I Found Love With You – Chapter 4

“Pace just replied my SMS. She said she will join us for dinner. Her meeting just postponed to morning tomorrow,” Barbie said, looking at her phone. “She asked us to eat first, she will be here at 7 plus,” she looked at the time. 7pm.

“Okay,” Rainie said and then laughed, “Anyhow we’ve ordered food and not going to wait for her after all. I’m famished already,” her cell phone then beeped.

Barbie looked at Rainie taking her cell phone out.

“If it’s about work, don’t pick the call up,” Barbie said.

“It’s just a SMS,” Rainie smiled and then she looked at her SMS.

“Then maybe it’s Pace,” Barbie said.

“Nah… it’s cousin sister,” Rainie said, sipping her drink. She then reads the SMS. “Winnie didn’t board the plane to Hong Kong. She said Hong Kong’s airport is closed due to typhoon,”

“Har? Then how about her work?” Barbie asked.

“I am not sure. She is asking of my whereabouts, so I will ask her to join us for dinner, ok?” Rainie asked.

“No problem. It’s been ages since all four of us sit together for a meal,” Barbie smiled.

Rainie laughed as she typed her reply.

“I noticed you could have overworked, Rainie,” Barbie said.

“Overwork?” Rainie asked, looking at Barbie, before she turned looking at her phone and typed her reply again. “I admit. It’s been very busy lately. Too many runways,”

“But you need to know how to take a break,”

“I’m still young so I believe I should take everything I could…”

“You still have a long journey to go, and overwork can kill you,” Barbie said.

Rainie sent her SMS and then she puts her phone down. “Claire is managing it for me so I am alright,”

“Working for 3 months with 1 day rest is not the way,” Barbie said. “I am a workaholic too, but I have a rest day at least once a week and get my brain fresh again for the next week ahead,”

“I am not a writer, Barbie. I can sleep on the plane,” Rainie said. “Anyway, Claire has confirmed with me that I will be having my break after my last runway show ends next week. And I’ll have one month!”

“Then you better rest adequately,” Barbie said.

“I noticed…” Rainie stopped when she and Barbie heard someone rushing in into the restaurant.

Both of them turned to look at Pace walking to them. Pace turned looking at the entrance and then to them, and smiled. She then sits down and glanced at the entrance again.

“Why are you kept glancing to the door? You have a stalker?” Barbie asked. “Or you actually run away from the meeting when you tell us that the meeting is postponed?”

“The first one. Yes, I am worried for a stalker,” Pace said, taking a deep breath. “And mind you the meeting is really postponed to tomorrow,” she glanced at the door again.

The waiter placed a glass of water down on the table for Pace before putting the menu in front of her. Pace immediately took the glass up and gulped it down.

“What happen?” Rainie asked.

“When I was walking…” Pace stared at Barbie, “Hey, you wore make-up!”

“Yeah, Jay, my make-up artist, did that for her, isn’t she look good with make-up?” Rainie said.

“Yeah! You should wear make-up onwards right now! You look so pretty!” Pace said.

“Okay… thanks. Care to continue? While you were walking… and?” Barbie asked.

“Oh, my right heel was stuck in between the tiles on the street and there is this one guy who helped me removed my heel from there… he said I looked familiar, so I quickly walked off,” Pace said.

“You walked to here from PWRB office?” Rainie asked.

“I asked my manager to drop me at the convenience store just at the end of this street because I want to buy some waterproof plasters. And since this restaurant is near that convenient store, so I walked over from there,” Pace said.

“Why, you hurt somewhere? Why do you need waterproof plasters?” Rainie asked.

“Actually our supply at home has finished. Winnie asked me to top up,” Pace said.

“Oh,” Rainie said. “But if that guy said you look familiar, I don’t see a problem. You are indeed popular. Your posters are all around the town,”

“I am afraid he is from the media… and I was alone. You know, if all of a sudden a herd of them comes to me… I can’t fend them off alone,” Pace said.

“Then we need Barbie to help bash each of their heads for you, and for me,” Rainie laughed.

Barbie and Pace laughed too.

“So, I think that guy is nice, since he helped you,” Barbie said.

“He’s good looking, but if he is from the media… better stay away from me,” Pace said, and then she smiled, “He is very kind to ask me to lean on him if I would lose stability since he wanted me to remove my foot from the shoe so he can pull the shoe up,”

“Oh? Then you did?” Barbie asked.

“Yes, I can see that he’s gentle when he pulled the heel up. That way he won’t ruin the shoe for me. And he then slipped the shoe into my foot,” Pace said.

“HE SLIPPED THE SHOE INTO YOUR FOOT?” Barbie and Rainie asked, surprised.

“Yes, and what’s with the surprised faces?” Pace asked. She turned and raised her glass up to seek the waiter to refill water to her glass.

“Well, I just recalled a phrase,” Rainie smiled, sipping her drink.

“What phrase?” Pace asked.

“Not too sure how real the statement is, but I heard that if a man slips the shoe to a woman’s foot it means she belongs to him,” Rainie said.

“Exactly the same statement that I’ve heard!” Barbie said.

Pace frowned. “That’s crazy,”

“Cinderella’s story. The prince slipped the shoe to her foot and finds his princess…” Rainie said.

“And they lived happily ever after…” Barbie joined with Rainie to say it. They both looked at each other and laughed.

“I won’t buy that!” Pace said.

“Of course! We’re just kidding. How are you supposed to be with someone you just met on the street who happens to slip the heel into your foot and you don’t even know him?” Barbie said.

“Gosh! You both really scared me like it sounded so real!” Pace said, placing her hand on her chest.

Rainie and Barbie laughed.

“Oh, by the way, Winnie will join us for dinner. She did not go to Hong Kong tonight,” Rainie said.

“Oh? She didn’t tell me…” Pace said, taking her cell phone out and noticed a missed call. “Eh? I have a missed call…”

“Cousin sister?” Rainie asked.

“Yeah…” Pace said, retrieving the missed call. “6.54pm… how can I miss the call? I did not hear my phone ring at all….”

“What time are you in the convenience store?” Barbie asked.

“6.40pm,” Pace responded.

“Maybe you were running away from the man that had just helped you removed the stuck heel and you are afraid he is the paparazzi,” Barbie said. “So while you were busy running away you did not hear the call,”

“I agree,” Rainie nodded.

“I supposed so…” Pace said. “Anyway, what were you two talking earlier?”

“Earlier… err…” Rainie thinks deep.

“We were talking about Rainie working like mad and I want her to take a rest,” Barbie said.

“Oh yeah…” Rainie said, looking at Barbie. “I lost memory again about what we were saying…”

“Oh, and…?” Pace asked.

“I’ll be having a month off from next week,” Rainie said.

“That sounds good,” Pace said.

“But the thing is I hope you can readjust your working time, so as not to work for 3 months straight with only a day off,” Barbie said. “And I wasn’t talking about your one-month break!”

“A day off?” Pace repeated after Barbie. “She only has a day off in 3 months?”

“I have a lot of work to do,” Rainie said.

“If you remain like this, in less than 6 months you’ll look older than your cousin sister by 10 years!” Pace said. “Rest means a lot to us models!”

“What?!” Rainie said, placing her right hand on her right cheek. “I don’t want to look 39 in 6 months!”

“Do you think I look like 28 and your cousin look like 29?” Pace asked. “Do we look like our age?”

“Obviously not. And Rainie, you look like 21 about 5 months ago, and now you are already looked like your age… 25!” Barbie added.

“This…” Pace uses her finger to make the imagination circles in front of her face, “… is what rests and water do,” she then make the imagination circles in front of Rainie’s face, “And this… is what overwork do. You’ll get old fast!”

“Pace, don’t you scare me. And I am still young, and I still have the energy to do all the work! And some people said if you don’t do it now, you’ll never have the chance anymore,” Rainie said.

“You need to maintain your pace so you will keep having chances coming in into your way for the next few years. Look, Winnie and I have been modeling for 10 years, do you see us sitting at home waiting for job?” Pace asked.


“For your information, we do sit at home for rest! But we never need to worry about losing our job because we know how to maintain the pace and taking care of ourselves. That is what model should worry. Nobody is going to take care of your health if you never do,” Pace said.

“Good words, Pace. I don’t even know how to give her good advices,” Barbie said, raising her thumb up at Pace. She then turned looking at Rainie. “Obviously you have overworked. Don’t let Claire judge the working schedule for you. It was you doing all the modeling and she only needs to schedule. So, speak for yourself. Insist your rest. Take the advice from Pace,”

Pace nodded. “If Winnie heard about this, she will say the same thing,”

“They are the experienced models. That is how they maintained being successful for years,” Barbie said. “Learn from them… and for goodness sake you are staying with them!”

Pace laughed. “Anyway, what was that all about Claire judging the working schedule for her?”

“Claire accepts all the jobs for Rainie, leaving Rainie to work at all of them,” Barbie said.

“How do you know about that?” Rainie asked.

Barbie couldn’t tell her it’s Jay telling her that. “Isn’t that obvious with the way you work?” she simply answered.

“I…” Rainie said.

“Hey,” someone interrupted.

All of them turned to see Winnie sitting down on the empty place next to Pace.

“Hey,” Rainie, Barbie and Pace answered.

“I heard about the airport closed in Hong Kong. What about your show?” Pace asked.

“G is handling it,” Winnie said.

“G?” Barbie asked.

“George. My manager. But I always call him G,” Winnie said, looking at Barbie. She frowned for a while and then she snapped, “Barbie is wearing make-up! You look awesome!”

“Yes, yes… I know I’m wearing make-up. Thanks,” Barbie said. “And you were saying the airport…?”

“If the airport opens by tomorrow’s dawn, then I will head to Hong Kong early in the morning. But if it remained close until the next day, it means I’ll miss the rehearsal,” Winnie said.

“Then?” Rainie asked.

“I must board the flight to Hong Kong by dusk of 2 days from now so as I will not miss the show on the 3rd day of my schedule. The show will go on. But somehow I have a feeling I am not the only one missing the show. Since Hong Kong’s airport close that means all planes cannot stop there and they are diverted. Then maybe only models in the Hong Kong will continue the show where as for all others, we just stay where we are,” Winnie said.

“Complicated,” Barbie said.

“That’s the world of model,” Pace said, looking at Barbie. “And model world like Rainie’s is not normal,”

“Har?” Winnie asked.

“Okay, stop it. Stop it,” Rainie said. “Please select your food and order. I am not sure if you are famished or not, but Barbie and I had ordered and our food will come shortly,”

“Oh,” Pace said, and she spreads open the menu.

“You just arrived too?” Winnie asked Pace.

“Yes, and she thought she’s stalked by a prince who slipped the glass shoe into her foot,” Barbie said.

“Har? Prince? What glass shoe?” Winnie asked.

Rainie and Barbie laughed.

“That topic is closed,” Pace said.

“Just some good guy helped releasing her stuck heel on street on the way here,” Rainie said in one breath, in order to quit letting Pace interrupting her.

“Hey, I said it’s closed,” Pace said, eyeing at them.

“Oh? So he is the so-called prince? And what glass shoe that you were saying earlier?” Winnie asked.

“Winnie! Don’t you ask!” Pace said.

“After releasing the heel he slipped it in into Pace’s foot,” Rainie said in one breath again.

“Hey!” Pace said.

“Really?!” Winnie looked at Pace.

“What? You wanna tell me about that weird statement about a guy who would wear the shoe for the lady means the lady is his’? I’ve heard that from Rainie and Barbie earlier,” Pace said, continued browsing the menu.

“Is there such statement? I’ve never heard about it!” Winnie said. “Is it real?”

Pace gaped. Rainie and Barbie laughed.

“Now, you are the one who said that!” Barbie yelled.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah…” Pace rolled her eyes, and then focused on her menu.

“So, Rainie, what is your plan for your one-month break?” Barbie asked. “Going to Singapore to meet your parents?”

“You are having a month break?” Winnie asked Rainie.

“Yes,” Rainie answered at Winnie, and then turned looking at Barbie, “I am not planning to go anywhere this one month,”

“Oh, so you plan to sit at home and watch TV?” Pace asked.

“No, and you know what… when I looked into the mirror today… I’m worried my thigh’s going to get flabby, and my stomach is going to be big soon! And being a model I need to maintain my shape… so I plan to get it fix,” Rainie said. “Plus, it’s been months since I have a proper time to exercise,”

“You mean you want to work out?” Barbie asked.

“Yes… but I feel working out is slow…” Rainie said.

“You mean you want to see effective results in one month? You should go to temple and pray hard for that,” Pace said.

Barbie and Winnie laughed, and Rainie glared at Pace.

“Praying only get you blessing, not getting rid of your fats in your body!” Rainie said.

“I will not let you take slimming pills just to get in shape and that will kill you almost instantly before your work does!” Barbie said.

“Of course I am not going to take slimming pills! I am not trying to slim down, I just want to tone my body up a little and maintained it, and since I only have one month I wish to utilize this one month to get it happen. It’s just that working out at gym is not fast enough…” Rainie said.

“Nothing is guaranteed to happen the way you want it to be in one month, Rainie. But if you said a quicker way to get toned body, there is,” Winnie said.

“There is?” Pace, Barbie and Rainie asked.

“Yes, I suggest you can have intensive classes in that one month of break for you; like you go for the class everyday… and then when you get back to work, in order to maintain your body, you should go back for classes once or twice a week,” Winnie said. “If you don’t go back, you will encounter this same problem of worrying the flabby thighs, loose muscles and bloated stomach,” she then turned looking at Pace. “I’m done with what I want to order, are you done?”

“Yes,” Pace said and then she lifted her hand up. “Waiter!”

“And cousin sister, you mean fitness classes?” Rainie asked.

“Sounded like gym classes to me,” Barbie said.

“Aerobics?” Pace asked, as she pointed in the menu to show the waiter what she wanted.

“No, I mean dance classes,” Winnie said. She then turned looking at the waiter who stood between her and Pace, and she poked at the menu to tell him which dish she wanted to order.

“DANCE CLASSES?” All three of them said, looking at Winnie.

“Yes,” Winnie smiled. “If you take it to the extreme you’ll get toned body, and if you are dedicated to it you get to keep your body. And plus, since you will move about and sweat a lot compared to normal working out in the fitness classes and that means you will see results faster,”

“But that also means I’ll pant for air faster? Since I’ll be jumping around, moving around, hopping around…” Rainie said.

“That is a good way to build your stamina,” Winnie smiled. “And if you think you’ll do that on the first class, you must be dreaming. For someone like you who doesn’t have dancing background… or even the basics, they will teach you basics first. But somehow that is your choice if you want to join dance classes or not. But yes, you’ll get toned body faster,”

“Winnie is right though,” Pace said. “That is a good way, since you want a faster solution,”

“Hmm…” Rainie murmured.

“Maybe you can try it out. Or… maybe you can try to attend a class or two and see how it works for you,” Barbie said. “Since normal work out only focused on particular part of body; dancing covers the whole body so I guess that helps cutting down time to stay slim,”

Rainie bites her lips and she switched her glance from Winnie to Pace and then Barbie.

“Okay then, I’ll try that out,” Rainie smiled.


“YOU WEAR THAT SHOE TO HER?” Ken, Jerry and Vic asked unanimously.

Vanness looked at them, as he stopped, leaving the fork he just poked with a meat cutlet stayed two inches away from his mouth. He was about to stuff it in and stopped, surprised with his friends’ reaction.

“Yes, I did that. So what?” Vanness asked. “And what’s with the face?”

“Dude… you were born in States, right?” Jerry asked.

“Yes, and I grow up there until age 16 before I come to Taipei. So?” Vanness asked.

“You are not exposed to some local idioms a lot, huh?” Ken asked.

“I don’t understand what you mean,” Vanness said as he stuffed the fork into his mouth and he bites the meat off from the fork and munch on it.

“If you put the shoe to her foot it means she is your wife,” Vic said.

Vanness immediately got choked on swallowing the meat.

“Yo, yo…” Ken said as Vanness reached for his glass of water and swallowed it.

Vanness coughed repeatedly. “What?! Who said that?!”

“Okay, it’s just an idiom. No truthful answer for that,” Vic said.

“I know you are nice to her to slip that shoe in, so… let’s forget what we’ve said and let it stay that way. You just bump onto a pretty lady on street to whom you think is Pace Wu…” Ken said, stopped and rolled his eyes, “… and you are just kind enough to help releasing her stuck heel on the street, and then you are just being polite to slip that back in into her foot. And that’s about it,”

“I swear it’s Pace Wu!” Vanness said.

“If she is Pace Wu I’ll meet a tiger in the toilet!” Ken said.

“Maybe just someone who looks similar like her?” Jerry asked. “Truth to be told if she walks alone she might be ambushed by paparazzi,”

“Regardless she is Pace or not, I believe she’s a WOMAN, so you all can stop debating about that!” Vic said, “You’re just polite, really,” he looked at Vanness. “But I was just surprised you did that to her,”

“Yes, just being polite…” Vanness said.

“Anyhow, by logic, you don’t know her, and it is impossible for her to be your wife, right? So… keep the thought that way,” Vic smiled as he continued his meal.

“Yes… an idiom like that doesn’t get on my nerves,” Vanness said, as he continued cutting his meat. “Ken, how’s Pearl?”

Ken did not respond at first as he stuffed the salad into his mouth. “Why not you ask her instead of me,” he said flatly without looking at Vanness. “And you will ask about her each time we comes out for dinner,”

“We always ask you about her, and what’s with your reaction?” Jerry asked.

“Yeah, she is your childhood friend,” Vic said.

“And now she is your girlfriend, of course I ask you,” Vanness said.

“Cut the crap!” Ken said. “How many times I told you she is not my girlfriend!”

“But you went for date with her,” Jerry said. “3 times!”

“She is just my father’s best friend’s daughter. And if not my father set me on trap to go out with her by telling me he is meeting her father, I won’t even go,” Ken said.

“You can always say no,” Vic said.

“It’s my father’s best friend! I wish can I say no to my father also!” Ken said.

“You just have to stand tough if you do not want to be involved with her. But the thing is you went out with her for 3 dates already!” Jerry said.

“The first time it was just because my father asks me to. And I was just kind to my father after he persuaded me timelessly for months. And I am doing that just to stop him from talking about it again and again which bores and annoys me! How am I supposed to know he is setting me up the trap for the next two times!” Ken said.

“You mean by telling you he wants to meet Pearl’s father on your second date, and on the third date, telling you that he wants to meet you in the restaurant but the one who comes up was Pearl instead of your father?” Vanness said, letting out small laughs. “Maybe you should see it coming,”

“I can foresee more dates coming up,” Jerry said.

“I don’t know how I can escape that,” Ken said.

“Talk to your father, or be careful with what your father might set up,” Vic said.

“I don’t know but I had a bad feeling about this,” Ken said.

“Don’t think too much. Just like what Vic said, learn to say ‘no’,” Vanness said.

“You don’t like her, right?” Jerry asked.

“No. Not at all,” Ken said.

“You know her since you were young, right?” Vic asked. “I was just trying to recall,”

“When I moved to Taipei at the age of 8, I get to know her as her father is already my father’s best friend,” Ken said. “So you can say we grow up together,”

“But then I thought you get along with her,” Jerry said.

“Yes, I get along with her. But the thing is, I only treat her as a friend and I never thought about going more than that. She is just a friend!” Ken said. “But the thought of thinking that she is going out with me is making me slowly drifting away from this friend… I wish she and I could just remain as friends!” he said.

“To compare what you said today with what you would say about Pearl a few years back… you were kind and mentioned all the good things about her; but right now you don’t like her at all… I guess it was because of what your father did?” Vanness asked. “By pushing you to go out for date with her against your will,”

“I guess so,” Ken said, taking another mouthful of salad.

“Then refused another date. I guess you can still make it right to stay as friends with her at this point of time before proceeding further,” Jerry said.

“I really wish to,” Ken said, and he closed his eyes, “She is just my friend for good sake!”

“You both will remain as friends, for sure,” Vic said.

Ken opened his eyes and looked at Vic. “You really think that way?”

“Of course. As long as you open your mouth and say NO,” Vic said, sipping his drinks while looking at Ken. Ken stared at Vic blankly. Vic smirked at him and then turned looking at the waiter, “Desserts!”

“Eat, eat, eat and eat!” Ken yelled at Vic.

“Don’t be such a baby to release your anger onto me just because I am not in your shoes to talk to your father and ask him stop setting you to date with Pearl. I know you lost your appetite but I don’t mind to eat your desserts too,” Vic smirked at him.

“Sneaky,” Vanness said.

“You are an actor and you need to ‘preserve’ your body so eating my desserts will put you out of shape, Vic,” Ken rolled his eyes.

“Round is a shape,” Vic smiled.

Jerry and Vanness laughed.

“I’m very thin and I can handle your desserts. If you want the truth, you look real fat and it’s time for you to lose your weight so give me your desserts,” Vic smirked again.

“Sure,” Ken said, stuffing the last piece of his fish into his mouth.

“Really?” Vic asked.

“Yeah, as long as you pay for my dish,” Ken smirked.

“Pay for mine too,” Vanness and Jerry said together. “THANKS!”

“NO!” Vic said. “I’m the poorest yet you want me to pay for yours?!”

All of them laughed.

“Half?” Ken asked.

“You can keep your desserts,” Vic said. “I’m waiting for job recently. Wait until I get a job then I can give you a free meal,”

“Waiting for job?” they asked.

“I thought you already have one in line?” Vanness asked.

“The one I am going to portray as limousine driver for the wealthy family?” Vic asked. “That project has been put on hold due to the production problem. Wait until further instruction,”

“When did that happened? We’ve never heard from you…” Jerry asked.

“This morning. So, you can consider I am jobless now…” Vic laughed.

“You need any assistance? Money?” Ken offered.

“Thanks, buddy. You always offer me money when I tell you I am jobless. I’m still fine. I have enough savings still to survive and eat, so I can still pay for my set today,” Vic smiled.

“Let me know if you need help, alright?” Ken said.

“No problem,” Vic sighed. “Time to pay for room rental…”

“Hey, why not you move in with me?” Vanness asked.

“Move in with you?” Vic asked.

“Well, you wanna move in with Ken whom is staying with his parents?” Vanness asked.

“Of course not. I mean why?” Vic asked.

“Since you stay alone and I stay alone as well, you can move in with me. My place has an empty room. And my place is easy access for you to go to work too,” Vanness said. “Plus, we get to take care of each other’s belongings when either of us is not at home,”

“Your parents are not in Taipei, right?” Jerry asked, looking at Vic.

“No, in Tainan,” Vic said, looking at Jerry. He then turned and looked at Vanness, “I thought you are sparing the room for your parents as you always claimed?”

“My parents rarely come to Taipei. I can rent them a room in the hotel if they ever come,” Vanness rolled his eyes. “For the past 12 years I am in Taipei, my parents have only been here twice…”

“I think it is a good idea for you to stay with Vanness too. So you need not pay as much as you are paying for rent right now. And it’s Vanness’ own house so you get free stay,” Jerry said.

“Hey,” Vanness said at Jerry, he then turned looking at Vic, “Not meant to be rude but yes you get to stay for free and in the meantime it means you need to help clean my house!”

All of them laughed.

“A free meal that comes with terms and conditions, hahaha,” Ken laughed.

“I will pay you rent, Vanness. Just don’t overcharge me,” Vic said.

“Really, no need,” Vanness said. “I can still make a good living as a dancer,”

“What about I pay for the bills?” Vic asked. “Since I stay for free as claimed,”

“Sounds good too. I guess Vic wanted to move in with you too,” Jerry said. “If only I can ask you to stay with me, but I was tied with the agreement with my company since it belongs to them that I cannot have a room/house mate,”

“It’s okay. They said no housemates, so we’ll just go to his place and stay overnight once in a blue moon and that is NOT housemates. That’s just ONE NIGHT mate,” Vanness said.

All of them looked at Vanness.

“Wait, listening back, it sounds ugly…” Vanness said.

“Eww…” all of them uttered.

“One night mate?! Sounded like we’re there for… intimacy with each other!” Jerry said.

“Eww…” they said again.

“Okay… sorry, what I mean was we just sleepover,” Vanness said.

“We get what you mean,” Ken said.

“No problem about sleepovers. But don’t touch me for I am not your ONE NIGHT MATE!” Jerry said.

All of them laughed.

“So when do you want to move in? I’ll arrange my time so I can help you move,” Vanness said, looking at Vic.

“I can help too,” Ken said.

“Me too,” Jerry said.

“I’ll talk with the landlord first. I’ll get back to you,” Vic said.

“Sure,” Vanness said.

“Thanks, buddy,” Vic said.

“What are best friends for?” Vanness smiled.

Vic smiled gratefully at Vanness.

“Yes, and in addition to that, I will pay for your dinner tonight so you can save the money you reserved for dinner tonight to an extra meal sometime in the future,” Jerry smiled at Vic, and then at a flash of lightning he turned his head to Vanness and Ken, “I am not paying for those who worked as a manager and a dancer,” he said before Ken and Vanness voiced out.

Apparently Ken and Vanness had already shaped their mouth to talk but Jerry has the first word before them.

“Err… I am not a manager,” Vanness smirked.

“Oh! And I am not a dancer,” Ken smirked, following Vanness’ words.

“Apparently you both are the other way around, so NO for the ones who had stable monthly income,” Jerry rolled his eyes.

Vic laughed. “Thanks, Jerry,”

“You’re my utmost welcome,” Jerry said.

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