A Friend From Different World – Chapter 38

Xi Men took some time out to read about what happened to Xi Men Corporation since his death. He spreads open the financial reports on his formerly CEO table which is now occupied by Ken. The first year of Xi Men’s death impacted his company which causes his company’s share’s value dropped 70% in average, and into 2nd year of his death, it raises to more than 30% compared to what Xi Men himself manage to do before he died. Xiao You managed to show her capabilities in overtaking the CEO position and had gone thru hardship to maintain Xi Men Corporation. Xi Men reads thru the important documents before he briefed Ken.

Ken glances through the documents of Xi Men Corporation with explanation from Xi Men, as Ken is actually an employee of Xi Men Corporation, Xi Men briefed him about the company and Ken’s position’s daily tasks. Despite Ken is pretending as CEO, he did not do any CEO works in that room. In Xi Men Corporation, he is just a normal staff but he just had to sit in the CEO room to prevent suspicious from other people. Xi Men also briefed Ken on what to expect to do as a CEO in front of other people with Xiao You, just so to gain their trusts. Xi Men stopped suddenly.

Ken looked at Xi Men’s weird expression. “What is it?”

“You have a visitor,” Xi Men said.

“Who?” Ken asked. “But I do not have any appointments now as said by your secretary,”

“Come uninvited…” Xi Men said, and then he looked at Ken. “I remember her. Susan,”

“Susan? Why is she here? I thought Xiao You said we do not have any business deals with her anymore?” Ken said.

“I don’t know. Just be prepared,” Xi Men said as he patted Ken’s shoulder. He then stood next to Ken in a visible state to Ken but will be invisible to others.

“I did not prepare to meet her at all, Xi Men,” Ken said.

“I know. I did not expect to meet her again anyway. If you remember what I said about her previously, then I supposed you remember how I will treat her…” Xi Men said. “Don’t make a mistake about that, shoo her away with her attitude,”

“I know you are annoyed with her but you don’t open your mouth and tell her to get out of the room before she enters, right?” Ken asked.

Xi Men rolled his eyes. “I mean the attitude. Not the words. Alright, whatever it is, whatever expression you want to show her, go ahead. I suggest you be annoying to her because you are ME now,” he said. “And please protect my image and Xiao You’s name. I don’t care if you want to be Ken and rush forward to kiss her but you cannot do that when you are Xi Men,”

Ken stared at Xi Men and annoyed with his words, “First of all, I love Rainie very much she’s all I want. Secondly, say that again and I’ll spoil your image,”

Xi Men glared at Ken.

“I know you are still very much annoyed with me being you but that doesn’t give you the license to throw me such words,” Ken looked at Xi Men. “And stop glaring at your mirror image,”

“You too, kid,” Xi Men said annoyingly. “What the heck, you have the power to spoil my image now since you are pretending to be me,” he folded his hand on his chest.

After Secretary Xu notified Ken on Susan’s uninvited visit, he directed her to enter the room.

“Could you pretend to do something? Ok, dunk down your head and sign the documents,” Xi Men clumsily opened the documents and lied it on the table.

“Xi Men, this is your financial report, there is no signature line for me to sign, not to mention to pretend!” Ken said.

“Oh please, just… shh! She’s coming in,” Xi Men immediately take off his hands off the documents and the documents all messed up. “Oh gross, you’re a lousy CEO,”

“You…!” Ken yelled, looking at him. “You are the one making all this mess!” he thought.

“Now look back to your document and pretend signing! She’s here!” Xi Men yelled.

Well, luckily, he’s a ghost because no one else can see him nor hear him talking. Ken immediately looked back to the documents when Secretary Xu opened the door for Susan. Susan looked at Ken and tried to get a clearer look of Ken, to see if he is really Xi Men for everyone in the world knows Xi Men is dead 5 years ago. Xi Men stood next to Ken and looked at Susan, and Susan obviously cannot see him.

“Mr. Xi Men,” Susan said.

“Hi, Miss Susan,” Ken said, as he looked up.

Susan stunned. She stared at Ken. “I…”

“What brings you here?” Ken asked, as he continued looking at the boring financial reports which presents at no use to him. “I thought we do not have any business deals,”

“You are really alive… you…” Susan said.

Ken looked at Susan, with the weird way she talked. Xi Men monitors Susan at every single movement and at every stare she threw at Ken.

“Yes, I am,” Ken said. “Very much alive,” he said sarcastically.

“There is something very wrong with the way she looked at you…” Xi Men said. “Ask her…”

“Why are you looking at me like this?” Ken asked.

“Oh,” Susan immediately looked away. “I was just… surprise to see you…”

“Surprise?” Ken asked.

“When I saw the news… I couldn’t believe it… I…” Susan said.

Ken and Xi Men stared at her.

“Something is very wrong with this lady,” Ken thought.

“She is,” Xi Men said, upon reading his thought.


“You suspect Susan?” Ah Si said.

“I looked at the way she looked at Ken…” Xi Men said. “It’s weird,”

“Maybe it was just the look that she missed looking for the past few years, remember you told us how she flirted with you?” Barbie asked, looking at Jerry, then at Xi Men.

“Yeah…” Xi Men said. “But that is not the look… I can feel it,”

“Maybe we can start from there. Since Xi Men suspects something is wrong with Susan, we’ll check on Susan’s background and every single little thing about her,” Mei Zhuo said. “Every single clue is a clue…”

“Xi Men,” Xiao Qiao said. “If you can read people’s mind, why don’t you read Susan’s mind?”

“I tried, but her mind is just as mess as Ken’s table. I don’t understand what she is thinking,” Xi Men said.

“Hello… you make my table a mess, ok…” Ken rolled his eyes. He glanced at Rainie.

They all laughed but Rainie only smiled.

“Anyway… any possibility for Susan to kill you?” Lei asked.

“And reason?” Jing asked.

“Possibly because I rejected her?” Xi Men asked back.

“I thought she knew you have Xiao You back then,” said San Chai.

“Yes, I told her,” Xi Men said. “And she knew from the newspapers by any means!”

They all smiled.

“But she once said the media will inform her… huh?” Xi Men scratched his head.

Ken looked at Rainie who had been exceptionally silent for the past few days. Each time he asked her if there is anything wrong, she would say no. There isn’t much kisses or hugs between them lately too. She would be asleep or pretended asleep by the time he got into the room, and she would hurriedly walk away from him when he tried to walk with her.

Rainie just smiled and she lightly stood up. “Sorry guys, I had a lil’ stomach upset. You guys go ahead with your discussion. Goodnight,” she walked away from them and up the stairs.

“I’ll go after her to make sure she is alright,” Ken immediately said as he walked off.

“Are they alright?” Lei asked.

“They have been like this lately,” Vic said.

“We noticed that, but she tells me they’re alright each time I asked her,” Winnie said.

“But it’s ok. They’ll be fine,” Vanness smiled.


“Honey?” Ken asked as he closed the door behind him when he entered the room. Rainie is nowhere in sight. Ken walked to the bathroom and knocked on the closed door. “You alright?”

“Yes, I’ll be fine. You can continue the talk with them downstairs,” Rainie said from the bathroom.

“I want to talk to you,” Ken said.

“I’m having stomach upset, ok…” Rainie said.

Ken stood silently. He knows Rainie is not having stomach upset. She gave that reason for she wanted to walk off from the conversations. It has happened for the past few days that she always walk off from him. When he tries to kiss or hug her, she would try to avoid him by giving so many reasons. Even when he tried to talk to her before sleeping, she would pretend that she had slept. Ken stood there for 10 minutes, not voicing out a word or even move a bit. Rainie then opened the door and stared straight into his eyes.

“You… you’re here,” Rainie said.

“I didn’t hear any flushing sound,” Ken said.

“Oh, stomach discomfort but nothing is out,” Rainie smirked, “I thought you went downstairs and joined them,” she walked past him.

Ken grabbed her arm. “You do not have any stomach upset like you claimed,”

“What are you talking about?” Rainie asked, looking at him.

“We need to talk,” Ken said, looking into her eyes.

“Talk what?” Rainie asked. “Is there anything we had yet to talk?”

“Yes,” Ken said. “What is going on?”

“What is ‘what is going on’?” Rainie asked him back.

“Lately you avoided me. What happened?”

“I didn’t.”

“You did,”

“No, I didn’t,”

“Yes, you did!” Ken said. “And you are making me suffer because I don’t know why!” he held her shoulder and looked at her. “You have never treated me like this before. What is going on?”

“Nothing,” Rainie said as she looked away.

“Is it because of me pretending to be CEO of Xi Men Corporation?”


Ken took a deep breath. He just caught her. He knew her too well. If nothing really bothers her, she would say a lot of things besides just a word of ‘no’. When she says ‘no’ it means there is something that bothers her, but the one Ken has just mentioned is not the matter that causes her to react that way.

“Pretending to be Xi Men, and thus my life is in danger?”



“Because you work too close with Xiao You!” Rainie snapped. She then looked at him. She closed her mouth. “I’m sorry,” she realized she had just blurted out things she didn’t want him to know. She immediately turned away and walked.

“You feel insecure?” Ken asked as he blocked her way. She didn’t look at him. “She is the CEO of Xi Men Corporation, I need to respect her making decisions, and because I am pretending as Xi Men, I need…” he looked at Rainie, knowing whatever he said won’t make her feel good. “I’m sorry,” he immediately hugged her.

“You didn’t do anything wrong,” Rainie said as she pushed him off.

“I admit. Xiao You and Xi Men have always been around me all the time,” Ken said. “But Xiao You love Xi Men and not me…”

“But Xi Men is dead… you need to understand…” Rainie said.

“Trust me, she will not take me as a replacement although I looked like Xi Men,” Ken said.

“I’m just not comfortable…” said Rainie.

Ken hugged her again, and this time, Rainie didn’t push him. “I understand how you feel. Because that was what I feel when I see you with Xi Men,” Ken said. “But I assure you she is just my boss in the company, and my partner in Xi Men’s case,” he looked at her. “Trust me, ok?” he looked into her eyes. “I only need your trust and nothing else,”

Rainie smiled and nodded. “Ok,”

Ken smiled. “I don’t get to kiss you for quite some time,” he teased, and he leaned over to claim her lips.


Xi Men stood at his favorite spot at the backyard in the cold night.

“Hey,” someone said.

Xi Men turned and looked. It’s Ken. Xi Men smiled. “Hey,” he replied.

Ken stood next to Xi Men. “Why are you still standing at this spot? I thought you have met Xiao You and all,”

Xi Men smiled. “I am indeed happy that I met with Xiao You again, and getting all my friends back. You guys sure take a lot of effort to convince them that I am still here,” he sounded sorrow. “But…”

“But what?”

“I don’t feel fine, Ken,” Xi Men said.


“You, pretending as me,”

“There is nothing to not feeling fine about, Xi Men. I’m doing fine. How make up did wonders and make me looked a lot older than I am…” Ken smiled.

“It’s not about that,” Xi Men said, looking at Ken. “It’s… I feel something is… something is not right,”

“What is it about if it is not about…”

“I think someone is coming after you,” Xi Men said. “I cannot tell you what triggers that… but saying that I am not dead… I should say…”

“What do you mean, Xi Men? I don’t understand,”

“Someone wants me dead, badly. And now knowing that ‘I’ am not dead… he wants to kill me again, and this means… to kill you,”

“But I have only pretended to be you for a few days, and that person is coming after me already?”

“Yes,” Xi Men said. “My feeling tells me that… so, I hope you can stop being me,”

“No way, Xi Men. I have started it, and I need to be ‘you’ until the end, to get your killer, and bring him to justice,”

“Mei Zhuo, Ah Si and Lei have been searching for information, hired people to investigate while you’re being me, and they have no information at all. Do you think you have the ability to get him to justice? I think you’re dead before he is brought to justice!”

“Then I will just accompany you in your world,” Ken said.

“Ken, it’s not funny,” Xi Men looked at him.

Ken smiled, and suddenly turned looking at him seriously. “Did you just say ‘he’?”

“My feeling tells me is a ‘he’ and not a ‘she’,” Xi Men said.

“Do you know who is this person?” asked Ken.

Xi Men shook. “No, but I feel the rage is there,”

“Any clue? I mean… anything that can at least let Ah Si, Mei Zhuo and Lei to investigate on?”

“For heaven’s sake if I know I would have told them,”

“You’re famous for keeping things to yourself, Xi Men,”

“Hey,” Xi Men looked at him. “You’re good,” he then turned to look at the night scenery of Taipei. “You’re becoming like me, very much like me,”

“I am not becoming like you, Xi Men. I am pretending to be you in the day, and I need to know how to react like you, and better still, think like you,” Ken smirked.

“Duh!” Xi Men rolled his eyes.

Both of them looked out to Taipei, as cold wind blew on both their face.

“So how are you with Rainie?” Xi Men asked.

“We’re fine,”

“Had the talk?”

“Yeah, feel much better after she tells me,”

“Great,” Xi Men smiled. “I’ve know what’s with her all the while I just didn’t confront her. I can foresee what makes her feel that way. It’s not that hard to read her mind actually. Assure her that Xiao You is not that kind of person, she’s my wife,”

“Definitely. I’ve assured her,” Ken smiled.

“Thank you,” Xi Men then turned looking at Ken. “Please be careful, Ken, at every single time. I might not be with you at some time to take care of you,”

“Sure,” Ken smiled. “Any idea when did your feeling starts?”

Xi Men stared at Ken and went into deep thought. “Just did, about an hour ago,”


Two weeks later, on one fine Friday evening, after dinner, everyone gathered at the mansion including their kids. Just like a usual day.

“…so, we are not going back Kaohsiung at any closest time,” Pace said.

“No worries, if you need any leave to go back, just let me know. I’ll approve your leaves immediately,” Mei Zhuo smiled.

“Not only Mei Zhuo, Lei and I will do too,” Ah Si said to the other youngsters.

“And me,” Xi Men said. “If I don’t, Xiao You will too,”

Xiao You laughed. “Yes, yes,”

Everyone laughed and Xi Men suddenly stopped and stunned.

“What happened?” Winnie asked the stunned Xi Men.

“Someone’s here,” Xi Men said.

“What?” Barbie asked.

“Who? Who else..?” Jerry asked.

“I… I don’t know… I… he…” Xi Men stammered as he stands up.

“Xi Men?” Vanness asked.

“This person is very… very…” Xi Men trembled.

“Very what?” Vic asked, as all of them looked at Xi Men reacting weirdly.

“He’s at the door!” Xi Men yelled.

Ding dong!

They all jumped up. Standing on their feet, looking at the door.

Xi Men is nowhere in sight.

“What the… what is Xi Men doing?” Ah Si asked.

“And where is he?” asked Lei as all of them looked around.

“I’ll open the door!” Pace yelled, pending for Xi Men’s respond.

No respond.

“Weird,” Xiao You said, and nodded at Pace.

Pace opened the door.

“Hi,” he said.

“You’re…” Pace said.

“He looked familiar,” Lei said.

“Yeah, he looked familiar too,” Jing said. “You know him too?” she looked at Lei.

“Isn’t he your wedding photographer?” Mei Zhuo asked.

They all stared at him. “Oh yeah…” they all said together.

“I barely remember your name…” Lei said. “I mean, I don’t remember…”

He smiled as he walked in and said, “Richard,”

Pace looked at him as he walked in without her acknowledging it, but seeing Lei and Jing knows him, she just let him in. She looked out from the door to see a black Benz parked casually at the porch. She just closed the door without thinking much and did not lock it.

“Yes, right, you are Richard Fang,” Jing smiled.

Richard walked heading them.

“Why are you here?” Ah Si asked.

“And how do you know we’re here?” San Chai said.

“The gate…” Xiao Qiao said.

“The gate is not closed,” Richard smiled.

“You’re looking for…?” Xiao You asked.

“You,” Richard said, standing in front of Ken.

“Me? But I do not…” Ken said but interrupted.

In a speed of lightning, Richard flung his jacket up, his right hand reached for his back and suddenly held up a gun facing Ken’s face, right at his forehead, top of between his eyes.

All the ladies yelled, and the older ones held on tight on their kids. The younger ones hold on tight on their boyfriends. The older guys held on tight on their wives and protect them.

Xiao You and Rainie looked at Richard, who is not moving a bit.

“You…” Ah Si said.

“I thought you’re dead when I shoot you 5 years ago,” Richard said angrily.

Ken looked at Richard’s face that is friendly at the moment he stepped into the house until his face’s expression changed immediately the moment Richard stood in front of Ken, pointing the gun to his face. Ken does not know how to react. He’s stunned. Xi Men’s killer, standing in front of him. What’s next?

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