I Found Love With You – Chapter 7

Tuesday, 8.30am.

“So how’s class yesterday?” Barbie asked, drinking a cup of coffee.

“I start today,” Rainie said.

“Today?” Barbie asked. “Then what did you do yesterday?”


“Shopping? Without me?” Barbie laughed.

“I went shopping with my instructor,” Rainie said.

“Har?” Barbie said, immediately having her laughs stopped.

“It was sort of getting to know each other session with him,”


“Yes, and Barbie… he’s hot,”

Barbie opened her eyes wide, “Hot? You mean he is the sun?”


Barbie laughed. “Okay,” she cleared her throat and stopped laughing. “The Rainie I know rarely commented any guys are HOT, even you meet so many male models…”

“Hey, he had the model-look you know. His look, his body… thumbs up for him,” Rainie said.

“Really?” Barbie laughed. “Hey, you are not taking any food?”

“Just two half-boiled eggs and a cup of coffee will fine. My class starts at 10am,” Rainie said. “I don’t want to eat too full. He told me I can’t eat too full before dancing, and I need to have a certain break of time before I can dance after eating,”

Barbie stared at her, trying to digest what she said, “Oh, okay… so that is why you asked me to come out for breakfast at this time,”

“Yeah… are you rushing for work today?”

“No, not really,” Barbie said, taking another sip of her coffee. “You know I am free and easy. I only need to hand in my articles on time,”

“Yeah… I am so jealous with your job. You get paid for shopping,”

“Why are you jealous with me? It’s not my clothes after I bought it. While for you as a model, you get to wear those designer outfits, and are designed for YOU!”

“Just like you said, it’s not my clothes even though it’s designed for me! I have to return the clothes after modeled it,” Rainie said.

“So, back to the topic. What dance classes have you opt to?” Barbie asked.

“Hip-hop,” Rainie said.


“Why you HAR?”

Barbie scratched her head, “I begin to doubt if you can dance. Probably you should have taken aerobics,”

“My instructor is going to teach me anyway. So he said he will teach me the basics today,” Rainie said. “I joined his class yesterday, but I only get to sit aside and look at how the class goes. It’s not those basics class… and I tell you… despite it’s called Level 2 class, they dance so well…”

“So you did not join them dancing along?”

“No. Vanness said I am not ready to get to that level and he will personally teach me today. Oh by the way, I make him my personal trainer,” Rainie said.

“Personal trainer?”

“It’s a bit pricey but it’s worth it,”

“It’s okay. You are a model. You earn a lot, you can pay,”

“You can say so,”

“Come on, you have like 3 cars… you have enough money to buy a mansion in Hollywood yet you, Winnie and Pace still prefer to stay in a rented apartment in Taipei,”

“If you are staying alone we will drag you into our apartment too. It’s great to hang out together,” Rainie smiled.

“I like staying with my parents still,” Barbie smirked. “How much is that instructor anyway?”

“A couple of thousands,”

“A couple? I assume close to 10k?”

“Yes, about that,”

“Cheap for you, and don’t ask me to get one, I cannot afford to pay like that,”

“You could. You just reluctant… you get paid a lot in a month, okay…”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah… whatever,” Barbie rolled her eyes. “I don’t need one, I walk a lot constantly due to shopping so I get to keep my body,”

“I walk on runway too, okay…”

“And you think walking on runway just for that few meters can help you keep your body? You’ve gotta be kidding. That is why you paid for your instructor… his name is Va something, you said?”

“Vanness. VAN-NESS,”


“He is one of the top instructors there, and gosh… you should look at him dancing yesterday. It will blow you away…”

“But you are still sitting inside the class, right? Despite he blow you off, your butt still sticks inside the class,”

“Hey, you’re so mean, Barbie,”

Barbie laughed. “I’m in the mood to crack jokes, so, poor you being the victim,”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah… whatever,” Rainie said, eating her eggs.

“Mind to tell me where is Pace and Winnie?” Barbie asked.

“Off, off and away,” Rainie said.

“Huh?” Barbie asked.

“I have no idea. I last see them last week… and then… ‘Poof’! Disappeared,”

“Gosh… you three stay together yet you don’t know where they are…” Barbie scratched her head.

“We’re all busy people… you too,” Rainie said. “But we’ll have dinner together this weekend. You wanna join us?”

“Let me know the place and time,” Barbie said.

“Okay,” Rainie said, sipping her coffee.

“Oh by the way,” Barbie said.

“Hmm?” Rainie asked.

“I’ll be off to Actors’ Studio at 2pm. I am not sure what time the meeting will be over so I’ll give you a call about the time for dinner,” Barbie said.

“Okay. Call me after 6pm. My class ends at 6pm,”



10.30am, MyDance Dance Studio.

Vanness and Rainie stood next to each other about 2 meters apart, with both facing the mirrors of the wall. After having some exercise to warm up, Vanness got to show the basics of dancing and Rainie followed closely.

‘It was a miracle, this lady can dance…’ Vanness thought.

‘This is easy… who said dancing is hard…’ Rainie thought.

“You know, Rainie…” Vanness said as he jumped to his side.

“Yeah?” Rainie asked as she followed, jumping to her side.

“Dancing wasn’t about following steps or being taught. You have to grasp the soul of dancing,”

Rainie frowned, ‘Weird people talk things weirdly… but what can I say? He’s a dancer, of course he’ll talk about dancing stuffs weirdly…’ she thought. “I remember what you said yesterday,” she said.

“What did I said yesterday?” Vanness asked.

“Dancing is a way of you releasing your emotion, expressing your idea and even telling a story. You needed the flexibility to dance or else you might injured,”

“Yes,” Vanness smiled.

“You were born a dancer, Vanness. Dancing is your life,”

“Yes, dancing is my life, Rainie. I dance when I am happy and I dance when I am sad. My life revolved around dancing,” Vanness said. “I can see you ‘feeling’ the dance,”

“Yes, it’s a wonderful feeling,” Rainie smiled.

Vanness and Rainie jumped up and down, all the limbs having equal exposure in movement. They spend most of the time laughing and they enjoyed dancing very much.

Soon, Vanness and Rainie took some rests in the middle of room and both of them panted.

“You grasp that fast,” Vanness smiled.

“Thanks to you,” Rainie said.

Vanness laughed. “You were good,”

“Thanks,” Rainie smiled.

Both of them silent for a while.

“So Rainie… I heard from Marcel you are a runway model,” Vanness said.


“You rarely appear on photos, commercial…?”

“I don’t really have time for those,” Rainie said.

“How were you noticed? I mean… joining modeling?” Vanness asked.

“My cousin is a model. She asked me if I am interested. And so I am in,” Rainie smiled.

“She’s a runway model too?” Vanness asked.

“Yes, she was but she is now more to photo-shoot and commercial,” Rainie smiled. “So, because I rarely took photos, basically I am not that easily recognized in public. Besides paparazzi and magazines writers,”

“Oh, I’m sorry I don’t know you are that famous,” Vanness said.

“It’s good to walk in public unnoticed,” Rainie smiled.

“You are from Taipei?”

“My background? No. Somewhere outskirt of the city,” Rainie said.

“Oh, so you came to Taipei because of modeling?”

“Sort of. After all before I start modeling I went to study in Ying De for 3 months,”

“Ying De? 3 months?”

“Yeah… Fashion Management. Short course. Got me where I am today,” she laughed.

“I am from Ying De as well, but a 3-year degree course like what I’ve told you,”

“Really? So does that make you my senior?”

“I guess so!” Vanness laughed, and Rainie joined in the laughter.

“You said you are from US, right?”


“Why do you come to Taipei?”

Vanness smirked. “We have enough rests. Let’s get back to dance,” he stood up.

“Oh…” Rainie said, standing up.

“Let’s get a little fun with dance,” Vanness said.

“What do you want to do?” Rainie asked.

Vanness changed the CD at the CD player.

Rainie listened to the song. “Waiting For You by F4?”

“They have a very good beat in the song. We’ll take it a bit casual now,” Vanness said, and Rainie looked at Vanness tapping his feet accordance to the beat already. “We’ll apply the routine we just learn into the dance,”


“Come,” Vanness said, and both of them faced the mirror again. “And 1, 2, 3, 4!” he said, and Rainie followed his beat and steps.


Barbie walked into Actors’ Studio and firmly greeted by the fashion stylist of the company. Barbie was shown with the clothes in their wardrobe department, and she listened to the fashion stylist telling her and explaining to her about the clothes they have and given to the actors and hosts to wear for the show.

“Sometimes we have sponsors for the clothes, but most of the time we have our own tailors that make all these clothes,” the fashion stylist, Lily said.

“I see,” Barbie said, looking at the clothes and she took out her tape recorder and records her soft talks over the recorder.

“We are very glad Ms. Xu, for you would come over to highlight what we have in our wardrobe into your article and we also hope you could provide us with fashion details on how we can improve our wardrobe as you know we played a very big role and impact to the public,” Lily said.

“You have a very nice wardrobe, Lily,” Barbie smiled as she looked up and saw Jerry browsing through the clothes with another guy.

“There you go, Vic,” Jerry said, taking out a full set of attire.

Vic took the clothes and takes a look. “This?”

Lily glanced over to Jerry and Vic who are talking to each other, after she saw Barbie looking at them.

“Excuse me, Ms. Xu,” Lily said.

Barbie nodded, and she looked at Lily walking towards Jerry and Vic.

“Hi Jerry,” Lily said, and then she turned looking at Vic. “Hi, may I help you?”

“Vic is going for an audition so I asked him to take this set of clothes, it may help him,” Jerry said.

“I thought you know the rules, Jerry. Only ‘confirmed’ and ‘permanent’ staffs as well as those who are really landed with a character can take clothes from here,” Lily said.

“Mean,” Barbie mumbled. “It’s a cruel world out there,”

“Vic is my friend,” Jerry said.

“Rules, are rules,” Lily said, looking at Vic.

Barbie took a deep breath. She totally disagrees with Lily’s attitude. She can sense Lily is despising Vic from the way she talks. Vic could have been not one of the popular ones in the company doesn’t mean he deserves such treatment. Barbie decided to walk over.

“Hi,” Barbie smiled.

Lily, Jerry and Vic looked at Barbie.

“Hi…” Vic said.

“Hi, I think we’ve meet before, right?” Jerry asked.

Yes, indeed. But Barbie just ignored that.

“I heard you are going for audition,” Barbie said, looking at Vic.

Vic stammered, “Yes,”

Barbie smiled, “Since they have to obey to the rules and refused to loosen it, I think it’s completely fine for you to head to audition wearing like what you have now,” Barbie said, walking over to Vic and pulled his collar of his shirt up, and gently patted the shirt and straightened it.

Vic is stunned with what Barbie is doing, and Jerry & Lily were looking on.

“Whatever character you wanted to audition, it’s best to bring yourself out,” Barbie smiled. “It doesn’t lead in your attire but your personality and your act,”

Jerry is amazed with Barbie. Vic smiled at her.

“What are you auditioning as?” Barbie asked.

“I wanted to go in and try for whatever position available… not necessary the lead or…”

“Then let’s go for the supporting actor,” Barbie said. “Mind to tell me the available characters?”

“Supporting actor?” Vic asked. “I really wish I could…”

“Aim for higher. If you did not land any, it’s okay. As long as you are a good person at heart,” Barbie said, poking his chest, and she glanced over at Lily.

Lily dunked her head down. She knows Barbie is hinting at her. Barbie pulled Vic’s sleeves and she takes a thorough look at Vic.

“You look very presentable right now,” Barbie said at Vic. “All the best,” she patted him. She then turned looking Lily, “Shall we continue?”

“Oh, sure…” Lily said.

“THANKS, miss!” Vic called out loud.

Barbie turned and looked at Vic, “You’re my utmost welcome,” she smiled, before she turned back and continued her work with Lily.

Vic and Jerry stared at Barbie.

“I love that girl,” Vic and Jerry said together.

They then both stared at each other.

“What?” they both asked.

Not on the same woman!



Winnie and Pace walked out of the arrival gate of the airport.

Winnie closed her eyes and inhaled deeply at the entrance of the airport, “Great. I missed Taipei’s fresh air,”

Pace stood next to Winnie, “Taipei’s fresh air? I thought Toronto’s air is fresher,”

Winnie laughed, “You know what I mean,”

“Yes, you love Taipei so much. That is why you didn’t want to go to Singapore to where your parents are,” Pace said.

“And why you didn’t want to join your parents in States?” Winnie asked.

“I found fame here. If I go back to States, I am nobody and besides… I grew up here like my entire life!” Pace said. “You know my parents went to the States when I first joined modeling,”

“Have you ever considered, if you joined modeling in States back then, how will you turn out today?” Winnie asked, looking at Pace.

“If I follow my parents back then to States and I start my career as a model in States, I don’t think I will be as successful as today,” Pace said.

“Why?” Winnie asked.

“Do you know how competitive it is in the modeling industry in US? I don’t think I can make it big as fast as I am in Taipei. Let’s just say there’s a different market needs,” Pace said.

“Oh, I get what you mean,” Winnie smiled.

Pace folded her hands on her chest. “I am still feeling like I’m in Toronto,”

Winnie laughed. “You just left there midnight with me,”

Pace laughed. “Yeah, I know,”

Winnie and Pace both stood still with the luggage.

“Now… where is…” Pace said, and stopped when seeing a BMW stopped at the entrance, but not at where they stood at. There they saw two guys climbed out of the car.

“They will just park their car here?” Winnie asked.

“Hey, Vic, thanks for sending me,” the driver said.

“No problem, Ken. What time do you want me to pick you on Friday?” the other guy said.

“5pm, is that alright with you?” Ken asked.

“No problem, anyhow my drama is not starting anytime soon,” Vic said.

“Congrats on your successful audition,” Ken winked as he took his luggage out from the car, “You’ll keep my car for three nights!”

Vic smiled, “No problem. And thanks!”

Ken smiled, “No, thank you for sending me. We’ll have dinner on Friday night with Jerry and Vanness, alright?”

“Sure,” Vic smiled.

“And hey, don’t quarrel with Jerry again,” Ken pointed at him.

“You are becoming like a MOTHER, Ken! Go and get your plane quick!” Vic yelled.

Ken immediately looked at his watch. “Shit! 10 minutes left! I’ll talk to you when I get back!” he said as he hopped to the entrance.

“Call me!” Vic yelled.

“I will! I don’t want to stand at the airport entrance and wait for you!” Ken turned and said at Vic before he run into the airport.

“Stand and wait? Did you call Barbie?” Winnie asked Pace.

Pace immediately turned looking at Winnie, “You didn’t call Barbie to pick us up? I thought you did!” she dives her hand into her handbag and took her cell phone out.

Winnie rolled her eyes.

Vic smiled at the sight of Ken running into the airport. As he turned, wanted to get onto the driver seat, he looked at Winnie and then he smiled politely.

Winnie responded the smile.

“I’m done with the call,” Pace said, hanging up the call. Winnie turned and looked at Pace.

That was when Vic looked away and got onto the car, and buckled his seatbelt.

“Winnie Qian,” Vic said. “A commercial model,” he placed his hand on the steering wheel. “Darn… I watched too much TV due to no jobs,” he said, and then he looked at Winnie through the windscreen, “But she is really pretty in person,” he then looked at the person standing next to Winnie, “Eh, Pace Wu? Vanness said he saw her the other day,” he smiled, “She’s really pretty in person… just like Winnie Qian…”

“Barbie said she totally forgot about this. So she is coming over now,” Pace said.

“Is Rainie following her?” Winnie asked.

“No, Rainie’s class will only be over at 6pm,” Pace said.

“Oh… I forgot she had dancing class now,” Winnie said.

Vic took out his cell phone, and then was about to snap the photo of Winnie and Pace…

Someone honked badly behind Vic’s car (Ken’s car to be precise).

Vic glanced at the back mirror to see a bus has honked at him, asking him to move away as Ken has parked the car at the bus stop area. Even Winnie and Pace are looking at him.

Vic groaned. He immediately drives out of the parked area, and headed back to Vanness’ house… missing out the chance to take Winnie’s and Pace’s picture.



“Thanks for picking us up,” Pace said.

“No problem. I totally forgot about this. You should have called me earlier so you need not stand there and wait for me,” Barbie said. “I still asked Rainie earlier in the day today where were you both,”

“So what did she answer?” Winnie asked.

“I’ll take a guess that she doesn’t know at all,” Pace said.

“My cousin sister is not up to that level!” Winnie said.

“Pace is right. Rainie said she doesn’t know,” Barbie said.

Winnie gaped. “What? How could she not know!”

Barbie and Pace laughed.

“She’s so blur…” Winnie said. “She’s so forgetful,”

“Anyway,” Pace said, looking at Barbie. “Thank you so much, again, for picking us. We both do not want our managers to pick us up and then talk about work, work, work and work. We just told them that we are off for somewhere and will be back to office the day after tomorrow,”

“Again, no problem at all. After all I just finished my meeting at Actors’ Studio,” Barbie said.

“So, met any hunks? Did you walk over and ask him out for a date?” Pace asked.

Barbie laughed, “Jerry Yan and his friend,”

“Oh? The co-host of ‘Full Entertainment’? I’ve seen him in the TV. Is he really a hunk in person?” Pace asked.

“Not that I’ve never met him before. I’ve seen him as the co-host in Rainie’s fashion show last week, and also when Rainie’s make-up artist Jay make-up for me, he came over and said I look great with make-up,” Barbie said.

“You mean you’ve met Jerry Yan before and today you met Jerry Yan again? What… he’s the only person in Actors’ Studio?” Winnie asked.

Everyone laughed in the car.

“Well apparently I met him and his actor friend in the wardrobe department, and I am unhappy with the way they treated his actor friend, so I walked over and stepped in,” Barbie said.

“Stepped in what? Whose tail?” Winnie cracked a joke.

Everyone laughed again in the car.

“I just stepped in and help his actor friend out. Apparently he is going off for an audition and Jerry Yan was trying to borrow him clothes from the wardrobe department to which the personnel worked there refused due to this actor friend of Jerry Yan is not famous, you see…” Barbie said.

“Mistreated?” Pace asked. “You mean that actor friend of Jerry Yan is mistreated? Just because he is not famous?”

“Yeah! How rude the girl is!” Barbie said.

“Do you have a name for this ‘actor friend of Jerry Yan’? Either I have trouble understanding who you were referring… or this person’s name is really Actor Friend Of Jerry Yan,” Winnie said.

“Pace, did you just feed Winnie something or she had gone insane? Why is she cracking so much jokes?!” Barbie laughed. “Look, I don’t know his name…”

“His? So, Mr. No Name?” Winnie asked.

“Hey, mentioning of that… I think I remember I saw him somewhere… maybe just as a cameo appearance,” Barbie scratched her head with one hand while the other is holding the steering wheel.

“Oh?” Pace and Winnie said.

“But still I don’t know his name,” Barbie smiled. “Anyway… So how is your music video take in Toronto?” she asked. “For both of you?”

“It was okay. But it’s tiring,” Winnie said.

“Of course we were tired. We have no idea how a music video is being done. So, for a 3-minute song’s music video, we took 12 hours to make that music video!” Pace said.

“You were there for 4 days, right?” Barbie asked. “So what did you do at the other time?”

“We were at the set for 2 days, and the other 2 days are mostly spent on flights, sleep and eat,” Winnie said. “TIRING!!!! I miss my bed,”

“It came as a surprise that Winnie and I are invited to feature in the music video. Never had I imagine a 3-minute song’s video will take more than 12 hours?! My gosh… I thought a maximum of 1 hour would do!” Pace said. “But it’s a great experience… a model, and now a MTV model also!!”

Barbie laughed. “So how’s Toronto?” she asked.

“Didn’t have so much time to venture but it looked great,” Winnie said. “Maybe we should someday take a break and all four of us go for a trip, maybe to Toronto!”

“Yeah… we never did that before!” Pace said.

“Whoa! For that, I needed a very thorough planning because I have to do my job!” Barbie said.

“We can fix that if we want to…” Winnie said, and then she touched her stomach after she heard it growled. “Hey, I’m starving. Let’s go for early dinner,”

“That is why I ask you not to throw away the sandwich in the flight!” Pace said.

“It’s awfully HARD how the heck can I bite on that?!” Winnie asked.

“I have promised to take dinner with Rainie, but I can only call her after 6pm which is when her class is over. I don’t mind to have light dinner with you before I eat the second round with Rainie,” Barbie said.

“Oh, you’re taking dinner with Rainie?” Pace asked, looking at Barbie, and then she turned looking at Winnie. “Will you be able to hold on until 6 plus for dinner with Rainie, perhaps?”

“I guess so, I’ll drink lots of water to hold my starvation for now,” Winnie said.

“Then you don’t mind we joined you, right?” Pace asked.

“Come on, we never mind… we even loved to have dinner altogether,” Barbie said. “You need not ask, you can just walk in and join us,”

“Sure then,” Pace smiled. “Winnie?”

“Fine by me,” Winnie smiled as she gulped down her water from the water bottle. She then looked out the scenery… and reminded of the smile she saw from Vic’s face.

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