Conflicted – Chapter 116

“Are you really that blind now to even take note of what is really happening? Did his wealth blind you up to that state?” Mark mocked.

This is it.

Xiao You instinctively and angrily raised her hand up, wanting to slap him but stopped.

Mark looked at the raised hand; and he smirks. “Want to slap me? Do it. Why stop then?”

She clenched her hand to form a fist now while she clenched her teeth tight, so tight she might even break them all in her mouth.

“Because I am right about that, right?” Mark smirks.

She gave him the most ferocious look she had ever given in her life, “Before you start mocking the f*ck out of me, put yourself in the damn place that this is an insult to you first. I was your wife, and this applies to you too, and should apply to you first before it is to anyone else,”

Mark’s smirk fades immediately upon hearing that, and even seeing the look on her face petrifies him as he had never seen Xiao You like this.

“If I had been after his wealth or money, you should have known back then; and I would have dig them from you years ago instead of letting you use them to save your f*cking company which is now doomed,” she said. “Why should I let you waste a cent on the company, huh? And why would I be with you during your tough financial times? I would have leave very, very quickly when your crisis starts!”

Mark looked straight at Xiao You.

“And the slap?” Xiao You asked. “You know why I stopped? Because I don’t wanna f*cking land my hand on your filthy face that I may need to chop my hand off after that. I don’t even want to touch you,”


Xi Men pats her head. “If only he didn’t make you face me… if only he hadn’t make you a part of all of these… then you wouldn’t get hurt by what you saw; mentally, emotionally…” and then he belatedly adds, “…and physically too,”



“And for a fact, look at this bruise on my cheek. Have you forgotten where this comes from?” Xiao You pointed at her cheek. “You. You did. You slapped me. You hurt me first. I won’t even let you think for a second that I’ll slap you to get even. And I want you to remember until the day you die that you slapped me and I will do NOTHING to let you feel I had compensated on that because you won’t be given a chance to,”

Mark had completely forgotten about the slap he had given to her, until she pointed it to him. “That… that slap…”

“Do not tell me it is a mistake,” she clenched her teeth and said.

“You… because you called out to seek attention!”

“And you expect me to stay quiet and watch you murder him?” she asked.

“He deserves to die!”

“He does not!”

“He ruined my life! He deserves to die!”

“He did not ruin your life! YOU DID!” she yelled.

Mark is startled to hear that.

“You ruined your own life!”


Xi Men looked into the room, there’s a small change in his gaze.

Lei gazes at Xi Men.


“I ruined my life?” Mark looked at Xiao You. “I ruined… my life?”

“Whatever happens to you is entirely your fault. Not anyone else’s. Not Xi Men’s for sure,” Xiao You said.

He chuckled incredulously before he says, “Are you sure you know what you are talking about? Have you forgotten how this happened? He make me divorced you and he took you away from me FOR HIMSELF! Because of him, I failed in getting Ah Si’s project! He made me leave for Japan and now my company is gone because of him! Open your eyes and see it, Yang Xiao You! It started from him!”

“Done ranting?” Xiao You asked, looking nonchalantly.

Mark stared at Xiao You.

Xiao You gazes at him coldly. “Do you remember why this happened in the first place, after all?”

He looked at her. “What do you mean?”

Xiao You swallowed the lump in her throat, “You cheated on me. That is why he forced you to divorce me,”

There is a change in Mark’s gaze.

“When we returned to Taiwan, he asked me if I was happy with you. I said yes. And he believes me entirely. He is assured I will be happy with you, until he saw you fooling around with Ivy Lin, that is why he stepped in,” Xiao You said, looking at him. “Yes, he may be wrong in forcing you to divorce me, but he is doing that because of me. Because it is no longer worth for me to be with someone who betrays my trust, loyalty and love,”

Mark looked at Xiao You.

“You asked me to leave the apartment because you had no money to stay in the hotel anymore. Knowing I am not working and I don’t have much in my savings, you still asked me to leave the apartment; even asking me to depend on my friends. What kind of man are you?” Xiao You asked. “And thanks to Xi Men, he stepped in and provided a roof over my head. He even gives me money, just so I can buy food for myself and possibly clothes for my back. And you? You just asked me to leave the place without considering about my welfare,”

Mark swallowed the lump in his throat.

“As for your project; Xi Men did not ask Ah Si to reject your project. Ah Si is the one that determines your system is not suitable for his company. It did not matter who you are or who I am to them, everything is done professionally,” she looked at him. “So it is solely based on your system’s suitability, nothing personally,”

Mark gritted his teeth.

“Fine. I know nothing about Xi Men giving you money and asked you to leave until few days ago; but he did not point a gun to you and force you to leave, right? Didn’t you agree to it too?” Xiao You looked at him.

Mark looked at Xiao You.

“The option is either he gave you business contacts or money, or you could have chosen to stay back here if you didn’t take ANY of that, right?” Xiao You asked. “But you decided to take his USD$250,000,”


Lei’s eyes widened as he looked at Xi Men.

Xi Men briefly turned his head to look at Lei.

Lei frowned at him, as though asking him if it is true as Lei didn’t know about the money too.

Seeing the frown, as though Xi Men knew Lei is asking him about it (USD$250,000); Xi Men nodded briefly at Lei.

Lei’s eyes widened again, or rather, even wider now.


“You took his offer. And you are blaming him for making you leave when you took his USD$250,000?” Xiao You asked.

“Do you know how it happened? He said if Ah Si did not take up my project, he will give me overseas’ business contacts; but no promise on landing any projects successfully. But even if he gives me business contacts, I have no money to leave. Thus he offered the money, but that means there are no business contacts. I took the money because business contacts do not guarantee anything. Do you get me? Do you see how cruel he put me thru?”

Exactly what Xi Men had said.

“If you hated the whole thing, then don’t take anything. Stay back here and do your own business,” she said.

Mark looked at her, taken aback at her respond.

“At the end of the day, you decided to take something from him. You ditched the contacts to take the money and you agreed to leave. Because USD$250,000 is better than nothing, correct?” she looked at him, “And you said he force you to leave? When you agreed to it yourself?”

Mark happened to swallow the lump in his throat.

“You call what he did to you ‘cruel’? Yes, maybe; maybe you are right when he does something like that to you. But do you know he is not obligated at all to even give you one business contact or even a cent in the first place?”

He looked at her.

“And Xi Men was struggling financially at that time, but he still gave you USD$250,000,”

“Because he promised me,” he said, looking at her coldly. “So he needs to do it,”

She just looked at Mark.

“I know his company is dying. I still demanded the USD$250,000. And I am just waiting for him to go bankrupt,” Mark uttered. “I want him to hit rock bottom. I am just waiting and waiting…”

She gazes at him emotionlessly, “Are you sure the cruel one is still him?”

Mark darted his gaze to her. “His company did not go down as expected while mine did! How is this fair?!”

“Do you want to know why?” Xiao You’s emotionless gaze turned to a sharp glare. “All you see are just the successes and Xi Men Corporation soars after crisis. But you know nothing about the sacrifices he has made, things he had to let go, and changes he needs to do in order to rescue Xi Men Corporation. He has to change his company’s focus and main objectives, let go some of his staffs and projects, sold off his shares to get funds and works so damn hard he misses his proper meal hours and loses his sleep just to raise the company’s share price. It took him almost 2 years to get the company to where it is right now. And that company is thousand fold bigger than yours; thus the effort he needs to put in is going to be thousand fold more than you should on your company. Did you see his blood and sweat? No. You don’t see a single thing for you to call that unfair,”

Mark looked at Xiao You.

“And you? What about you? Did you do the same for your company?” Xiao You mocked.

Mark swallowed the lump in his throat, turning his head away briefly.

She tilts her head slightly, and seeing him giving no respond, she knew he did nothing of that. “What did you do with Xi Men’s USD$250,000?”

He looked at her, “I need to live there,”

“To live? USD$250,000 to sustain your life?” she looked at him, “Seriously?”

“No one takes up the system,” he answered shortly. “Nothing can be done to the company,”

She shook her head. “No, you are wrong,”

He looked at her, frowning slightly.

“If you feel Xi Men is so despicable to give you the money to ask you to leave, you could have look at it from a different perspective where this is the bunch of money you could use to invest into your company and make changes to attract prospects. You did not use that opportunity well,” she said. “But I supposed all you have been doing is just waiting, and waiting, and waiting,”

Mark’s gaze changed, “We have agreed not to talk about my work and my company,”

“We? Who?” she asked him.

He looked at her.

“I am not married to you anymore,” she said. “And your company is doomed. What else is there to talk about? It is over now, right?”

His gaze changed.

He breathes furiously.


Xi Men is on high alert now, seeing Mark breathes furiously like this.

This spells potential danger…


“Can you see the difference now?” she asked. “Can you see why he succeeded and you don’t?”

He glared at her.

“And you call that unfair? Think about it. He didn’t do anything to your company for you to be given the right to say he causes your company to go down. You are not allowed to say it is unfair…”



Xi Men moved his hand slightly, wanting to push the door to go to Xiao You and get her out from the room but then heard something…


“ENOUGH OF WHAT?!” she screamed.

Mark stared at her with his eyes wide.

“Enough of me telling you that everything that’s happening to you are not related to Xi Men but it’s your own fault?!” Xiao You asked.

Mark looked at her, suppressing his anger and still breathes furiously.

“Do you get what I am saying now?!” she said angrily, “You started this whole damn thing! Because you cheated on me!”

Mark’s eyes lowered, still breathing angrily.

“If you had not touched someone else, we will not end up like this!” Xiao You yelled at him, and then tears begin to pool in her eyes, “And this whole thing would not have taken place…” she said softly.

Hearing the tone of her voice changed, Mark slowly lifted his eyes up and looked at her.

And upon seeing her looking utterly sad, his gaze changed too…

“I trusted you and I loved you, Mark… when I marry you, I really want to spend the rest of my life with you…”


Lei looked at Xi Men, noting the sad expression on his (Xi Men) face.


“But why? WHY?! Why did you betray me?” Xiao You yelled, a tear fell to her face.

Mark swallowed the lump in his throat. “It… It was…” he suddenly exhaled a deep breath, “Xi Men promised he wouldn’t tell you. He broke that promise,” he said, and then gritted his teeth.

“He didn’t tell me because he wants to. He told me because I forced him to,” Xiao You said.

Mark looked at her.

“So, don’t blame him on that. I did. I am good enough to deduce that Xi Men is involved because I find it unusual that you asked me to look for him if I encounter any difficulties,” she said, looking at him nonchalantly, “And of all people, I wondered why him? Why not Lei, Mei Zhuo or Ah Si or their wives? Why must you utter ‘Xi Men’?”

Mark lowered his gaze.

“I pressured him until his breaking point and he spills, telling me everything; thus I found out what actually happened,” Xiao You said, another tear fell. “Why I lose you in a minute, and why the divorce had taken place,”

“He… he shouldn’t tell you such hurtful things,” Mark said, swallowing the lump in his throat.

“He is just telling me the truth. If not for him, I wouldn’t know… and if he did not make this divorce happened… I don’t even know if I could walk out from you on my own,” she said.

Mark solemnly looked at Xiao You.

“But since it had happened, I was forced to leave. Because I have given my everything to you and pretty much had been depending on you; it is very difficult for me to continue living, as I have to live on my own from then, with nothing,” Xiao You said. “WITH NOTHING,”

Mark swallowed the lump in his throat sadly.

“I was on my own, Mark. I was lost. I have to pick up my pieces. I wanted to leave this place after all that had happened…” Xiao You said. “But…”


Lei gazes at Xi Men.

He remembers that Xiao You has really packed up and ready to leave, but Xi Men is the one that disallow Xiao You to leave the country.

Sensing the gaze by Lei, Xi Men turned to look at him.


“Everywhere is the same. I have nothing left in San Francisco too,” Xiao You uttered. “And my friends helped me build my life again,”

Mark looked at her.

“Lei hired me, he reintroduced me into the working world and he also prepped me. Right now, I am holding a manager role in Hua Ze Corporation. I earn too,” she said. “My life is better than before, yes, better than when I am with you. I am very independent now,”

Mark’s gaze lowered slightly. “That is good to know…”

“And Xi Men… if you take note, he didn’t take me away from you. He just removed you from my life; because you no longer deserve to be with me,”

Mark gritted his teeth upon hearing it.

“Xi Men goes after me after his divorce. He is totally single when he goes after me,” Xiao You said.

Mark’s gaze turned to a glare.

“And he has been going after me for more than a year. I did not accept him,” Xiao You said, looking at Mark. “Because I feel guilty,”

“Guilty about?”

Xiao You smirked. “Juliana and you,”

Mark’s gaze changed.

“Because I feel that… if it’s not for me, you wouldn’t meet Xi Men and your life wouldn’t turn upside down like this,” Xiao You said.

“So for once, you are on my side…”

She shook. “But I came to realization that… the problem does not come from Xi Men but you. That if Xi Men did not caught you cheating on me with Ivy, I will still blindly be with you, believing in you, trusting you with my heart & soul and be the good wife I should be. And the question remains; if you are not with Ivy, will you still cheat on me with someone else somewhere in the world? And what if you love your new girlfriend so much you brought her home and force me to accept her? Or even worse, had the new woman replaces me? Then what will happen to me?” she looked at him, a tear fell on her face.


“I stopped feeling guilty for you,” Xiao You said. “And Xi Men just stood by my side, waiting for me to accept him, until months ago, I finally did; after I stopped feeling guilty for Juliana,”

Mark swallowed the lump in his throat.

“After all that I have said, I have proved my points to you; he did not take me away from you. He did not force me to marry him; I make him proposed to me. I wanted to be his wife. I wanted to marry him. I know how important I am to him. I know where I stand in his life. I know how much he loves me. And I love him too,” Xiao You said, looking at Mark. “And his life revolves around me. I watched everything with my eyes. I know what he does and I can understand why he does them. He makes you divorce me because of me. He supported me when you leave just like that. He is there for me at my worst times. He protected me and care for me at all times. Even when you kidnapped us and tied us to the chair, he is afraid that you will hurt me. He makes sure you did not injure me, so he gave himself up for you to do anything you want to do on him as long as you don’t touch me. At the end of the day, he just wants me to be safe and sound. And what about you? What did you do to me? You cheated on me with another woman, expect another man to take care of me, and slapped me when I call for help to rescue the man I love and to stop you from making a huge mistake of robbing someone’s life?”

Mark looked at her, tears formed in his eyes and then it fell to his face.

“And you blame Xi Men for all that he had done to you; when you are the one that starts it first?” she looked at him.

Mark lowered his head slightly.


Tears pooled in Xi Men’s eyes.


“You tore our marriage apart. You ruined it. You brought yourself to this stage. Not Xi Men. Not anyone else,” Xiao You said.

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  1. Wow, that is very touching, it is really a summary of what I feel too, people are like that does not see the pebble in their eyes, Thank you for this chapter.

  2. Wow, that was such a touching chapter. Hope Mark will realized the mistakes he has done, if only he has seen Xiao You as his wife and partner maybe he is the one who has overcome difficulties in his business, More more.. Thank you for writing even for once a week i never fail to read your post. Thank You.

  3. FINALLY. I know I’ve been ranting about this whole thing since Mark came back. I’m so glad Xiao You woke him up from his delulu state, or at least he got it through his head.

    Him making up excuses…for cheating on Xiao You is so dumb, granted I don’t believe anyone who cheats is really smart in the first place. How he could cheat on someone so selfless as Xiao You is still beyond me, but hey by cheating on Xiao You he brought Xi Min and Xiao You back together.

    Mark is one sick bastard. I hope he rots where ever he’s going.

    • 😅 yes babe you’ve been ranting about him almost the entire story. Hahahha. But that’s okay. Hope you feel better now that Xiao You had talked (rant? complain? vent her anger? scold?) to Mark now. 😀

  4. you are indeed a great writer authornim! its such a pity that this might be your last story. this chapter was indeed straight to the point and very well described and written. =)) thank you for this authornim! =) you know i’ll always be your fan right 😉 i have been really keeping track of your stories ever since i was like in grade 6 when winglin is still working. will wait for the next update thank you authornim and fighting!! =)))

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