I Found Love With You – Chapter 18

11.15am, Taipei Glamorous Fashion Show hall.

Vanness is stunned with the list of the brands on Jerry’s hand. “Whoa… we have 120 international brands on that one day?” he asked. “This is the confirmed list?”

“Yes. That is why it is called Glamorous. The show will start at 10am, and subject to end at 4pm with one hour break from 12.30pm to 1.30pm,” Jerry said. “And I found out my 3 other colleagues of hosting comes from UK, Australia and Korea,”

“Hey, that is good for you!” Vanness said. “At least you need not worry Edward Sze is taking over everything…”

“SHH!” Jerry said, glaring at Vanness.

Vanness laughed.

“So how is your preparation?” Jerry asked.

“I am fine…” Vanness looked at his watch. “Where are Ken and Vic?”

“They are coming, no worries,” Jerry smiled. “By the way… I haven’t seen Pace or any other models that you will…”


Vanness and Jerry turned. It’s Ken, and Vic followed behind him.

“Heh? You arrived already,” Vanness said.

“Yeah,” Ken said, looking around the hall. “Impressive. There goes my sponsorship money,” he laughed.

“Where did you park?” Jerry asked.

“Basement, why?” Ken asked.

“I thought it’s full,” Jerry asked.

“I saw a space still,” Ken said.

“Don’t let me guess it right, it’s for disabled,” Vanness said.

Vic and Jerry laughed and Ken eyed at Vanness.

“Which part of me tells you I am a disable?!” Ken said. “And I am not that mean to take over disable’s car park to park my BMW!”


F4 turned to the calling. Vanness smiled.

“Pace,” Vanness called. Pace smiled as she walked to him.

“Pace?” Ken and Jerry called. “Damn, she’s gorgeous in person!”

“I’ve met her in person,” Vic smiled. “She is!”

Behind Pace are Winnie and Barbie who are still talking to each other about the backstage. They stopped talking when Pace stopped walking.

“This is Pace, Winnie and Barbie,” Vanness introduces the ladies to his buddies, and then he looked at the ladies, “This is Jerry, Ken and Vic,”

Jerry and Vic stared at Barbie. “Your friend?” they both asked at Vanness.

“She’s the one who helped me the other day with my attire!” Vic said.

“Jerry Yan?” Barbie called at Jerry. “You mean Jerry Yan is your buddy?” she asked Vanness.

Vanness smiled and nodded, “He is the host for this fashion show,”

“And Vic…” Barbie said. “So you are the guy I… how’s your audition?” she said shortly.

“I landed a role… thanks,” Vic smiled.

“You’re welcome,” Barbie smiled. ‘I really met Jerry Yan 3 times now…’ she thought.

“And Winnie…” Vic smiled at her. “Nice to meet you,”

“Nice to meet you too… have I seen you before?” Winnie asked at Vic. “And you?” she looked at Ken.

“Yes… airport…” Vic said.

“Is it the other day…” Winnie pointed at Ken, “You parked in a bus stop?”

Ken embarrassed, “Sort of. Just a quick one,” he smirked, ‘what a bad first impression,’ he thought.

“So you all almost know each other already?” Pace and Vanness said together.

“I think we bumped onto each other somewhere before,” Vic said.

“Besides me,” Ken said.

“This is actually the reason why I asked you all to come today NO MATTER WHAT. To know these friends of mine,” Vanness said.

“Oh! No wonder you force me to!” Ken said.

Everyone laughed, as well as the girls.

“So, you know Pace is the PWRB ambassador and Winnie is a commercial face… Barbie is actually a fashion writer,” Vanness said.

“Senior Fashion Stylist Writer,” Barbie corrected. “For a magazine,”

“Really? So does that mean you know a lot about fashion?” Jerry asked.

“Yes,” Barbie smiled.

“Well, you know Jerry is a host?” Vanness asked Pace, Winnie and Barbie. “He’s one of the hosts of ‘Full Entertainment’,”

“Yeah, we often see him on TV… and he is your friend? Wow…” Pace said at Vanness.

“We are classmates in Ying De when we study our first year of degree,” Vanness said.

“Whoa… degree?” Pace asked. “You have a degree?”

Vanness looked at her, “Why? I can’t?”

“I mean… I have never expected…” Pace said… blur.

Vanness laughed, “I do. Degree in art of dancing. It’s okay. It’s unexpected too,”

“That is why he is top instructor in MyDance,” Vic said.

Vanness laughed, “Well, Vic is an actor,”

“No wonder you look familiar… and I don’t mean from the airport…” Winnie said.

“Actually he is the Mr. No Name we mentioned last time,” Barbie whispered to Winnie. “Actor Friend Of Jerry Yan, to which you called,”

Winnie smiled, “OH!”

“But Vic, you appeared in a drama or movie… or something, right?” Pace asked.

“Just small roles,” Vic said.

“He is the actor that acted in the horror movie to which…” Jerry was saying but Vic stormed to him and closed his mouth.

The ladies looked at Vic.

“Mm-nh-rhm!!!” Jerry yelled as he tried to release the hand of Vic’s off. He glared at Vic.

Vic pointed at him, “Don’t,”

Jerry nodded and Vic slowly releases his hand.

The ladies laughed.

“You guys are funny,” Winnie laughed.

“And what about Ken?” Pace asked. “You are dressed formally complete with tie and coat,”

“Ken Zhu. Manager of Zhu Corporation,” Vanness patted on Ken’s chest.

“Manager of Zhu Corporation?” Pace, Winnie and Barbie stunned.

“Yeah…” Ken said. “Why? What’s with look on your faces?”

“Hold… hold on…” Barbie said, and then she pulled Winnie and Pace. “Did you see what I see? A good-looking hunk?”

“Yes…” Pace said.

“So apparently he is not like what Rainie said…” Winnie said.

“Someone old, white hair on his head, or possibly bald?” Pace, Winnie and Barbie said, and then they laughed.

“What are they doing?” Vic, Jerry, Ken and Vanness said together, before they turned looking at each other.

“Sorry for that…” Pace said, as all three of the girls looked at F4.

“Is there… any problem?” Ken asked.

“No… nothing,” Winnie said. “But you are young… we hardly believe you are the manager for Zhu Corporation,”

Ken smiled, “It’s my family’s business,”

“Oh… now that makes sense,” Pace, Winnie and Barbie said again.

“Ken is the man behind the sponsorship,” Vanness smiled.

“And Jerry is the one asking for it,” Ken pointed at Jerry.

“Hey! I just want to be a host!” Jerry said.

All of them laughed.

“So, these are all my buddies,” Vanness smiled.

“I want to ask you something,” Ken said at Pace.

“Ask? Me?” Pace asked.

“Yeah, did Vanness actually bumped onto you on street I think about 2 months back, helping you to relief the stuck heel from the tiles?” Ken said.

“I thought we already solved this, Ken!” Vanness said.

“I need to hear from Pace,” Ken said.

Pace nodded, “Yes, it was Vanness,”

“See?!” Vanness said.

“You didn’t collaborate with him to lie to me, right?” Ken asked Pace.

“Hey! How could you ask her like that!” Vanness said.

Pace, Winnie and Barbie laughed.

“No, it’s real,” Pace laughed. “I had my heel stuck in between the tiles on the road and Vanness helped me pull it out,”

“But why are you on the street alone?” Ken asked.

“I got down from my manager’s car at the end of the street, and then I walked to dinner with them,” Pace said.

“OHH…” Vanness, Ken, Jerry and Vic said together.

“All of you know about that stuck heel incident?” Winnie asked.

“Apparently Vanness was late that day and he claimed he saw you,” Jerry said, “And all of us do not believe him, especially Ken,”

“Yeah… paparazzi,” Ken said, rolling his eyes.

“It’s true. I am also afraid of paparazzi. Sometimes they follow you when you least expects it,” Winnie said.

“So, Vanness did not waste his time by getting Tigger in the toilet,” Vic said at Vanness.

“What Tigger?” Pace, Winnie and Barbie asked.

“Nothing, nothing,” all of F4 said.

“And how is your dance learning with Vanness?” Vic asked Pace.

Pace smiled. “It’s all alright,”

“Vanness, do we lack of knowing someone?” Ken suddenly said.

“Yeah, Rainie,” Vanness said.

“Oh, your intensive student,” Jerry said.

“So where is she?” Vic asked.

“Rainie had food poisoning in the morning. So she won’t be able to come today,” Pace said.

“Rainie said she is coming for rehearsal. But I guess might be a bit later,” Barbie said at Pace.

“Why? That lady should rest at home,” Pace said.

“She said she is fine so what can you do?” Winnie asked.

Pace rolled her eyes.

“If that is the case, I think you can get to know Rainie later when she comes,” Winnie said.

“I’ll be off for a lunch meeting later so… if she comes after I left… I guess I can only meet her next time,” Ken said.

“Lunch meeting?” Vanness asked.

“Yeah, so later you guys have lunch together, without me,” Ken said.

“What to do?” Vanness glared at him.

“Hey, I already have a lunch meeting today set up a few weeks ago. I just took my time out to come over because you force me to,” Ken smirked at Vanness.

“Yeah, you’re done here. I just ask you to meet Pace, Barbie, Winnie and Rainie and now that is completed, you can go off after this. I didn’t ask you to stay for lunch anyway,” Vanness said. “Then what about Vic? Going back to Actors’ Studio?”

“I’ll be here,” Vic said. “Entire day,”

“Really? Then you can accompany Barbie since she is alone too,” Winnie said.

“HAR?” Barbie and Vic said.

“WHAT?!” Jerry exclaimed.

“She’s here today to highlight on the fashion hall. So if you are bored, you just talk with her,” Pace said to Vic. She then turned looking at Jerry, “And what’s with your response?”

“Nothing… nothing,” Jerry said, embarrassed.

“Mr. Ken Zhu?”

All of them turned, and there walks another man to him.

“Hi, Mr. Charles Lee,” Ken smiled at him.

“I’m so sorry I wasn’t informed of your arrival to our 1st day of rehearsal,” Charles said, extending his hand out and Ken accepting it.

“It’s just an impromptu decision and it’s fine. This is not considered as an official visitation that is why I did not inform you,” Ken smiled at Charles.

“Who is him?” Pace asked softly.

“He is the chief of the media broadcaster. You can consider him as one of the top man for this fashion show in terms of the organizer,” Jerry said.

“Oh…” Barbie, Winnie and Pace said.

“Do you want to take a look of the hall?” Charles asked.

“Err…” Ken looked at his buddies and his new friends. “No problem, but I hope I am not interrupting the rehearsal… and they can come with me,” he said at Charles.

“Oh, we have yet to start the rehearsal yet. It will be after lunch. Now is the time for all the participating brands to have their own meetings and discussions before having the runway rehearsal. Sure, you and them, can take a look of the hall,” Charles said, looking at the people standing behind Ken.

Ken smiled. “Alright, but will this take long? I believe all of them has their stuffs to do so I do not want to take too much of their time,”

“Then I will briefly guide you through…” Charles said.

“Sure,” Ken smiled.

“This way please…” Charles said.

Ken nodded as he walked ahead, and slowly all followed him. Charles walked next to Ken and explained to him about what he sees, and how the fashion show will go.

“Wow… Ken really has the ‘power’,” Barbie said.

“He is the main sponsor… of course everyone will bow to him,” Vic said.

“Ken is the one who paid everyone’s salary and make this fashion show happened, what says you?” Vanness asked.

“You mean including your salary?” Pace asked Vanness.

Vanness thought for a while before he laughed, “Yeah, he is,”

Time passes real fast as all of them explored around the hall, backstage and Charles highlighting the events for the show, it’s already 12.30pm.

Barbie’s cell phone rang.

Barbie took her cell phone out and found out it’s a SMS.

‘Jam a bit. Estimate to arrive in 5 minutes. – Rainie’

“Rainie?” Winnie asked.

“Yes, she said she will arrive in 5 minutes,” Barbie said.

“Thank you, Mr. Lee,” Ken smiled, shaking Charles hand.

“So, Mr. Zhu, are you coming over tomorrow or the day after?” Charles asked.

“I don’t think so. My schedule is packed for these two days. But I will be here on Saturday for the fashion show for the whole day,” Ken smiled.

“Oh, alright then. Are you bringing any partner?” Charles asked.

“My companion for that day will be this buddy of mine,” Ken said, patted at Vic. “I am not bringing any woman companion, and apparently if some lady came and said she is my companion I advice you to lodge a police report and bring her to the police station for stalking me,”

Jerry, Vanness and Vic stared at Ken, knowing he meant that ‘lady’ will be Pearl.

However, Pace, Barbie and Winnie didn’t know any of it, they are just practically stunned with the way Ken talks.

“My gosh… popularity kills…” Winnie said. “The price of fame, means more woman came stalking,”

“Then you and Pace need to beware of any stalkers too,” Barbie said at Winnie.

“Err…” Charles stammered, “Alright then,”

“Thanks, and all the best. Let’s all hope this is going well on the fashion show day,” Ken smiled.

“Sure, thank you for your support, Mr. Zhu,” Charles smiled.

Ken then turned looking at his friends. “I need to go for my lunch meeting now, so… you guys go ahead with your lunch and enjoy the rehearsal,”

“Sure, no problem,” Jerry smiled.

“But Ken, do you mind to wait for a while? I guess Rainie will be reaching in less than 5 minutes,” Barbie said.

Ken bites his lower lip. “Sorry, Barbie, I really need to go now. Walking from here to my lunch venue will take 15 minutes. My lunch appointment is 1pm,”

“Walk? You’ll walk?” Vanness asked.

“Driving at this point of time to just another block? It’ll take 30 minutes to arrive. It’s lunch time and it’s jam,” Ken said, looking at Vanness. He then turned looking at Barbie, “It’s okay. I’ll meet Rainie possibly on this Saturday, or some time else. We will have a lot of time to meet in future,” he smiled.

Barbie smiled. “Alright then, your business is more important and since you are walking to your lunch venue, it’ll consume a lot of your time, then go ahead,”

“Sure, thanks. Nice meeting all of you, all the best for the show, alright?” Ken smiled. “As well as for the writing, Barbie,”

“Sure, thanks, Ken,” Barbie, Pace and Winnie replied.

Ken nodded at them and he looked at his watch. 12.35pm. He quickly walked to the door and walked out from the hall.

“Rainie said she is coming in 5 minutes?” Vanness asked.

“Yeah… that is when she sent her SMS 5 minutes ago,” Barbie said.

“Ken is right, it’s jam outside at this time,” Jerry said.

“We’ll wait for Rainie to go for lunch together, is that alright with all of you?” Vanness asked.

“No problem,” the remaining 5 answered.


Rainie got down from the cab, as she is not fit to drive after having a major food poisoning, she is not fully recovered for driving. She will take Barbie’s ride later on to go back to home as well as with Winnie and Pace.

Clad in blue jeans with a maroon colored baby-T, she walked into the building. The automatic door opened once it senses someone approaching the door, she walked in.

Rainie saw a man clad in a pair of formal attire complete with tie and coat. But why is someone wearing so formal would come here? It’s all rehearsal so everyone can just wear casual… He walked towards her and he is looking at his watch, giving her the impression that he is getting late possibly for something.

Rainie moved left when she notices that man did not noticed of her walking towards him.

But the man also moved to his right, just so is in front of her.

Rainie move right this time, and he moved to his left.

He then looked up and looked at Rainie. She looked at him.

“Err…” Rainie uttered.

“I’m sorry,” he smiled.

‘Gosh… look at that smile… he’s good looking just like Vanness!’ Rainie thought. She then speaks, “I’m sorry too,”

“Sorry, in a rush of time, I’ll take the left turn,” he said.

“Sure, I’ll take the right,” Rainie said.

Both of them turned, to his left, and to her right, ending up in the same position.

He laughed. “Okay, I’ll go to your left,” he said.

Rainie laughed. “Okay,”

He shifted a step to his right, which is Rainie’s left, and then he walked. “Sorry,”

Rainie nodded at him, as she turned looking at him.

He quickly dashed out, but he didn’t see the closed automatic glass door.

“Careful of the automatic door!” Rainie yelled.

But it’s too late…


He had crashed his head on the door. Apparently the door did not manage to open in time for him.

“Oh my gosh!” Rainie said. “Are you okay?!”

“I’m fine,” he rubbed his head. “Sorry, sorry…” he said, waiting for the door to open and he quickly dash out.

Rainie closed her mouth and laughed. “I have never seen people in such a hurry up to this stage,” she then turned and headed into the hall. “But I think I have seen him before… maybe some years back…” Rainie saw Barbie, Pace and Winnie standing in the hall, but she did not realized they were talking to 3 men.

“Hi, guys!” Rainie said and patted Pace and Barbie.

It was then only she saw Jerry, Vic and Vanness in front of her. Jerry and Vic are a bit surprised with the sudden ‘intrusion’ of someone they didn’t know but Vanness smiled at her.

“Eh…” Rainie said.

“Hi, Rainie! Glad to see you!” Vanness said.

“Rainie?” Jerry and Vic asked.

“Oh, yeah. Rainie, these are my buddies, Jerry Yan, the host of this fashion show, and Vic, he is an actor. He accompanied us today and he will be with us on the fashion show as one of the VIPs,” Vanness said, and then he turned looking at Jerry and Vic, “And this is Rainie, my former student,”

“Hey, I still am when I come back and dance with you anytime!” Rainie said.

Vanness laughed, “Rainie is an international model like Pace and Winnie, but she is runway’s,”

“Oh,” Jerry and Vic said.

“So you did not do commercials or brands’ spokesperson?” Jerry asked.

“I’m fully occupied by the runway jobs, so I don’t do commercial or brandings. But I only took some time out to do photo-shoot for magazine covers,” Rainie said. “So maybe that is why you do not recognized me,” she laughed.

Jerry and Vic smiled at her.

“Rainie, you should have come a few minutes earlier, one of Vanness’ friend just left,” Barbie said.

“Oh?” Rainie asked. “There’s still another person you want to introduce to me?” she looked at Vanness.

“Remember the manager of Zhu Corporation that I told you?” Pace asked.

Rainie looked at Pace, “You mean the old man?” she whispered.

Pace, Winnie and Barbie laughed.

The F3 looked at the ladies laughing madly.

“I don’t want to know him!” Rainie yelled softly.

“He is not what you think. He’s…” Winnie thumbs up at Rainie.

“Really?” Rainie asked.

Pace smiled and nodded.

“And young,” Barbie whispered to Rainie.

“Ooh…” Rainie said.

“It’s okay. You can meet him someday soon,” Vanness smiled. “So, are we going off for lunch now?”

“Sure! I’m famished,” Rainie said joyfully.


Rainie’s smile faded there and then. She rolled her eyes without even the need to turn to look who is calling for her for she know who she is, when everyone else turned to the caller.

“Rainie! I’m glad you’re here! Good! How’s your diarrhea?” she called.

“I’m fine, Claire. Thanks,” Rainie said flatly, she still did not look at Claire.

“Great… so we can prepare now for…”

Rainie lifted up her hand and stopped Claire, “I am off for lunch first after I had couple rounds of diarrhea and I will get back to you after lunch,” she turned.

“But Rainie…”

Rainie turned and looked at Claire, “Not with you. I’m going for lunch with my friends,” and then she turned looking at her friends, “Let’s go for lunch!” she yelled.


“SHIT!!!” Ken yelled as he rubbed the spot his head has landed on the automatic glass door earlier. “What the heck, some girl saw me banging my head on the door that I thought it is not there! How embarrassing!” he said. “Wait… I think I’ve seen her before… I recognized that special mole on her cheek like I’ve seen her before… did I?”

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