Crossroad Of Love – Chapter 2

Rainie sat at her desk on her first day at work at AHW2. Her manager, Kevin, taught her many things of the company, and eventually letting her know that she is the only new staff coming in for the company that day. She will have 2 more new colleagues and another manager colleague the following week.

“Rainie,” Kevin said. “I would like to let you know this first. We will have a booth for an event held by Associations for IT Architects. I would like you to take charge with me on this booth,”

“Ok… would you mind to furnish me with more details about Associations for IT Architects and what to expect for the event?” Rainie asked.

“Sure,” Kevin said as he explained to her. “No worries, when your new colleagues come in next week, they will help out in this event,” Kevin said. “Oh yeah, there is a Monthly IT Meeting by Associations for IT Architects end of this month so you can see what they do in the meeting,”

“Meeting?” Rainie asked.

“Yeah, Monthly IT Meeting,” Kevin said. “You have to go,”

“Err… what do I have to do in there?”

“You only need to listen. Dr. Lee is there to talk, he has a session there…” Kevin said.

“Dr. Lee; my big boss, is having a session there? Why I don’t understand a single thing you said…?” Rainie murmured as she scratched her head.

“I will send the invitation out to you soon so you can get an idea about this,” Kevin said.

“Thank you…” Rainie said as Kevin slowly walked off to his seat. “But I still don’t understand what you are talking about…”


“Hi, welcome aboard, I am Terence, I am the president of Associations for IT Architects, Taiwan office,” Terence said.

“Thank you, I am Ken,”

“Hi, I’m Joanne, Program Director,” Joanne introduces herself. “And we are the only staffs for Associations for IT Architects, Taiwan,”

“3? Include me?” Ken asked.

“I know you’ll be surprised, but we’re hiring, no worries…” Terence said.

Ken giggled. “Well, slightly…”

“Joanne will show you around. If you have anything, do ask us,” Terence said, as he slowly walked off with a cell on his ear.

Joanne smiled. “This will be your desk. Well, I understand that if you choose to work with your father, your desk would be bigger than this,”

“The size of the table doesn’t matter, as long as I have my own place to work,” Ken smiled.

Joanne put a few documents on Ken’s table. “These are some of the things that you have to go thru first. First of all, to understand what Associations for IT Architects is and what we do. We have memberships and type of memberships, and then we have events and what we need to handle for the events… all of these is in the documents,”

“So basically all I need to do for today is… read?”

“And understand. We need to go out and meet people. We need to do presentations and we need to handle events,”

“With only 3 of us?”


“You sure know Vanness, right?”

“Of course. The former Program Manager,” Joanne said.

“He told me there is a Monthly IT Meeting at the end of this month…?” Ken asked.

“Yes, but the date may be changed to early next month,”

“What do I need to do for it? I mean, Vanness told me…”

“Right. As Program Manager, you handle Monthly IT Meeting and Architects Night-Out. I handle larger events, such as the upcoming Associations for IT Architects Event, the…” Joanne suddenly looked at Ken.

“What…? Something on my face?” Ken asked as he put his palm on his cheek.

“No, I was wondering why am I telling you all these now,” Joanne said.

Ken laughed. “You are telling me my job responsibilities, right?”

“Yes, but I have a feeling you are not coming back for work tomorrow,” Joanne said.

“I have agreed Uncle Alan. And he had faith in me, so do I… I know you bombarded me with all these job scopes and worry that I may not come back for work tomorrow, but you are preparing me for that, right? Well, Joanne, thank you very much. I appreciate it, and please continue,” Ken said.

“Don’t you think it’s scary?” Joanne asked.

“Well, first… it’s quite creepy,” Ken smiled. “Second, even you as Program Director managed to handle this, so, who am I to question this?” he said. “And third… it’s only 3 of us in this office, so, if it wasn’t any of us doing this, who else would handle this for us?”

“True… but anyway, I cannot be telling everything to you right now. I’ll just guide you slowly,”

“Thanks, Joanne. But if you don’t mind, please let me know everything I should know for this month’s Monthly IT Meeting,” Ken said.

“Sure,” Joanne smiled.


It’s been a week plus since Rainie started her job; and her new colleagues has finally joined in. With this, Dr, Lee, their Director, held an orientation for them to get to know about AHW2 MDW.

“Welcome all, I am Dr. Lee, a PhD, not a medical doctor, is the Director for AHW2 MDW Technologies. AHW2 is a giant organization as you all know, and AHW2 had a joint venture with MDW, which is based in Swiss, and thus established AHW2 MDW Technologies. And for your information, MDW stands for Mid-Dle-Ware. The technology that we are proposing and having is about MDW, an IT based company,” Dr. Lee said. “With this too, I am the Vice President of Associations for IT Architects for Taiwan, which is a non-profit organization which is for IT architects to group up and to talk about the latest technologies,”

“AHW2 MDW and Associations for IT Architects, all mixed up… I’m a little blur…” Rainie mumbled.

“The Associations for IT Architects will be having a Monthly IT Meeting at the end of this week, so all of you must attend. You will be exposed to the latest technology and to know what Associations for IT Architects is, and I have a session to talk about the latest technology there,” Dr. Lee said.

“So, all of us have to go,” Kevin said to the team.

“Go there and get to know people too,” Dr. Lee smiled.

Rainie’s other colleagues; Fanny, Jessica and the newly hired manager, Henry, all looked at each other, as they don’t understand what Dr. Lee has actually said, but for sure they will understand once they see it themselves.


“How’s your preparation for the Monthly IT Meeting?” Terence asked Ken.

“Everything is working as planned,” Ken said.

“Joanne will help you on this, as this is your first meeting,” Terence smiled.

“Well, I briefly have an idea how is this working out from Vanness,” Ken said.

“Great. Have you sent a reminder to the members about this meeting?”

“Yes,” Ken said.

“Wonderful,” Terence said and his cell rang. “Excuse me, I need to pick this call,” he said as he moved. “Hello, Dr. Lee…”

Ken smiled as he continued working on his notebook.

“Dr. Lee is the Vice President of Associations for IT Architects for Taiwan,” Joanne suddenly said.

“Huh?” Ken looked at Joanne.

“We work pretty closely with Dr. Lee,” Joanne said.

“Wait, I got a little confuse…” said Ken.

Joanne smiled and looked at Ken. “Alan is the President of Associations for IT Architects for Taiwan, and he will be the President for Asia Pacific soon. Dr. Lee is the Vice President for Taiwan. With Alan being the President for Asia Pacific’s region, Dr. Lee will be taking over his position, means the President for Taiwan soon,”

“Then Terence…”

“He is the President for Taiwan office. We both work and report to him, unless we have any other additional work or stuff to report to Alan and Dr. Lee,”

“Ok, I got the message pretty clear… for a moment,”
Joanne laughed. “Why, you sounded blur,”

“Well… I hate to admit, but yeah,” Ken laughed.

“No worries, you’ll get the message pretty clear for a lifetime soon,”

Ken laughed as he looked at the Monthly IT Meeting’s content.

“Ken, why don’t you want to work at your father’s company?” Joanne asked.

“Let’s just say that I wished not to work there first,” Ken smiled. “And I’ve enrolled to study psychology. I just did,”

“Really? I thought you like business?” Joanne said. “And what is your level of education?”

“I ventured into business because I have to. I graduated high school. I wanted to get a degree, perhaps a Masters in a field that I liked,” Ken said.

“Then what about your father’s company?” Joanne said. “Or you want to get a Masters, but still venture in business?”

Ken smiled. “Let’s just say I work on both sides,”

“Both?” Joanne asked.

“I need to be in business field for my father, but I wanted to venture into psychology because I want it, so, I’ll work on both sides,” Ken take a deep breath. “Well, anyway, we’ll see. It’s too early to say that now,”

“Well, yeah, true,” Joanne smiled.

“So, Dr. Lee…” Ken said.

“Dr. Lee worked as Director in AHW2. Associations for IT Architects is his affiliation,” Joanne smiled. “He could and will give us some instructions and suggestions to work things out, so as Alan… oh, Dr. Lee will have a session at this coming Monthly IT Meeting… here,” Joanne pointed at the picture after scrolling down the reminder in Ken’s notebook. “This is how he looked like,”

Ken smiled. “At least I won’t embarrass myself with not knowing who he is. At least I know he is the VP of Taiwan region and a Director in AHW2,”

“Ken…” Joanne said.

“What is it?”

“You know, whatever it is… you’re still Ken, the soon to be Zhu Corporation’s heir. You don’t mind working here, under all of us?”

Ken smiled. “Joanne, of course not. I don’t mind starting from bottom. No matter what, you are definitely more experience than me, and definitely older than me,” Ken then laughed.

“Hey!” Joanne hit Ken. “Well, heck, yeah, I am a few years older than you, it doesn’t mean…”

Ken interrupt, “It means you are eligible to direct me to do stuffs, Program Director,” he smiled.

“You really don’t mind?”

“Nope,” Ken said. “And please don’t hesitate to teach me,”

Joanne nodded. “Ah, have you prepared the name list of the attendees for the Monthly IT Meeting?”

“Here’s the list, I have prepare it according to the names you have mentioned,” Ken said as he browsed through the folders in the notebook, and then opened a document.

“Where are the names of the staffs of AHW2?” Joanne searched through the list.


“Kevin of AHW2 sends us the names of the staffs of AHW2 that will come over for the meeting, where are they?” Joanne asked.

“I didn’t receive anything on that,” Ken said.

“If that’s the case… maybe I forgot to send you the list… nevermind, I’ll send it over to you in a moment, then you put their names in there,” her cell rang. “Got a call to take…” she looked at her cell. “Hello?”

Ken looked at Joanne.

“Hi, Rainie, yes, I am Joanne… oh, you want to know about the Associations for IT Architects Event, which is for next month right? Actually over here we have things that had yet to finalized too, so, I am unable to let you know much about the things you want to know…” Joanne said as she slowly walked to her desk searching through the papers. “Yes, it is confirmed on 24th and 25th…”

Ken smiled. “Busy and hectic. Another person calling in for the queries on next month’s event. Prospects,” Ken looked at his notebook. “Oh yeah, print the brochures…” he said as he quickly work his hands on the notebook.


“Are you sure this is the road?” asked Fanny.

“Fanny, you are the only person that resides in Taipei the longest… you should know it clearer than me…” said Rainie.

“What to do… we’re all not local… not Taipei… you’ve been here for 6 months right?” Fanny said.

“You’ve been here for 5 years, Fanny, and poor Jessica and Henry at the car behind us… is only a week!” Rainie said.

Rainie, Fanny, Jessica and Henry are heading towards the Associations for IT Architects’ Monthly IT Meeting held at a college in town. Rainie followed Fanny who drive, and Henry followed Jessica who drive in another car. Earlier, they wanted to follow Kevin’s car to the college, but Kevin is still not moving when it is close to 6.30pm, and the meeting is subject to start at 7.30pm. It is well known that the town is jam with traffic after working hours.

“If it wasn’t Kevin didn’t want to move, we wouldn’t be guessing to take left or right…” Fanny said. “Left or right?”

“I… I…” Rainie said looking at the junction. “You decide!”

“Oh no, oh no, Rainie!! Left or right!!!” Fanny said as she slowly drive, leading to her stop at the middle of the junction. Jessica followed closely behind, stopped at the middle of the junction too.

“I don’t know left or right… well… we’ll just take right!” Rainie said.

“Ok, right!” Fanny immediately put on her right signal and swerves over.

The whole journey was hilarious, with their laughter filled the air. Not knowing how to go and where to go, they finally reached their destination. It’s drizzling so they all took two umbrellas.

“Now… where to go…” said Henry looking around, not knowing where the meeting will held.

“That’s the sign of Associations for IT Architects…we’ll just follow the sign…” Rainie said.

“Wait… let’s go to the ladies first…” Jessica said as she dragged Rainie and Fanny. Jessica hangs her umbrella at the sink and washed her hands.

“What do you think this meeting is going to look like?” Fanny asked.

“I really have no idea how it’s gonna look like. My first time,” Rainie said.

“We didn’t have our dinner. I’m hungry,” Jessica said.

“And it’s close to 7.30pm, I don’t think we can get any dinner now…” Rainie said.

“Do you think there’s food?” Fanny asked.

“I don’t think so…” Rainie said. “Come, let’s go,”

They all headed out of the ladies, and Henry waiting outside, and they all followed the Associations for IT Architects signs until they reached a hallway, with a Associations for IT Architects banner is stood firmly outside a room. A registration counter is located next to the room. A guy is sitting at the registration counter. When he saw them, he immediately stood up.

“Is this…” Rainie asked.

“Coming for Associations for IT Architects?” the guy said.

“Yeah,” Rainie and Henry said at the same time.

“Sure, your name please…” the guy said as he looked at the list, wanting to tick the name of those who came.

Rainie looked at the list. “Yang Rainie…” she said.




“All from AHW2?” the guy asked.

“Eh, Kevin is not here yet?” Rainie asked. “It’s 7.30pm already…”

Out of nowhere, Kevin suddenly appeared.

“Long life Kevin…” Jessica said. “Just reached too,”

“Dr. Lee?” Henry asked.

“He’s inside,” the guy said.

“How come they have our names?” Fanny asked.

“Kevin sends them our names and he sent us a copy of that, you don’t remember?” Rainie said.

Fanny shook. “Don’t remember,”

“How come you guys left at 6.30pm and just reached? I left office at 7pm,” Kevin said.

“We don’t know the road, let’s just say we almost got lost…” Henry said. “My goodness the whole journey was funny…”

“Do you have business cards?” the guy asked after he ticked all the names.

“No,” Henry answered shortly.

“No, we don’t have yet. It’s in the printing process,” Rainie answered.

The guy looked at Rainie. “Then please fill in this…” he said as he passed a small piece of paper, with a few fields needed to fill in, in replacement of the business card.

“You fill in your cell number?” Fanny asked as she glanced over both Rainie and Jessica.

“Yeah,” Jessica said.

“Office number,” Rainie said. “You put in your personal email?”

“I don’t remember my company email address,” Fanny laughed.

Rainie laughed, as she jotted down her company email address in the paper and handed it to the guy.

“$20,” he said.

“Har?” they all gaped.

“I thought…” Jessica said.

“Dr. Lee said he will handle it,” Kevin said, calmly.

“If that’s the case… well, I’ll ask him,” the guy said as he walked over and opened the door for them.

“Thanks,” Rainie said as she went in with the rests.

“Hi,” a girl greeted as they walked in. After they all came in, she looked at the registration counter. “Ken, time to start,”

“Alright, Joanne,” Ken said, as he walked in, leaving the registration counter when Joanne walked over to it.

“Food!” Jessica said. They all looked at the refreshment served, as though they have not seen food for years. They are heading to it when suddenly,

“Hi all, we’re starting the Monthly IT Meeting now, please take a seat…” Ken said, professionally.

“I was just about to eat…” Rainie said. “Darn, I’m so hungry…”

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