A Friend From Different World – Chapter 42

Xi Men sat with his wife, Xiao You, and friends from his generation and the younger generation in the living room watching the news.

“This is the news that we’ve been looking for!” Barbie said.

The news started with the case of Xi Men’s murderer was sentenced to death for killing Xi Men. Richard also express his desire that he will kill Xi Men again if he ever survived the ordeals, which is what Ken faced when pretending as Xi Men and almost killed by Richard.

The most highlighted news for the past 5 years are now officially solved and closed.

The news were highlighted for the next 15 minutes and all of them sat in front of the television and watched.

“As expected,” Xi Men smiled.

“Gosh, you were so funny in the courtroom,” Vanness suddenly laughed.

Xi Men glared at him. “What’s so funny?”

“Hey, you were beating your chest and asked the blood to come out, alright?” Vanness laughed out loud.

All of them started laughing when they recalled the event.

“Could it be any better? I got no choice, dude,” Xi Men said, but thinking back of his own actions at that time brings small laughs to himself.

They looked at the television that the news is still reporting on Xi Men’s case.

“During the hearing, we were being informed that Richard suddenly stared into the air and yelled about killing Xi Men and his confession. It is believed that Richard could have seen the late CEO Xi Men in the courthouse. During our interview with the judge, he also confessed that he believed that CEO Xi Men is there. The judge also said that Miss Yang Xiao You; Xi Men’s wife and also the CEO of Xi Men Corporation, the three best friends of CEO Xi Men; Mr. Dao Ming Si of Dao Ming Corporation, Mr. Hua Ze Lei of Hua Ze Corporation and Mr. Ling Mei Zhuo of Ling Corporation attended the hearing and in the courthouse said they have never met CEO Xi Men as a ghost all the while in mansion 82 but this time feeling him in the courthouse. Almost everyone in the courtroom felt something cold in some times in the court, including the lawyers and the judge,” the newsreader read.

“You touched them? I didn’t notice it,” Jerry said.

“I didn’t touch them, I just walked past them… so basically what they say is right,” Xi Men smiled. “Probably they really feel me there,”

“We have recorded some footages on the event where Mrs. Xi Men; Miss Yang Xiao You was walking out of the court with her fellow friends along with Ken Zhu, who previously had pretended as Mr. Xi Men to catch the killer,” the newsreader said. “In this footage, which is captured this morning, we noticed there is a weird scene, or should we say, something, unknown object, being captured too for 4 seconds,”

The footage is being played, which sees all the reporters were rushing to Xiao You and the gang to ask questions, and weirdly, they stopped the footage, and circled the footage at a position next to Xiao You, which represents…

“Xi Men!” all of them yelled.

Xi Men gaped, as he looked at the footage. “I was captured in the video?!” he yelled. “How did that happened?!”

“With our specialists doing some comparison, this is Mr. Xi Men. This footage is unedited and real from the source. No pranks. We truly believe that Mr. Xi Men was there to hear the case, and he could have been close to all of us even when he is dead,” the newsreader smiled.

“Yes, to protect my wife, and friends… and my new friends,” Xi Men smiled as he held Xiao You tighter. “Despite that I am from a different world than all of you,”

“Honey, mind to explain that?” Xiao You asked, referring to the video.

“Honestly, I don’t know how it happened… I was walking next to you all the while… and possibly I just couldn’t avoid the camera so… I got recorded inside too,” Xi Men smiled.

They laughed.


Pace is in the kitchen cutting fruits when Xiao You walked in.

“Pace,” Xiao You called.

“Hi, Xiao You,” Pace smiled.

“Do you mind to give me the contact number of the agent for this mansion? I would like to buy this mansion back,” Xiao You said.

“Oh…” Pace stunned. “Sure…” she said sadly. “I’ll passed it to you after this,”

Xiao You smiled. “Thanks,” she headed next to Pace to pour herself a glass of water.

“Maybe…” Pace said.

“Maybe?” Xiao You asked. “What is it?” she looked at Pace.

“Maybe you can give us some time to look for another place to stay before you move in…” Pace said.

“Another place to stay? Move in?” Xiao You asked.

“Yeah… I…” Pace said.

“I didn’t ask you to move out. And I didn’t say I want to move in,” Xiao You said.

“Huh?” Pace asked.

“I wanted to buy this house back because Xi Men is here. You can stay here. Just leave Xi Men’s room empty. And you don’t need to pay me rent because I am supposed to thank all of you for everything… making me believe that Xi Men exists, reuniting me and him, and even catching his killer,” Xiao You said.

“Oh, it’s ok…” Pace smiled.

“You young people take risks on doing this. There is nothing I can do to reimburse completely on what you and your friends did but with gratitude. You can stay here as long as you want to,” Xiao You smiled.

“Thank you, Xiao You,” Pace said.

“No, thank you, Pace,” Xiao You said, holding Pace’s hand. “And in future if any of you need help, just drop any of us a call or something. We’ll do all we can to help you. And we’re friends now. Friends help each other,”

“We’re so fortunate to have all of you as friends, Xiao You,” Pace smiled.

“In any way it is, all of us are fortunate for being each other’s friends,” Xiao You smiled.

“Yes, indeed,” Pace responded. She then raised the plate of fruits in front of Xiao You. “Fruits?”

Xiao You laughed. “Sure,” she said as she took a piece and takes a bite out of it.


Xi Men stood at his favorite spot at the backyard, overlooking to the beautiful night scenery of Taipei.

“This spot again?” someone said.

Xi Men turned and looked at him, and smiled. “You again,” he said at Ken.

“Already miss Xiao You? She just left 10 minutes ago and you gave her a kiss!” Ken said.

“Yes, I miss Xiao You, just right the moment she left the mansion,” Xi Men said. “I miss her all the time,”

Ken smiled. “Just like me to Rainie,”

“Congratulations, Ken,” Xi Men said.

“Huh?” Ken asked.

“You successfully made it with her, rite?” Xi Men said.

“What?” Ken frowned.

“You know what I mean! I spoilt the first time you want to do with her!” Xi Men said.

“Oh, Xi Men!!!” Ken yelled. “That’s very personal!”

Xi Men laughed.

“Wait… you were there? You mean you were watching me…” Ken said.

“NO! I know what privacy is!” Xi Men said.

Ken relieved. “Thank goodness! Phew!”

Xi Men laughed. “Everything goes smoothly as you wanted,”

“Yes, yes…” Ken said. He then glared at him. “Are you sure you are telling me the truth that you are NOT in my room when I…”

“Yes, Ken. I’m telling you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!” Xi Men exclaimed.

Ken laughed at Xi Men’s expression. “Okay, I trust you,”

Xi Men smiled as he looked at the scenery. He then stopped smiling.

“You looked like something is bothering you,” Ken said. “I thought we’ve found Xiao You for you, and that’s the only thing bothering you. You have anymore things that bother you? Try to tell it to me, and I’ll see what I can do help you,”

Xi Men looked down. “I’m happy, Ken. I’m happy to have meet Xiao You and Jian Xiang back. And my friends, and knowing all of you,” he looked up again.

“We’re happy that we’ve helped you too,” Ken said.

“I couldn’t believe you guys would go this far to do all of these for me…” Xi Men said.

“It’s alright, Xi Men. It is your wish, just a simple wish,” Ken smiled. “Xiao You is happy too,”

“I cannot believe Xiao You is tougher than I’ve thought,” Xi Men said. “I could say she changed when she met me again… I still remember when you bring her to here, she is denying everything… and when she saw me… she is back to the Xiao You that I’ve know…”

“She is sad when she lose you, and now getting another chance to see you again is something she has always wanted,” Ken said.

“Yes, it’s not easy to cope with a loss… especially for a woman who is pregnant when her husband passed away just like that… my death changed her life… and my existence even as a ghost brings rainbow back into her life,”

“I’m happy to see that change in her by bringing you to her life,” Ken smiled.

“Besides that… you also risk losing your life just to get my killer caught,” Xi Men said.

“Well… yeah, that was… an experience which I think I will not be experiencing again in my life!” Ken said. “Okay… better not!”

“Then you can imagine I experience that twice, both with Richard fired the gun, and once survived… and one… landed me to where I am now,” Xi Men said.

“You cannot turn back time to change this, Xi Men,” Ken said, patting him.

“I don’t know how to repay you, honest,” Xi Men said.

“Didn’t you just give me a job?” Ken smirked.

Xi Men smiled lightly. “Yes, I know, you need only that as repayment?”

“That is far more than enough… working in a reputable company of Taipei. How many graduates wanted this opportunity… and yet now, I just get it without even the need to send in applications and attend the scary interviews!” Ken exclaimed.

Xi Men laughed. “That’s all Xiao You and I can give you, honest…”

“I like it. So, no worries,” Ken smiled as he patted Xi Men. “And more so, you gave me fame now. Taipei knows Ken Zhu, the one who imitates CEO Xi Men to catch his killer,”

“So you want fame?”

“Not really… but it comes with what I had done for you and the other 4 CEOs including Xiao You… so… I cannot change anything,” Ken smiled. “I didn’t ask for popularity, ok?”

“Ok,” Xi Men smiled looking at him. “5 years… my friends changed, a lot,” he looked back to the Taipei view. “I’m glad to see Mei Zhuo, Ah Si, Lei and their wives… happy with each other…”

“They changed when you died, Xi Men,” Ken said. “That’s what they told me,”

“I’m just another human who died. Everyone will die someday, it’s just the matter of time. I understand that my death would impact Xiao You… but to my friends… I am just one of their friends. Maybe they just feel one friend is dead… that’s all,” Xi Men said. “My death shouldn’t have impacted them a lot… I mean, not at all…”

“You may think like that, but they changed because you make a piece of their life too, Xi Men. You took that piece away from them when you died. And also… the way you died. I guess if you die due to sickness, they won’t be this miserable for the last 5 years but hey… you were murdered right in front of them. Your killer was not found and no information at all to solve your murder case. Which one of your friend would be able to sleep well at night knowing that your murderer is out in the large? And you have to die, without knowing why!” Ken said at Xi Men.

Xi Men turned and looked at Ken. “Then what have they changed into?”

“Ah Si becomes grumpier than ever… and that means worse than what he was before he met San Chai…” Ken said.

Xi Men laughed lightly. “Who said that?”

“Lei,” Ken smiled. “He also said Mei Zhuo changed into a bad-tempered person…”

“Mei Zhuo? Bad-tempered?” Xi Men smirked. “That is so not him,” he shook. “That is not Mei Zhuo, no way,”

“He is. Even Xiao Qiao said the same thing. And both Mei Zhuo and Ah Si were involved in fights most of the time due to their different opinions when it comes to you,” Ken said.

Xi Men’s smirk fades off, and he stared straight at Ken. “But they were alright to me all this while when I see them, it’s still themselves…”

“Because your existence makes them ‘going back’ to who they are. They were fighting on the day we went over to talk to them about you. Mei Zhuo believed us, and Ah Si refused to believe us even before we start talking. And they get into a fight which Lei has to step in to help get it over with,” Ken said. “Lei almost shoo them out from the house,”

Xi Men did not speak a word.

“Lei said both of them fought a lot,” Ken said. “Verbally, of course,”

“Then what about Lei?” Xi Men asked, looking at the Taipei scenery.

“Since you died… he became very lonely, because your other 2 friends keep fighting… and he just… I guess, fed up,” Ken said.

Xi Men took a deep breath. “I didn’t know they will change because of me,” he said. “Maybe I just expect slight changes… and not until like this,”

“I didn’t know how they were 5 years ago, but I can feel their happiness when they meet you back again, in which I think, is good,” Ken smiled.

“Of course it is good if they can be who they are again,” Xi Men smiled. He then turned looking to the Taipei night scenery. “So…” Xi Men stopped.

“What is it? You have any more concerns or worries?” Ken asked.

“No,” Xi Men smiled and shook. “In fact, this is the day in my life as a ghost that I felt calm, peace… and relieved,”

“Isn’t that nice?” Ken said.

“Yes, the feeling was great,” Xi Men said. “And I have decided…”

“Decide?” Ken asked as he looked at Xi Men. “Decide what?”


“Honey, are you alright?” Rainie asked, lying on the bed next to Ken and focused her sight on Ken who is staring at the ceiling.

Ken turned over and looked at her. He smiled lightly. “Why are you not sleeping yet?” as he caressed her face.

Rainie smiled. “I just happened to open my eyes and saw you staring at the ceiling. So, something is bothering you?”

Ken smirked. “I’m fine,” he patted her. “Let’s sleep,” he closed his eyes.

Rainie looked at Ken, who is facing her. “Pretending to sleep,” she thought. “Wonder what is running in his mind,” and then she finally voiced out, “Honey,”

“Hm?” Ken opened his eyes and looked at her.

“Did you just talked with Xi Men?” Rainie asked.

“Yes, why?” Ken asked.

“I was just asking. You are not reacting like this earlier. And right now you seems like something is bothering you,” Rainie said.

“Am I?” Ken asked as he smiled lightly, he caressed her cheek again.

“Yes, what did Xi Men said to you that makes you like this?” Rainie asked.

“Don’t be so sensitive, honey. I’m just tired. Come, let’s sleep,” Ken shut his eyes closed again.

“Still pretending… I’m going to dig that out from your brain soon,” Rainie thought to herself.

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