Conflicted – Chapter 110

“There is pulse. He is still breathing!” the medical personnel reported.

Nurses, doctors and several medical personnel hurriedly push Xi Men’s bed towards the emergency room, where Xiao You followed; running along with the bed.

Lei quickly grabbed Xiao You’s arm before she followed along into the emergency room.

“Xiao You,”

“Let me go,” Xiao You said, trying to fling his hand away.

“He needs to be there inside with the doctors, alone, to get proper treatment,” Lei said, pulling her back and eventually stopped her.

Xiao You looked at Lei.

“It is an emergency room. And you know that rule,” Lei said. “I know you are worried. All of us too. But we need to let the doctors do their jobs. They will treat Xi Men,”

Xiao You swallowed the lump in her throat, and then she turned her head to watch them pushing Xi Men into the emergency room, disappearing right after they passed the doors.

Xiao You lowered her head.

“He… he will be fine,” Lei said.

Hearing Lei said, she remembers watching Mark stabs the knife in his hand into Xi Men’s abdomen.

She remembers watching the red blood patch grew on Xi Men’s shirt.

She even remembers the amount of blood he bled.

She remembers the sight of Xi Men in pain on the floor…

She remembers he barely moves, gasped for air…


He is on the verge of dying right in front of her.


How would the word ‘fine’ be assuring when she remembers all the painful scenes in her mind?

She clenched her teeth and tears begin to form in her eyes.

She begins to tremble…

Lei turned his head and looked at Jing, and Jing looked back at Lei.

Looking at Jing, Lei gestured to Xiao You.

Jing understood what Lei meant, and she then looked at Xiao You.

Jing walked towards Xiao You and Lei took few steps back…

“Xiao You…” Jing called, raising her hand up and holds Xiao You’s arm.

Xiao You sniffed, as emotions stirred in her.

Jing gently pulled Xiao You to her and hugs her, “Cry if you need to,”

And Xiao You did just that.

[*Author’s note: Lei gave way, and prefer Jing to hug Xiao You instead of him doing so]


“Anybody see my wife?” Ah Si asked, turning his head around to look at Jing and Xiao Qiao sitting outside of the ward.

“She accompanied Xiao You to get her treatment,” Xiao Qiao said, looking at Ah Si who had just walked towards them.

“Oh,” Ah Si said, gently pressing the tiny bandage on his arm and sits down at the empty seat next to Xiao Qiao.

“Is Mei Zhuo finishing soon?” Xiao Qiao asked.

“Not really. His bag has only collected half, thus he will take a while more. Lei, instead, will be done soon,” Ah Si said.

“Oh, okay…” Xiao Qiao and Jing said at the same time.


Xiao You sits on the bed as a doctor wraps the bandage around her head.

“The CT scan result will come out around noon so we will only be able to find out more about your injury tomorrow. So, do stay here for a night, Miss Yang,” the doctor said.

Xiao You nodded briefly.

She has not said a word since Xi Men has been admitted into the emergency room.

She flinched a couple of times during her treatment as her wound hurts, but that’s about it.

San Chai, who is standing nearby, watches her and the doctor treating her.

When the doctor is done, he rose to his feet and then looked at San Chai. “Mrs. Dao Ming, I will move her to a private ward where she will stay for the night. We will follow up with her wound tomorrow,”

“Sure, doctor,” San Chai said. “Thank you,”

The doctor bowed briefly at San Chai, before he walked away.

San Chai then sits down next to Xiao You, on the bed, “Xiao You…” she called.

Xiao You lifted her head up and looked at San Chai, “How is Xi Men?” she asked.

San Chai looked at Xiao You.

Xiao You just had 6 stitches on her head, yet she is only concerned about Xi Men.

It is undeniably Xi Men’s condition is definitely more serious than she (Xiao You) is.

It is probably natural for one to be concern about the ‘more serious’ one than the one with minor injuries.

And also, he is her fiancé.

“Doctor said Xi Men is undergoing surgery now.  It will take a while. Doctor has also said, he had lost a lot of blood, so Ah Si, Lei and Mei Zhuo are donating their blood for Xi Men,” San Chai said.

Xiao You remained looking at San Chai, and then nodded briefly, “Thank you…”

“No problem about that, Xiao You,” San Chai said.

Xiao You slowly lowered her gaze to the bag in San Chai’s hand. “Is that my handbag…?”

San Chai lowered her gaze to the handbag in her hand, “Oh yes!” San Chai had momentarily forgotten about it in her grip; and quickly extends it to Xiao You.

Xiao You slowly extends her hand out and takes the handbag from San Chai. “Where do you find this…”

“Xi Men’s car…” San Chai said.

Xiao You looked at San Chai, and then the whole accident’s incident play in her mind.

How she watches a car comes from the left, and in a split second hits Xi Men’s car.

And everything changed…

She then takes a deep breath, and exhaled it sadly.

“Xiao You…” San Chai rubbed her arm. “Xi Men will be okay…” she said. “He is a strong person. He is going to fight thru it. Have faith in him,”



The knife is stabbed right into Xi Men’s abdomen.

Xiao You watches the red wet spot that did not present prior to this; formed, and she continued watching as it grew in size on Xi Men’s white shirt.

Laying on the cold ground, his mouth is ajar; obviously in shock and in pain.

He suddenly struggles to breathe…

*Flashback ended.


Xiao You lowered her head and in no time, she sobbed.

“Xiao You…” San Chai hugs Xiao You and lets Xiao You cried on her shoulder.


Breaking news: Xi Men and fiancée rescued; one injured, one critical.

Lei, Mei Zhuo and Ah Si sat at the bench outside of the emergency room, and their eyes are glued to the television.

Lei then sighed.

“I heard you talked to Uncle Xi Men just now. How did Uncle Xi Men take it?” Mei Zhuo asked Lei.

Lei turned and looked at Mei Zhuo. “Uncle Xi Men is relieved that Xi Men & Xiao You has been rescued, but he is extremely concerned about Xi Men’s condition,” Lei said. “And since Xi Men’s mom is in Los Angeles now; she & uncle Xi Men will meet up in New York and try to get the first flight back to Taipei. So I am not sure when will that be. They’re probably in the priority waiting list of the airlines since it is last minute…”

Mei Zhuo and Ah Si nodded as they understand.

“I told them we’ll be here, and just call any of us if they want to know about Xi Men’s condition,” Lei said.

“Alright,” Ah Si said, while Mei Zhuo nodded.

They heard footsteps, and all three of them turned their heads to the right, looking at Xiao Qiao walking towards them.

“Xiao Qiao, how is Xiao You?” Mei Zhuo asked.

Lei moved as to let Xiao Qiao sits down next to Mei Zhuo.

“She has just moved to a private room in level 3. She isn’t doing really well. I mean… not coping with this entire thing very well,” Xiao Qiao sighed and then sits down next to Mei Zhuo, on the spot that Lei had moved away from. “She keeps on asking about Xi Men,”

“Tell her we are waiting here, and we’ll update her when there’s news,” Mei Zhuo said to Xiao Qiao.

“Already told her that. But she asked us to go and seek for updated news from you guys,” Xiao Qiao said, “That is why I came,”

“Well, we don’t have any updated news,” Ah Si said.

“Did she ask you about Mark?” Lei asked.

All of them turned to look at Lei.


“Lei… how is Xi Men?” Xiao You asked, upon seeing Lei entering her private room.

“He is still in the emergency room, Xiao You,” Lei said.

Xiao You looked at Lei sadly, and then lowered her head.

“He is going to be fine, Xiao You,” Lei said.

Xiao You did not say a thing.

“No news is a good news, Xiao You. It means there is nothing to update, since they are performing surgery on him,” Lei said, sitting down on the chair next to her bed. “It means things are going smooth,”

San Chai and Jing looked at Lei.

Xiao You lifted her eyes up and looked at Lei.

‘She buys that?’ Jing thought to herself.

‘I didn’t know it’ll be that easy…’

“No news can be a bad news too, because doctors are too busy rescuing him, getting him out of critical condition, thus they don’t have time to come out and tells you the bad condition,” Xiao You uttered.


Jing and San Chai looked at Lei.

“Well,” Lei said, “Point being, the doctors are performing surgery on him and they will do their best; it is their job. Although we are anxious about Xi Men’s condition, we need to let the doctors do their job, and we cannot expect them to come and update us every few moments when every single second is critical to them,” he adds. “I know you are worried, Xiao You but you are not the only one; we are too. We will update you at once when we have any news about him,”

Xiao You then lowered her gaze.

“Please don’t think negatively. Have faith in Xi Men. He will live thru this obstacle,” Lei said.

Xiao You swallowed the lump in her throat, and then finds herself nodding. “Thank you,”

“I know this probably won’t work, but… try to rest, even if it is for a while, because I know you are tired; mentally, emotionally and physically. Get a little rest, and I hope you can see Xi Men once you wake up,” Lei said.

Xiao You looked at Lei, and then she nodded. “Okay. And I heard you had donated blood to Xi Men,”

“Oh, yes. We did,” Lei showed her the tiny bandage on his arm. “Ah Si, Mei Zhuo and I do,”

“Your blood type matches?” Xiao You asked.

Lei smiled. “Xi Men’s blood type is AB. So he can take any blood type,”

“Oh… what… what’s your blood type?” Xiao You asked.

“Mei Zhuo is A, Ah Si is B, and I am O,” Lei smiled.

“Oh… all of you have different blood types…” Xiao You said.

“Yes. But we are brothers for life, you know?” Lei said.

Xiao You smiled briefly and nodded, “Thank you,”

Lei smiled and nodded at Xiao You.

He looked at Xiao You for a while.

Xiao You just had her head lowered.

“Do you…”

Xiao You looked at Lei, “Hmmm?”

“Do you want to know about Mark?” Lei asked.

San Chai and Jing’s eyes widened at that question.

Xiao You remained looking at Lei.




The bullet accurately hits Mark’s hand that is holding onto the knife, and the sudden attack/pain on his hand causes him to drop the knife onto the floor.

Policemen as well as Lei, Mei Zhuo and Ah Si charged into warehouse; where the policemen point their guns on the weapon-less Mark.

The three friends rushed to Xi Men on the floor. “Xi Men!”

Mark’s left hand holds onto his painful right hand that is bleeding, and the bullet is lodged in his hand.

A policeman took out a handcuff and puts it on Mark’s wrists.


Mark glared at Xi Men lying on the floor, who is surrounded by his friends and Xiao You now.

*End of flashback.


Xiao You then smirks bitterly, “I… I have forgotten about him,”

“Oh, umm…” Lei looked at San Chai and Jing, “O… okay,”

If that is the case… then he probably doesn’t have to talk about Mark.

“He is not dead… right?” Xiao You asked.

He looked at her.

That’s not what he… umm… expected, or thought she might ask.

“No…” he said. “He is not,”

Xiao You nodded as a mean that she understands.

Lei continued to look at Xiao You.

“Thank you, Lei,” Xiao You said.

“Umm… for?” Lei asked.

“Your intervention,” Xiao You replied.

‘Intervention?’ Jing and San Chai thought to themselves, before they looked at each other, and then at Lei.

What is that supposed to mean?

What did Lei intervene at?

“Umm…” Lei uttered, before he glances at San Chai and Jing in the room.

“You stepped in to stop the policeman from shooting Mark,” Xiao You said.

Jing and San Chai looked at Lei in surprise.

“It is good that he only sustain injuries to his hand,” Xiao You said.

“Good?” San Chai and Jing asked at the same time, before they covered their mouths for uttering it out loud and then looked at each other.

“Yeah,” Xiao You replied, but did not comment further.

“Umm… I… I saw you requested the police not to…” Lei adds.

Xiao You smiled faintly and nodded briefly. “Yeah. Thanks for noticing…”

San Chai and Jing turned to look at Lei, realizing that Lei is just doing what Xiao You asks him to.

Lei then gazes at them.

“I’ll heed your advice to rest; maybe take a nap. Please let me know at once if you have any news about Xi Men. Don’t worry about waking me up. I want to know Xi Men’s condition as soon as you get them,” Xiao You said.

“Sure. We’ll be here,” Lei said.

“Thank you,” Xiao You said, and then lowered her head down again.

Lei, San Chai and Jing exchanged glances again.


“How is Xiao You?” Ah Si asked, as he saw Lei walked towards them.

Ah Si, Mei Zhuo and Xiao Qiao have been sitting in front of the emergency room while Lei and Jing left to see Xiao You in the room where San Chai was in too to accompany Xiao You.

“She said she is going to take a nap now, though I doubt she’ll actually fall asleep,” Lei said and sighed as he sits down next to Ah Si.

“Oh…” Ah Si, Mei Zhuo and Xiao Qiao said.

“Any news regarding Xi Men while I was away?” Lei asked.

“No…” Mei Zhuo said.


They heard footsteps on their right, and thus they turned their heads to look and are immediately greeted with a bow by the police inspector.

“Mr. Hua Ze, Mr. Ling, Mrs. Ling, Mr. Dao Ming,” the police inspector politely calls.

All of them nodded briefly as an acknowledgment.

“I just wanted to ask…” the police inspector said.

“About?” Ah Si asked.

“If we can record statements from Miss Yang Xiao You about the incident,” the police inspector said.

“Ummm…” Mei Zhuo hummed, and then exchanged gazes with his wife, Lei and Ah Si.

“I… I don’t think it is the right time now to record statement from Xiao You. She isn’t in a very good condition,” Xiao Qiao said.

“Umm…” the police inspector looked at Xiao Qiao.

“I know it is part of your job, but Xiao You is really not doing very well now. She is a patient here in the hospital, and she didn’t even talk to us. We believe this is not the right time to record statements from her about the incident. What about later?” Lei asked.

Ah Si nodded, “She’s visibly affected by this incident. And she, along with all of us; are waiting for Xi Men now. Maybe you should come back probably… tomorrow? I hope she is in a better condition at that time to give her statement,”

Mei Zhuo nodded too, “Yes, please do give her some time,”

“Alright, sir…” the police inspector said, and then digs his pants’ pocket for his name card. “I will arrange to come back again, and if by any means Miss Yang Xiao You is in better condition and can give statement, please do give me a call. I will come immediately,” he passes the name cards to each of the guys.

“Sure… Inspector Zhang,” Lei said, looking at the name card, to only know the name of the inspector now.

“Good night… no, morning… sir…” the inspector said, before he gave a bow, and then turned around and walked away.

That’s an awkward greeting.

Everyone immediately looked at the time on their wristwatch, and noted it is 5.30am now.

“It is 5.30am. No wonder he said good morning,” Mei Zhuo said.

“Yeah…” Lei said.

Ah Si briefly smirks. “I don’t even know it’s already 5.30am,”

“It’s been a long day, bro,” Lei said.

“Yeah…” Ah Si said, squeezing his nasal bridge. “And it’s already another day,”

“Well, since we do not know what time Xi Men’s operation is going to be over… should we rotate our standby hours over here?” Mei Zhuo suddenly suggested.

Lei and Ah Si looked at Mei Zhuo.

“We can go home and rest for a while, freshen up and maybe meet our kids; since I believe our kids would like to see us, even if it’s just for a while. And then we’ll come back to the hospital after that,” Mei Zhuo said. “I am sure our wives are tired as well,” he then looked at Xiao Qiao next to him.

“I am okay,” Xiao Qiao said with a brief smile.

Despite she said that, she does look tired.

“I agree with you. Let’s rotate our standby ours so that each of us can rest at one time,” Lei said.

“Alright then,” Ah Si said. “So, who should go back and rest first?”

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