A Friend From Different World – Chapter 34

“I wasn’t really expecting to bring Xiao You back home today to meet Xi Men,” said Vanness in the car, while driving.

“We told Xi Men that we may need time… but we did it all in one day!” Ken said. “It is unbelievable!”

“Do you think Xi Men is ready to meet Xiao You and his friends today?” asked Pace.

“I thought he is ready for 5 years?” Rainie said.


“Are you ready to meet Xi Men?” San Chai asked.

Ah Si who is driving, looked at Xiao You thru his back mirror.

“I am not sure… I haven’t been preparing for this because I didn’t know this is going to happen…” Xiao You said. She caressed Jian Xiang’s head. “All I have been preparing all this while was about finding Xi Men’s killer… But hearing what the teens said that Xi Men is at mansion 82, I really want to see him…”


Mansion 82.

Jerry pressed the button to open the gate, and all of them drove in into the parking bay. Pace inserted the key and opened the door. The youngsters walked in into the mansion.

Xiao You, Ah Si, San Chai, Lei, Jing, Mei Zhuo and Xiao Qiao with their kids stood in front of the mansion.

“We’re back to this mansion…” Mei Zhuo said.

“Never in our mind thought that we will come back to this place…” Lei said.

“This place is full of memories…” said Ah Si.

“This place has never changed…” said Xiao You as she looked around. “I still feel Xi Men…”

Xiao Qiao, Jing and San Chai patted her.

“If Xi Men is really here… we’ll see for ourselves,” Xiao You said as she walked in into the mansion.

“Xi Men!!! We’re home!” Rainie yelled out.

“Xi Men!” Ken yelled.

Xi Men is nowhere to be seen.

“Do you think that he cannot appear as human form now?” asked Pace.

“Cannot be. It’s 6.30pm now,” Winnie said. She switched on the air-conditioner.

Vic turned and looked at their visitors who are looking around. “Please wait for a moment. Xi Men cannot appear in the hot weather,” he had to lie… whatever it takes.

They all smiled lightly and nodded. They felt a gust of cold wind.

“Do you feel it?” Mei Zhuo asked.

Xiao Qiao nodded. “That was… cold…”

“Creepy…” Lei said.

“Was it the air-con?” Jing asked.

“Air-con is there… not…” Ah Si said, pointing to the air-con placed far from where they stood. “So… it’s…”

“You better find where Xi Men is… we tried so hard to make them believe Xi Men is here… and now they are here…” Jerry said at Ken.

“Hey, it wasn’t as though I didn’t want him to appear. You better find him with me,” Ken said.

“Please take a seat,” Winnie said.

“Where is Xi Men?” Jing asked, walking to the couch and takes a seat.

“Look… we didn’t expect you will come today… I didn’t know if Xi Men is prepared to see you. But we will find him, please wait,” Pace said. “We are not lying to you,”

“If you are… you will be looking forward for the reward money, but you don’t,” Mei Zhuo said.

Lei nodded. “There is no such people would be that stupid to lie to us but not for the sake of the reward money,” he looked at the staircase, “And furthermore bringing us to Mansion 82,”

“We know you are not lying. You didn’t mention anything about the reward money throughout our conversation,” Xiao Qiao said as she takes her seat on the couch next to Mei Zhuo.

“The house is indeed creepy as we feel cold just now. We know Xi Men is here… but whether we can see him…” San Chai said.

“We will wait,” Ah Si said. “Unless you really lied to us,” he sat down on the couch. “In which we don’t feel it that way,”

“I choose the couch with Xi Men…” Xiao You suddenly said. She touched the couch. “The mansion is indeed… didn’t change at all,” she looked up and stared at the staircase.

The place where Xi Men died in her arms.

“I’ll get them drinks,” Rainie said to Ken as she headed to the kitchen.

Rainie opened the refrigerator and get the ice cubes.


Rainie turned and looked at Xi Men who is standing next to her, behind the refrigerator door. “What are you doing here?!”

“SHHH!!! What are you doing? I…” Xi Men said.

“We managed to find Xiao You for you, and we brought her here to see you. And now you are hiding in the kitchen?!” she pointed at him. “… and behind the refrigerator?!”

“You told me you may need time! And you just went out today morning and now… you bring the whole… my friends, here!”

“Isn’t that what you want?!”

“Rainie… I…”

“Are you telling me that you are not ready to see Xiao You and your friends? You have been waiting for this for 5 years and now we bring her over and you are not ready to see her? How could you?! She is your wife!”

“Shh!!!” Xi Men placed a finger on Rainie’s mouth. “Yes, I am not ready, Rainie,”

“You have to be ready to see her today. We tried all the ways we could to get her to trust us and for once if you do not show up they will never come back forever!”

“Talking to…” Ken suddenly walked into the kitchen and looked at Xi Men. “Xi Men! You’re here!” he yelled.

“SHH!!!” Xi Men said.

“Your wife is out there!” Ken continued yelling.

“Shut up!” Xi Men dashed forward and he closed Ken’s mouth.

“Xi Men! You will suffocate Ken!” Rainie pulled Xi Men’s hand. “What is wrong with you?!”

Ken coughed and gasped for air. “We bring her over and don’t tell me you don’t want to talk to her,” he kept coughing. “And don’t you try to kill me!”

“I’m sorry, I… I am not ready, Ken…” Xi Men said.

“What do you mean you are not ready? She is…” Ken coughed. “…your wife and you’ve been dying to see her! You’ve seen her even before you died so what’s the difference now?”

“I am still a human back then and now I am not!” Xi Men said. “I am a ghost, Ken, a ghost!”

“Look, I tell you what. Xiao You is here with your son. All of your friends are here too and all are eager to meet you. I can say that they are feeling just like you; not ready, but they have chosen to meet you too,” Rainie said.

“My son?” Xi Men asked, stunned.

“Yes, your son,” Rainie repeated.

“It’s ok, Xi Men. She is here today, and if you don’t want to meet her, it’s your business but if they leave without meeting you, do not expect us to look for her and ask her to come back because they will not believe us anymore. It’s your choice,” Ken said. “Honey, let’s serve the drinks to our guests,” he cleared his throat after he keep coughing earlier.

With then Ken and Rainie brought the drinks to their guests.

Xi Men went invisible and stood at a better view in the living room and looked at Xiao You. No one saw him, not even Ken, Rainie and their friends. Xi Men’s friends are talking to the youngsters. There were so many kids playing with each other, he didn’t know which one is his son.

“That kid… isn’t that kid the one I met when I went out to the shopping mall last week?” Xi Men thought to himself. “He dropped the cover of the bottle…”

“Xi Men…” Xiao You said, in a tone of asking for him.

Xi Men immediately turned and looked at Xiao You. “My Xiao You…”

“Xi Men said he is not prepared to meet you,” Rainie said, turned and looked at the kitchen.

“I’m not there, Rainie, I’m in the living room,” Xi Men mumbled.

“Not prepared?” Mei Zhuo asked. “How can that be?”

“How do I know,” Ken said, frustrated. “Even his SON is here, why he wouldn’t appear?!” Ken yelled.

Everyone looked at Ken, wondering why he talked like that. Obviously, Ken is actually doing that as a sign to Xi Men.

“Gosh, Ken… I know you are angry that I almost killed you but I am just too… it’s my reaction and my intention is just to shut you up! Not trying to kill you!” Xi Men said.

Barbie turned, looking at a direction where Xi Men is standing. “I think Xi Men is in the living room,”

“How do you know? You cannot see me, right?” Xi Men said as he waved in front of Barbie.

“You saw him?” Ah Si asked.

“No. I feel cold near here,” Barbie said. “Perhaps he is not ready to let all of you see him,”

“Xi Men, it is so unfair if these youngsters can see you and we don’t!” Lei said.

“Yeah! And you can see us while we don’t!” San Chai yelled.

Xiao You has been exceptionally quiet all the while. “I felt the mansion is cold and creepy, but I don’t know if Xi Men is really here. Either all of you are fooling me, or he is just plain not wanting to see me,” she said.

“We are for sure the answer is the second one!” Rainie, Ken, Barbie, Jerry, Vic, Winnie, Pace and Vanness said together, and then they looked at each other for their unanimous respond.

“I’ve just told you, Xi Men. For once if you do not come out…” Ken yelled.

Xi Men abruptly pushed the magazine on the table to the floor. They all shocked and looked at the magazine on the floor, including the young kids.

“I too, just told you I am not ready, Ken…” Xi Men said, but of course Ken did not hear it.

“Who did that?” Ah Jie asked.

“Nothing, nothing… just the wind,” San Chai lied. Thank goodness the kids are too young to understand how the wind is able to ‘blow’ a magazine to the floor.

“I think he is here,” Jing said.

Xiao You stood up. “Xi Men will not do that to me,”

“Why do you think that way?” Pace asked.

“I miss him so much, I really hope to see him. Didn’t he miss me? Why can’t he come out and just let us see his face?” Xiao You said.

Xi Men looked down.

“I thought you trust them that Xi Men is here…” Xiao Qiao said.

“I do. I believe on these youngsters about Xi Men is a ghost in this mansion,” Xiao You said. “Because they can tell me something that only Xi Men and I know,” she looked around. She then stared at the staircase. “Xi Men died there,” she pointed.

They all looked at where Xiao You pointed. “He got shot… rolled down the staircase, and died in my arms… just like how Mike did… died in my arms,”

“Xiao You, it’s…” Lei said.

“Xi Men,” Xiao You said, cutting off Lei’s words.

Xi Men looked up.

“It will be up to you if you do not want to show up,” Xiao You said. “But I will never come back to this place again if you did not show up today,”

“Xiao You…” Jing said.

“I remember how you died, and how Mike died. You both did the same thing to me, that is leaving me alone,” Xiao You said in a tone that contains sarcasm and seems blaming on him.

“It’s not that I want to die!” Xi Men said. “You know I was being assassinated!”

“If it wasn’t our son, I could have died long time ago too…” Xiao You looked at Jian Xiang. “I raised him up alone, with the help of our friends who had promised you that they will take care of me,”

“Which one is my son?” Xi Men asked, looking at each and every kid. “And you didn’t remarry?”

“Jian Xiang is the reason for me to stay on and to move on. I feel you in him,” Xiao You said. “I became strong and tough because of Jian Xiang. You left him to me,”

“Jian Xiang? You name our son Jian Xiang? The name that I desired?” Xi Men asked.

“I have loved you all my life but you left me. All I wished was to walk down the aisle to marry you in front of the world as that would be the happiest day in my life. However, the very same day is the saddest day in my life because instead of marrying you, it’s your funeral day,” Xiao You looked around and touched the things that she bought with Xi Men.

“I’m sorry, Xiao You…” Xi Men said.

“You signed the wedding document before our marriage, and you did a will for me to inherit all your properties and I didn’t know about it until you’re dead,” Xiao You took a deep breath as tears formed in her eyes. “When you died, you gave me everything. All your burdens were passed to me. Xi Men Corporation, the CEO position, family… and most of all, your son. You just let me suffer everything alone!”

“Xiao You, it’s my fault for not being able to be by your side… you can blame everything to me…” Xi Men said. “I feel your sadness and your anger for I did not show up right now…”

“I thought I can live on like how I did when Mike passed away, but it is so different when you died. I had not really loved Mike… and I had loved you with all my heart and soul. Life is very difficult for me. I suffered depression during my pregnancy and after Jian Xiang is born. Jing, San Chai and Xiao Qiao would be there for me during the day, and Ah Si, Lei and Mei Zhuo will be there for me at night…” Xiao You looked at them and smiled. “I am very lucky. And they are lucky for having understanding wives because if it is another guy there are possibilities that their wives would think that I am their mistress or girlfriend. How many anti-depressants had I taken to cure my depressions? How many sleeping pills had I taken to ensure I can sleep at night?” she asked. “How many nights had I gone without sleeping? How much tears had I shed? And how many efforts did they pour out onto me? How many times had I cried on their shoulders? My life only revolved around pain and sadness,”

“I wished I was there for you and with you… I know your life will be difficult without me… but I couldn’t…” Xi Men said. “I just… can’t…”

“When these youngsters came to my house, I don’t even want to believe them,” Xiao You said, looking at them. “They first looked for Mei Zhuo. How in the world they know where Mei Zhuo stay? And how come they would look for Mei Zhuo first? Because they know Mei Zhuo is easier to approach than Ah Si and Lei when it comes to you. And how in the world they know you died wearing white shirt? How do they know it was Lei who unbuttoned your shirt and checked on your shot wound? Because it was you, Xi Men. It was you! You tell them this!”

“Yes…” Xi Men said. “Glad you trust them…”

“Remember our phrase? If Adam and Eve didn’t eat the apple?” Xiao You asked.

“Yes I do…” Xi Men said, looking at her tears running down her cheek.

“Only you and I know this, and how on earth would they know this is our phrase if it wasn’t you? Even Lei, Mei Zhuo, Ah Si and their wives don’t know about this!” Xiao You said. “I believe them when they say that. And we all come over just to see you… and they say you are looking for us too… and now that we are here, why don’t you show up?!”

“I…” Xi Men said. “I just don’t know how to face you…”

“Are you going to show up or what?!” Xiao You screamed. “Are you?!”

“But I…” Xi Men said.

“Xi Men… show up… your wife will leave if you don’t!” Lei said.

“Xiao You did everything because of you and for you. She is here today, show up!” Mei Zhuo called out.

“Xi Men, we’re all here too!” Ah Si said.

“We brought her here like you have wished, and why don’t you just show up?” Vic said. “We’ve did all we could to convince them about you, and now that we’ve managed to do it for you, isn’t this what you want?”

“Xi Men!” Rainie yelled. “Come out!”

“She is here, and I know you are looking at her right now, and you don’t want to hug her at least?” Winnie asked.

Xi Men silent, while looking at all his buddies and new friends calling for him. “Yes, I do want to hug her…”

“It’s ok,” Xiao You said. “They say your wish is to see me, and I know you’ve seen me. I want to see you but I think you wouldn’t let me. The Xi Men I know is not like this, not as selfish as this. Anyway, your wish has been fulfilled. Since you don’t want to let us see you, then there is no point of me staying and waiting at here for something that will never happen. For this I will always remember Xi Men is selfish til my last breath,”

“Xiao You!” they all said.

Xiao You stood looking at the staircase as more tears rolled down her cheek, hoping that Xi Men will come out after her final call. But Xi Men didn’t.

She truly missed him.

“I’m leaving, Ah Si, fetch me home,” Xiao You turned.

Suddenly she felt a gust of cold wind passing by in front of her and then the tears on her face were brushed to aside. They all looked at Xiao You standing there, stiffed.

“Xi Men…” Xiao You called.

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