ah Si’s character being like this but of course, now he’s doubly bad tempered than then… but to Mei Zhuo… it is a drastic change to his ever charm, cool, witty character,” Lei looked at Mei Zhuo. “Do you remember we often had to calm Ah Si down when he gets into a fight or something? And do you remember when Ah Si and I got into fight in Ying De, it has always been you and Xi Men to calm us down?”

Mei Zhuo smiled. “Yes…”

Lei took a deep breath and looked up, staring into the air. “But since Xi Men died, you both got into fight too often… and I have no idea how to calm each of you down…” Lei looked down to the floor. “If only Xi Men is around to help me to calm one of you, so I can focus on calming down the other…” he clasped his palms together. “And if he is here, you both won’t fight at all…”

“It is,” San Chai said, looking at Ah Si. “I agree with Lei. You have been very hot tempered towards Mei Zhuo each time it comes to Xi Men… the first year after Xi Men’s death, for each people you both meet to furnish fake details about Xi Men, you both would fight so badly it scares the kids. Anyhow, you both just fought earlier because of Xi Men in Lei’s house if you remember,”

Mei Zhuo and Ah Si looked at each other, then they smiled at each other.

“Despite that we fought… we are still buddies,” Mei Zhuo extended his hand out to Ah Si.

Ah Si smiled and grabbed Mei Zhuo’s extended hand. “We will always be,”

“And that’s how Xi Men’s death impacts both of you,” Lei said.

“Then how about you, Lei?” Vanness asked.

“Work and family has been his priority,” Jing smiled. “No more 15 hours sleep,”

Everyone smiled.

“His death to me…” Lei said. “I feel I became lonelier than I had always been. First of all, put the blame on them,” Lei pointed at Ah Si and Mei Zhuo.

“What?!” Ah Si and Mei Zhuo yelled.

“See?” Lei pointed at them. “I’ve told you that you both had been extremely hot tempered since Xi Men’s death!”

Ah Si and Mei Zhuo immediately went silent, looking at each other.

“Then, why is that so?” Xiao Qiao asked politely. “The blame?”

“Both of them changed, and basically I didn’t know how to handle them both. To me, they only know how to argue all the time… so if there is anything that I wanted to talk or discuss, I rather turned to Jing, or kept to myself,” Lei said. “Or stupidly talked to Xing Xing eventhough I know she doesn’t understand. It is better than facing Ah Si or Mei Zhuo,”

“Does that mean you have been quieter than you have always been?” Barbie asked.

“Sadly, yes… and at the same time I just focus on my company and family. At least I have something else to concentrate, rather than seeing Mei Zhuo and Ah Si fight,” Lei confessed.

“Sorry, dude,” Mei Zhuo and Ah Si said together.

Lei just smiled lightly, without looking at them.

“Then what about Xiao Qiao, Jing and San Chai?” Rainie asked.

“Xi Men became my best friend the moment I’m with Mei Zhuo. Though I did not grow up or having my life revolved around him, somehow his death causes me feel to feel empty too,” Xiao Qiao said. “The feeling is just not the same anymore,”

“I know Xi Men for as long as I know Lei, which is since kids’ years. It wasn’t something that I can cope and get over with for I see him grow up into a teenager, a man…” Jing said, and she turned looking at the youngsters. “There is this some thing missing in the heart. And for all the while, we always see him there with us each and every time… but all of a sudden you just need to adapt to him not being there and will never be there with us anymore…”

All of them turned to San Chai, waiting for her to speak.

“To me…” San Chai said. “My first impression on Xi Men is… bad,” she looked at Xiao You. “I don’t really like F4 when I first get to know them, but as time goes, things changed. I began to see how far Ah Si’s friends willing to go and do for Ah Si, for the sake of friendship. Xi Men is a good person actually… and just right after Xiao You left Taipei, I see the drastic change in Xi Men’s character. Xi Men is a very good friend to me, and I can see how much he likes Xiao You…” San Chai smiled at Xiao You. Xiao You smiled back at San Chai. “Xi Men’s death crushed Xiao You’s heart, which means his death crushed my heart too. I know it will be very difficult, but I will try every way I could to put Xiao You back on track and live as happy as she could,”

“Thanks, San Chai,” Xiao You said.

“If I tell you Xi Men’s death did not impact me, it is a lie,” San Chai said to the youngsters. “I don’t have to live with him to feel the impact of his death. He is my friend too. He helped me a lot with Ah Si. Just like what Xiao Qiao and Jing have said, it resembles a piece of the puzzle has gone, and the puzzle will never be complete,”

The living room of Xi Men’s (Xiao You’s residence) is full with sadness.

“Again, I am thankful for this conversation we had here,” Xiao You said. “At least all of us know right now how much Xi Men’s death changed each and every one of us, and the impact it caused us,”

“I would say the hardest hit would be Xiao You,” Jing said.

“Couldn’t agree more,” Ah Si said.

“And next would be Mei Zhuo, Ah Si and Lei,” Xiao Qiao said.

“Yes, correct,” San Chai said.

Mei Zhuo, Ah Si and Lei looked at Xiao Qiao, then at San Chai. San Chai smiled forcefully.

Xiao You then looked at the youngsters. “So, when can I meet Xi Men?”

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