Crossroad Of Love – Chapter 4

Rainie reached the booth on the second day, again, the earliest. After she put down her bags, she took a plate of noodles, and sat at her booth, taking the breakfast. Ken was walking around the booths, saw her, and walked towards her booth.

“Hey, good morning,” Ken said.

“Good morning,” Rainie said.

“Where are the rests?” Ken asked.

“Not here yet. I’m the earliest again today,” Rainie smiled.

“So, mind if I sit down?” Ken asked, looking at her, clad in a blue halter neck tee with a coat, and knee-length skirt.

“Nope, sure, have a seat. You wanna take breakfast?” Rainie asked.

“I’ve taken,” Ken smiled as he sat down opposite Rainie. “Thanks,”

“So, it’s second day of the event today, you can take it easy, right?” Ken asked.

“No. There’s still a slot I need to handle for my VP,” Rainie said. “What time did you come here today?”

“I stayed overnight at this hotel last night. You know, there are so many things to do yesterday, I don’t really have time and energy to go home and then come back early in the morning,” Ken said.

“So, you definitely have a good night sleep last night,” Rainie smiled.

“Not really. It’s a tiring night. I handled everything until close to 1am, and I didn’t sleep much, and I came here around 7am,” Ken said.

“Wow… you still can bear with it?” Rainie asked.

“It’s my job,” Ken smiled.

“I envy you,” Rainie said.


“You get to wear tee today, and I can’t,” Rainie laughed.

Ken, clad in the blue Associations for IT Architects tee, smiled. “Why not?”

“It’s either Associations for IT Architects tee or formal,” Rainie said. “And you guys don’t have S size… then we don’t get to wear that,”

“Well, size S sells like hot cakes,” Ken laughed.

“And could you do something for me?” Rainie asked.

“What is it?” Ken asked.

“How can I get that blue Associations for IT Architects bag? You know… the one the delegates are holding,” Rainie said.

“Err… I can’t promise you that, but I will try what I can…” Ken said.

“Well, I really want that bag, it’s nice,” Rainie said. “I want that bag,”

Ken smiled.

“Look what we got here…” Dr. Lee said.

“Dr. Lee,” Ken and Rainie said at the same time.

“Coming over to woo my girl?” Dr. Lee asked as he patted Ken’s shoulder.

“Just come over for a talk, plus, she is alone,” Ken said.

“Alright, let’s start work!” Dr. Lee said.

Ken held his hand up, as a sign of he is leaving to Rainie, and Rainie returned the same sign to him as she quickly consume the remaining noodles in her plate.

The second day of event runs as usual. Rainie is busy walking from her VP’s slot’s room to her booth, back and forth. And she constantly passes by Ken’s registration counter and scares him by, “I want that bag!”

Ken will always looked up at her and give her the glare, and said, “I’ll see,” he will always smile or laugh when Rainie passed by for her demands. “Good. She’s demanding,” he will then focus back on his work.


“Things getting better?” Vanness asked.

“Yeah, thanks buddy, thanks for being here these 2 days,” Ken asked. “Thanks for helping out,”

“No problem. I also work on this for the last few months, and I really wish to be here to see it happen,” Vanness said. “Well, I did,”

“Ok,” Ken smiled.

“It’s the second day of event. Guess nothing will go wrong at the last minute, right?” Vanness said.

“You better pray that it won’t happen,” Ken said.

“It’s already 3pm now, I have a meeting at 4pm, so, I need to go, you’ll be fine here?” Vanness asked.

“Of course, you better get it going, don’t be late, CEO Wu,” Ken said.

“Sure thing, I’ll talk to you tonight to wrap this up,” Vanness said as he stood up. He patted Ken’s back and walked off.

Ken smiled. He then saw Rainie walking past him to her VP’s slot’s room.

“Sigh… she’s really taking too hard on this,” Ken said. Not long later, he saw her talking to the hotel’s person in charge. He stares at the whole scenario, and then, saw her passing something to them, and left after she checked the room.

Rainie slightly tilted her head looking at him. “What are you looking at?” she turned and looked behind her.

“Oh… what was that all about? You were talking to the hotel people…” Ken said.

“Oh, just returning the key of the room,” Rainie said. “I want that bag!” she exclaimed.

“Sigh… I’ve told you I’ll do what I can to get you one, alright?” Ken said. “Now, don’t ask me again or else I am not giving you one even if I can get it,”

“Oops,” Rainie said, covering her mouth, and then laughed. “Nah, just joking,”

Ken smiled. “Now you can sit down and talk already, right?” he patted the chair beside him.

“Well, not too long,” Rainie said as she sat down, after glancing over the booth.

“Now you can take a deep breath, your VP’s slot’s over,” Ken smiled.

“Yeah… but still need to settle some stuff in the booth,” Rainie took a deep breath.

“Take it easy,” Ken smiled. “So, who is this VP and what do you do for his slot?” Ken asked.

Rainie answered his questions, and even told him what she encountered in the whole process. He listened attentively.

“This girl is really something,” Ken thought to himself. “She just tells me what she feels she want to tell and is alright… although she and I don’t really know that long or in depth…”

“I treat everyone equally. I don’t treat you better because you are a guy or I just know you. I can tell everything to someone or everyone. I will voice out whatever is in my heart, but I need to see who I tell it to. I know I can tell it to you,” Rainie said.


“Because you are the perfect candidate for me to talk to, to tell what I felt, because you won’t complain or compare me to another person that I know,” she laughed.

Ken giggled. “That was weird… one weird thing I learn about you,”

“Thanks for asking and hearing me out. I really need to spill it out,” Rainie said. “That was for personal. Work wise… it’s confidential,” she smiled.

“Of course. I am delighted that you spill it out to me,” Ken said. “You… really trust me?”

“Well, I will know the type of person you are, sooner or later, depending on what you do. I don’t tell people I hate them the first time I know them. I give them chance to prove themselves first. Their thinking, attitude and heart will show,” she smiled.

Ken smiled. “Then can I have your number? Maybe we can talk more on phone, you know, keep in contact,”

“Sure,” Rainie said as she handed him her business card. “My number’s there,”

“My…” Ken said.

“I got your number already. You passed me your business card in the Monthly IT Meeting,”

“I think that time I still had my business card yet…”

“It’s your personal one. You said, your other company or something like that,”

“Oh, my father’s company… part time, part time…” he said. “Yeah, my number’s there,”

Rainie smiled. Ken saw Henry walking around, and Fanny and Jessica headed to the ladies. Not long later he saw Kevin walking towards the locked room that previously held their VP’s slot, and then back heading to their booth. Rainie also looked at Kevin. Kevin suddenly landed his eyes on Rainie.

“You’re here! We’re all looking for you… even Fanny and Jessica headed to ladies to look for you. Goodness, we all thought you went missing,” Kevin said.

“Talked to Ken for a while,” Rainie said. She looked at Ken and waved. Ken smiled and waved back. Rainie walked to the booth with Kevin.

“So where do you find her?” asked Dr. Lee.

“She is at the registration counter, talking with Ken,” Kevin said.

“Well, we need to go already, now preparing for booth tear-down,” Dr. Lee said.

“Do you want to take a photo of us first?” asked Kevin.

“Yeah, great… so, who can hold the camera for us…” Dr. Lee said as he looked around.

“Do you want to get Ken? He can hold the camera for us,” Rainie said.

“Rainie, I know you liked Ken, there’s no need to ask him to hold for us, we can ask someone at the opposite booth,” Dr. Lee said as he headed to the opposite booth. “And he has a girlfriend, ok?”

Rainie gaped while Fanny, Jessica and Henry laughed.

“No! I didn’t!” Rainie said. “We just talked!”


Ken took a Associations for IT Architects bag and folded it. He then headed to the AHW2 MDW booth where Rainie is alone, when the others are away.

“Yours,” Ken said, handing the bag to her.

“Me?” Rainie said.

“That’s the bag you wanted,” Ken said. “Take it before anyone sees it,”

“Oh,” Rainie immediately takes it and stuffed into her bag. “I was actually joking with you. The bag is nothing important. It’s alright if you cannot give me. I know it is difficult for you to…”

“Remember how often you come over to my counter and demanded the bag?” Ken smiled. “You showed me how badly you wanted the bag,” he laughed. “But as I said, I’ll do what I can to get you one, and I’ve fulfilled it,”

“Thanks, really,” Rainie said.

“You’re welcome. Well… anyway… I’ll talk to you soon, I need to get back to my counter,” Ken said and waved.

“Bye,” Rainie said as she smiled.


Ken sat at the counter, as he then sees the AHW2 team walked past him. He looked at Rainie. She slightly turned to look at Dr. Lee who is standing next to her, but she didn’t turn to look at Ken, nor did she realized he was there.

“I think I’ve liked this girl…” Ken mumbled. “It’s been years since I had such feelings. Now this feeling is back…” he said as he looked over to Rainie, who slowly walks down onto the non-working escalator with her other colleagues with stuffs on her hands.

Ken sat there thinking of the kind of feelings he is having at the moment.


Ken lied on his bed thinking if he should call Rainie. With the cell phone on his right hand, he thinks deeply what to talk to her, if she picked up the call. He looked at the cell, and then finally dialed the number.
Rainie, working on her notebook in the living room, rushed in into her room upon hearing the phone ring, and looked at the number. “Ken,” she said and she picked up the call.

Rainie : Hello
Ken : Hello, this is Ken.
Rainie : Yeah, I know. Got your number saved in my cell.
Ken : Oh, really. (laughed)
Rainie : So, what can I help you since you call me?
Ken : Well, called just to talk to you, cannot?
Rainie : Of course, no problem.
Ken : So… busy?
Rainie : Not really.
Ken : How did the event went for you, overall?
Rainie : Great. Was wishing better.
Ken : Not tired?
Rainie : Kind of. How about you? You’re the event organizer.
Ken : Slightly.
Rainie : So, did you call Fanny and Jessica?
Ken : Huh? Why?
Rainie : You called me. So I suppose you’ll call them too.
Ken : Well, no. Not really.
Rainie : I see… (laughed). Hey you know what…
Ken : What?
Rainie : After talking to you today… Dr. Lee rumored me and you.
Ken : What did he say?
Rainie : He say I was interested in you… gosh!
Ken : Gosh! That was funny!
Rainie : Kevin said he found me at the counter talking to you, so, Dr. Lee come up with the story. I didn’t even know how to say!
Ken : Then what did you reply him?
Rainie : Of course I say no! And everybody was laughing… gosh!
Ken : (Laughed) I could imagine if I really accepted the job offer that Dr. Lee offered me, we would be rumored badly!
Rainie : Definitely!

With then, Ken and Rainie chatted on phone for an hour. That was their third and fourth meeting – in the Associations for IT Architects Event.


Ken added Rainie in the Internet instant messaging where they constantly message each other – MSN Messenger. The week after the Associations for IT Architects Event, all the staffs of AHW2 MDW went for training, and they went for the last day of training on a subjected holiday. Ken then saw Rainie online and asked if she is enjoying her holiday, in which she replied in the messenger that she is attending training, in the office.

ken-msn : In the office? I thought it is holiday today.
rainie-msn : It’s the last day of training. We’ll have a replacement holiday.
ken-msn : Really? Then let me know when will be your holiday, we can go for lunch.
rainie-msn : I don’t think so. I want to go back to hometown with that holiday.
ken-msn : Oh, yeah. You should go back too.

With then, Rainie had rejected the lunch appointment with Ken, and instead, going back to her hometown with her replacement holiday.

Ken called Rainie constantly for a month, catching up with her what she is doing and how she felt. Rainie has never really called him up to talk, for she didn’t know him too well to share everything she wanted to share. All she knows is that he is a good guy and a good friend a person could ask for.

One day on a phone call,

Ken : Is your boyfriend alright that I called you constantly to talk?
Rainie : First of all, you’re my friend. You can call me anytime to talk. And secondly, I do not have a boyfriend.
Ken : You do not?
Rainie : No. Broke up a few months back.
Ken : Why?
Rainie : Been too long together. 3.5 years. We felt that we do not suit each other. The feelings are not there too, you know.
Ken : I see..
Rainie : And you call me up so often, your girlfriend won’t be jealous? (laughed)
Ken : I don’t have a girlfriend, ok?
Rainie : You don’t?
Ken : No. I’m single for the past few years.
Rainie : Really? I remembered you told Dr. Lee the other day that you have a girlfriend for 6 years!
Ken : Actually I didn’t want him to ask this and that. You know, he’ll ask what type of girls, how and all those kind of questions that I don’t want to answer. So, I just say I have one, so he won’t ask more.
Rainie : Alright… So, you’ve been into a relationship? Mind telling?
Ken : Yes. I do. Twice.
Rainie : I see… what happened?
Ken : My first one… passed away. And the second one… it just didn’t happen.
Ken thought to himself, “I am telling you because of you… not anyone else,”
Rainie : Passed away?
Ken : Yes. Just… accident.
Rainie : I’m sorry.
Ken : It’s alright.
Rainie : How long you’re together with her?
Ken : Many, many years. With the second one, a few months.
Rainie : Ok…

“I sense that you don’t want to tell too much… so, I’ll just refrain from asking too much,” Rainie thought.

Rainie : Well, anyway, don’t talk about it anymore…
Ken : So, your ex-boyfriend is from your hometown?

And the questions go on and on.

Soon, there isn’t much communication between Ken and Rainie as they didn’t contact on phone. Ken is busy with his job and so as Rainie. They only contacted each other via MSN, and Ken would know what Rainie is up to recently.

Rainie works on a project and works in the office until late night every single day with Fanny. She could stay in the office until 10pm, 11pm, 12am or 2am. Ken, sometimes went online at night, saw Rainie still working in the office, would send her messages in the Internet, asking her if she had taken dinner and how is the status of her work. At times, Rainie would complain to him how badly she wanted to rest but couldn’t because of her work. Until then, Rainie stayed in the office until 9am the next day and then would go back home for 5 hours before coming back to office and continue working until midnight again.

As work slowly takes most of their time, Ken and Rainie didn’t keep in contact much, with them didn’t talk on the phone, nor message each other in MSN.

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