A Friend From Different World – Chapter 9

“So you have dandruffs problem?” Winnie asked.

“After Xiao You noticed my dandruffs problem I immediately seek help to get rid of it. Continuing with such problem might give someone else a bad impression of me in future… plus…” Xi Men smirked. “I take very good care of my look when I was alive, and dandruffs will kill my image,” he looked at his ring.

“Oh…” Barbie, Xiao Qiao, Winnie and Rainie said.

“And so, especially Xiao You noticed it… I… I even wanted to get rid of it,”

“So I’ll conclude that it’s Xiao You that triggers you to get the problem over with?” Ken said.

“Yes,” Xi Men admitted. “Despite she has a boyfriend… I do not want to give her a bad impression should I am meeting her again. Because my dandruffs seem to be the only thing she noticed and nothing else!”

“And she really has a boyfriend?” Barbie asked. “When you asked her earlier, she didn’t reply you immediately… in fact, bringing you to one big round and then only answers you…”

Xi Men nodded. “Yes, I would say that was her intention,”

“If she has a boyfriend, how do you…” Pace said.

“You must have fought for her with her boyfriend,” Vanness said.

“You must have gone and won her back!” Jerry said.

Xi Men just smiled when all of them debated among each other. Jerry and Vanness have been the clowns among the gang with their humor. Just so that’s what Xi Men noticed.

“Alright,” Xi Men said, stopping what they were noisily debating about.

They all looked at him.

“It’s time,” Xi Men said as he faded slowly to invisibility.

They all turned and looked at the clock. It’s 9.58am. They know possibly Xi Men didn’t want to continue his story anymore.

“So honey, anywhere you want to go?” Ken asked.

“Wanna go out and look around…” Rainie smiled.

“Wanna go shopping?” Ken asked.

Rainie nodded. “Sure!” she said.

“Wanna go along?” Ken asked the guys.

“Girls?” Rainie asked.

All of them nodded, besides Vic and Winnie.

“Come along…” Rainie said as she held on Winnie’s hand.

“Tag along dude…” Ken said at Vic.

“Alright,” Vic and Winnie said together. They both looked at each other, and then together, “I’m not…”

“Yeah! Everybody’s going!” Rainie immediately said to cut Vic’s and Winnie’s speech off. She knew they are going to change their mind to not going to the mall upon hearing each other’s respond. “Xi Men!” she called out.

“Yes,” Xi Men suddenly voiced out next to Rainie.

“AHH!!!” Rainie yelled immediately hugged Barbie who is standing next to her.

“AHH!!!! RAINIE!” Barbie yelled at Rainie who suddenly hugged her and screamed. “Why are you screaming at me?!”

“Blame it on Xi Men!” Rainie yelled. “Why are you standing next to me and talk! You’re scaring me!”

“Sorry… I need to be invisible…” Xi Men said.

Rainie took a deep breath, knowing it is not Xi Men’s intention to scare her. “Alright. Let’s go together to the mall,” she said, slowly releasing herself from hugging Barbie.

They looked at Rainie giving her a weird look. How is it possible for Xi Men to go to the mall?!

“I… how can I go, Rainie?” Xi Men said in a sorrow voice.

“You can appear in human form in cold places, right?” Rainie said.

“I don’t think so, Rainie…” Winnie said.

“I’ve never tried…” Xi Men said. “But I don’t think I can…”

“We just get you wrapped up with thick clothes then it shouldn’t be a problem for you,” Rainie smiled.

“It sounds a bit silly, honey. You sounded like forcing Xi Men to go…” Ken said.

“But I didn’t want Xi Men to be left out,” Rainie said, pouted her lips.

“Although what Rainie said was a bit crazy but I think she got the point to wrap Xi Men up and make him able to appear in a human form as long as he is protected,” Pace said, and then turned facing where Xi Men could possibly stood at. “Would you like to try, Xi Men?”

“I…” Xi Men said. “I actually wanted to go out but…”

“Alright, we’ll try. If you cannot make it, then we’ll try to send you back as soon as possible,” Rainie said. “Let’s get clothes for Xi Men!” she jumped happily.

Xi Men looked at Rainie running up the stairs after she rushed the guys to get him clothes so that he can go out. “If it’s not you, Rainie… I wouldn’t even consider any of this…” he thought to himself.


Xi Men appeared in human form in the cold room of his. He tried on all the clothes that Rainie had gathered for him. He wore a thick long sleeves blouse belonged to Jerry, and a pair of jeans belonged to Ken. He wore a cap from Vanness and a scarf over his neck from Vic. He stood in front of the mirror and looked at himself.

“You looked like a…” Vanness looked at Xi Men from top to toe.

“A jerk?” Xi Men said.

“No…” they said.

“I mean you looked wrapped up,” Vanness said and everyone laughed at his statement.

“A dumpling?” Xi Men asked.

“You’re silly Vanness, he is wrapped with the clothes so that he is not hot under the sun!” Barbie said.

“But I think he is hot now, being wrapped up with all the clothes…” Jerry said, scratching his head.

“Yes, I do. But it is hotter to be under the sun… wearing like this to prevent the sun is a good idea,” Xi Men said. “And yes, indeed… for the first time I see myself wearing like this… looks like… someone who doesn’t know fashion… gosh! I was a guy who prioritized on my look!”

“Well, just temporary… once you get into the mall…” Pace said.

“Yes, you can take all those thick clothes off and appear as a human form for people to see and be yourself. Look around. You have not been out for some time… I’m bringing you out for a fresh air, rather than staying in the house,” Rainie said.

Xi Men smiled. “Ok,” he looked at them. “For a moment, I feel alive, like a human,”

“Alright, come, let’s go!” Barbie said.


Xi Men remained looking outside the window of the airplane on his way to Canada. Xi Men still remembers how he felt his world came crashing down the moment Xiao You mentioned about her boyfriend that has been there for her and been thru everything with her. He knows Xiao You will only true and love her boyfriend, which means Xi Men doesn’t stand a chance to win her heart, but he remained calmed as though it doesn’t hit him. Xi Men held his tears back in the day, and let it flow down his cheek at night in his own lonely bedroom, for the next few months after the heartbreaking news during Ah Si’s wedding.

“CEO Xi Men,” Secretary Xu called.

Xi Men awake from his deep thoughts turned and looked at Secretary Xu.

“Do you want me to change the black coffee? Or reheat it for you?” Secretary Xu asked.

Xi Men realized he hasn’t touched the black coffee since it has been served. “Sure, thank you,” he then took the sandwiches and grabbed a bite. Not long later, Secretary Xu came back with his black coffee. “How long…”

“Another 3 hours, CEO Xi Men,” said Secretary Xu.

Xi Men smiled. “Ok, thank you,”

This time, Xi Men’s mind wanders back to Mei Zhuo’s wedding, held 10 months after Ah Si’s wedding.


“Is Xiao You coming for your wedding?” asked Xi Men.

“I’m not sure. I’ve talked to her last week, and she said she is still considering,” Mei Zhuo said as he fixes his tie. “Can you check if my tie is straight?” he turned looking at Xi Men.

“It’s definitely straight,” Xi Men said. He was hoping to see Xiao You again. Although he knows that she belongs to someone else, he only hopes to see her, just this once, and then forget her once and for all, to cure his missing feelings of her.

“Don’t be nervous, Mei Zhuo,” Ah Si said. “If you are nervous, you will get clumsy and do all the wrong things for all the wrong reasons. You are the groom today, stay calm!”

“Ah Si has gone thru the same moment, just like this, so take his advice!” Lei patted Mei Zhuo.

“Thanks, buddy,” Mei Zhuo said as he patted Ah Si.

“No problem,” Ah Si said. “Come, I guide you a little bit,” Ah Si dragged Mei Zhuo to a corner.

Lei smiled and turned looking at Xi Men. “So…” he walked up to Xi Men. “What’s with Xiao You’s coming or not coming question?”

“What do you mean?” Xi Men asked.

“Well… we all know Xiao You is someone else’s girlfriend. And we all know you and her…, well, we know, so, why still… bothers whether she comes or not?”

“Let me just see her once,” Xi Men said.

“I know how you felt for her, I really do. Yeah… true, sometimes you need to see that person another time to actually cure your heart,” Lei said.

Xi Men smiled lightly and nodded. “Thanks, Lei,”

“Your tie is not straight,” Lei said as he straighten Xi Men’s tie.

Xi Men burst out laughing and then Ah Si and Mei Zhuo walked over with Ah Si’s hand on Mei Zhuo’s shoulder.

“It’s time,” Ah Si said.

Mei Zhuo took a deep breath. “Yes,”

They walked out of the room. With then, as they are heading towards the lift, a slim figure from the opposite direction walked past them. And Xi Men recognized her instantly.

“Xiao You,” Xi Men called out. “She’s here…” he thought for a moment.

Xiao You stopped her steps and looked up, looking at them. “Hi… congratulations, Mei Zhuo,” she looked over to Mei Zhuo.

“Thank you, Xiao You, I thought you are not coming,” Mei Zhuo said.

Xiao You smiled. “I’m going to the bride’s room. See you later at the reception,” she then walked off without waiting for their acknowledgement.

Xi Men, Lei, Mei Zhuo and Ah Si turned and looked at her walking to the bride’s room.

“She looks… sad?” Lei asked, finding the correct word.

“I don’t know,” Ah Si said. “I feel something weird too,”

“Let’s go, guys…” Xi Men said, as they turned and walked away. Xiao You’s expression leaves his heart in doubt and a bit heartbroken. He wonders what really happened.

At the reception, the bestmans and the bridesmaids sat together. With Xi Men sitting next to Xiao You, he often glanced at Xiao You.

“Why do you keep looking at me?” Xiao You asked, without looking at him.

“I was wondering if you are alright,” Xi Men said.

Xiao You smiled forcefully. “I am fine,”

“You don’t sound right to me,” Xi Men said as he looked back to the reception table where Mei Zhuo and Xiao Qiao sat.

“I don’t have to sound right to be fine,” said Xiao You.

“You’re really a good business consultant, you’re so good with your words,”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,”

The vow begins. It was a long silence between Xiao You and Xi Men, until Mei Zhuo and Xiao Qiao kissed. Everyone in the room stood up and applauded for the newlywed.

Xi Men even senses the sadness in Xiao You’s eyes when she smiled for Mei Zhuo and Xiao Qiao.

After the reception, as everyone is walking out of the room for photograph sessions, Xi Men followed behind Xiao You closely. Xiao You did not know Xi Men is following her.

“Xiao You,” Xi Men finally called out.

Xiao You turned and looked at him. “Xi Men?”

“Can I talk to you for a second?” asked Xi Men.

Xiao You turned and looked at the newlyweds, who are talking to everyone while waiting for photograph session. “Later, after the wedding is over,”

“Ok,” Xi Men said, knowing Xiao You respected the newlyweds.

It feels like Xi Men waited forever for that little talk to take place, when only an hour had passed. Xiao You invited Xi Men into her hotel room as he requested for a little privacy when she earlier suggested having the talk in a cafeteria next to the hotel.

“So, what do you want to talk?” Xiao You asked as she sat down in front of the mirror and took off her earring. “Make it quick. You’re in my room,”

Xi Men took a deep breath. “What’s the matter with me in your room?”

“I don’t wanna be seen alone with you, Xi Men. Publicity. You know. You are the Businessman of The Year for 3 years, and soon-to-be for this year too,” Xiao You said.

“It doesn’t matter… I mean… what’s the big deal of being in your room, alone with you? You’ve been in a room alone with me before!”

“You are not Businessman of The Year yet. You are not CEO of Xi Men Corporation yet. You are just a plain son of tycoon who also popularly known as a playboy,” Xiao You said as she snapped her earring on her table, in which it broke into two. “Shit!” she yelled looking at her earring. “What is it you want to talk about?”

“What is the matter with you, Xiao You!” Xi Men yelled.

“What is the matter with me?!” Xiao You stood up looking at him.

“It’s only 2 years! 2 years, Xiao You! I only didn’t see you for 2 years until Ah Si’s wedding. When I met you at Ah Si’s wedding, you sounded as if you hated me because of some plain school bully in Canada bullies you, as if it was my fault!” Xi Men said.

Xiao You turned away and sat down in front of the mirror. “Is that what you want to talk?”

“No!” Xi Men said. “And now… 10 months later, I see you again, and you looked… different. You sounded sorrow. And… again, you snapped at me for my identity! Plain son of a tycoon who also popularly knows as a playboy… what kind of statement are you trying to sign me in?”

“Isn’t that who you are?” Xiao You said. “I am just saying the truth,”

Xi Men sat down on the bed, positioned next to Xiao You as she is busy detangling her hair clips. “What happened to you?”

“Nothing,” Xiao You said.

“Don’t lie to me, Xiao You. I could see it in your eyes,” Xi Men said.

Tears started to fall down to her cheek. “I…”

Xi Men gently turned her face towards him. He lightly wiped off her tears. “Tell me,”

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