Crossroad Of Love – Chapter 5

It’s been 3 months since Ken and Rainie last communicate. They only see each other online in MSN Messenger but didn’t chat. Ken changed his cell phone, thus losing her contact number. The feelings he had for her slowly fades away. Little did Rainie know, she need to work along Associations for IT Architects for the next event held by other organization, M.H., called M.H. Technology Event.

Just like Associations for IT Architects Event, AHW2 MDW will have a booth in M. H. Technology Event. Rainie has been assigned again by Kevin to responsible on the logistics and management of the event. Rainie is a bit annoyed that she is selected again instead of other colleagues, but she will take it as a challenge to make the event better than what she did in the Associations for IT Architects Event. She has been preparing for the event for 2 months. Two other departments of AHW2 will be joining in the M.H. Technology Event along with them, and Rainie will be responsible fully for this event.

“Rainie,” Dr. Lee said as he looked at Rainie jotting down notes in her notebook. Rainie looked up at him. “How is the preparation for M.H. Technology Event? I know you are responsible for the logistics. Is everything alright?”

“Everything is running well, I only wanted to know what other departments are doing for…” Rainie said, but interrupted by Kevin.

“It’s my mistake that I didn’t tell you this. The other departments will not be joining us for the event as planned,” said Kevin.

“You mean they are not…” Rainie said, and then mumbled. “If you know they are not joining already, why don’t you tell me… since I need to redo a lot of things… all over again…”

“No, instead, I am bringing in Associations for IT Architects. So, you need to arrange 2 pass to them,” Dr. Lee said.

“Two? Only two?” Rainie asked.

“Yes, we need the remaining 8,” Dr. Lee looked at Kevin. “You’ve arranged for the pass allocation, right? We have 5 exhibitor pass, and 5 delegate pass,”

“Yes,” Kevin answered shortly.

“So, Rainie, you will need to liaise with Associations for IT Architects for this event. Let them know what they should know,” Dr. Lee said.

“Ok,” Rainie replied.

“And ensure this, tell the girls that we go there for work, not to woo guys. And you too, Ken is there,” Dr. Lee said.

“DR. LEE!!!” Rainie exclaimed.

“Thank you,” Dr. Lee said and laughed, noting that Rainie can leave the room.

Rainie walked out of the room. “So… needed to liaise with Joanne or Ken… but only two pass?” she murmured.


Ken has been busy with the Monthly IT Meeting that will be held today. He then stopped for a moment and looked at his MSN contact list, where he noticed Rainie is online.

“It’s been some time since I talked to Rainie. Is she coming for the meeting tonight?” he mumbled. He then double clicked on Rainie’s name in the MSN and typed her message.

ken-msn : hello
rainie-msn : hi, long time didn’t chat with you.
ken-msn : yeah. How’s life?
rainie-msn : so far so good. And you?
ken-msn : quite busy. Did you receive any mails about the Monthly IT Meeting?
rainie-msn : yeah. It’s tonight.
ken-msn : so are you coming?
rainie-msn : I’m not sure yet. Wait for instructions. And not so sure of how to go to the venue of the meeting.
ken-msn : I can guide you.
rainie-msn : I know how to get there, but not very sure. I guess I can find my way there.
ken-msn : call me if you need my help to get there.
rainie-msn : no problem, but shouldn’t be any problem to get there, I supposed.
ken-msn : can I have your number again?
rainie-msn : I thought you already have my number… you called me a couple of times already previously.
ken-msn : I changed my cell. I stored your number in my cell and not my card so I lost your number. Sorry.

Rainie then typed her number to him.

ken-msn : thanks. How’s everyone? How’s Fanny and Jessica?
rainie-msn : we got a new staff, and a few more coming in next month. Jessica resigned 2 months ago.
ken-msn : resign?
rainie-msn : yeah. She cannot cope with the job. After all… she is not IT based. And she had difficulty working with Kevin.
ken-msn : so is Kevin treating you well?
rainie-msn : I’m currently working under Henry already.
ken-msn : oh? Well… didn’t contact with you for a few months… seems like everything changed…
rainie-msn : just slightly. Oh yeah. Do you know about M.H. Technology Event? That we have a booth?
ken-msn : yes.
rainie-msn : do you know Associations for IT Architects will be there too?
ken-msn : yes.
rainie-msn : I am handling the event for AHW2 MDW side. I will send you the information once I have compiled it.
ken-msn : you handle for AHW2 MDW?
rainie-msn : well, yeah, again.
ken-msn : I see…
rainie-msn : who can I liaise with? You or Joanne?
ken-msn : any of us. It’s the same.
rainie-msn : alright.
ken-msn : thank you. So you are still taking public transport now?
rainie-msn : no. I bought car already.
ken-msn : I see… it will be better if you own a car, you know… more reliable, and safer.
rainie-msn : yeah, I can go anywhere I want and not to be bounded by the public transport.
ken-msn : yeah, true. So… know whether you all are coming to the meeting tonight?
rainie-msn : not sure yet. We’re still waiting for instructions.
ken-msn : well… ok…
rainie-msn : if I am coming… you better be prepared.
ken-msn : on?
rainie-msn : remember the rumors that come up in Associations for IT Architects Event?
ken-msn : oh ya… hahaha.
rainie-msn : so… just be prepared for it. Dr. Lee may say that again.
ken-msn : sure.
rainie-msn : I just got hit by Dr. Lee.
ken-msn : how?

Rainie relate what she’s just been said by Dr. Lee to Ken, and how she respond to it. Ken laughed.

rainie-msn : did Dr. Lee did that to you in your office?
ken-msn : no. Never.

Ken and Rainie continued their chat for the next 30 minutes. Ken then said that he need to leave to the Monthly IT Meeting venue and Rainie continued working in her office until 5.30pm. As Dr. Lee informed all of them that attending the meeting are compulsory in the last minute, Rainie drove along with her colleagues to the meeting venue. They need to leave sharp at 5.30pm in order to reach the venue before 7.30pm, as it is very far from their working place, and popularly known as a traffic jam area.

Rainie didn’t inform Ken that they are going to the meeting. So, their attendance will be a surprise for him.

Rainie, along with one of her colleagues, reached the Monthly IT Meeting venue before 7.30pm. When she reached there, Joanne opened the door for her.

“Hello, Rainie,” Joanne said.

“Hello, Joanne,” Rainie said. “Been some time since meeting you!”

“Yeah… few months already!” Joanne said.

Rainie proceed to the registration counter, where Ken is there, smiling at them. Dr. Lee and Kevin are already there.

“This is Jennifer, new staff,” Rainie said as she wrote her name down on the list. “Ken,” she introduced.

“Hi,” Ken and Jennifer said to each other. Ken stared at Rainie for a second, and knew that the feelings had come back.

“Only 2 of you? Fanny?” asked Ken.

“Coming,” Rainie replied. “Another one coming in is Tammy, you know her right?”

Ken shook. “New staff?”

“Oh, she came at about the time Jessica left. Nevermind, it’s ok,” Rainie said as she looked at Jennifer writing down her name.

“$20,” Ken said.

“Again?! I thought…. I am not paying, ok,” Rainie said.

“We are being forced to come… we still need to pay?” Jennifer asked.

“Can you ask the payment from someone else?” Rainie asked.

“Err…” Ken said, as Kevin walked towards them.

“Kevin! We need to pay?” Jennifer asked.

“You can claim back from company. Just pay…” Kevin said.

“You didn’t say we need to pay, we didn’t bring money, you pay,” Jennifer said.

“No money?” Kevin asked.

“No,” Rainie said.

Kevin looked at Ken. “You must issue me the receipt in order for me to do the claim,” he took out the wallet.

“I’ll send to you,” Ken said, as he accepted the payment from Kevin.

Rainie and Jennifer smiled, as they sat down, while waiting for the meeting to start.

“Ken is there,” Dr. Lee said, pointing to the registration counter.

“Dr. Lee…” Rainie frowned.

Jennifer laughed. “He is the one rumored with you? He’s ok, you know?”

“Jennifer!” Rainie said.

“Don’t pretend, Rainie. I know you wanted to talk to him,” Dr. Lee said.

“No. I don’t. And I got nothing to talk to him,” Rainie said. “Gosh… when will this teasing stop?” she thought to herself.

“Hey, Ken already has a girlfriend, ok,” Kevin said.

“Sigh… I knew it clearer than any of you…” Rainie thought.

“Really?” Jennifer asked.

“We are just friends,” Rainie said.

“No feelings?” Jennifer asked.

“Gosh! No! Not even a bit!” Rainie exclaimed. “What on earth makes them think that I have feelings towards Ken? No!” she thought.

Rainie soon stood up and leaned on a pillar, waiting to go into the room where the meeting will be held. She is also waiting for her other colleagues to come. It was then Ken, who is busily walking around, passed by Rainie, and Rainie threw a big slap on Ken’s shoulder. Ken immediately turned and looked at her.

“The stuff is up again!” Rainie said.

“What stuff?” Ken asked.

“The stuff about you and me!” Rainie said.

Ken smiled and walked off, continued doing his professional work. He then continues walking around and looked at the time on his watch. “You can go in into the room already,” he said to all the attendees. He then tells it to Dr. Lee and then to Rainie, who is still leaning against a pillar with Jennifer, “You can go in already,”

Dr. Lee said at Ken. “Go in and she’ll follow you,” he laughed.

“Gosh!” Rainie said as she walked in into the room, pass by Ken.

Ken just smile, not wanting to reply or respond.

The meeting starts not long later, and Dr. Lee stays outside the room, talking to Joanne while Ken is busy summarizing up on the meeting.

Fanny messaged Rainie, telling her that she is coming up now, and was asking Rainie to open the door for her and it will be embarrassing if she knocked on the door or ring the bell as she is late. Rainie then walked out of the room.

Dr. Lee, Joanne and Ken looked at her.

“You can’t wait to see Ken? He won’t be away,” Dr. Lee smirked.

“No, no, no,” Rainie replied.

“What’s wrong with the session?” Ken asked.

“No, Fanny messaged me, saying she is coming. Wanted me to open the door for her,” Rainie said.

“I can open the door for her,” Ken said.

“Yes, Ken will open the door for her. Go in and continue with the session,” Dr. Lee said.

“You sure?” Rainie asked. “Because it’s kind of difficult to see if anyone is coming since the main entrance is quite far from here…”

“I’ll keep an eye on the door, no worries,” Ken said.

“You want Ken to open the door for you and join the session, then you’ll continue with the meeting?” Dr. Lee laughed again.

“No need. No need,” Rainie said as she immediately turned and went in.


After the meeting, while Rainie is driving, she received an SMS.

[Drive safely. Talk to you later – Ken]

Rainie just smiled. She put down her cell and concentrates on driving.


Ken reached home and took a hot bath. He lied on the bed. It was a tiring day. He then remembered Rainie. It’s been some time since he saw her and even talk to her. “Is she free to talk now?” Ken asked, and looked at the clock. “Guess she is free… try my luck,” he dialed her number.

Rainie : Hello?
Ken : Hello… home already?
Rainie : Yeah. And taken bath and now online too.
Ken : (laughed) Great. Sorry for the night.
Rainie : What night?
Ken : Our stuff. Sorry to put you in such situation.
Rainie : It’s not your fault. They just can’t stop teasing. Not sure when they can really stop.
Ken : Guess not so soon. Just bear with it. They’ll stop someday.
Rainie : I can’t hardly wait for that ‘someday’
Ken : It will come, don’t worry.
Rainie : Dr. Lee didn’t do that to you all this while?
Ken : No, never.
Rainie : Honest?
Ken : Yeah. Today is the first time, and the only time.
Rainie : Sigh… I hate this kind of rumors… you know, sometimes it may lead to bad news. Like the possibility of us not being able to be friends.
Ken : Take it easy. They are just joking. Did Jennifer ask you?
Rainie : Yes!
Ken : Wow… (laughed)

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