Conflicted – Chapter 115

*She raised the spoon.

*He opened his mouth.

*She stuffs the porridge into his mouth.

Xi Men munches briefly at the spoonful of porridge in his mouth.

He looked at Xiao You, diligently scoops another spoonful of porridge up.

She is exceptionally quiet.

She also looked as though a lot of things are running in her mind.

And not to mention, she looks moody too.

She has been like this since their conversation (Xi Men & Xiao You’s conversation) earlier in the day.

Maybe… it affects her?

But… why?

What about the conversation?

Didn’t he explain to her?

After Xi Men swallowed the porridge in his mouth, Xiao You raised the spoon with porridge again.

“Are you alright, darling?” Xi Men asked, and then eats the spoonful of porridge.

Xiao You looked at him, “Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be alright? Why do you ask like that?”

“Well, I feel you’re a little quiet,” he said.

She smiled as she scoops another spoonful, “Been thinking a little bit,”

He smiled, “Mind telling me?”

She shook, “No. I wanna keep it to myself, first,”

His smile dropped.

“Maybe next time,” she smiled, raising the spoon again.

Hearing she said that, he smiled again. “Okay,” he said.

He’ll take it at the face value.

No point forcing her to tell if she doesn’t want to, right?

He glances over to the friends who are all sitting around the room talking to each other, treating this like a gathering place.

But what else is new.

They did the same thing when he was admitted due to stomach ulcer years ago (*MG2).

And also, whenever the wives gave birth.

As Xi Men glances over to Lei, he immediately recalled what they had encountered while Lei had accompanied Xi Men for the short walk.

He then returned his gaze to Xiao You, “Xiao You…”

Xiao You lifted her head up, “Hmmm?”

“I want to tell you something,” he said.


“Right at the corner here, when Lei and I go for a short walk earlier, we saw policemen guarding a room,” Xi Men said.

She looked at him, “Policemen?”

“It is Mark’s room,”

Her eyes brightened up.

“I talked to the police officer. He said Mark had an injury in his hand due to gunshot. He is here in the hospital for the follow up treatment,” Xi Men said. “And he’ll go back to the police station after the treatment,”

“After the treatment? When?”

“Not sure, but… probably soon. We were told he is waiting for the doctor when we passed by just now,” Xi Men replied.

Xiao You looked at Xi Men. “Oh…” she then lowered her head down.

Seeing how she reacted, Xi Men raised his hand up and holds her arm gently, “Are you alright?” he asked.

She did not reply him as she scrapes the spoon along the bowl for the last spoonful of porridge, and that leads him to retract his hand from holding her since she needs to move her hand.

She didn’t say anything as she raised the spoon up to his mouth and feeds him.

He opens his mouth and eats it, but his eyes remained looking at her with concern.

She puts the spoon into the empty bowl and then puts them at the side table.

“Xi Men…”

“Hmmm?” Xi Men looked at her.

“I want to see Mark,” she looked at him.

His eyes brightened up. “Wha… what?”

“I want to go and talk to him,” she said. “On my own,”

“No!” Xi Men is startled.

Everyone turned their heads to look at Xi Men for that sudden yell.

All of them were busy talking to each other, they didn’t know what Xi Men and Xiao You are doing or talking about.

“Why would you want to talk to him? He is a dangerous person now!” Xi Men said, looking at Xiao You. “He has potential to hurt you!”

“You said policemen are guarding the room. He won’t be able to hurt me,” Xiao You said.

“Xiao You, no! I said no! I am sorry but no!”

“Xi Men, I need to do it. I’ll be fine,” she said, and then stood up and heads to the door.

She moves so quickly that he failed to grab her hand to stop her.

“Xiao You!” he called out for her as he instinctively tries to sit up, only to fall back to the bed for the pain he had inflicted to himself. “AHHHHH…”

Lei, Jing, Mei Zhuo, Xiao Qiao, Ah Si and San Chai looked at Xi Men, and then at the door where Xiao You had walked out from.

What is this?

What had just happened?

“Guys… help me…” Xi Men groaned.


Not knowing which room Mark is in or if he is still around, Xiao You walked along and around the corridor and almost immediately found two policemen who she believes are guarding the room, or the door.

Locating these two uniformed men means she found where Mark is.

The two policemen are surprised to see Xiao You stopping right in front of the door.

“Miss Yang,” they called out.

Xiao You nodded, “Is Mark in the room?”

The policemen exchanged gazes with each other.

“Umm… yes, Miss Yang…” the policeman on the left said.

“Has he receives his follow-up treatment?” she asked.

“Yes. Doctor has just left. He will be scheduled to leave for the police station soon,”

Xiao You nodded after hearing it. “Is he roaming freely in the room?”

“No, Miss Yang. He…”

“Okay,” she interrupts him and puts her hand on the door knob.

The two policemen are startled at what Xiao You does that they attempted to stop her.

“I want to talk to him,” Xiao You said. “In private,”

Their eyes widened. “Talk… talk to him?”

Xiao You nodded.

“Umm… that…”

“This is a hospital. Not a police station where I need to adhere to visiting rules in a police station,” Xiao You said, looking at the two policemen.

She is right… this is not a police station.

“So, just guard the entrance. If anything happened to me, I will take full responsibility,” Xiao You said.

The two policemen exchanged gazes.

“If that is the case… please don’t lock the door. If there is anything… we can barge in,” one of the policeman said. “We’ll be on standby,”

Xiao You nodded, “I appreciate that,”

“Let me, Miss Yang,” the policeman extends his hand to the doorknob instead.

Xiao You retracts her hand.

The policeman opened the door.

Seeing the door opened, Mark turned his gaze to the door, and instantly sees Xiao You standing there.

The policeman that had just opened the door looked at his colleague sitting inside the room. He (policeman outside of the room) signaled him (policeman in the room) to come out.

The policeman in the room adheres to that.

“Please, Miss Yang,” the policeman said with a small bow.

“Thank you,” Xiao You smiled politely at him, and then straightened her head as she took a step in.

Sitting on the bed, Mark is looking at Xiao You.

Their eyes met.

The policeman closed the door behind Xiao You.

Mark continued looking at her, watching her walking towards him, and then sits down on the chair next to his bed.

She gazes over to his bandaged right hand, and his left hand has been chained to the bed.

Criminal indeed.

“How’s your head?”

Xiao You lifted her eyes up and looked at him.

The bandage around her head is indeed too obvious.

“Fine crack on the skull. And gotten 6 stitches,” she said.

He looked at her, and then swallowed the lump in his throat.

It is unsure what he is feeling and thinking now – for there are no expressions on his face.

“And your hand?” she asked.

He dropped his gaze to look at his right hand, “Had to immobilize it,” Mark said, “Doctor said tendon is damaged and a fracture on the bone,”

“So… you can’t move your hand?”

“Not for now. But don’t know if I can ever use my hand again in the future,” he said.

Xiao You looked at his hand, and then swallowed the lump in her throat.

“And he’s not dead?”

Xiao You lifted her head up and looked at him, knowing who Mark is referring to. “Very much alive,”

Mark looked at her, and then smirks in disbelief, “So fortunate of him,”

Xiao You continued looking at him.

“Part of me questions if I should be surprised to see you here… or should I ask you why it took you so long to come and visit me?” Mark asked.

She senses his sarcastic tone. “I was just told you are here,”

Mark looked at her, and then smirks, “So you are saying this is more convenient for you? Rather than going to the police station and visit me?”

“I have never planned to visit you, but yeah, since you are here for a follow-up treatment, might as well I drop by ‘conveniently’,” she mocked.

His smirk fades upon hearing that.

“I hope you will appreciate this courtesy visit from me, you know, for I am probably your only visitor, other than the policemen,” she said, returning his very same tone back at him.

He looked at her intently, “I never knew you can say things sarcastically,”

“Just because I never did, doesn’t mean I can’t. Besides, you started it and gave me that tone. So I am just returning it to you,”

He then smirks. “So, why do you come?”


Because Xi Men couldn’t bend his upper body too much where his wound would then hurt, it took Xi Men a long time to get out of the bed (likewise with getting back onto the bed earlier) with the help of Lei, Mei Zhuo and Ah Si.

Xi Men asked Lei to come with him to Mark’s room.

He is worried about Xiao You meeting Mark personally.

“Xi Men, you are bleeding!” Lei exclaimed as they leaves Xi Men’s room while holding Xi Men’s arm.

Xi Men lowered his head down briefly to look at a small patch of blood on his patient wear.

He lifted his head up, “Don’t worry about it. I may have aggravated the wound. I’ll just get the nurse to change the dressing and the clothes later. I am more worried about Xiao You. I am worried he is going to hurt her,” Xi Men uttered, trying his best to speed up his walking speed. “That is why I don’t want her to see him, even more so on her own,”

Lei could only sigh helplessly, seeing Xi Men like this.

He could not do anything else other than following Xi Men towards Mark’s room.

When Xi Men and Lei have reached the room, they saw all 3 policemen standing outside of the room.

“Mr. Xi Men, Mr. Hua Ze,” they called, before they dropped their gaze to look at the red patch on his clothes.

“Xiao You… she is inside?” Xi Men asked.

The 3 policemen looked at each other, before one of them responded to Xi Men, “Yes, Mr. Xi Men,”

Xi Men bites his lower lip worriedly.

She’s already inside the room.

“She insisted on seeing him, we are unable to stop her,” the policemen adds.

“I understand,” Xi Men said.

After taking a deep breath, which hurts him briefly, he grabbed the door knob and then gently & slowly opens the door.

But stopped short when the opening is only an inch.

Xi Men can see Xiao You sitting on the chair next to the bed.

Safe distance.

Mark looked calm too.

‘What should I do now?’ Xi Men thought to himself. ‘Should I go in and get Xiao You out… before he hurt her?’

‘Or should I let her talk to him…?’

Lei looked at Xi Men looking at them from where he is standing.

He knew things must be running in Xi Men’s mind.

Xi Men is only worried for Xiao You, that is why he insists to come to Mark’s room.


“I think we have something to talk,” Xiao You said, looking at Mark.

Mark chuckles, “Something to talk? Really?”


Xi Men and Lei could hear the conversation from where they are.

Lei glances at Xi Men again.

And it seems that Xi Men is going to continue standing here…

Lei turned his head to look at the policemen, signaling them to move and sit at the benches; as he (Lei) didn’t want them to listen to the conversation between Mark and Xiao You.

That would be too personal to be heard by the policemen.


“What is there to talk, Yang Xiao You?” Mark asked, looking at her. “I have already said all I want to say that day itself. I have nothing to add,”

Xiao You looked at Mark, her gaze is now filled with sadness.

She then lowered her gaze.

“When I marry you… when I was with you…” Xiao You uttered. “I have never imagined… one day… you could do this,”

He just looked at her. “Have you ever heard… situations changed people?”

She lifted her head up and looked at him. “And have you ever thought… if… if you had really succeeded in killing Xi Men… you’ll never walk away a free man again?”

“I have said it that night; after he died, I will kill myself. I have never planned on walking away a free man,” he said. “I have never planned to live another day,”

She looked at him, tears formed in her eyes. “Is life really that miserable for you that you have to kill yourself?”

He stares at Xiao You, “Is that even a question?”

A tear fell (Xiao You).

“Well, of course; life is good for you right now. So you wouldn’t understand. Look at you,” he mocked. “Already looked like a tycoon’s wife even before marrying him,”

She looked at him.

“Looking so fine and well right now,” he uttered. “Better than when you were with me,”

She wiped her fallen tear and then she gritted her teeth briefly.

“Are you coming over just to show me this?” Mark asked.

She frowned. “What do you mean?”

“To boast about how good your life is right now?”

She stares at him, “I hope you realized I didn’t say anything about that; and you are the one that says that,”

He smirks, “Some of the things… you don’t even need to tell. I know,”

She gazes at him, clenching her teeth.

“And probably you came just to make sure I am arrested,” he looked at his left hand that has been chained to the bed, and at the same time moves it, only to be pulled back by the hand cuff.

“I didn’t come for that. And it is not a good sight after all, why should I come just to see that (referring to being chained)?” she asked, briefly gazes over to his left hand and then returned her gaze to his face.

“Just to make sure I am not out & about and potentially popped out of nowhere and then kill him?” Mark asked, staring at Xiao You intently.

Not intimidated by his stare, “So, does that mean… after this whole ordeal had happened, even after you have been arrested, your mind is still pointing towards murdering Xi Men?” Xiao You asked.

A smirk slowly forms on his face, “Why? Sounds like you came to offer me something?” he asked, “That reminds me of what you say that night,” Mark tilts his head. “You pleaded me to let both of you go. And you said you won’t press charges on me, and you will treat as though the whole thing had never happened,”

She clenched her teeth, and a tear fell onto her face. “I think you know that the situation now and then is different. That time it was just you, me and Xi Men. But now, you have been arrested,” she swiped the fallen tear on her cheek away.

“I thought you boasted about the power of F4. I thought you can really do something,” Mark mocked. “No matter how bad the situation is,”

“As a matter of fact. Yes, I could,” she said.

His smirk fades, and he looked at her.


There is a change in Xi Men’s gaze.

‘Yes, you could?’ he thought to himself.

‘What can she do?’

‘Or… what can I do?’


“But based on what you have said, it seems that… even if you get to go out… you’ll find Xi Men again,” Xiao You adds. “And then, you’ll kill yourself after that. Isn’t that what you’ve said?”

“Because it means I don’t have to go to jail after killing him,” Mark said.

She looked at him, and after swallowing the lump in her throat, “You even plan for that… to die than to go to jail…”

“Truth to be told; not just that. There is nothing for me to live anymore,” Mark said, gritted his teeth. “All ‘thanks’ to Xi Men,” he uttered in detest.

She looked at him still, noting his hatred. “You didn’t even realize all of this is your fault?”

“My fault?” Mark asked, looking at Xiao You. “MY FAULT?” he asked incredulously. “Do you know what you are talking about, huh?” he said. “My gosh, and I am so disappointed with you!”

Xiao You stared at Mark. “Disappointed…?”

Mark looked at her, “Of all people in the world, why Xi Men? Why him? Why pick him to be your fiancé!” he asked. “Why pick someone who took everything from me and ruined my life?!”

“Xi Men did not do that,”

“Of course you would say that! He is your fiancé! You’ll say anything on his side!” Mark said. “What is it, huh? That you can’t live without a man now?”

Xiao You’s gaze changed and blood begins to boil.

“Or because he took your virginity?”


Lei gazes to Xi Men upon hearing that.

Xi Men did nothing but stares into the room via the small opening.


“Or because he is rich?” Mark asked, beginning to look at her from top to bottom now. “Are you really that blind now to even take note of what is really happening? Did his wealth blind you up to that state?”

This is it.

She instinctively and angrily raised her hand up, wanting to slap him but stopped.

Mark looked at the raised hand; and he smirks. “Want to slap me? Do it. Why stop then?”

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  1. i don’t feel like she would slap him though he totally deserve it and more. doubt it would be a wake up call for him anyways, right sis? 🙂

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