Crossroad Of Love – Chapter 9

As planned, Ken and Rainie went out for dinner on Saturday’s evening. Ken came and pick Rainie up at 5.30pm. Ken and Rainie both wears tee and jeans. Rainie sat in the car. Ken looked at her for some time, like he wanted to eat her up.

“So, where to?” Ken asked.

“You said you want to buy some stuffs in IKEA?” Rainie asked.

“Alright then. We go the shopping market next to IKEA for dinner first, before we go to IKEA, is that alright with you?” Ken asked.

“Sure,” Rainie said. “It was a sudden for you to confirm the time with me last minute. Luckily I’ve manage to took bath,”

Ken smiled, “Let me take a guess on what shower bath you use…” he said.

“Huh,” Rainie said. “There were so many brands in the store, how can you manage to smell it out?”

Ken casually took up Rainie’s hand and smells on the back of her palm. His action surprised her for he just casually take her hand up without asking.

“Palmolive,” he said.

“Gosh! How did you know that!” Rainie exclaimed.

Ken smiled and put her hand down, back to her thigh. “It should be fruit…”

“Wrong!” Rainie laughed.

“Wrong?” Ken again took up her hand and smells the back of her palm. “You sure it’s not fruit?”

“No, not fruit,”

“Break it,”


“The green color one!”

“Yes,” Rainie smiled, as Ken put her hand down again. “This guy dares to take my hand just like that, and…” she thought. “Ouch,” she suddenly said.

“What is it?” Ken asked.

She took out a mirror and looked at her eyes. “My eye, a bit swollen, maybe…”

“Look over,” Ken said. “Let me see,”

Rainie looked at Ken, who, would stare on road and take a look at her. He then put his hand on her face and looked at her eyes.

“This is… so different,” Rainie thought to herself. “He…”

“Itchy or pain?” Ken asked. “Why swollen suddenly?”

Rainie turned and looked at her mirror. “Just now was both itchy and pain. Not so sure what happened but I realized it is swollen before I come out, but it’s ok… Is my eye red?” she looked at Ken.

Ken shook. “Not at all,”

“Ok,” she smiled as she keeps the mirror.

“Purple colored fingernails,” Ken smiled, as he looked at her fingers.

“I like purple,” Rainie smiled. “Just apply it today,”

“Do you have anything you want to buy?”

“Not really, but I want to take a look at the flea market,”

“Ok then, no problem,”

Rainie walked at the flea market, and Ken enjoyed the walk with her. He would make fun of her, and kid with her whenever there’s opportunity.

“Let’s go to the opposite road,” Ken said.

“Sure,” Rainie said.

Ken then held her hand and cross the road.

“Such a gentleman. Mom said no such guys exists anymore… that would guide you cross the road,” Rainie thought.

He then released her hand after they’ve crossed. “We go to IKEA, ok?”

“Sure,” she smiled.

Inside IKEA, Ken casually take a bag, like he will buy something for sure. He noticed Rainie walking, a little far from him.

“Hey,” Ken called.

“Hmm?” Rainie asked.

“Come, hook your hand on me,” Ken said.

“What?” Rainie asked.

Ken took out his hand. “Yes, hook on me. I don’t allow girls to walk alone like that,”

Rainie hooked her hand on his arm. She felt awkward, but he seems alright with it. Ken just continued walking with Rainie’s hand on his arm. Whenever Rainie released her hand from his arm to see something, and once she gets back, he would extend his hand out, signaling her to hook her hand onto his arm.

It didn’t take much of Ken’s effort as later on, he slides Rainie hand down from his arm, which she is hooking on, and he firmly holds her hand. She is shocked with what he did, but he seems so casual about it. Her heart jumped a bit, but she enjoyed her hand being hold by him…

Ken waited for signals, for her to fling her hand or trying her way to release her hand from his’ but there isn’t any movement. She seems ok with it…

“Yes, I did it!” Ken thought to himself.

And Ken held Rainie’s hand the whole day.

The day passes extremely fast that day, and Ken sent Rainie home at 10 plus.

“Thanks,” Rainie said as she wanted to open the door.

“I don’t have a goodnight kiss?” Ken asked.

Rainie smiled. “Only on cheek,”

“Ok,” Ken smiled as he leaned over.

Rainie leaned over and kissed his cheek. “Ok!”

“But I don’t feel anything… again!” Ken said.

“Huh…” Rainie said as she slowly leaned over, and Ken turned his face, wanting her to land the kiss on his lips! “Hey!” she beat him. “You cheated!”

“Alright, alright!” Ken said as he still in his leaning-over position with his cheek facing her.

Rainie slowly leaned over to ensure he didn’t play tricks again, and then kissed his cheek.

“Enough?” Rainie asked.

Ken nodded. “Yes, very,” he looked at her. “I had fun wooing you the whole day,” he joked and laughed.

Rainie laughed. “Ok then, drive safely,” she smiled as she got down from the car.

“Have a good night sleep,” Ken smiled. “Hey,” he said before Rainie slammed down the door. Rainie looked at her. “Thanks for the night. I have a great time,”

“Me too, let me know when you’ve reached home,” she smiled and then closed the door.

Ken smiled as he looked at Rainie walking back into her house and then he drove off. Things run wild in his mind. He didn’t know what Rainie felt when he actually asked her to give him a kiss. And what makes him worry even more is that he even playfully tried to land her kiss on his lips. He got a little worried, not sure if she likes it or hates it.

“I made a mistake… I should have known if you will be fine or not…” Ken said. “Sigh… now I’m really worried what you will think…”

After Ken reached home, he sends her an SMS to say he is sorry, and he went online to chat with her in the MSN for the next hour. Although Ken has expressed that he is sorry to Rainie, he thought about it the whole night, not sure if Rainie actually accepted his apology, and what she really think.


The next day, Ken and Rainie only communicates via MSN Messenger. They will use the video chat to talk, but occasionally types because of some words he or she cannot expressed by mouth. Ken, for being himself, joked and make fun of Rainie in the earlier of the conversation and then he gets serious and soon type the words, although they both had their microphone and speaker on.

ken-msn : you miss me or not?
rainie-msn : hahaha. You miss me?
ken-msn : yes, a little bit.
rainie-msn : miss me in a sense of?
ken-msn : miss you, of your smooth skin…your hands around my arm… your swollen eye… your colored fingernails… it’s purple. I just missed it all, even your mirror.

Rainie smiled seeing what Ken had typed.

rainie-msn : that was just an accessory…
ken-msn : well, I still misses you from it. So you miss me or not?
rainie-msn : slightly. You just miss me because of my physical outlook?
ken-msn : yes, hahahahaha. Well, actually I miss your smiley face. You know, I’m very sorry if I said anything wrong.
rainie-msn : about?
ken-msn : whatever it is, like last night.
rainie-msn : what last night?
ken-msn : I’m sorry. I thought of it the whole night, that I tried to kiss your lips. Very sorry.
rainie-msn : why the urge?
ken-msn : not urge. Want to play a fool, but acted without thinking. I’m SO SORRY.
rainie-msn : besides playing fool, there’s no intention, right?
ken-msn : honestly! No other intention.
rainie-msn : I am not taking any hint from you that you are trying to woo me, right?

Ken’s heart jumped a bit, not sure how to reply.

ken-msn : err… don’t know…

A little anxious to mention on this matter, Ken continued typing.

ken-msn : it’s just too quick… do you think so too?

Rainie looked at the chatroom, not believing what she had just see. Ken didn’t deny it.

rainie-msn : you mean if you woo me it will be too quick?
ken-msn : yes. We have not know each other deep enough yet, and the body language is not clear… well, you think I am wooing you? And we could be in a relationship?
rainie-msn : well, if I am not open minded, I wouldn’t be hooking my hand on your arm yesterday, nor letting you hold me, nor giving you a kiss on your cheek.
ken-msn : well, right, you are very open minded, very different compared in work.
rainie-msn : honestly, with all that you do, it seems like you are giving me hints that you are trying to woo me.

Ken stared at the chatroom blankly, and listened through the attached speaker on Rainie’s breathing and her typing.

rainie-msn : but you dun have to worry – I am not taking it seriously unless I am being told right in front of me that YOU ARE COURTING ME.

Ken took a deep breath, and type.

ken-msn : well, honestly, yes! I’m wooing you

Ken waited for Rainie respond, but he didn’t hear her typing.

ken-msn : feel so embarrassed now…
rainie-msn : what do you see in me that you wanted to woo me?
ken-msn : you’re funny, you know what to do at time and situations, fierce by chance, demanding, open-minded… I like that.
rainie-msn : what is your first impression on me?
ken-msn : you are unique. I still remember the first time when I met you… asking you for your business card. People will normally say yes or no, but you said it is in printing process… that was when I noticed because most people don’t say that!
rainie-msn : oh…well, now I know what you are thinking… so, I don’t have to left guessing like yesterday night.
ken-msn : so what is your conclusion?
rainie-msn : you said you are wooing me
ken-msn : so what is your reaction towards that?

Rainie smiled. “Seriously, Ken… I have never liked you more than just friends, until… until what you did to me yesterday,” she thought to herself.

rainie-msn : will let you do so until you ask me

“Huh?” Ken thought to himself.

ken-msn : simplify it please… ask what?
rainie-msn : will not stop you from wooing me, until you ask me officially to be your girlfriend.

Ken smiled lightly, until he heard Rainie type again.

rainie-msn : but even if you ask…
ken-msn : ……….
rainie-msn : I need to be ready and prepared to accept you.
ken-msn : definitely! If we are really together, it will be the talk of the day in AHW2 MDW! No, I think the talk of the ERA!

Rainie smiled. She typed ‘hahaha’ but she didn’t laugh out.

ken-msn : didn’t hear you laugh…
rainie-msn : laugh in my heart… or smile also can.
ken-msn : hahaha is not a smile. I miss your laugh.

Rainie smiled and remembered a scenario that happened in M.H. Technology Event, that both Dr. Lee and Ken teased her about the way she laughs.

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Rainie laughed out loud.

Dr. Lee and Ken looked at Rainie.

“A girl shouldn’t laugh that way… so… scary!” Dr. Lee said.

“Yeah, a girl should laugh politely like this…” Ken imitated a laugh of a polite girl, like a prostitute in the ancient dynasty time.

“I don’t laugh like that!” Rainie said. “And I won’t!”

Dr. Lee smiled. “But I know and I like it when you laugh like that. It means you are very happy,”

“It’s my style to laugh like that,” Rainie snarled at Ken.
(End of flashback)

rainie-msn : you’ll hear it soon.
ken-msn : I miss the kiss last night.

Rainie smiled.


Rainie heard Ken called her using microphone. They then stopped typing and start talking.

“Last night when I go home, my mom saw my cheek with your lip gloss. She smiled at me, knowing what I do,” Ken said at the microphone.

“Did she say anything?” Rainie asked.

“She didn’t ask. She just smiled and giggled,” Ken said.

With then, both Ken and Rainie talked on MSN Messenger about work, personal and life everyday. Ken had already asked Rainie out for second date.

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