Crossroad Of Love – Chapter 3

It is their first time to attend the Monthly IT Meeting. Alan, the President of Associations for IT Architects for Taiwan is the first speaker, and then followed by a break, before Dr. Lee’s session.

When Ken announced it is break, Rainie, Fanny and Jessica immediately headed to the refreshment table and took their dinner. Ken smiled as he looked at the girls from AHW2, the only young girls there, where as it is obviously seen other attendees are fairly professional and experienced technical people, with their age around the age of Joanne and probably higher. Ken walked over to them.

“This one is nice,” Fanny said as she indulged in the food.

“Everything’s nice when we’re hungry…” Rainie said.

“Hi,” Ken said.

“The guy at the registration counter… what are you doing here? Can’t you see I’m enjoying my late dinner?” Rainie thought to herself. “Hi,” she said, with food still in her mouth, trying her best to cover it up.

“Hi,” Fanny and Jessica said, also, having food in their mouth.

“I’m Ken,” Ken said.

“Fanny,” Fanny said.

“Jessica,” Jessica said.

“Rainie,” Rainie said. She tried her best to chew and swallow everything, not to be rude towards a person that’s trying to be nice to them.

“Is the food alright?” Ken said.

“It feels like heaven… because we are darn hungry and you are disturbing us having the meal of the lifetime!” Rainie thought to herself. She nodded as she is still busying chewing the food.

“Girls, Dr. Lee is looking for you,” Kevin said as he approached them.

“Not another one…” Rainie thought. With the plate still on their hands, they walked towards Dr. Lee, leaving Ken behind, introducing himself to Kevin.

“Alan, these are my girls,” said Dr. Lee. “Fanny, Rainie and Jessica,” Dr. Lee turned to them, “Alan is the President of Associations for IT Architects for Taiwan,” Dr. Lee then turned looking at Alan. “Recognized these faces, if they come over to your company for job, don’t hire them,”

They all laughed, understood what Dr. Lee mean. And then, slowly, like snakes, Rainie, Fanny and Jessica ‘glides’ away to the refreshment table, again, to get food.

“Rainie, this is Joanne,” Kevin introduces.

“Hello, Rainie,” Joanne said.

“Hi, Joanne. I am the one liaising with you on the Associations for IT Architects Event for next month, on behalf of AHW2,” Rainie said.

“Oh yeah, now I remember! No wonder your name sounds so familiar to me at the first place. I see, I see… so, how is the preparation for the event? Do you need any additional information or help?” Joanne asked.

“Well, so far everything is alright. I’ll contact you if I need more information,” Rainie smiled.

“Hey, where are the girls?” Dr. Lee asked as he looked around him.

Henry laughed. “The girls didn’t have their dinner, they are now at the refreshment table,”

Dr. Lee smiled. “Eat… eat…” he walked over to them. He saw Ken, who is catching up a few words with the girls. “So, you are Ken?” Dr. Lee asked Ken.

“Yes, Dr. Lee, want some food?” Ken asked.

“No, it’s ok. I’ve seen the way you do things. Quite good. Interested to come over to AHW2?”

“Huh?” Ken asked.

“I need people like you in my team,” Dr. Lee said.

Ken smiled. “Interesting,” Ken thought. “I quite like Associations for IT Architects, so…”

“Alright, understood,” Dr. Lee said. “So…” he turned around with Ken. “In this Monthly IT Meeting…”

Ken turned slightly to look over the girls, hoping to talk more with them. Afterall, their age is almost same, it will be better to engage in a conversation with them rather than other people that he may not understand when it comes to IT. He then turned back looking at Dr. Lee who is commenting on the Monthly IT Meeting, while the girls busy eating their heart out.

After the break, they continued with the session, Dr. Lee’s session. Jessica whispered something to Fanny and Fanny whispered something to Rainie.

“Jessica forgets her umbrella in the toilet…” Fanny said.

Rainie looked at Fanny, and then Jessica. Jessica nodded.

“We’ll retrieve it after this…” Rainie whispered back to Fanny, and then to Jessica.

After the whole session is over, and while Jessica is waiting for Ken to announce the end of the meeting, suddenly,

“We’ve found this umbrella in the ladies, so, whoever the owner is… please retrieve this back,” Ken said, with the umbrella in hand.

“Ah, mine!” Jessica said, a ‘lil embarrassed.

“Alright then. Thank you everyone for attending the meeting. Associations for IT Architects Event is held next month on the 24th and 25th, so, if you need further information, kindly contact us or email us, thank you,” Ken said. He headed to the door, where Joanne is standing too.

“Thank you, see you again,” Joanne said, and Terence called her over to have a short talk.

“So see you all again in Associations for IT Architects Event,” Ken said when Kevin, Henry, Rainie, Fanny and Jessica passed by.

“See you,” they all said.

“That Rainie… my first impression towards her is unique. Very unique,” Ken mumbled and smiled.

That was their first meeting. Ken and Rainie’s first meeting.


The next 3 weeks is a busy week ahead for Rainie to handle on the Associations for IT Architects Event. She has never handled any event before, and this will be her first. She handled the pressures from Kevin for the event, and bugged Joanne every other day for information so that she can make the event a success.

Stress and slightly hate for the event, she finds herself sleepless nights to ensure the event is a success. No matter how good it seems to be, there is something that she always left behind, and needless to say, Kevin didn’t made the requirements clear in the first place, causing her to do the same thing over and over again, wasting time and effort. She didn’t get much help from Fanny and Jessica as she is being put as the person in charge for the event. Saying that she is helping Kevin, but she felt she is the one doing it, and Kevin helping her out. However she will ensure she win in the end, no matter what.

Joanne and Ken at Associations for IT Architects are just about as busy, or perhaps even busier than a swarm of bees. The event is 3 weeks away, but there is a briefing session for exhibitors in the event next 2 weeks. They need to ensure that this event must go flawlessly. Pressures from Terence and Alan are tremendous.

It’s finally the briefing day for the exhibitors. Dr. Lee, Kevin and Rainie attended the briefing session. Rainie carry a box in her arms, with inside are all the papers that are subjected to be passed to Associations for IT Architects to include in their handouts to the people coming over to the event.

“Who should I pass this to?” Rainie asked Kevin.

“Joanne,” Kevin answered.

“Alright, then I’ll looked for her,” said Rainie as she headed to a room and lightly opened it. In there, Ken is arranging the boxes and papers, and then turned looking at her. “Oh no, I don’t remember his name…” Rainie tried hard to remember his name.

“Hi, Rainie,” Ken said and smiled lightly.

“Hi… is Joanne around?” Rainie said.

“She’s not in… you didn’t see her anywhere outside the room?” Ken said as he walked towards her and looked behind the door.

Rainie shook. “No, so I was asking if you know…”

Ken shook. “Urgent? I’ll call her if you need to,”

“I actually wanted to pass this over,” Rainie said as she showed the box to Ken. “It’s for the handouts for the event day, can I pass to you instead?”

“Sure, we actually place it here, even if you pass to her,” Ken said as he accepted the box.

“Thanks,” Rainie said and turned, with Dr. Lee and Kevin walking over. “Dr. Lee,”

“Hi, Dr. Lee,” Ken said.

“Ken,” Dr. Lee said.

“RIGHT! His name is Ken,” Rainie thought to herself. “Darn, I will never forget his name again, since he remember my name so well,”

“Where is the briefing room?” Dr. Lee asked.

“2nd room from here,” Ken pointed to his right.

“You’ve pass Joanne the box?” Kevin asked.

“To Ken,” Rainie said as she pointed at Ken.

“Yeah, I’ve taken it,” Ken said.

Rainie didn’t really pay attention to what Ken and Dr. Lee talked as she is looking around the hall until one particular moment that she turned back hearing at what they say.

“You got a girlfriend? How many years together already?” Dr. Lee asked.

“6,” Ken said shortly.

“Wow… you’re such a loyal person. And you definitely got into a relationship at a very young age!” Dr. Lee said.

Ken just smiled.

“Alright, we’ll go into the briefing room now,” Dr. Lee said.

“See you later,” Ken smiled.

“See you,” Rainie said as she walked off to the briefing room with Dr. Lee and Kevin.

In the briefing session, they were informed on what is to be done and what is not. They are furnished with details and then they need to do booth balloting.

“In your opinion, which booth location should we have?” Kevin asked Rainie, looking at the exhibitor manual.

“These 3 booths,” Rainie said, pointing at the locations.

“Why?” Dr. Lee asked.

Rainie explained why among the 3 booths, and she expressed that she didn’t like the location of the other 2 booths that they may possible get.

“Great. You’ll do the voting later, ok,” Dr. Lee smiled.

“Har… me?” Rainie said.

“Yeah, get me the good booth location,” Dr. Lee said.

“Pressure… tension…” Rainie said.

Dr. Lee laughed. “Stay calm,”

Rainie represented AHW2 MDW to do the balloting for the booth, and luckily she get the booth that she wants! She’s so happy. The briefing ended before lunch.

“There’s some refreshment, take a few first, then we’ll go back office,” said Dr. Lee as he walked off and catch up with other Associations for IT Architects members, followed closely with Kevin.

“Hey,” Ken called up, just right after Rainie took the sandwich and stuffs it in her mouth.

“Mm…” Rainie replied, covering her mouth and she munches the sandwich.

“How’s the briefing?” Ken asked.

Rainie nodded, hoping that she can swallow the sandwich as soon as possible.

“Manage to get a good booth location?” Ken asked.

“Yup,” Rainie nodded.

“Rainie, we gotta go back to office now,” Kevin said.

Rainie looked at Ken, still munching, and waved at him.

Ken smiled as he waved back. “Bye,” he said.

Rainie left carrying her bag with Kevin and Dr. Lee.

And that was their second meeting.


It is the Associations for IT Architects Event day. Rainie took the train straight to the event venue. She has been both excited and worried for the event, excited that it is her first event; and worry for it may not work out well or as planned. She cannot sleep well for the past few days.

When she reached the hotel (where the event is held), she headed to the registration counter and registered, to take the exhibitor tag for her colleagues.

“Hi,” Ken said, sitting at another table.

“Hi,” Rainie said, shortly and headed straight to her booth. Much to her surprise, none of her colleagues is here yet, and it’s 8.30am. “I’ve already tell you guys to be here by 8.30am… and none of you are here!” she said. Nevertheless, she do what she can do for now… breakfast! Ah… food… again.

The rests of the team reached at about 9am, seeing Rainie just finished her breakfast. She passed them the passes and letting them know what had happened the past 30 minutes. Before the event start, Rainie, Fanny and Jessica walked around the hall.

Ken saw the girls and walked to them. “Hi, ladies,”

“Hi,” Rainie, Fanny and Jessica said.

“What’s his name again…?” Jessica and Fanny asked softly at Rainie.

“Ken…” Rainie said.

“Yes, right!” Jessica and Fanny turned looking at Ken and smiled.

“Hey, I’ve added you in,” Ken said at Fanny.

“Really?” Fanny said. “I didn’t log in into my account for the past few days,”

“Sure, waiting for your approval. I have also added you, from Fanny’s page,” Ken said at Jessica.

“Ok, I’ll approve you once I log in,” said Jessica.

“How did you get their email?” Rainie asked. “Or you typed their name in the search field,”

“She submitted her personal email during the chapter meeting, so I got it,” Ken said, pointing at Fanny.

“So, did you saw mine? I didn’t see you seeking my approval for friends’ request,” Rainie said.

“Well, I saw you… and the funny thing is… I cannot add you, you limit your profile!” Ken laughed.

“Oh yeah… now I remember, then you can message me,” Rainie said.

“I want to send you message, but it also limit to “Rainie’s Friends Only” so I got totally blocked from contacting you,” Ken said.

“Oh… so serious… it’s ok. I’ll add you, you just give me your email will do,” Rainie laughed. ”Ah… I think I’ll just add you from Fanny’s page,”

“Ok too, thanks,” Ken said.

“Well, sorry, excuse us…” Jessica said as they all walked off.

Ken smiled and walked to his registration counter.

When the event start, Rainie busily walked around the hall of the event, as there are a few slots for AHW2’s Vice President for these 2 days event. Fanny, Jessica, Kevin, Henry and Dr. Lee are based at their booth where as for Ken, there is nothing much for him to do but to ensure everything is working well.

Ken saw Rainie walked past him for a few times, from the AHW2’s Vice President slot to her company’s booth. Ken called out for her.

“Rainie!” Ken called.

Rainie stopped and looked at him. “Yeah?”

“Sounds busy walking around. Come, take a break,” Ken said.

“No, no, no. Not for now. There’s another slot later in the afternoon, I need to get everything done and works well…”

“Well, ok… don’t be too rush…” Ken said. “Take it easy…”

“Talk to you when I am free…” Rainie walked, headed towards her booth, scratching her head.

Ken laughed lightly and shook. “She is really unique,”

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