Conflicted – Chapter 80

Parked at the driveway and sitting on the driver’s seat, Xi Men keeps turning his head to the right to look at the entrance for the familiar figure.

Everyone that walked out from the entrance will look at Xi Men’s car.

He then lifted up the sleeve of the shirt on his left hand, taking a look at the time on his wristwatch.


He then turned his head to the right again.


Xiao You gathers the files and aligned them together before putting them down on the desk again.

She then gazes at the beautiful bouquet of red roses in front of her.

‘The roses are actually really beautiful,’

‘Everyone passes by would take a look at my roses…’

‘Even this makes Lei thought of Jing…’

She finds herself smiling briefly.

And soon, the smile fades.

‘But that Xi Men…’

“Urgh,” she uttered in frustration. “Why can’t he do it discreetly?”

And she gazed at the flowers again.

He is going after her.

He had declared he is going after her.

That is why the flowers came.


She shook her head briefly and then turned to look at her drawer.

*Locks drawer.

*Stands up.

*Grabbed handbag.

Time to go off.

She happened to glance at the flowers.

After exhaling a deep breath, she reached for it.


*Tapping fingers on the steering wheel.


*Steps out from the elevator.

*Everyone turns their heads and looked at the flowers in her hands.

‘I hate this kind of attentions…’

‘Damn XI MEN!’

*Walked at the lobby.


Xi Men’s head turned to the right again, and then his gaze changed.

*Tapping stops.

And now he is just staring at the entrance…




Xiao You looked directly out of the entrance.

That expensive looking car parked right in front of entrance…

“That car looks so familiar…” she uttered.

She just stares at the car…

‘Wait. Xi Men has a car like this,’

*Steps paused.

She eyes widened at that thought.

‘It can’t be him, right?’

‘But… but…’

‘He is not the only one with this car… right?’


‘Why is she standing there?’ Xi Men thought to himself.


Holding onto the bouquet of roses, she continued to stare at the black car that is parked right at the entrance.

There is something so unsettling about that…

After swallowing the lump in her throat, she took a step forward, and each following step just seems so heavy…

‘It is not Xi Men,’

‘That is not Xi Men,’

‘He is not the only person in the country that owns this model of car,’

‘Xiao You, stay calm. Don’t worry,’

‘Don’t think too much,’

‘This is not Xi Men,’


Seeing she is approaching the entrance, Xi Men pushed the button next to his door and the window at passenger’s side rolled down.


As she approaches the entrance, the window rolls down.

As the tinted windows is being rolled down, she watches his face being revealed slowly starting from the top of his head, followed by his fringe, his eyes, nose, lips…

The more the window rolls down, the more shocked Xiao You is.



By the time the window has completely rolled down, her mind is filled with all the curse words she just wants to throw them to him.

It is really Xi Men; parked right here, in the middle of the driveway of Hua Ze Corporation with his attention-grabber and super expensive car!

“Hello,” he said, tilting his head.

She continued to stare at him.

Seeing she didn’t respond… he began waving, “Hello, Xiao You?”

That gets her out of daze, “Uh…”


“Why… why are you here?” she asked.


“Are you looking for CEO Hua Ze?” she interrupts.

He smirks. “Why would I look for him at this time when he is rushing to go home to see his wife?” he said. “By the way, nice flowers,”

This reminded her of how annoyed she has been with the flowers. “Nice flowers? Nice flowers?!”

“Hmmm? Why? You don’t like it?” he asked.

“Mentioning of this flowers…”

“Oh,” he interrupts her, “Get into the car first, and we’ll continue talking on our ride,”

Taken aback, “Get into the car? For what?”

“I come to pick you up,”

She is surprised.

This is what she does NOT want.

“You… you come to…” she pointed at herself.

He smirked, “Do you think there’s any other reason for me to be here at this time, if I am not here to pick you up?”

“How would I know?” she asked. “For Lei probably?”

He rolled his eyes, “I have said it. Not for Lei,” he said. “Just get into the car now,”

“But why?!” she asked.

“What do you mean why? I…”

“I have Yoong. I mean, there’s someone that’s going to pick me…” she turned her upper body and head to the right, as that’s the direction she’ll be heading to and Yoong will pick her up at about 150 meters walk away.

“Yoong is not coming. I told him I’ll pick you up,” Xi Men said.

Yoong is not coming?

She returned her gaze to him. “You can’t be serious,”

“Hmm?” he looked at her.

“I said you can’t be f*cking serious!”

“About?” he asked.

She looked at him. “Asking Yoong not to come, without asking for my permission?”

“Permission?” Xi Men asked. “What permission?”

She straightened her head, suddenly turning left and right, and notices some colleagues or staffs of Hua Ze Corporation are looking at her.

“Nevermind, if he is not coming, I can take a cab home,” she said, immediately turned to the right.

“Xiao You! What cab?! I said I came to pick you up!” he yelled from inside the car; yelling because he is afraid she couldn’t hear – since she is about to walk away.

She stopped her steps, and then closed her eyes.

Few staffs could hear his voice.

After taking one deep breath, she opened her eyes, and returned her gaze to him.

“Look,” she uttered, giving him an irritated gaze. “This is my office. Can you just… stay away?”

Xi Men frowned, “Stay away? Have you forgotten Lei holds a huge chunk of shares of my company? How can I stay away if I need to talk to him about my company?”

Xiao You rolled her eyes, “I don’t f*cking care about that. And that’s not my point! I mean…” she looked to the left and right, and then she took a step closer to the car and lowered her voice so that only he can hear her, “I work here! I don’t want to see you here! I want to stay low!”

“Hmmm?” he doesn’t understand. “What do you mean?”

“Everyone is watching and looking at me! These flowers are already grabbing all the attentions I don’t want to have and you have to write your name in this card! Of all available words in the world, why ‘XI MEN’?”

“Cause that’s my name,” he answered nonchalantly.

She glared at him; and felt like a water balloon just bursts right on her face.

She felt that if she’s standing at the top of the building now, she will jump down with no hesitation.


“Just get into the car already,” he said.

“Car. Right, car!” she gets all annoyed again, “Why the f*ck do you park your car here, directly in front of the entrance! Don’t you know what model of the car that you are driving? This car is so damn expensive and you are parking it right in the middle of the driveway?! Knowing what you have, can’t you be more low profile?! Everyone is looking at you and at me here!”

Xi Men just turned his head and looked around, noticing some staffs are indeed looking at them; but it does not concern him. He had gotten use to being look and stare at throughout his life.

“Then?” he asked.

She rolled her eyes. “Xi Men, please. I came here to work. I don’t want to be associated to you. Even the staffs here don’t know that I know Lei beyond work, that we are friends. Because all your cars are so damn expensive, I asked Yoong to drop me far from this entrance so that they don’t know I come to work with your car and driven by a chauffeur. I just want to stay low…”

“Ah, so that’s your point, isn’t it?” he asked.

She rolled her eyes partially and exhaled a deep breath, “Finally,” she said. “So please leave. I’ll talk to you later,”

She turned to the right and walked.

“Xiao You,” he called.

She ignored him and walked.

“Xiao YOU!” he raised his voice again as she is walking away from his car.

She continues ignoring him.


She stopped walking.

And he stopped honking.

She sighed.

She took another step again and then…


That makes her stopped walking and he stopped too.

“Oh my gosh…” she closed her eyes in frustration, before she opened it and then turned around and heads to his car again, looking at everyone paying attention to this drama right in front of Hua Ze Corporation’s entrance.

She glared at him from the opened window. “I thought you said you understand! Why are you still doing this?!”

“Here’s the thing,” he said, looking at her fuming at him. “I have already parked my car here for the last 20 minutes. Everyone that walked thru the entrance is aware about me now. And also, you’ve been talking to me since you walked out from the entrance and if they don’t know yet, they would already know by now. So, is there a point to be low profile anymore?”

She looked at him, breathing furiously. “If you had not honked, it would have been better,” she gritted her teeth as she said.

He smirks, “And the flowers; I wrote my name because there will be no point to write something else. The recipient is you anyway. Why do I need to hide?”

“Do you have any idea it is just a card, with no envelope, and that anyone can see it?” she asked.

“Oh really? I don’t know that,” he said; unaffected by it.

“Yes! I don’t know how many have seen it!” she said.

“Then, be glad that my message is ‘hope you love it’ and not ‘I love you’,” he said.

There is a small change in her gaze.

Whoa… she had just realized how dangerous it could have been if he wrote that.

“And since it’s been delivered that way, what can you, and I do now?” he asked.

She took a deep breath, and then exhaled it.

“I have no intention to be discreet in wooing you. I have declared that I am going after you, so I will do it in any way I deem appropriate. If it makes you uncomfortable, I’ll do less of it publicly; but I won’t go low profile just to stop people from talking. You can’t stop them from talking. Sometimes, be discreet creates more attention, don’t you think so?”

She gazes at him, before she lowered her eyes down and then raised them up to look at him.

“Being associated with me is your personal life; nothing to do with everyone else or your work. Even if you are labeled rich as you go to work in Hua Ze Corporation with a chauffeur in a highly priced car, it is still your personal matter. Let them talk. Let them figure. Let them be suspicious. It does not matter. And you have to know; you can stay low profile today, but you won’t stay low for long, especially you are close with the F4,”

She looked at him.

There’s truth in what he said.

“More over, you are staying with me, and taking my car driven by my chauffeur. So, can you really stay low for a long time?” he smirks.

Her gaze changed to a glare. “I don’t want you to fire your chauffeur! And when I first offered you a room in the penthouse, it was for your tiring nights! I have never expected you will move in and stay there permanently!”

“I like that place,” he smiled. “And I like to be with you,”

She looked at him.

“Come on, get into the car. Let’s go for dinner together,” he said, tilting his head with a smirk.

She sighed.

Defeated, she opened the door.

He smiles as she gets into the car.

She closes the door and then looked at the people around that are looking at them.

She sighed again and pulls the seat belt over her while Xi Men helped by taking the bouquet of roses and puts it at the backseat.

He then winds up the window before he releases the handbrake.

Xiao You took a deep breath.

“So, what do you want to eat?”

She turned to look at him.

He looked at her. “Hmmm?”

“Spanish food,” she said.

“Okay,” he responded.

“I thought you will have to work until late, as you have been for the last few months,” she said.

“Not today,” he said. “Not meeting any suppliers or clients today, and decided not to work late so that I can have dinner with you,”

She gazes at him.

He smiled at her.

She then looked away, looking at the view outside of the car.

‘What he said is correct…’ she thought to herself.

‘I can’t really stay low…’


‘All aside…’

‘I still won’t accept him…’

‘And he is doing all of these…’

‘He won’t stop,’

‘I know he won’t,’

‘He said he will do everything to win me…’


‘I really need to find a solution for this,’

‘This can’t go on…’

She swallowed the lump in her throat.

She had thought about it earlier in the day.

That sudden idea that pops up in her mind…

She closed her eyes for a while.

‘Is that the only way…?’

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