Crossroad Of Love – Chapter 8

Rainie woke up, lying on her bed for 10 minutes. “What time should I be there…” she said, thinking about the time she needs to go to the clients’ place. Furthermore, it is the 4th and the final day of the M.H. Technology Event. “Of all that I done for the event… this has finally come to end… today is the last!” She then received a message.

[Good luck with meeting your clients today. See you later in the day. – Ken]

Rainie smiled. “This guy messaged me so early in the morning…” she then looked at the clock, and she walked to the bathroom. “Such a friendly guy,”

Rainie went to the Taipei Convention Center after she met her client. She saw all her colleagues sat down and looked tired, after a long day yesterday plus the Architects Night-Out, delighted when they say Rainie.

“Great that you are back! Taken lunch already?” Jennifer asked.

“Not yet, you all?” Rainie asked.

“Not yet too. Not enough people in the booth,” Mandy said. “Kevin and Dr. Lee is not around,”

“Means Henry, Fanny and Tammy is at lunch?” Rainie asked.

“Yes, just went out,” Sandra said.

“Then, go out for lunch after they come back,” Rainie smiled. “And the booth looks…”

“Disorganized, I should say… I cannot handle the booth,” Jennifer said.

“I’ve told you what to do last night…”

“You are still the main person in charge with the booth… I don’t know how to handle,” Jennifer said.

“Alright,” Rainie said as she organized the booth to the way it should be.

“Hi, back already?” Ken suddenly approached her.

“Yeah. I need to organize the booth first, Jennifer forgot to do something,” Rainie said.

“Sure,” he smiled. And then, Ken lost in sight. Not long later, he messaged Rainie.

[Can look out for my red laptop bag ok. I’m going to the seminar room to conduct a session. Thanks. Back later for lunch. – Ken]

Rainie replied the message after Jennifer, Sandra and Mandy went for lunch.

[Lunch starts at 2.15 for delegates. Can you take a delegate pass later then we take lunch together? – Rainie]

Ken replied message quickly, not to interrupt the session.

[Can. I’m almost done. No more exhibitor’s lunch? Think I’m done by 2.15pm. – Ken]


“Rainie,” Dr. Lee called.

“Dr. Lee, hi, Kevin,” Rainie said.

“Taken lunch already?” Dr. Lee asked.

“Not yet,” Rainie said.

At the same time, Henry, Fanny and Tammy reached the booth.

“Let’s go for lunch,” Dr. Lee said.

“Nevermind, it’s ok. I am taking my lunch with…”

“We need to talk about the client that you have just met,” Dr. Lee interrupted. “Come,” he then looked at Henry. “You handle the booth,”

“Har?” Henry said. Henry is the one that suppose to help Rainie with the booth, but he didn’t. He sits most of the time at the booth and not doing any work for he asked Rainie to do everything.

“You are helping Rainie to handle the booth all the while. I am going for lunch with her and Kevin, so, you handle the booth,” Dr. Lee said as he moved.

“Alright…” Henry said.

“If Henry handles the booth… I don’t know what will happen,” Rainie murmured.

“You are talking to me?” Kevin asked.

“No, no,” Rainie smiled. “Gosh! I am supposed to eat with Ken!” she thought, and then she immediately tells Tammy. “Please tell Ken that I am going for lunch with Dr. Lee, ask him to take lunch by himself,”

“Ok!” Tammy said.

Rainie hurriedly walked to Dr. Lee who is walking ahead with Kevin in front.

“Why not taking lunch?” Dr. Lee asked.

“I am waiting for Ken, I’m taking lunch with him,”

“Don’t think that I don’t know, Rainie. You like him,”

“Like him as a friend, Dr. Lee. That’s all,” she acknowledged. “He is a good friend,”

“You give him a box of tea leaves, you think I don’t know?”
Kevin chuckled.

Rainie looked at Dr. Lee. “You saw it?”

“I knew it,” he smiled. “He got a girlfriend, ok,”

“He’s single,” Rainie said. “BUT!” she said. Dr. Lee and Kevin looked at her. “I am not interested in that kind with him, we are just friends. Giving him a box of tea leaves is just a sign of friendship,”

“We saw it, Rainie,” Kevin chuckled.

“Gosh… I hate that look,” Rainie thought to herself. “We’re just friends, and I don’t like him, honest,”

Dr. Lee smiled. “We’ll see,”

“Yes, we’ll see,” Rainie said.

After the lunch, Rainie went back to booth alone as Dr. Lee and Kevin headed to other booths. She saw Ken, who is holding a pile of brochures, turned and looked at her, and smiled.

“Hey, full now?” Ken smiled.

“Look, sorry, Dr. Lee dragged me for lunch,” Rainie said.

“It’s ok,” Ken said.

“Taken lunch?” Rainie asked.

“Nope, I don’t feel like eating, it’s ok,”


“Rainie!” Jennifer called, interrupted her. Rainie immediately turned back and saw Jennifer giving her signals that there is a person asking questions but they have no idea how to reply.

“Sorry,” Rainie said as she walked off.

Possibly because it is the 4th day of the event, everyone doesn’t have any mood to approach people and talk, and it’s about an hour more before the end of the event. Rainie stood at one notebook and working on it, when she noticed the other girls are busy talking to Ken. She smiled. Her other colleagues had constantly talk with Ken, but this is the only time they talk the most with him.

“This guy is so good at flirting,” she laughed. But then she noticed Ken didn’t and had never treat her that way. “Want to know which girl he is interested… then possibly I can hook him up with her,” she laughed again.

“Hey, Rainie,” Ken called.

“What?” Rainie replied.

“Come over, let’s talk,” Ken said. “Let’s join us,”

“No, I still got things to do,” Rainie said. “Jennifer, take care of the booth, please. Needed to find the organizer for something,” and then she left.

“She’s serious… isn’t she?” Ken said at Jennifer, Sandra and Mandy.


Finally, everyone’s awaited moment. It’s time to pack up and go home! Joanne, Ken and Terence had left after packing up. Everybody is busy stuffing things into their car, and at the same time, Rainie heard her phone rang. But she didn’t pick up the phone for she is busy carrying boxes and stuff. She then looked at her phone and realized it’s Ken.

“What is this guy doing… call me at this time…” she said. She sends him a message after she reached home, which is 3 hours later.

[Why call me just now? Anything? That time was shifting stuff into my car – Rainie]

Ken then replied.

[Just want to say bye to you only. Miss you already. Haha. – Ken]

Rainie smiled.

[Whoa, so fast miss already? Well, I don’t think so, you have so many girlfriends here; Sandra, Jennifer, Mandy, how can you miss me… – Rainie]

“How annoying!” Ken smiled and replied.

[Well I miss everybody in the team – Ken]

Rainie didn’t reply and went out for dinner.

That night, Rainie went online, and Ken saw her. He messaged her.

ken-msn : hi, still awake?
rainie-msn : yeah. Waiting for my hair to dry then I’ll sleep.
ken-msn : I see… tired or not?
rainie-msn : of course… dead tired I could dozed off in 2 secs. It’s a tiring week.
ken-msn : yeah… moreover you all need to work tomorrow.
rainie-msn : everyone will be like vampire tomorrow.
ken-msn : hahaha, panda.
rainie-msn : hey, Dr. Lee and Kevin knows I give you tea. You tell them?
ken-msn : I didn’t tell them ANYTHING! Think they saw you giving it to me. They say something to you?
rainie-msn : they tell me they saw me giving it to you.
ken-msn : well, means they saw it then
rainie-msn : Kevin asked me if I know you are a tea person, then he tell me you are.
ken-msn : because I saw them looking over at us and the tea
rainie-msn : really? Hahaha.
ken-msn : yeah, well, I didn’t say or tell them anything about the tea.
rainie-msn : then should have wait and give you the tea today
ken-msn : I’m so sorry to put you in such situation.
Rainie-msn : nah… It’s ok.
ken-msn : this is so hilarious. Who knows ONE day, we are together… hahahaha, what a nightmare.
rainie-msn : but it’s weird you know, people keep telling me you are OK.
ken-msn : you mean the girls told you about me? I’m not that OK actually… young, immature and fierce.

Rainie thought to herself. “None of the stated suits you AT ALL,”

rainie-msn : yeah, the girls told me.
ken-msn : well, they are funny. Anyway, now I cannot go to your office. Scared, will be the talk of the day
rainie-msn : hahahaha. Not that serious. You flirt with all my girls, now you got many girlfriends already, so powerful.
ken-msn : flirt? I didn’t. Just trying to make more friends. I like talking to Tammy. She’s nice; very, very nice.
rainie-msn : yeah, she’s nice. And with that, you mean that I am MEAN, right
ken-msn : mean? You heard from the girls? You are not mean. You are just serious and demanding. I like your character.
rainie-msn : I am demanding depending on surroundings, and food.
ken-msn : I still remember you demanding for the Associations for IT Architects bag last time.
rainie-msn : haha, you still remember.
ken-msn : well, the girls must have been telling you everything today!
rainie-msn : hahaha. Not really.
ken-msn : thanks again for the lunch yesterday.
rainie-msn : it’s nothing. People have been talking about you and me long before this event. So, going out for lunch with you is nothing.
ken-msn : yeah, I know. Hey, when will you be free for dinner together?

“Now I am asking you for dinner… taking a step further…” Ken said.

rainie-msn : dinner… not on weekdays! I am dead tired I feel I am dying.
ken-msn : then we can do so for next week, when you got time to meet up
rainie-msn : but I am free this weekend, if you want to have dinner on weekends
ken-msn : when? Saturday or Sunday?
rainie-msn : both days.
ken-msn : is Saturday evening ok for you?
rainie-msn : no problem.
ken-msn : so where?
rainie-msn : anywhere is ok.
ken-msn : I can pick you up.
rainie-msn : pick me? You don’t know where I stay.
ken-msn : you just give me your address will do.
rainie-msn : if you lost your way, I cannot help you, you know I am not local!
ken-msn : I won’t. I’ll learn if I am!
rainie-msn : haha, anyway, I want to sleep already…
ken-msn : sure thing. Talk to you tomorrow. Goodnight.
rainie-msn : alright, goodnight, bye.
ken-msn : bye.

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