Crossroad Of Love – Chapter 10

“Hey, lately you are happy,” Jennifer said. “Looks like you’re in love,”

“Really. Someone is after you?” Mandy asked as she ate her lunch at the cafeteria.

Rainie smiled and nodded. “Yes,”

Jennifer, Sandra Mandy, Tammy and Fanny looked at her. “REALLY?!”

“Who is that!” Jennifer asked excitedly.

“Someone,” Rainie said.

“How old is he?” Sandra asked.

“Where did you meet him?” Mandy asked.

“How long have you know him?” Jennifer asked.

“Where did he work?” Sandra asked.

“Where did he stay?” Mandy asked.

“What is his position?” Jennifer asked.

Tammy and Fanny looked at them bombarding Rainie with questions that she don’t get to answer and more questions bombarding in.

“I can’t tell out who he is to all of you… not now. So I could only lie…” Rainie thought. “I know him from a friend. I’ve know him for a couple of months, we occasionally talk. He is a Marketing Manager,”

“Wow…” they all said.

“Marketing Manager?!” Jennifer yelled.

Rainie smiled. “I need to work on this story with Ken… need to tell them what I’ve said and the lies…”


Ken was working on one fine day, and as usual, went online and chatted with Rainie.

ken-msn : I’m talking to Jennifer too at the moment.
rainie-msn : go ahead. I have something to do now. I’ll talk to you later, alright?
ken-msn : sure, do your stuff first.

ken-msn : how’s everybody in the team?
jennifer-msn : everyone’s doing good. Rainie is extremely happy.
ken-msn : extremely happy?
jennifer-msn : yeah, someone is wooing her now.

Ken smiled, and continued typing.

ken-msn : who?
jennifer-msn : she is not telling. So I don’t know who.

The whole AHW2 MDW team didn’t know about Ken and Rainie’s relationship. They only know that someone is wooing Rainie, which Rainie is very happy. They all sense her happiness when she goes to work each day.

jennifer-msn : hey, you are close with Rainie, do you have any idea who is that person?
ken-msn : no… I didn’t know, I thought I was asking you earlier…
jennifer-msn : oh yeah… Hey, do you have a girlfriend?

Ken is surprised with what Jennifer typed. Knowing that possibly Jennifer is linking him with Rainie, he typed.

ken-msn : yes.
jennifer-msn : oh… how long are you with her?

“Why is she asking such questions…” Ken said and typed.

ken-msn : 4 years.
jennifer-msn : how did you know your girlfriend?
ken-msn : why did you want to know…?
jennifer-msn : you are a Marketing Manager, right?
ken-msn : I am a Program Manager.
jennifer-msn : oh, yeah… alright…

Ken looked at the chatroom. “Phew! That was close!” he said. “Luckily Rainie and I did some homework,” he laughed.

Ken then told Rainie what he had heard from Jennifer and asked Rainie if it is true that she go to work everyday happily. And Rainie admitted to it. He then tell her that Jennifer is trying to get information from him, if he is the one that is wooing Rainie, and he smartly answered the questions that she asked. They had a hilarious and enjoyable talk.

“But I was wishing you will tell them that the guy is me, Ken Zhu…” Ken thought to himself. “I don’t want you to keep this to yourself, because they will keep asking for more information from you, until you tell them who the guy is… I just didn’t want you to go through this alone… let me go through this with you, Rainie…” but the words remained unspoken.

Ken and Rainie went out for their second date.

They went for dinner and then Ken drove around, telling her information on places around, where he’s been and what he did there. After that, Ken drove and parked his car at a park. They talked for a moment and then Ken leaned over and tickled Rainie. Rainie laughed and tried hard to push his hand off, and then, out of a sudden, they kissed.

Ken and Rainie stared at each other.

“My gosh! We’ve just kissed…” Rainie thought to herself.

“It… I… I just kissed her?” Ken thought to himself.

It just happened.

Ken then leaned closer, and kissed Rainie. Rainie replied the kiss. They sunk into a deep kiss.

They then broke the kiss and looked at each other.

It was Ken’s first kiss in years. He had never been in a relationship for the past few years after a heartbreaking relationship.

Rainie had just broken up with her ex boyfriend about 8 months, and she queried herself that how did she manage to kiss another guy, when her last relationship just ended not that long ago? They both stared at each other for a moment.

“You could have pushed me,” Ken suddenly said as he backed off.

“But I didn’t,” Rainie said.

“I know,” Ken said. “Is it a little too sudden for us…?”

“I think that too,” Rainie said.


“Is it just because you want to kiss me or…”

“No, I really like you,” Ken said. “I’ve never felt this way since my last relationship,”

Rainie looked out of the window.

“I’m sorry if I’ve hurt you… the kiss was unexpected,” Ken said.

“You didn’t,” Rainie said.

“I should have known if you…”

“Don’t blame yourself,” Rainie said. She then thought to herself. “I wanted to kiss you at the moment too… I guess I have started to like you,”

“Push me away next time… if what I did…”

Rainie smiled and interrupted. “I like the kiss,”

Ken smiled.


Ken and Rainie remained chatting to each other using MSN Messenger and at night on phone calls. They then went out for date for a few times, and without notice… all the chats, SMS messages and phone calls slowly went dead.

It all happened one day when they went out for date, they almost fight. Ken and Rainie went into a relationship issue and that was Ken’s first time seeing Rainie raised her voice up. He knew she is angry with him. She told him that she didn’t like to keep guessing about their relationship status. They have never discussed on their status. They hold hands and kissed, went out for dates. It is obvious they are not just friends, but they are not couples too. Fortunately, they have solved the fight before Ken sent Rainie home. They still remained as previously, but the slowed down of messages, chats and calls is an obvious sight, as it goes down to none.

Ken didn’t talk to Rainie much, nor did Rainie talked to Ken since the event.

Rainie would sit in her room at night after work, hoping at times that Ken will call her up, and she waited for his SMS messages.

Ken would go to University to study at night and when he got back home, he would do his usual routine of doing work and then sleep very late at night. He would at every opportunity think of Rainie, not sure how to face her, and how to go on.

The incident still lingers in Rainie and Ken’s mind.

“I wanted to be in a relationship with you, but I am afraid I cannot make you happy…” Ken said while driving.

“I don’t mind at all, Ken,” Rainie said.

“At times I feel I want to love a person, but whenever I think about commitment…” Ken took a deep breath and stopped. “I know you will request for me to have some time with you, to accompany you… but I can’t do that. That is why I know you will be unhappy,”

“If you tell me this, then of course I understand. You have to work, study and commitment to your church…”

“I put all my time to work, studies and church, I don’t know if I can still have any time with you. I just didn’t want you to be unhappy being with me,”

“I am willing to stay and move along with you, Ken,” Rainie said.

“I like you very much, Rainie, very, very much… I wanted to ask you to be my girlfriend, almost each time when we talk, but whenever I wanted to ask you, I felt that I may hurt you, you may not be happy with me…”

“You’ve never ask me that, Ken, I was hoping you asked,”

“I really want to, Rainie… but I always felt I can’t give you happiness, I dare not,”

“If you tell me then I will understand your situation… you never told me stuffs about yourself, I felt like I am a failure,”

“You never were, I was… I just… I can’t…”


Ken immediately went silent. The first time he sees her raising her voice.

“You like me, Rainie?” Ken asked, after a long silence.

“Yes,” Rainie answered shortly.

“At times I dare not ask, because I felt we move too fast… and I didn’t know your feelings towards me…”

“Now you know, right? Now you’re clear, right?”

“Yes,” Ken said, looking at her.

Rainie looked outside the window. “If I didn’t like you, I won’t be kissing you. I won’t be allowing you to kiss me either,”

“I know…” Ken said. “Are you mad at me?”

Rainie took quite some time to reply him. “No,”

Ken turned her face at him, wanted to see if she cried. “You’re not crying, are you?”

Rainie harshly turned her face back looking outside of the window. “No,”

Ken kept silent while driving. “I’m sorry, I didn’t consider about your feelings,” Rainie didn’t say anything. “I know you are mad at me… I know it because of the way you talk… You were always cheerful whenever you talk… but now… you sounded harsh. I can feel it, Rainie,”

“There’s no point for me to be mad, right?”

Ken silent. “I’m very sorry,” he said.

“Stop saying sorry to me,” Rainie said.

“I really don’t know what to say anymore…”


“We’ll go slow… ok? I really liked you. I don’t want things like this to ruin us…” he held her hand. “I liked you since the Associations for IT Architects Event. I have never felt this way for the past few years since my last relationship. And each time I see you, my feelings grow… then it fades when we didn’t contact each other… and it comes back again at the Monthly IT Meeting… I really like you… I’m very sorry for all I did if it hurts you…”

Rainie took a long time to respond him. “Ok,”

Things had never been the same, since that night onwards. But life has to go on.


“Monthly IT Meeting tonight?” Rainie asked, when being informed that AHW2 team must attend.

“Yes,” Henry said. “Dr. Lee said we have to go,”

“Sigh…” Rainie said. She didn’t want to meet Ken. She didn’t know what he is thinking.

“Rainie, you’re sure to be happy to meet Ken,” Jennifer smiled.

Rainie shook. “Not really,”

“So, it will be my first time meeting Ken,” Daniel smiled, a new staff of AHW2 MDW. He had been hearing Rainie talking about Ken all the while.

Rainie turned to Daniel to talk most of the things, so does Daniel. So, basically they are quite close to each other. Rainie did mention about Daniel to Ken earlier, which that time they are still in contact. Ken asked a lot of things about Daniel too.

Rainie has finally told them on one fine day after they have been asking who the lucky guy is for quite some time. She recalled the moment.

“Rainie, why don’t you give yourself another chance and get your Marketing Manager back?” Jennifer asked, as she, Rainie and Mandy is walking to their office after they finished their lunch.

“I don’t know,” Rainie smiled.

“Just tell me his horoscope, let me find out if he is compatible with you or not,” Mandy said.

“You really want to know?” Rainie smiled looking at them. “You want to know who he is?”

“The way you say it like we knew who he is…” Mandy said.

“Yeah…” Jennifer said. “Like we know him…”

“Ken Zhu,” Rainie said as she lightly pushed the door.

“You mean his horoscope is same as Ken?” Jennifer asked.

Mandy stared at Rainie. “Wait…” she said.

“My guy is not a Marketing Manager, he is a Program Manager, worked in Associations for IT Architects,” Rainie said.

“She confuses me,” Jennifer said. “What is she talking about?” she looked at Mandy.

“She is telling us that the guy, not the horoscope thingy… is Ken,” Mandy said.

Rainie smiled and nodded. “He told you he had a girlfriend of 4 years. He didn’t,”

“Wait… she…?” Jennifer asked. “I’m very confused,”

“The guy who is wooing me, is Ken,” Rainie repeated.

Rainie then tell everyone in the team that the guy is Ken, which created a bit havoc, as Ken said, talk of the ERA, in the team. But they all take it well.

Tammy has earlier invited Rainie’s partner to go to her wedding which is to be held next month but Rainie said that he may or may not come. When Rainie tells Tammy that the ‘partner’ is Ken, she immediately called him up and personally invite him.

“Why not? I thought you’ve never see him for quite some time,” Sandra said.

“I know. But it’s ok,” Rainie smiled. She looked at the Monthly IT Meeting invitation email, that is being sent by Associations for IT Architects, and precisely, sent by Ken. She looked at the venue and time. “I’m going to see Ken again… tonight,”

And with then, all of them drove after work to the venue where the Monthly IT Meeting is held. Rainie’s heart jumped a bit fast when she approached the venue. Henry knocked on the door, and Ken, from far, walked towards the door and opened it.

“Hello,” he smiled at everyone. He then looked at Rainie, who didn’t really return his smile. “She looked angry,” he thought to himself. After all this while, he didn’t talk to her nor contact her.

Rainie and the team walked straight into the room where the meeting will be held. She sit next to Daniel, and they talked a number of things when the meeting was held, about the meeting. Ken occasionally go into the room, would take a few glances on Rainie. Rainie would also occasionally take a few glances at Ken, and pretended like she didn’t see him.

During the break of the meeting, Ken approached Rainie. “I’m going to Tammy’s wedding dinner,”

“Oh,” Rainie said.

“I’m going with you,” Ken said, and Rainie looked at him.

From that night onwards. Ken and Rainie slowly talked to each other. Although all the calls and chats as well as messengers are not as much as they had previously, they will make time to talk to each other, even for a couple of minutes.

Ken and Rainie didn’t go out for dates with each other, but patiently wait for Tammy’s wedding, so that they can go together and would have a good chat later on.

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