Conflicted – Chapter 19

“I don’t want anything from you,” Xi Men said.

Mark looked at Xi Men, (Mark) frowning slightly. “You don’t want anything from me…?”

“Not from you,” Xi Men said, looking at Mark intently. “But you,”

Mark continues to frown, wondering what it means.

“I want you to leave Xiao You,” Xi Men said.

Mark stared at Xi Men, shocked at that request.

He remained staring at Xi Men, and Xi Men continued looking at Mark.

“Leave… leave Xiao You?” Mark asked.

Xi Men gave him a nod.

Mark looked at Xi Men, and then gave an incredulous chuckle, “What? In return to keeping quiet of what I’ve done?”

“Yes,” Xi Men made no hesitation in admitting to that.

“Isn’t that a little too big of a demand?

“I call it an offer,”

“This is not an offer! This is a robbery!”

“Taking her from you forcefully is robbery. Leaving her on your own is not. So, get your words right,” Xi Men said nonchalantly.

“How on earth could you ask me to leave my wife just because you caught me with Ivy?!”

“I will not let her stay with someone who has trouble being loyal to her,” Xi Men said.

“No. I am not leaving Xiao You. I’ll leave Ivy,” Mark said.

Xi Men glared at him. “No, you must leave Xiao You,”

“She is my wife. I’d rather have my wife than a girlfriend,”

“If you had respected her as your wife then you wouldn’t have a girlfriend in the first place!”

Mark swallowed the lump in his throat.

“It is just a mistake,” Mark said.

“A mistake? It didn’t sound like a one-time thingy since it lasted for 2 months,” Xi Men said.

Mark looked at Xi Men, opening his mouth with intention to say something but didn’t know what to say.

“Ivy may be a mistake. But doing it repeatedly with her for 2 months is not considered as a single mistake,” Xi Men said.

Mark lowered his head down and swallowed the lump in his throat.

“But then again, these kind of mistakes should not have taken place at all,” Xi Men uttered.

Mark bites his lower lip.

“I do not know if Xiao You will still trust you, but given to me; I wouldn’t. Doing it with Ivy once, you could do it with someone else again,” Xi Men said.

Mark swallowed another bitter lump.

Xi Men is definitely pushing him to the edge.

The only option Xi Men gives is just leaving Xiao You and nothing else.

“You know what,” Mark said.


“I am not going to let you do this to me,”

“Do what?”

“Xiao You is my wife,” Mark said.

“You don’t have to remind me. I know, so?” Xi Men said.

“She will not believe what you’ve said,” Mark said.

Xi Men tilts his head nonchalantly.

“You only saw me with Ivy. Anyone can spurt such things to frame me,”

“So, you are saying, she will believe that you and Ivy did not happen?” Xi Men asked, unconcerned.

“No, it didn’t happen. Nothing had happened. You said you saw, right? That is what you said. Did you take a photo of me with her just now? No, right?” Mark said.

Xi Men’s gaze to Mark has turned sharp.

He knew what Mark is trying to do.

This is exactly what Lei had mentioned before.

If he has no perfect evidence, then Mark will find a way to counter.

Now it has come true.

“So, what is your proof that I am with Ivy?” Mark questioned confidently.

Xi Men is damn lucky to have this prepared.

He really had to thank Lei for this.

Xi Men smirked, before turning his head and looked at Secretary Xu.

Secretary Xu is quick to open the briefcase he is holding and then searched for an envelope, and then passed it to Xi Men.

Xi Men opened the envelope, and then takes out its content.

“This is your stuff,” Xi Men takes out a stack of photos, extending it to him.

Seeing it is a stack of photos, Mark immediately grabbed the stack and looked at them, one by one.

His eyes widened and hatred as well as anger immediately filled him.

“You said you didn’t stalk me!” Mark yelled, as he looked at the photos.

It is photos of him meeting up with Ivy; going for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And there are photos of him kissing and hugging her too.

“I did not stalk you. Someone did. I mean… I asked someone to follow you after finding out you are with Ivy,” Xi Men replied. “I wouldn’t have known you are with Ivy. So, thanks to Ivy’s boyfriend who invites her to the conference, and then you have to let me see you with her in a meeting room,”

Mark angered.

He is really cornered now.

“I am pretty sure you know about the existence of her boyfriend, before she claimed you are the ‘boyfriend’ now to me, just so she and also you, could protect your affair (by stating each other has a different partner). What both of you didn’t know is that; she didn’t know that I knew you are married, and you didn’t know that she is my cousin sister-in-law,”

Mark swallowed the lump in his throat.

“Anyway, you can keep this stack of photos as your memories. I can get it redevelop for Xiao You,” Xi Men said. “Problem is… do you want her to see this? I am sure she will believe me now,”

Mark breathes furiously.

“Do you get what I am trying to say? Xiao You does not deserve someone like you,” Xi Men asked.

Mark then glared at Xi Men. “What if I don’t want to leave Xiao You?”

Xi Men looked at Mark. “You really want to know?”

Mark remained looking at Xi Men.

“I’ll tell her, just like you already know,” Xi Men said. “And I’ll also take everything away from you,”

Mark immediately questioned. “Everything? What do you mean?”

“You came to Taipei for a reason, right?”

Mark frowned. “What are you talking about?”

“You came to Taipei because your company is dying in San Francisco,”

Mark’s eyes widened. “How… how did you…”

“I was kind of curious. Why would you want to come to Taipei when San Francisco could give you more projects and opportunities. But due to competitions, you have no choice but to leave and try elsewhere to save your company,” Xi Men said.

Mark swallowed the lump in his throat. “Ah Si will give me that project,”

“What if he doesn’t?”

“He will. Because of Xiao You, he will,”

“Are you openly admitting that you are using Xiao You to get the businesses?”

Mark pressed his lips together, and then he looks away.

“What kind of capability do you have as a man, huh? Using Xiao You to get businesses? Just because she knows us?”

Mark’s gaze returned to Xi Men. “I don’t see any wrong in that,”

“If Ah Si wants your system, he will take it, without the need to use Xiao You. He will not take her into consideration to take your system because he’s a professional,” Xi Men said, remembering what Xiao You said that night at the dinner without Mark’s presence. “Even Xiao You will not let that happen,”

Mark looked at Xi Men, feeling odd as to why Xi Men said that.

“You know Ah Si’s company is the biggest here in Taipei,” Xi Men adds.


“I hope you also know that my company is the next biggest corporation in Taipei after Ah Si’s,” Xi Men said. “Followed by Lei, and Mei Zhuo,”

Mark just looked at Xi Men.

“Do you know what that means? All four of us has the biggest influence here,”

Mark swallowed the lump in his throat again.

“So… if four of us are against you, you should probably understand that you will have no opportunity at all in this country,” Xi Men said.

Mark’s eyes widened.

“Ah Si’s acceptance to your management system will indeed save your company, but I hope you know I can tell Ah Si not to take your system. Ah Si listens to F4 when one of us speaks,” Xi Men said. “And then… I’ll make sure the news traveled to each and every company in the country and perhaps even overseas so nobody will take your system, and… you can watch your company close for good,”

Mark is utterly angry now that he reached for Xi Men’s collar and grabbed him, “You can’t be crueler than this!”

Secretary Xu is about to head to Xi Men in respond to what Mark did to his CEO (purportedly to stop Mark), but Xi Men is quick to extend his hand and asked Secretary Xu not to come close, letting Mark grabbed Xi Men by his collar angrily.

“You just didn’t know who you messed up with,” Xi Men said.

“Mess up with? I did not mess up with you! All I did was just…”

“Cheat on your wife,” Xi Men interrupts and finishes Mark’s statement. “And it so happens that your wife knows the four most influential guys of Taipei,”

Mark breathes angrily as he stares at Xi Men.

“So, either you leave Xiao You while keeping everything you have now, or you’ll leave with nothing at all at the end of the day,” Xi Men said. “Including Xiao You who will leave you after your infidelity has been exposed,” he pushed Mark away from grabbing him.

“I don’t know you can be this cruel, Xi Men,” Mark looked at Xi Men.

“I am not. I just don’t tolerate men who do not respect women,” Xi Men said. “And furthermore, she is Xiao You,”

“She is Xiao You?” Mark asked.

Mark frowned.

He finally finds consistency in what Xi Men had said and done.

Mark thought this is happening because of Ivy, but the conversation flow has slowly drifted away from Ivy and more to Xiao You.

So it is not about Ivy.

It is not about his cousin sister-in-law.

It is about Xiao You since the beginning.

He grilled Mark for his guilt towards Xiao You, before pointing it out that Xiao You doesn’t deserve Mark, and insists with Mark leaving Xiao You by hook or by crook.

Xi Men even has picture evidence to point that Mark cheats on Xiao You.

If Mark is not cooperating, all of these evidences will go to Xiao You.

Mark then looked at Xi Men turning his head to Secretary Xu, extending his hand to take another envelope.

Xi Men took the content out from the envelope.

“You just have to sign this,” Xi Men said, passing the document to Mark.

Mark extends his hand to take the document, and then he looked at it.

He is shocked upon reading it. “Divorce papers?” he asked.

“I have prepared it for you. You just have to sign,” Xi Men said.

Mark is totally surprised.

Xi Men has even prepared the divorce papers for him!

With the photos to the divorce papers… Xi Men has totally prepared for all of this.

Xi Men really wanted him to leave Xiao You.

“But divorce papers… both parties need to sign…” Mark said softly.

“I’ve asked my lawyer to do it in a way that only you have to sign this paper to divorce your wife,” Xi Men said, impassively. “It will be valid anyway,”

“Just… just one signature?”

“Yes. Being F4, I can do that,” Xi Men said.

Mark stares at Xi Men, while holding onto the divorce papers in his hand.

“Read it,” Xi Men said, gestured to the divorce papers in Mark’s hand.

Mark slowly drops his head to look at the papers, and finds himself still stunned at the sight of it, and having a tough time to read even the first line.

“Read it and sign after that,” Xi Men said again. You don’t have to worry about alimony. You don’t have to pay a cent. I’ll settle it for you,”

Mark briefly glances at Xi Men, before turning his head to look at the document again.

“CEO Xi Men,”

Xi Men turned his head briefly to look at Secretary Xu upon hearing that calling.

Apparently Secretary Xu is extending a pen to Xi Men.

Xi Men grabs the pen and then extends it to Mark.

Mark only looked at it, but didn’t reach for it.

He closed his eyes briefly.

What the hell had just happened?

He is here for his tryst with Ivy.

And then next thing he knew, he is being threatened and asked to leave his wife or he will lose everything.

How is everything happening so perfectly that he doesn’t have a room to move?

How is everything happening so perfectly that he doesn’t even stand a chance to fight back for himself?

How did Xi Men planned for all this?

How could he plan so well…?

“Once you sign this, you are officially divorced from Xiao You,” Xi Men said.

“What will happen to Xiao You…?” Mark asked.

“You don’t have to worry about her. She has a lot of friends here in Taipei,” Xi Men said. “You better worry for yourself,”

“Then what will happen to me?” Mark asked.

“You get to keep your company. If Ah Si doesn’t take your system, you can still get projects elsewhere in the world. I can extend assistance to find you companies that may take your management system, so that your company can be saved,”

Mark looked at Xi Men, before he returned his focus to the document in hand.

Xi Men lifted his head briefly after he thought of something. “Also,”

Mark looked at Xi Men again.

“If Ah Si did not take your system, I suggest you to leave Taipei,”

Mark’s eyes brightened up, “Leave Taipei?”

“Just so that Xiao You doesn’t get to see you and resent you,”

“She won’t resent me. She will resent you for what you’ve done,” Mark said.

“Knowing you cheat on her is another story,” Xi Men said.

Mark swallowed the lump in his throat.

“So… if I don’t sign this…” Mark said.

“Xiao You will know about Ivy,” Xi Men reiterates the condition. “And you will lose your company. You will lose everything you have and owned before. I will make sure Xiao You leaves you at the end of the day,”

Mark took a deep frustrating breath. “It wasn’t even an option…”

“You do. But I don’t think you want to pick the other,” Xi Men said, gesturing him to take the pen.

Mark slowly turned his head to look at Xi Men, and started analyzing Xi Men’s blank expression. “I don’t understand,”


“You are a very nice person when I first met you…” Mark said.

“I won’t be nice to a person messing with the happiness of my friend,” Xi Men said.

“But that is between me and Xiao You!”

“Now it no longer is,”

Mark took a deep breath unhappily as he looked at Xi Men. “I thought when this conversation started… it is about Ivy because she is your cousin sister-in-law…”

“Just so you know, Ivy is like that. She goes around fishing for nice and rich guys,” Xi Men explained.

Mark swallowed the lump in his throat. “Really?”

“I don’t know why she picked you. You may be nice, but you are not rich because of your financial crisis now…”

Mark’s eyes strayed.

“I guess you didn’t tell her that, that is why she comes after you,” Xi Men said. “But you are not single; she knows there is no way she can be with you, unless… you have intention to divorce Xiao You,”


Xi Men just looked at Mark. “I don’t care what you have said to her. And I don’t care who she fools around with. But not the husband of Xiao You. So, you can divorce Xiao You and fool with whoever you want,”

Xiao You.

“So, everything you have said… it is about Xiao You,” Mark said.

“Yes,” Xi Men admitting to it openly.

“But… why?” Mark looked intently at Xi Men. “Are you… interested with Xiao You?”

Xi Men looked at Mark. “I have made it pretty clear, she is my friend. I care about my friend,” he shoves the pen into Mark’s hand.

Mark slowly turned his head to look at the document, for some reason, able to register the lines in the document in his head.

Xi Men looked at Mark, before he folded his hands on his chest, waiting for Mark to sign.

Halfway thru reading the document, Mark finally realized this is happening.

Things are beginning to set in.

Divorce Xiao You.

A burst of sad emotions rises in Mark.

“Once you sign this, I will submit this to the respective department anywhere in the world and finalize your divorce officially with Xiao You. Once I get the official verified documents from them, I will pass you your copy,” Xi Men said.


Xi Men glared at Mark.

“Can I… think about this?” Mark asked.

Xi Men looked at Mark.

“A few days?” Mark pleaded.

Xi Men remained looking at Mark, and after a brief pause of 3 seconds, “No,”

“One day?”

“Just 5 minutes, right here,” Xi Men said, expressionless.

“Oh my gosh…” Mark said, covering his face with his hand.

Secretary Xu could only look at Xi Men, who is looking extremely heartless right now.

He felt sad for Mark now, having to divorce his wife or left with nothing.

Xi Men had really pushed Mark to the edge with nowhere to run.

With just Mark is being caught cheating on Xiao You with Ivy, Xi Men had uses this as the opportunity to make Mark lose everything.

Secretary Xu didn’t know there is a wicked side of his CEO.

He has never seen Xi Men like this.

Mark begins to weep.

Secretary Xu bites his lips, feeling sad and pity now.

Xi Men turned his head to look at Secretary Xu, whose eyes are at Mark, to only switch and look at Xi Men upon seeing Xi Men is looking at him from the corner of his (Secretary Xu) eyes.

And then Secretary Xu quickly lowered his head down.

Xi Men turned his head to look at the weeping Mark and he (Xi Men) gulps down the lump in his throat.

“If you had not strayed, then this day will never happen,” Xi Men said.

“Xi Men, I am really sorry… please don’t do this to me… I love Xiao You…” Mark pleads again.

Xi Men looked at Mark, even he could feel the sadness Mark is having.

Xi Men swallowed the lump in his throat. “I can’t,” he said firmly. “I can’t let her stay with a cheater,”

Mark continued sobbing.

This is probably the harshest thing Xi Men had ever done.

“Sign the document,” Xi Men uttered.

Secretary Xu looked at Xi Men, and then he looked at Mark.

Mark sniffs, and then he slowly lifted the pen up…

When he did that, both Xi Men and Secretary Xu looked at him.

“Please take good care of Xiao You…” Mark said.

“I will,” Xi Men said.

Mark sniffed hard, and he scribbled on the document.

There is a distinct change on Xi Men’s face, as he couldn’t believe Mark had signed it.

After Mark had signed, he sobbed even harder.

Biting his lips and later gulps the lump down his throat, Xi Men reached for the document. “Go home. Pack your stuffs and leave,” he uttered, and then he turned around and walked out of the room.

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  1. Wow…..can’t believe the way XM act. Lei is correct, he understood that in order to protect XY, XM will do anything……
    Wait for your next chap

  2. mark really sign the document ?….
    i’m still confused why xm do this?

    i think xy will really sad, if mark leave her without know the reason behind the divorce…..

    just hope xy not hate xy..!

  3. Hmm… Ximen’s way of handling this situation seem too extreme. This is no matter what Xiaoyou’s marriage it is her decision on how she want to handle this matter. Whether she want to forgive mark for his infidelity or not. Whether she want to continue staying in the marriage or not. All these should be Xiaoyou’s decision. Ximen might be protecting Xiaoyou to prevent her from knowing the truth but i reckon that Xiaoyou has the right to know and make her own decision..

  4. Poor Mark….. Heck I will leave a guy who cheats on me too. Once a cheater will always be a cheater. If you truly love your wife then why will you do something that will hurt her

  5. wow didn’t expect that. so what will happen to XY. Somehow i’m a little confuse about XM again sis. his attitude and the way he handle thing is not really my cup of tea. hehe.

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