I Found Love With You – Chapter 38

Winnie, Pace & Rainie’s rented apartment. 10am.

Winnie’s phone rang on the side table next to her bed.

“Oh my gosh… I just sleep at 6am after a late commercial shoot last night… please let me sleep!!!” Winnie yelled as she grabbed her pillow and covered her ears.

The pillow did not work. The ringtone of the ringing phone still penetrates the cotton pillow and buzz in her ear.

“ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Winnie yelled as she grabbed her phone from the side table and looked at the caller.

It displays G, her manager.

Winnie placed the phone on her ear after she pressed the ‘answer’ button: WHAT?!

G: Good morning Winnie.

Winnie: G! I’m sleeping! You know my commercial shoot ends at 5am this morning!

G: I know, I just call to tell you that I got a call from Actors’ Studio. They are inviting you to an audition to act. If you want to act, here’s your opportunity. It is entirely up to you. The audition will be at 2pm today. If you are interested, you go there and audition, ok? Just let me know your decision.

Winnie: Act?

G: Yes.

Winnie: Who? Me?

G: Yes, Winnie. You.

Winnie: Acting?!

G: Okay, Winnie. You still have time to think about it. If you are going for the audition, all the best. The audition will be at Actors’ Studio. Look for…

Winnie waited as she heard G flipping through some papers.

G: … ah, found it. His name is Ken Zhu. Look for Ken Zhu. He is the Producer.

Winnie: Ken Zhu? Producer?

G: Yes.

Winnie: Err… okay. I’ll think about it.

G: Sure.

They hang up the call.

Winnie lied on her back and stared at the ceiling. “What is that Ken fella up to?”


Actors’ Studio. 10.20am.

Ken saw a whole line of numbers displayed on the ringing phone he is holding. “Hello?” he picked up the call and answered curiously, not sure who the person is.


Ken frowned. “Who is this?”

“Winnie Qian,”

Ken smiled: Oh, hi, Winnie.

Winnie: What are you up to? To audition me for acting?

Ken: Oh hey, it’s a movie.

Winnie: Ken! I am a model! And since when you are the Producer?

Ken: First, I am employed as the Film Producer in Actors’ Studio yesterday… that being in this position, I am literally involved in both drama and movie wherever it needs me…

Winnie: Well, congratulations then.

Ken: Thank you. And secondly, it doesn’t mean a model cannot be an actress. It’s just you venturing into showbiz and it’s a good aspect to widen your experience, knowledge and also fame.

Winnie: Why me, Ken? And why not other models?

Ken: Winnie, this plot of story’s lead actress needs a very soft, pretty and full of personality lady to portray that look. Plus, we will need a new face yet someone knows of. It is you. This character is made for you.

Winnie: Ken, stop joking. You know I don’t know how to act.

Ken: You have never act, don’t statement that. You’ll never know if you have never tried it.

Winnie: A very soft, pretty and full of personality? Pace can do that.

Ken: You are softer compared to Pace.

Winnie: What?! Are you telling me that I am the weaker one?!

Ken: I don’t mean that. I mean her outlook looks tougher than you. Both Pace and you have different personalities, outlook and capabilities. The person that I am looking for to fill this character is you. You can definitely portray this character better than anyone else.

Winnie: Ken…

Ken: Winnie, please consider this and it could change your life. In fact, it will. I know.

Winnie: …

Ken: Can I see you at 2pm at Actors’ Studio?

Winnie: I’ll consider. You’ll see me if you see me.


Winnie hangs up the call.

Ken smirked. He looked at the summary he is holding. “This movie is made for you, Winnie… and for you… too,” he smiled at his thought, thinking of another person. His smile then fades off. “Lesson of the day, watch out when you talk to women… don’t say they are soft, you won’t know what is the possible outcome of saying that! Women can be unpredictable!”


Singapore. Rainie’s parents’ home. 11am.

Rainie stood at the balcony of the 10th floor of the apartment looking out to the playground located right at downstairs.

“Cheng Ling,”

Rainie turned, “Hi mom,”

Mrs. Yang smiled. “How are you feeling?” she joined Rainie at the balcony.

“Refreshed. This is good. I have never had a great vacation like this for a long, long time,”

“So, do you want to be based in Singapore and work instead?”

Rainie laughed. “I wish, but my modeling career is in Taipei. That is where I start. And it will be better if I continued there,”

“Then when are you deciding to go back Taipei? You can’t leave your job like this,” Mrs. Yang said.

Rainie smiled. “I don’t know yet. Dan said I can take my break and continue whenever I feel like it,”

“I got to know about your crazily hectic schedule due to your insane manager, so… it is good if you want to take your break but if you want to keep your modeling throne  you can’t stay away too long,”

“I know, mom. This is my well deserved break. If I decide to be here for a year, it’s my right,” Rainie said. “I need to be fully energized before I go back and work like mad again,”

“What, your new manager will be like your insane former manager again?!”

“No. What I meant is my work,” Rainie said, waving like mad. “I’m not gonna settle with another person like Claire, ever again!”

Mrs. Yang laughed. “Okay, then… you stay in the balcony, I’ll go in do some stuff,”

“Sure mom,” Rainie smiled, as she looked at her mother walked into the comfy apartment. Rainie then heave a sigh.

Winnie has sent her an email a few days ago, and it is that particular few lines that kept running in her mind for days.

‘Ken is looking for you, and he didn’t state why. If you are free, give him a call. Or when are you coming back? You can look for him when you come back.’

Rainie sighed again, before she turned and walked into the apartment.


Actors’ Studio. 1.55pm.

“Ken?” Winnie asked as she is walking to him.

Ken turned and looked at Winnie, and he is sitting outside the audition room. “Hey, Winnie, I’m glad that you came,” he smiled.

“Why are you here? I thought…” Winnie pointed at the audition room.

“Audition, right? Yeah, it is,” Ken said.

“I mean you are supposed to be in the room to interview me, right?” Winnie asked.

“No, the Director will interview you later. Come, sit down,” Ken said, patting at the empty seat next to him.

“Director? I thought you will… now I am nervous,” Winnie said, taking her seat next to Ken.

“I recommended you, and I know you as a friend. We are interrelated. So, I cannot interview you. Director will interview you, but he trusts me, so you should be fine,” Ken said, folding his hands on his chest. “I’m equally nervous as well. This is my first task and I hope he sees what I see,”

“Come on… you are a manager in Zhu Corporation and for your working experiences throughout the years, you sure know how to analyze people,” Winnie said, convincing him.

Ken smiled, “First, thank you for your compliment on my skill or ability to analyze, and second, if you trust me in my analyzing skill, then you should trust me that you will make a perfect lead actress in this movie,”

Winnie is dumbfounded. She had never thought her one simple compliment backfires at her.

“You come for audition, I know. If you don’t want to be auditioned, you won’t drive to here to tell me you don’t want this, right?” Ken smirked.

“Smart,” Winnie said.

“I have actually handpicked you for the role and another for the lead actor, and there is no other candidates coming over for audition for the 2 roles today. Unless Director deemed that my choice is not right then I have to pick another to be auditioned. I know the roles are made for you and him,” Ken smiled.

“Who is the candidate you picked for the lead actor?” Winnie asked.

“He’s inside. He came early, and now he is auditioning. You’ll see him later,” Ken smiled as he looked at his watch. “Looks good… since he is already inside for more than 20 minutes,”

“What?” Winnie asked, “What has it got to do with the time…”

“First impression, as in the first 5 minutes is enough to determine the character of the person and if the person might be able to portray the role. If the person is inside there for more than 15 minutes he or she has a high chance to land a role in a drama or movie. Because it only takes a few minutes to know if the role is made for him or her,” Ken said.

“Oh…” Winnie replied.

Ken turned looking at Winnie, “I definitely know you more than just 5 minutes, I know you as a person. I know your capability, trust me. As long as you can be yourself during the interview, you’ll land the role,” he then said, “And the pay is good,” he winked.

Winnie laughed.

They both went silent for a while.

“Do you have any news about Rainie?” Ken asked.

“No, she didn’t reply my email. I have told her that you are looking for her,” Winnie said.

Ken smiled forcefully as he looked down to his hands. “It’s okay. I’m just asking, thanks,”

“Is it urgent?” Winnie asked.

Ken shook. “No, not really,” he said. “Any idea when she is coming back?”

“I don’t know. From the looks of it, she doesn’t seem like she is coming back anytime soon…”

“Oh,” Ken responded.

The audition’s room’s door opened.

“Ken,” Director Li called, and then he looked at Winnie. “Oh, hi. Miss Qian,”

“Hi…” Winnie said.

“This is Director Li,” Ken stood up and introduced, “And he already knows you, Winnie,”

“My pleasure to meet you, Miss Qian,” Director Li smiled.

“You can call me Winnie,” Winnie smiled.

“Sure, I’ll interview you in a while, you may come in first,” Director Li said at Winnie, and then he turned looking at Ken, “I’m done with him, I have asked him to go to your room so you can discuss the script with him in detail. He had gone to washroom via the other door and he will head to your room after this,” opening the door wide for Winnie to go into the room.

“Is he taken for the role?” Ken asked.

“What? You’ve gotta be kidding me, Ken. You are superb and so right. He is made for that role!” Director Li said.

“So, maybe you can expect the same with Winnie,” Ken smiled.

“I guess it’s right now up to her to decide if she wants the role, right?” Director Li asked.

Ken laughed, “You mean she’s already taken for the role even before the interview?” he joked.

“I trust you that much, Ken,” Director Li winked and laughed. “Oh, I’ll interview her first, I’ll send her to your room if she is taken and also wants the role. She will meet him (the lead actor) and they both can discuss with you about the script,”

“You bet,” Ken said, patted Director Li and headed to his own Producer room which is 2 rooms away from the audition room.


MyDance Studio. 2pm.

Pace sat at the waiting area waiting for Vanness as she glanced at the magazines provided there. Vanness asked her to wait for him there, and he will grab a quick shower before going out for late lunch with her.

“Hey Pace,” Vanness suddenly said, with a sling bag across his upper torse.

Pace looked up and smiled at him. “Hey,”

“Come, let’s go out for lunch,” Vanness said.

“Sure,” Pace placed the magazine on place and then she stood up.

Vanness placed his hand on Pace’s waist as they walked out from MyDance.

“Pace is Vanness’ girlfriend…?” one of the receptionists said. She pouted.

“He’s not single anymore!” the other receptionist echoed.

They both sighed…

“So… where do you want to bring me to eat today?” Pace asked.

“What do you want to eat?” Vanness asked.

“Well… up to you because you will have a class later…”

“Nope. I’m free already. No more class,” Vanness said.

“No more class?”

“Yeah, I only have morning class,” Vanness smiled. “So, we can go dating today,”

Pace laughed, “Dating, huh,”

“Why? You don’t want to?” Vanness asked.

“I am not your girlfriend, so that is not dating,” Pace said.

Vanness loosened his hand from holding her waist and holds her hand. “So can I make you my girlfriend now?”

“Ah?” Pace looked at him and looked at his hand holding her and she tried to loosen his hand.

“Hey, hey, hey. I am not going to let your hand go. I’ve grip it, and I will always grip it,” Vanness said.

“That is very insincere of you,” Pace said.

“So…” Vanness said, “How can I proof my sincerity to you? I’m dumb in relationships,” he then laughed, “I love to have you sharing a part of my life. Will you be my girlfriend?”

“Vanness…” Pace blushed as her other free hand is placed on her cheek. “I’m blushing already…”

Vanness smiled, “I’m showing you my sincerity now, I really want to take care of you, want to be the special person in your life, and I will shower you with the best of everything. I will be the best boyfriend for you… I wish you can be a part of me. Are you willing, Pace?”

Pace looked at Vanness, “That is like… one of the most unique lines I have ever heard!”

“So that I can make it special for you,” he smiled. “You’ll remember this day and these lines then!”

Pace laughed.

“I’m still waiting, Pace. Will you accept me, and be my girlfriend?” Vanness asked.

Pace smiled at him, “You are gripping my hand tight… how can I run out from you?”

Vanness frowned. “Is that a yes?”

“Yes, it’s a yes!” Pace gently pushed his chin, “Dumbo,”

Vanness laughed. “See, I’ve told you I’m dumb, but I am a willing dumbo strictly only for Pace Wu,”

Pace laughed, “No, I don’t want a dumbo, I only want Vanness,”

“Anything for my princess,” Vanness smiled.

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