I Found Love With You – Chapter 33

7am. Zhu Residence.

“Are you sure, Xiao Tian? You have just driven back from Qing Xi yesterday!” Mrs. Zhu said.

“Yes, mom. I need to go to Qing Xi to look for her. I have gotten her number from Vanness and I called… and Vanness is right… her cell is shut off…” Ken said, looking down, and then he looked up again to his mother. “Mom, she is my childhood friend. I have been thinking about her for the past 20 years and was hoping someday I can meet her again. Now that I have found her, I want to meet her and told her that she is my childhood friend. And I want to remain keeping in contact with her at least,” he got into the car.

“Xiao Tian, answer me one question before you go,”

“What is it, mom?”

“Do you like her?”

Ken smiled, “Yes, I do,”

Mrs. Zhu smiled, “Then go get your happiness,”

Ken looked at Mrs. Zhu, “Mom?”

“I have never seen you this anxious about a girl that you are so eager to go and look for her. I saw the look on your face when you smiled telling me about her. You are glowing, Xiao Tian. Tell me more about her after you come back. Now, go. Drive safely,” Mrs. Zhu smiled. “It is a long, 4 hours drive,”

Ken smiled, “Thanks, mom. I will!”


10am. Pace, Winnie & Rainie’s rented apartment.

Pace is watching television alone when she heard a bunch of keys sound at the door. She turned and looked at the door. Someone had inserted the key into the door and unlocked it.

“Winnie’s flight is rescheduled to today? I thought she will only come back tomorrow?” Pace said.


“Hey,” Pace said, looking at Winnie emerging from the door.

Winnie pulled her luggage in.

“I thought your plane is tomorrow,” Pace said.

“I thought so too. They then said reschedule so… here I am,” Winnie said.

“So, not going to tell Vic? He could go to the airport and wait for you there tomorrow,” Pace smirked as she turned looking at the TV.

“Of all things you would said, Pace. VIC. Anyway, I’ll just message him later,” Winnie said.

Winnie closed the door, but before the door is fully closed, someone held the door.

“WAH!” Winnie screamed.

Pace turned.

“Winnie,” she called, pushed the door lightly and protruded her head in.

“RAINIE!!!!” Winnie and Pace yelled.

Rainie smiled as she opened the door and finally enters.

“My gosh, Rainie! Miss you so much!” Winnie and Pace said running to Rainie and hugged her.

“I miss you too,” Rainie said, hugging them back.

“Where else have you been during your break besides Qing Xi?” Winnie asked.

“Only Qing Xi, a great place for a break,” Rainie said.

“Oh… eh, when was the last time you went back there before this?” Pace asked.

“Two years ago. Before I shot to fame,” Rainie said.

“Wow… two years?” Winnie said.

“Yeah,” Rainie said shortly, as she pulled her luggage in, just like what Winnie did earlier.

“Then how was your stay?” Pace asked.

“It was great, thanks,” Rainie said. “It is a tiring drive!”

“4 hours, Rainie. An hour is already exhausting,” Winnie said.

“Yeah…” Rainie stretched her hands out.

“Claire has been calling here numerous times for your news,” Pace said.

“Oh, okay… sorry for the disturbance. I’ll get it done with,” Rainie said, dragging her luggage to her room.

“Rainie, what is your plan?” Winnie asked.

“I have some plans already, I’ll tell you later. Right now, I’ll just go get my deserving sleep after the 4 hours drive, good night,” Rainie closed the door.

“GOOD NIGHT?! It’s 10am!” Pace and Winnie said.


Vanness’ house.

“What?” Vanness reacted over the phone.

Vic looked at Vanness’ reaction. Vic then continued the breakfast as he took a bite from the bread and munched on it, where as Vanness stopped his breakfast.

“But that is weird…” Vanness said over the phone.

Vic again looked at Vanness.

“Pace, Ken called me up this morning asking for Rainie’s number. I told him that she had gone missing, and her phone is not reachable, but still he demanded for it. So I gave him her number. It is weird that he doesn’t know her, yet he asked me for her number. And now you said she is back home already?” Vanness said.

“Oh, Rainie is back home already?” Vic asked, as he continued munching his bread.

Vanness looked at Vic, “Oh hey, Vic. Pace said Winnie is back home too so she ask you not to wait for Winnie at the airport tomorrow,”

“Winnie is back home?!” Vic asked.

“Don’t overreact,” Vanness pointed at Vic, before he continued focusing on the phone conversation he had with Pace.

“Winnie… Winnie…” Vic quickly dropped the bread on the plate and ran to his room.

“What the hell is that dude doing…” Vanness said, looking at Vic running away.

“Vanness?” Pace called over the phone.

“Yes!” Vanness immediately responded on the phone. He listened to the phone, “Yes, Ken asked me for Rainie’s number this morning…”


Pace, Winnie & Rainie’s apartment.

Pace, sitting in the living room, is engaged on the phone with Vanness, when she heard some soft music.

Winnie frowned. “Who called at this time?” she said.

“Must be your Vic. I just told Vanness to tell Vic that you are back,” Pace said.

Winnie laughed as she took the phone out. “Fair enough, it’s Vic,” she looked at the screen. She pressed the ‘answer’ button and pressed the phone to her ear.

Winnie: Hi Vic.

Vic: Hi Winnie, you are back.

Winnie: Yeah, I just reached home.

Vic: Great to know you are back safely.

Winnie: Thanks. Pace told Vanness that I am back, and I didn’t know you will call this soon.

Vic laughed: I’m just concern. So, how’s your work in Singapore?

Winnie: I’m fine. It’s great. My and Rainie’s parents are great too. I’m now on a break for a few days.

Vic: Really?

Winnie: Yeah. So how about your job?

Vic: Just usual. Just a little bored.

Winnie: Bored?

Vic: Yeah. Maybe because it’s been such a boring life for me right now.

Winnie: Don’t take it that way.

Vic smiled: I tried to be positive. Vanness didn’t know what I am feeling. Actually I don’t have work to do for the past week.

Winnie smiled: It’s okay. Sometimes work and life does make a person unhappy, especially what you are being through right now.

Vic: I know… well, it’s sometimes pretty depressing. Doesn’t feel like I want to be here for another day alone… makes me think a lot.

Winnie: Aww…

Vic: Hey, why not we go out to somewhere perhaps for a few hours.

Winnie: Sounds like a good idea for me, since I have been hectically at work for the past weeks. I can take it as some relaxation for me. And since you are bored, and being your friend I don’t want to see you being depress. Maybe I can help you be happy.

Vic smiled: Winnie, I am already happy if you are willing to go with me. There is nothing else that I ask for. You are a very good friend to me.

Winnie smiled: Yes, I know. But I will try to make you happy.

Vic: I am worried I may just ruin your day.

Winnie: It doesn’t matter. Don’t worry. I’m fine with it. So, when and where do you want to?

Vic: Hmm… where do you want to go? I’m fine. I just need the companion.

Winnie: I am free these few days… so, I am fine if you want to go even tonight. Hmm… what about Ming Hill? It’s about an hour drive away from here. It’s a very nice tourist spot. I’ve not been there for a while.

Vic: No problem. What can I expect to see there?

Winnie: A good full night view of Taipei. Windy, cold and misty weather. Some shops for shopping.

Winnie laughed.

Vic joined the laughter: Alright, sure. So, tonight?

Winnie: I’m fine with tonight. Oh wait… tonight?

Vic: Yeah, why? You are not free tonight?

Winnie: Oh, not that. I think they have some functions tonight. We can probably catch some fireworks.

Vic: Oh?

Winnie: I like fireworks.

Vic: Okay. So, make sure you bring along your sweater or jacket, okay… since it will be cold.

Winnie: Sure. You’ve never been to Ming Hill?

Vic: It’s been a while. Maybe a year. So… I don’t know if there are any changes there.

Winnie: Okay then.

Vic: I’ll come and pick you tonight. Is 8pm alright?

Winnie: You pick me?

Vic: Yeah. I won’t let you pick me. Vanness won’t mind I take his car again.

Winnie laughed: Sure, I hope so. So, see you tonight at 8pm?

Vic: Sure, I’ll see you tonight.


11am. Qing Xi Village.

“This did not feel right…” Ken said, as he drove the path to Rainie’s house.

Fair enough, when he reached the house which is located next to the lake, Rainie’s car is missing.

Ken parked his car and then he got down from the car, he looked around. “Where is she… where could she be? In this village she does not need to drive, right?” he asked worriedly. “She told me that everywhere in Qing Xi is reachable within walking distance,”

Ken walked to the house and looked at the latches and the locks. It’s all perfectly locked.

“Oh my gosh… where is she?” Ken ran his hand through his hair.

Ken then heard a very soft music and his cell phone is vibrating in his pants. He took out the phone and looked at it. Vanness. Ken pressed the ‘answer’ button and listen to the phone as he looked all out to search for Rainie.

Ken: Vanness?

Vanness: Hey, Ken. Where are you?

Ken: Qing Xi. Why?

Vanness: Qing Xi? Where the hell is that?

Ken: A village. Why? Anything urgent?

Vanness: You asked for Rainie’s number from me this morning.

Ken: What about it?

Vanness: Do you manage to get to her?

Ken: No. Like you said, her phone is off. Why?

Vanness:  Pace told me Rainie is back home. That was an hour ago.

Ken: What?!

Vanness: Yes.

Ken: Why didn’t you tell me earlier? You can talk with Pace later! Waste my 4 hours driving all the way to Qing Xi when she is driving back Taipei!

Vanness: What the hell is wrong with you? It is not my responsibility to tell you that she is back or something! If I want to, I can choose not to make this call and let you scold me!

Ken took a deep breath: Ok, sorry, bro. I’m just… I’m just… emotions takes over.

Vanness: You better be sorry.


Ken pulled the phone away from his ear, when Vanness just hangs up the call.

Ken took another deep breath. “Shit…” he slaps his forehead.

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