Birthday Wish – Chapter 5 (Final)

It is indeed a happy day to treasure.

After lunch, we went for the ‘Journey Behind the Falls’ and then we had a walk at the boardwalk on the edge of the Niagara whitewaters. And then we had dinner. Time flew fast, especially when you spent it with someone you like and possibly you loved.

And in my case, Xi Men.

Little did I know, it is already 8pm and here we are, standing in front of the fascinating fall that is lighted up with different shades of colors. It is a sight that is not to be missed.

This time, we stand at another viewing spot, a little further to the fall compared to where we stand this morning. We can still hear the noise of the fall, but we don’t have to scream to talk to each other here. The view is still breathtaking. It is windy and breezy.

In 4 hours, my birthday will end.

I have never been this happy for as long as I remember.

But sad to know, happy moments will have its ending. I wish this moment never ends.

Xi Men stood next to me, where as Mei Zhuo, Ah Si and Lei were scattered around, wanting to spend this romantic moment with their loved ones, leaving Xi Men with me.

I leaned my tummy against the bar, and I have been thinking a lot, wondering a lot.

“You seem to have a lot of things in mind,” Xi Men said, as he slides his hand over to hold my waist.

“A bit,” I uttered.

“Wanna tell me?” he asked.

I shook lightly. “Just… 24 hours’ short for me,”

He laughed. “If 24 hours are too short, you have another 24 hours the next day,”

“My birthday is going to end soon. I am very happy… In the morning it feels like I still have a lot of time to enjoy my day today, but I can’t believe time flies and now it’s nearing the end,” I said. “I believe happy things will come to an end no matter what, but I wished I had more,”

Xi Men smiled. “I was wondering…”

“What?” I asked.

Xi Men extends his hands out across my waist and landed his hands on the bar in front of me. Again, I am stuck in between his hands.

He looked at me. “I wondered, how come you never ask me about what I did to you these 2 days?”

“What you did? What do you mean?” I asked.

“This,” he said as he leaned closer and kissed my cheek. “Hold your hand, your waist, and so many more,”

“Oh,” I looked away, blushing from the kiss. “If you want to tell me, you will do so,”

Xi Men let out a small laugh. “Yes, I will tell you if I want to,”

I smiled lightly. “That’s why,”

He smiled. “I’m doing all that because I like you,” he said. “Because I love you,”

I turned looking at him. Did I hear it right?

“A guy will not tickle a girl for no reason. A guy will not hold a girl’s hand for no reason. A guy will not kiss a girl for no reason. And obviously, a guy will not trap a girl in between his hands, like what I am doing now, for no reason,” Xi Men said.

“Xi Men… I… I know,” I said.

He smiled. “How long will it takes for you to like and love me?” he asked as he looked out to the wonderful fall.

“A moment,” I replied.

“And has that moment happened?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said. “Long time ago,”

Yes, that was 7 years ago before I left Taipei.

“Long time ago? What about these 2 days?” he asked.

“It happened again,” I said.

I fall in love all over again with Xi Men for what he did to me.

“It has never left me,” I said again.

Xi Men looked down, then he stared at me. “I’m sorry, I’ve made you wait,”

“I’ve never waited for you…” I said. “Despite I do love you, but I never waited for you because someone like you will not like me,”

“Then you are so wrong,” Xi Men said.

“Not to mention about you liking me, you do not even try to contact me. I thought I lost you even as a friend,”

He smirked. “Remember yesterday when we are in Harbourfront? When we are at the boardwalk, looking out to Lake Ontario?” he asked, staring at the waterfall.

“Yes,” I said.

“Remember I told you, I actually did keep in touch with you?” he said.

“Oh yeah,” I turned looking at him. “The man then came and asked you to help him take family photos, and I totally forgot about it,”

“Yes,” Xi Men said.

“You did keep in touch with me? When? How?” I asked.

“Every year, for the past 7 years, you received a bouquet of 24 red roses during your birthday from an anonymous sender,” Xi Men said. “It was me,”

I looked at him. I’m stunned. It didn’t come to my mind that it was him. I just recalled that I did not receive any bouquet of 24 red roses this year from an anonymous sender!

“You?” I asked.

“Yes,” he smiled. “I thought you could have guessed it’s me… in fact, I waited by my mailbox, hoping you will send me a mail and tell me that you know it’s me,” he looked at me. “And I waited for 7 years,”

Oh NO!

“And remember yesterday before the young girl came and asked me to buy a stalk of rose for you, I told you some things don’t change?” he asked.

“Yes… and I asked you what that is,”

“It’s my feelings, my love for you,” Xi Men answered. “It never changed… for 7 years,”

This is not something that I have expected to hear!

“Actually…” Xi Men uttered.

I did not turn looking at him, because I don’t know how to react. I’m still stunned.

“Actually, all of us came here to celebrate birthday with you. But I don’t come just for that,” Xi Men smiled, looking at the fall again. “The other motive of this trip being organized by them, is for me,”

“Huh?” I blurred.

“Mei Zhuo knew me too well,” he laughed. “He has been teasing me throughout the entire journey I am in Canada,” he smiled. “Well… that is if you noticed,”

He then turned looking at me.

“The main reason Mei Zhuo got engaged for 3 years and still did not want to walk down the aisle… is because he is waiting for me,” Xi Men said.

“Huh?” I blurred again.

“He wanted me to go steady with you… then only he will get married,”

“That was… I mean…” I stunned. “He is…”

“He and Xiao Qiao have done all the preparations for the wedding. The photos, the attire, the dinner, the invitation list, venue, the arrangement of every single detail like flowers, theme, colors… he has everything in hand. The only thing lacking right now is the date he is going to marry Xiao Qiao. He will only fix the date once he sees us together,” Xi Men said. “He is holding back his marriage for you and me,”

“I’m… speechless,” I stupidly uttered.

“Ah Si has proposed to San Chai, and she rejected him for 3 years. Recently, San Chai accepted his proposal, but she said she will not start preparing for the marriage, not until she hook you with me,” Xi Men said again.

“San Chai is doing this too?” I’m so surprised.

“Lei too. He told me he will only propose Jing after I win you,” Xi Men said.


“Their destiny is in my hands, in this trip. So, since you are not in Taipei, we bring the whole Taipei to you. All of us came to celebrate your birthday with you, and to give myself a chance to win you…” Xi Men looked at me seriously.

I covered my mouth with my hand. I am very surprised with what he had just said.

“They all know that I have liked you all this while. So they are doing this, to push me… and I greatly appreciate that… therefore this trip is not only for your birthday, but all of our happiness too,” Xi Men said. “I love you, Xiao You,”

I turned looking at Xi Men. “I…”

“I love you… very much,” he said again.

I looked into his beautiful eyes that captured my heart. “I love you too, Xi Men…”

Xi Men smiled as he leaned closer, and he kissed my lips.

I closed my eyes, and get myself drowned in his passionate kiss as I kissed him back.

I didn’t know how long we have kissed, until we both pulled away.

“I have been single all the while because of my love for you… I occupied my life with work…and I cleared my mind all this while from anyone else,” he smiled as he caressed my face and put the strands of my flyaway hair behind my ear. “I want to secure and stabilized my career life before I can furnish you with a no-hassle life,”

So that is what Xi Men is ‘trying to get something done before he gets something else’ as said by San Chai!

“But how do you know how I felt for you?” I asked.

Xi Men smiled. “My friends are my eyes and ears… and they ‘poison’ me enough about you and your feelings for me for the last 7 years…”

I laughed.

“Even if they did not tell me, I still know how you felt for me just by your reactions from these 2 days…” he smiled. “And hey… you just confessed you loved me too after my confession,”

I blushed.

And now I get it sorted out on what I have been feeling all this while: These guys came all the way from Taipei not just for my birthday but also for Xi Men’s confession towards me! That is the weird feeling that I had these days!

“I am very happy these 2 days, Xiao You,” Xi Men said, playing with my hand. “Practically it is you that makes me so happy,”

I smiled. Me too.

“I am glad I am here… not because Toronto is a nice place… because my Xiao You is in Toronto,” he said.

I laughed. I remembered he uttered SHIT after he said he is glad to be here.

“That is the main reason,” he smiled. He stopped for a while before he continued. “You know… Mei Zhuo is right… no guys will buy a girl a TWD$370,000 teddy bear,”

“It’s too pricey,” I said. “I still wondered why you are buying it,”

“But that is your birthday wish when you are 6. I believe fulfilling a birthday wish is the greatest thing ever happened,” Xi Men said. “Eventhough you said ‘some things cannot be bought by money’, but if buying a teddy bear can put a smile on your face, its worth, no matter how much the teddy bear is,”

“Thank you… for fulfilling my 1st birthday wish,”


“I make my first birthday wish at 6 years old. So, that is my first birthday wish,”

“Oh, I see,” he smiled.

Xi Men stopped for a while before he continued. “It’s painful to love you for 7 years… and I don’t get to see you,”

I smiled. So am I.

He looked out to the waterfall. He looked at his watch.

“What are you doing with looking at the time?” I asked.

“No. I was wondering when the fireworks is,” he said. “Almost time,”

I smiled. The fireworks will be starting at 8.30pm.

“You know, Xiao You…” Xi Men said.

“What?” I asked.

“This is going to be the best moment I ever had… because I have you,” he smiled.

“Me too,” I said. “I have you with me right now… too,”

He wrapped his arms around me tight. I could feel him breathing in and out next to me.

“You know… when I come…”

“Hmm?” I looked at him.

“They keep asking me to buy you something… and I ended up buying a bouquet of red roses for you… too big to enter the house,”

I laughed. “Thanks,”

“Did you count the stalks of roses in that bouquet of red roses I give you?” he asked.

“Yes… there were too many of them and I need to count them so many times,” I said.

He laughed softly. “So did you manage to get the final, accurate count?”

“Yes, 108,” I said.

“Did you find out the meaning of 108 roses?” he asked calmly, still standing behind me.

I stiffed.

“Xiao You?” he called.

“Yes… I know the meaning,” I stammered. “But…”

“But what?” he asked.

“I thought you gave me for… just… a birthday gift,” I said.

He smiled as he removed a hand of his away.

“I said the flower is a gift in conjunction of your birthday. It was never a birthday gift,” he said, and then he took out a sparkling ring, and showed it in front of me. “It is a proposal,”

I looked at the ring. I’m shocked and I didn’t know what to react.

“108 of red roses in that bouquet means ‘Please Marry Me’. The red roses are not just a gift… it means more than that,” Xi Men took my right hand.

He pulled my hand and I turned, facing him.

Xi Men stared at me in my eyes. He suddenly lowered down, dropped to one knee, still looking straight at me.

“Xiao You, please marry me,” he uttered, one hand holding my right hand, and with the ring in his other hand.


I didn’t expect this to happen!

I didn’t know this will happen!!

I’m completely stunned. I…


My mind went blank.

“Say yes, Xiao You,” San Chai suddenly said.

I turned to look at her walking to me, and I realized all of them are walking to Xi Men and me. They had actually paid attention to what Xi Men and I are doing here.

“Yes, we all know how you both feel for each other,” Mei Zhuo smiled.

They all smiled.

Tears brimming in my eyes.

And I seem to notice a lot of people starting to surround us and looking at us.

“YES, YES, YES,” I started to hear the public said. Slowly it is getting louder as they clapped and, “YES, YES, YES…”

I covered my mouth with my other hand, and tears started to flow down my cheek.

“Marry me, Xiao You,” Xi Men said again, his eyes never leave mine.

I sniffed.

“Yes…” I uttered. “I’ll marry you…”

Xi Men smiled and he slides the ring into my ring finger. He stood up.

“Xiao You…” he called, and I noticed he almost cried.

“Xi Men…” I called.

He pulled me to him and I embrace him. He embraced me back.

I heard the crowd clapped.

I heard Xi Men sniffed.

We released of each other from the hug. We stared into each other’s eyes. Xi Men leaned over for a quick kiss. I smiled. I looked at him smiling too, the killer smile.

“Damn you Xi Men. Proposing to her in front of the waterfall romantically!” Mei Zhuo uttered at Xi Men.

Xi Men laughed. “Don’t be jealous, dude. Well, Xiao You suggested yesterday we’ll be at Niagara Falls, and so this is the place she decide,” he looked at me.

“You mean all of this is planned?” I asked.

“He came all the way from Taipei to propose to you, Xiao You,” Lei said.

I looked at Xi Men.

Xi Men smiled and nodded. “I couldn’t bear to wait anymore. So I decided this is the time to propose to you, to marry you,”

I smiled.

“So you all know this is going to happen already!” I said.

“Of course!” they all said.

“Happy things will come to an end, but that also means that another happy thing is about to begin. Our life together,” Xi Men smiled.


All of a sudden all of us heard a loud sound, and we turned to look at the fall. And then we noticed a gigantic colorful yet sparkling ‘flower’ blossomed in the sky on top of the Niagara Falls.

“The fireworks!” Xiao Qiao called out.

I smiled. Xi Men stood next to me as we both looked at more and more fireworks lighting up the dark sky, sending me chills down my spine and put a smile on my face.

“Just in time,” Xi Men smiled. “Fireworks. A sign of celebration, for your birthday… and for our engagement,” Xi Men said.

I realized. Xi Men planned to do all this before the fireworks set off.

“You said earlier that you wished you had more happiness… and now I am giving you more happiness for your birthday,” Xi Men smiled looking at me. “Despite it is going to end in less than 4 hours… I hope these 24 hours of your birthday… is the best birthday you ever had,” he smiled, the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen.

It definitely is!

And it’s 2 days, not just these 24 hours!

All of a sudden I feel all the wishes I have made for the past 20 years just came true at this one night. Even Xi Men get me a pink teddy that I want for my 1st birthday wish! Also, the birthday wish that I have just made yesterday comes true now!

“Thanks, Xi Men… I’m indeed very happy for this… and yes, it is the best birthday I ever had…” I said.

“And I will ensure that you will have happy days every day and every year… and you will have the best birthday ever as long as you are with me,” Xi Men smiled.

I nodded and smiled widely.

“So how does it feel to have a man as your birthday gift?” he laughed.

“Hey, I have a proposal, engagement and Xi Men as my birthday gift, what do you think?” I smiled. “It’s plain more than just a man!”

Xi Men laughed as he looked at me. “Happy birthday sweetie,” he smiled as he leaned over and kissed me under the fireworks.

I relieved from the kiss and we both looked up, straight at the fireworks.

“Hey,” Ah Si suddenly called.

All of us looked at him.

“How are you both going to settle this? Xi Men is in Taipei and Xiao You is in Toronto,” Ah Si said, pointing at Xi Men and then at me.

“Oh… err…” Xi Men looked at me.

I looked at him. And then I smiled.

Xi Men blanked, tilted his head slightly and looked at me, not understand why I smiled.

I then took my cell phone out.

They all looked at me dialing the number and placed the phone on my ear.

“Hello mom?” I said, and I looked at Xi Men. With the happiest smile and tone of speech, I yelled… “Mom, I am taking the job opportunity. WE ARE MOVING BACK TO TAIPEI!!!”


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  1. Awwwwww…. What a great way to end for XY to end her birthday! Took them long enough to tell their feelings to each other. I’m glad I’ve found your site. I should be studying now huhu but I can’t help but read this story after I was done with your story “The Deal.” I’m looking forward in reading your other stories next time

      • I wanted to relax from everything so I tried to find some good stories to read. I remembered that I love this pairing so I tried going to since I read some stories there a few years ago. Unfortunately it seems that it doesn’t exist anymore so I tried using the search engine and good thing I found your site 🙂 I thought I won’t be able to read any xy/xm stories.

        • Oh! So you are also a XMXY fan. Welcome to my site. 🙂
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  2. Thank you for writing XMXY stories until now…. I’m a XM/KZXT fan and I do like XY too…. But while I was watching MG and MG2 recently, a crazy thought came to my mind…. What if …… Just what if (please don’t hate me)….. What if Ximen falls in love with San Chai? …… Just a crazy thought 😊

  3. you’re heaven sent , Ann to XM XY fans like me…thank you for the stories. Gosh, it’s 2017 already and I love them still..

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