Birthday Wish – Chapter 2

I gaped, looking at Xi Men.

“Are you serious? You guys came here for my birthday?” I asked.

“You told me you are not celebrating your birthday this year with your friends or colleagues. So I was thinking to come over and give you a surprise birthday visit and then celebrate your birthday with you!” San Chai said.

“And you bring everybody? OH MY GOSH!” I yelled.

“Why not?” Ah Si smiled.

“Look at that happy face of Xiao You,” Mei Zhuo smirked.

“Like Jing said, since you are not in Taipei, so we came to you. Just for your birthday,” Lei smiled.

“San Chai has been planning this for you for the last month. You’d think it’s easy for these 4 CEOs to take leave and left the company all of a sudden?” Xi Men smirked. “It’s just for you. Only you have that privilege to ask all four CEOs of major companies in Taipei to take leave and come to Toronto,”

“Oh my goodness, thank you San Chai!” I hugged San Chai, still having the flowers in my hand.

“No problem. Thank goodness the plan goes well… and I try to hide from you about this surprise visit, and luckily it did not flunk!” San Chai said.

“What time did you reached?” I asked.

“We just did. We came here straight from airport,” Ah Si said.

“So, you guys are going to be here until…?” I asked.

“Your birthday. I thought we just said,” Xi Men said.

“Oh, then where are you guys staying?” I asked again.

“Hotel in town,” Xiao Qiao said.

“Let’s forget about those. Since we are here, we expect the upcoming birthday girl to bring us around,” Mei Zhuo said.

“Now? Only night clubs are available after dinner time,” I said.

“Well, maybe tomorrow,” Lei said. “I don’t have 15 hours sleep due to the flight earlier, so I wish I can have a full time sleep tonight after dinner,”

“Eh, you sleepyhead. You cannot sacrifice your sleep for a day for our birthday Xiao You?” Mei Zhuo asked.

“Why not you guys take a good rest tonight, then I will bring you around tomorrow. I need to outline where to bring you to,” I smiled.

“Sounds good. So, dinner with us tonight?” Xi Men asked.

“Err… my parents…” I said as I pointed to my house. “I am supposed to take dinner with them but I need to tell them if I want to go for dinner with you guys,”

“Talking about that, we have yet to meet your parents,” Jing said.

“Oh, welcome in, my dad has yet to reach home. He should be arriving soon,” I smiled. “Come in, come in…” I immediately lead the way. I stood at the door.

“What?” Xi Men asked, who is standing behind me.

“The rose…” I said. I don’t how to push the flower in, thru the door.

Xi Men laughed. “Come, I help you,” he said as he leaned closer behind me and extends his hands across my waist.

I can feel his breath next to my cheek.

“What, you haven’t been accepting bouquet of flowers this huge?” he laughed as he tilted the flower lightly and he slides the base of the bouquet across the lining of the door just to make way for the roses to go through the door without damaging it.

“I do accept a lot of flowers in my life, but none this big to crack my head on how to get it pass the door,” I smiled.

He suddenly turned his face and kissed me on my cheek. “Glad to meet you again,” he whispered.

I blushed.

“Oi, you two. The flower got thru the door already, can you both move?” Mei Zhuo asked.

I quickly walked in.

“Who’s there?” Mom walked out from the hallway with the towel in hand, drying her hair.

“Mom, this is…”

“Hi, Mrs. Yang, I’m Xi Men,”

“I’m San Chai, if you remember me…”

“Ah Si,”

“Mei Zhuo,”

“Xiao Qiao,”



All of them introduced themselves.

“Mom, they are my friends from Taipei,” I said.

“Taipei?” mom asked.

“Yeah, Mrs. Yang. We are here to celebrate Xiao You’s birthday,” Xi Men smiled.

“Oh, for Xiao You?” mom smiled. “Oh, I do remember San Chai now. She is your best friend in Taipei,” she then looked at me. “I thought you said you don’t want a birthday celebration?”

“Mrs. Yang, we came for a surprised celebration for her,” Ah Si smiled.

“Oh, that’s so nice of all of you… here, take a seat,” she smiled. “Wow, what a big bouquet of roses,” she looked at me.

“Xi Men gave me…” I said.

“I so wanna tell you that I wished I do pay a cent for sharing that bouquet of flowers so that you can blurt my name out too,” Mei Zhuo said.

“Eh, you talk a lot,” Xi Men said turning his head and looked at Mei Zhuo.

Everyone laughed. Mom laughed too.

I relieved from my laughter to a smile. This is going to be my happiest birthday celebration ever. Because I have them; my friends from Taipei.


I went out for dinner with them at a European/Canadian cuisine restaurant, which is one of the top restaurants in Toronto. Mom and dad said I should go with my friends and bring them out since they came all the way from Taipei.

We had an excellent meal.

“I’m so gonna invest in Toronto,” Ah Si blurted as he is done with sipping the last drop of his wine.

“Eh, this is not a business trip,” Lei said.

“I know. Was just thinking,” Ah Si said.

“I know all of you came for me for my birthday celebration. Thank you very much. I appreciate your greetings even just from a mail or a chatroom. You guys need not come to Canada for me,” I said. “You guys are CEOs… and I feel very guilty for making you guys dump your job for me,”

“You see, you see!” Xi Men pointed at Ah Si. “We all said there is no business talk in this trip. Look what you did to Xiao You,”

“Xi Men, it’s true,” I said, looking at him sitting next to me.

“Look, we’ve been planning for this trip for a month and we want it to happen. So, don’t bother about what Ah Si just said,” Mei Zhuo said, looking at me. “We are humans too. We need a BREAK!” he snarled at Ah Si.

“Try to do that to me again,” Ah Si said, eyeing Mei Zhuo.

Mei Zhuo sticks his tongue out and laughed.

“Eh you…” Ah Si said.

“Ok, ok,” San Chai patted Ah Si. “We’re here for fun too,”

“Ok, sorry,” Ah Si said at me, lifted his hands up.

Ah Si apologized? I’m amazed. I looked at him.

“That’s fine,” I smiled.

Someone’s phone rang. Ah Si looked at his phone. It’s an SMS message.

“My limousine is here, we can go already,” Ah Si said, stuffing his phone back to his pocket.

“Ok, sure,” Xi Men lifted his hand up. “Bill,” he called.

“Yeah, you guys had a tiring journey today, so get a good sleep tonight,” I smiled.

“We’ll do,” San Chai smiled.

“So, any ideas where to bring us to tomorrow? We need a time to wake up and pick you,” Mei Zhuo smiled.

“Hmm…” I uttered. “Any place in particular that you guys wanna go?”

“I heard about Harbourfront,” Xiao Qiao said. “On Lake Ontario?”

“Yes, it is a beautiful place,” I said. “You can spend whole day there,”

“Then we’ll go to Harbourfront,” Xi Men smiled. The waiter walked to Xi Men with the bill. “Bill’s on that fella,” Xi Men pointed at Ah Si.

“Huh?” Ah Si asked. “Why me?”

“You uttered business just now,” Xi Men smirked.

“Yeah, you should pay,” Mei Zhuo said.

“Eh, you really…” Ah Si looked at Mei Zhuo. “You… when I say like this, you do like that. If you work for me I’m sure I would have fired you long time ago,” he stuffed his hand into his pants to get his wallet. “You’re always on the opposite side!”

“That is why I am a CEO on my own,” Mei Zhuo smirked.

Ah Si took his wallet out and the waiter walked to him. He handed the waiter his credit card.

“Thanks Ah Si, for the dinner,” I said.

Ah Si looked at me. “Oh, no problem. Anything for the birthday girl,” he smiled. “I mean, UPCOMING birthday girl,”

I smiled. I’m so happy.

“Ok, so we’ll send you back home, and then we’ll come and pick you at 9am tomorrow to Harbourfront. Is that alright?” Xi Men asked, looking at me.

“Yeah, sure,” I smiled.

The journey in the limousine back to my house was noisy.


The conversation varies between each person and all were talking to me, to each other, to the people sitting opposite of each other.

It’s so NOISY I almost cannot bear.

But having the thought that these people are the friends that I treasured the most in Taipei puts a smile on my face.

The limousine stopped. I looked out. They all looked out from the limousine, wondering why it stopped.

“I’m home,” I smiled, after seeing the house and the neighbourhood.

“Oh, they all said.

Mei Zhuo, sitting near the door, opened the door and slowly one by one crawled out from the limousine.

“Eh, this is my house, you guys need not come out,” I said.

“We only wanted to hug you goodbye and goodnight, can’t we?” Lei asked.

I smiled. “Yes, of course,” I hugged him.

“Goodnight, Xiao You,” Lei said.

“Goodnight, sleep well… but you don’t have 15 hours to sleep tonight since it’s already 10pm now,” I said.

“Then I hope I get 8 hours at least,” he smirked.

I laughed, and I moved to Jing. “Goodnight, Jing,”

“Goodnight, Xiao You,” Jing said.

And then I moved to Xiao Qiao, Mei Zhuo, Ah Si and San Chai.

“Goodnight, San Chai,” I said.

“Goodnight, Xiao You. See you tomorrow,” San Chai smiled.

“Sure, see you,” I said as I released myself from the hug.

“I’ll walk you to the door,” Xi Men smiled.

“Sure,” I smiled.

“You guys wait for me in the limo,” Xi Men said.

“Okay,” they said, as they slowly got onto the limousine.

Xi Men and I turned, and started to walk to my house. Xi Men placed his hand on my waist as we walked, reaching the door. I inserted the key into the door, unlocked it.

“I’m… home,” I said, looking at him.

“Ok,” he nodded and smiled at me. “So…” he looked at me. “Goodnight,”

“Goodnight,” I smiled.

Xi Men spread his hands open. “A hug?”

I smiled and I walked to him, hugging him. He wrapped his hands around me.

It is a hug that I will cherish, forever.

Slowly, I released from his hug.

“You better get going. They are waiting for you,” I said.

He nodded. “Sleep well tonight,” he smiled.


He lowered his upper torso, and tilted his head, and kissed my cheek.

“See you tomorrow,” he smiled again, as he turned and walked to the limousine.

I smiled… and I am BLUSHING!!!

I quickly opened the door, and I walked in. I closed the door behind me and I listened to the limousine finally drove off.

I’m so happy. I walked to my room.

And worst thing happened…


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