A Friend From Different World – Chapter 45

Author note: This chapter is MILDLY rated.

Xi Men and Xiao You headed to the amusement park where they can enjoy as a family with Jian Xiang. All 3 of them have never been happier than this. They played around and Xi Men tried to win some games so that he can win some toys for Jian Xiang. They had McDonalds’ where it is Jian Xiang’s favorite place for food. He loves the fries and ice-cream.

Xi Men and Xiao You tagged Jian Xiang in between them as they walked in the amusement park.

“Do you remember you pick me up on roadside near an amusement 8 years ago?” Xiao You asked.

“Yes,” Xi Men smiled. “That moment still lingers in my mind for years,”

Xiao You smiled.

“What happen to the amusement park now?” Xi Men asked.

“Demolished 3 years ago,” Xiao You said. “The place is practically… gone,”

“But it will always live on in our minds,” Xi Men smiled. “That’s what matter,”

Xiao You smiled. “Yes, it will… Always,”

After the amusement park, Xi Men brought Xiao You and Jian Xiang to a shopping center which is built after Xi Men’s death.

“Jian Xiang always loved coming here,” Xiao You said. “He would always wanted to go to the kids play area where we would left him there for a few hours and then we would go and pick him up after we are done with movies or shopping,”

“Is it safe to put him there? You know, you are CEO of Xi Men Corporation, you cannot risk…” Xi Men said.

“Yes it is safe,” Xiao You smiled. “The security here is pretty tight, to our son, Ah Si’s, Lei’s and Mei Zhuo’s kids,”

“Oh, you mean they recognized you…” Xi Men said.

“This shopping complex belongs to Ling Corporation,” Xiao You said. “In another word, Mei Zhuo’s property,”

“Oh… alright… so we should leave Jian Xiang there? All alone? He used to have all other friends around…” Xi Men said. “Xing Xing, Ah Jie, Ah Mei, Wei Wern and Wei Chien…”

“He wouldn’t mind, even if he’s all alone…” Xiao You said.

“Mommy, daddy… can I go to play play?” Jian Xiang asked.

“Play play?” Xi Men asked.

“He means the kids play area,” Xiao You smiled at Xi Men. She then turned looking at Jian Xiang. “Of course. We’ll put you there for 2 hours. We’ll come back at 7pm. Then we’ll go for dinner, ok?”

“Sure!” Jian Xiang jumped happily.

Xi Men laughed at Jian Xiang’s reaction. Only granting him a little wish to play alone for 2 hours in the play area would make him so happy. But the same concept applies to Xi Men. His wish to be a human is granted and he is like a small kid, jumping happily all over. But he surely had missed his life as a human to see Jian Xiang grow up. He feels that there are a lot of things he did not know about Jian Xiang, and there is nothing he can do to compensate it.

“So mommy and daddy have some time alone,” Jian Xiang said again as he held each of his hand to Xi Men and Xiao You.

Xi Men and Xiao You smiled at Jian Xiang’s words. “Why, thank you, Jian Xiang,” Xi Men said, as they slowly approached the play area.

“No problem, daddy,” Jian Xiang smiled.

Xiao You talked to the person in charge at the counter and then he opened the door for Jian Xiang. Jian Xiang gave both his parents a peck on the cheek, and then walked in into the play area. He then turned and waved his hand at Xi Men and Xiao You. They replied the wave. And then Jian Xiang turned and run ahead.

Xi Men and Xiao You smiled, and then they looked at each other.

“So, we have some time alone,” Xi Men smiled, as he held Xiao You’s hand.

Xiao You smiled. “Yeah,” she replied, and they walked.

It is a little strange between them as they both know this is the last chance for them to be together. Xi Men can sense the pain in Xiao You’s heart. Xi Men abruptly smiled.

“Honey,” Xi Men faced Xiao You.

Xiao You looked at him. “Huh?”

“Don’t be sad. Let’s enjoy the time that we had…” Xi Men said.

“I won’t be able to see you again tomorrow night, at this time…” Xiao You said.

“I know,” Xi Men said, brushing a few strands of hair away from her face. “But you don’t want to enjoy the time we had now with sadness, right? I want you to be happy tonight. I want you to be the queen… and cherish the moments that we had together forever,”

Xiao You smiled. “Yes… I want to,”

“Come, let’s go and see things that we want to see… and buy whatever we want to buy,” Xi Men smiled.

Xi Men and Xiao You enjoyed their time together with each other. They see some of Xiao You’s favorite things and Xi Men buy tremendous gifts for her and Jian Xiang.

They pick Jian Xiang up at designated time and headed for 4-course dinner. Xi Men for once felt the tasty food down his throat, for all the years since his death, he is unable to taste and chew the food that he sees or he cooked, besides the beers that Rainie bought for him. Jian Xiang has been extremely good on the table that he ate the fish and chips they ordered for him. At least he didn’t make noise on the table and mess everything up.

“Jian Xiang loves fish and chips,” Xiao You said, looking at Jian Xiang.

“Look at the way he enjoyed the food,” Xi Men smiled, he turned looking at Jian Xiang too.

“He gets to eat all his favorite food today. He had fries and ice-cream in the amusement park, and now fish and chips, he’s going to remember today,” Xiao You said.

“And you should too,” Xi Men said, as he runs his knife slicing thru the meat of his main course as he looked at Xiao You.

Xiao You smiled. “I will always cherish today… the day my husband with me… for one last time,”

Xi Men put his cutleries down and immediately hold Xiao You’s hand. Xiao You looked at Xi Men.

“I don’t want you to remember it that way. I want you to be happy. I know today is the only day and time that we both go out as husband and wife, for I died before we walked down the aisle, but you have been my wife long enough before you know it, that is why I signed the wedding document before our wedding,” Xi Men said. “I want you to remember today and take it like I am with you everyday. I want you to be happy,” tears formed in her eyes. “I don’t want you to remember today as being with me for one last time, I want you to remember today as the best day ever in your life, my life and Jian Xiang’s life. We are a family,”

“I will. I promise you I will,” Xiao You said as tears rolled down her cheek.

“And don’t drip in front of our son,” Xi Men said as he quickly dapped the tears off from Xiao You’s face. “If you want to, cry in front of me later, ok?” he smiled.

Xiao You laughed in between her tears and nodded slightly. They both looked at Jian Xiang enjoying his dinner, whom innocently not knowing his father will be gone by afternoon tomorrow.


10pm. It has been a tiring day for Xiao You, Xi Men and Jian Xiang. Jian Xiang fell asleep in the car while on the way back to mansion 82. Xi Men carried Jian Xiang onto his body as he walked into the house with Xiao You following behind. Xi Men felt happy as this is the first and only time he could act as a father in a form of human to Jian Xiang and be able to carry his son, feeling his son’s weight on him.

The mansion is clearly silent when Xi Men opened the door. There’s no sign of any of the youngsters.

“Where are the youngsters?” Xi Men asked as he looked around.

Xiao You landed her eyes on the table and saw a piece of paper with a pen on it. “There is a note on the table,” Xiao You said, as she walked to the table and take the note up.

“Out for midnight movie until 2am. Will only go back home after that. We’ll have breakfast together tomorrow morning with our older duplicates. – Vanness.” Xi Men and Xiao You read the note and smiled.

Xi Men laughed at Vanness’ wittiness on writing the note. “That Vanness… just like Mei Zhuo,”

“Come, let’s bring Jian Xiang to his room. He’s heavy and don’t strain your body with that,” Xiao You said as she gently pulled Xi Men’s hand.

“Okay,” Xi Men smiled.

They walked up the stairs and into a room where they had made it as Jian Xiang’s room. Xi Men gently put Jian Xiang down on his bed, and Xiao You worked her hands on exchanging his clothes to pajamas. Once she is done with Jian Xiang’s pajamas, Jian Xiang abruptly turned on his side, sleeping comfortably on the bed. Xiao You smiled. Xi Men smiled too seeing Jian Xiang reacted that way.

“He has my smile,” Xi Men said.

“He has all your features. He is like mini you,” Xiao You said.

“He is my son, of course he is like mini me!” Xi Men smiled as Xiao You stood up.

“But he is my son too! He doesn’t have a feature of mine!” Xiao You snarled.

“He has your blood,” Xi Men trying to hide his laugh.

“Urgh…” Xiao You said.

“Well… I didn’t say anything wrong, right? He has your blood, your chromosome, your gene…” Xi Men said.

“Ok, ok, stop the debate. He needs a good sleep and don’t wake him up,” Xiao You smiled as she pushed him out.

“Alright, wifey,” Xi Men smiled as he opened the door behind him, and Xiao You closed it lightly after they both walked out from the room, not wanting to wake Jian Xiang up.

Xiao You turned as Xi Men opened the door to his room. Xi Men held her hand as he enters the room with her following behind him.

“So you enjoyed the day?” Xi Men asked as he closed the door.

“Yes, I love it,” Xiao You smiled as Xi Men made her sat down on the bed. Xi Men sat behind her and gave her some shoulder massage. “Hmm… it feels great,” she commented on the massage.

“When Jian Xiang grew up, make sure he did this massage thing to you, you are a very good mother and it’s tiring! You deserve a massage from me today,” Xi Men said.

Xiao You held on Xi Men’s hand on her shoulder, which stopped him. Xi Men looked over. “I wish you could do this every night,” she smiled lightly. Xi Men went silent, not knowing what to say. “But I am very glad that I could have this massage session tonight. Which I will remember,” she released her hand, and Xi Men continued massaging her shoulder.

“I wish I had more time to do a lot more things with you and for you and for Jian Xiang,” Xi Men said. “But given a day for me to be with my family in a form of human with actual body is consider fortunate for me as many more souls out there couldn’t,” he lowered his hands to her waist and hugged her tight.

“I could feel your breath, heartbeat… you don’t sound like a soul to me,” Xiao You said.

Xi Men positioned himself and turned Xiao You facing him. “I ask for the body, to give you and our son the best memory… I am glad I could feel like a human again, else… I’m cold and blue,” he smiled as he leaned over and kissed Xiao You. Xiao You kissed him back.

They kissed for some time, as they both pulled back lightly, and smiled.

“I feel that is the best kiss ever,” Xi Men said.

“Me too,” Xiao You said.

Xi Men leaned over again and they kissed. A while later, they stopped and when Xi Men wanted to kiss her again, Xiao You lightly pushed Xi Men. Xi Men looked at her.

“I’m tired. I need a hot bath first. We have a whole night to talk… and kiss,” Xiao You smiled as she stood up, heading towards the bathroom.

Xi Men looked at Xiao You walking to the bathroom, and he followed suit, quickly held the door before Xiao You closed it. Xiao You looked at Xi Men. “Let’s take bath together,” he smiled as he leaned over and kissed Xiao You.

Xiao You kissed him back, as Xi Men take off her clothes one by one, as well as his own clothes and make Xiao You leaned her back on the wall. They are both naked.

“Xi Men… you…” Xiao You said, looking at Xi Men’s red cheek. She then looked down and then back at his face. “You’re aroused…”

“I’m turned on,” Xi Men said. “The moment I hug you, smell your pheromones, kiss you, your body… I’m so turned on. I missed all these for years, and now I get the chance to feel all of it again. It was you that I love, that I miss. And I’m turned on by you,”

“You could…” she looked down and then up to his face again.

“I don’t know,” he took a deep breath, “It just… ok, forget that,” he said as he turned on the shower, as warm water flushed through both of their bodies. He leaned over and kissed her again as he pressed himself on her, feeling her bare chest on him. Never did he realize it is that good, not even when compared to his life as a playboy or even a human. It is a gift, to be able to be a human once again.

Xi Men pulled himself off the kiss and stare into the eyes of his beloved wife. The blushed cheek of Xiao You showed how much she like it when he did that onto her. She turned her sight away and poured an amount of the shower bath from the bottle and rubbed it on Xi Men’s chest. Xi Men let out a moan when she touched his chest. He turned and poured an amount from the same shower bath and run the foam down on Xiao You’s body as he touched her neck, her back, her chest. She moaned. She soon opened her eyes and looked deep into Xi Men’s. She pulled him and kissed him.

A while later, Xiao You turned as Xi Men soaped her back and she runs her fingers thru her hair shampooing them. After water cleansed thru her body, Xi Men kissed her shoulder as his hands were on her bare chest. Again, Xiao You let out a soft moan.

“I love it when you moan…” Xi Men whispered to her.

Xiao You turned and smiled, as she turned off the shower. She looked at him. “I’m done with shower,” she grabbed the towel and wiped the water drops on her body.

“That fast?!” Xi Men said.

Xiao You smiled as she wrapped herself in the towel and Xi Men hurriedly wipe his body with another towel. Xiao You walked out of the bathroom. Xi Men followed behind. Xiao You walked to the wardrobe to get a clean change, as she looked through the clothes hanging in her closet, Xi Men hugged her from the back.

“Why a clean change?” he whispered softly.

“Then?” Xiao You asked.

“You turn me on, baby,” Xi Men said as he planted kissed on her neck and shoulder.

“Xi Men… you…” Xiao You said.

“I don’t know if I could, I don’t care, I just want you,” Xi Men said as he turned her over. “I don’t get to feel this since I died, and I can’t help it that I love this feeling so much… more over… with you,” he kissed her.

“Xi Men…” Xiao You said after the kiss.

Xi Men pulled Xiao You, and he removed the towel on Xiao You’s body, revealing her petite, beautifully curved body. Xiao You removed his towel. Xi Men slowly placed Xiao You on the bed. He kissed her neck, planted kisses all over her body, and touched her all over, listening to her moans and she touched him back. He caressed her cheek and smiled, seeing her expression is more than enough to show that she is turned on, so as him.

Xi Men is ready to go into a lovemaking session with her. A gift for him still. After he died, he is granted one. Not sure if he could go into this kind of session with his lovely wife, but he won’t miss his chance this time when he is given a human body. He is not sure if there are any rules restricting this. He is not sure if he would be in a piece again tomorrow, but if he is in pieces for draining all his strength or violating the rules, he would have no regrets. He fulfilled his wish to be a father, a husband and a man.

“Are you ready, baby?” Xi Men asked Xiao You.

Xiao You nodded. “Yes…”

Xi Men gently positioned himself and looked at Xiao You. Xi Men slowly penetrates her, gently, not wanting to hurt her. It does feel good. A feeling that he had not felt long ago… and their lovemaking session begins.

Xi Men felt as one again with Xiao You. His passion and love for Xiao You has gone deeper throughout the years. The feeling is totally different. He really loved her, with all his might. The more he misses her, the more he loved her.

The session ended when both of them climax at the same time.

Xi Men and Xiao You lied on the bed, next to each other.

“That was… good,” Xiao You said, breathing in deep. “I wasn’t expecting this to happen,”

“Me either,” Xi Men laughed softly. “It’s good to be able to feel all those feeling again, especially with you,”

Xiao You laughed. “I was thinking…”

“What…” Xi Men took a deep breath, trying to recover from the exhausting outing he just had earlier.

“Can we do that again?” Xiao You asked him. “You know… I didn’t have it with you and then next time…”

“Don’t mention it, we have the whole night!” Xi Men smiled as he leaned over, on top of Xiao You and kissed her. He then stopped and looked at her. “Xiao You… you are the best thing that ever happened to me. You are the best woman I have ever encountered… thank you for being in my life. Even after I died, you are still a part of me…” he kissed her deeply. “Forever,” he looked at her. “I love you,”

“I love you too,” Xiao You responded.

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