I Still… – Chapter 54


Xi Men ran his hand thru his hair as he felt stressed with the tender document that he is working on.

“This is so tough…” he murmured.

He leaned his back against the CEO chair and then took a deep breath.

“Need to take a break from this…” he said, and eventually reached for the newspaper in front of him.

He started flipping the pages, just scanning the headlines of the news.

He also scans the advertisements along the way.

And then he saw something.

“Hmmm…” he paid attention to the advertisement and then began reading the fine lines on the advertisement. “Interesting,”


Xi Men turned his head to look at his smartphone with the notification light blinking on the desk.

He then grabbed the phone and looked at it.

Rebecca: Hello, Xi Men. Wanna ask when will you be free for dinner?

Xi Men looked at the message, and then he looked at the advertisement again.

‘Need to take a break from the tender.’

He pressed the number on his smartphone to make a call, and then puts it on his ear.

“Hello, Rebecca? Are you free now? Wanna go out?”


“Claire shows great improvement in pirouette…” Xiao You mumbled as she updates her students’ data into the laptop.

She then gazes to the table calendar on her desk.

“And today’s date is…” she looked at it, scanning the dates.

She saw the digit on the calendar.

And then she paused briefly.

“It is 7th today…” she said.

She pressed her lips together.

She took a deep breath.

She then returned her gaze to the laptop, and makes multiple clicks.


“Eh, Xiao You, are you leaving?” Katie asked when she saw Xiao You, who is holding her handbag, heads to the glass door.

“I am going out for a while,” Xiao You said. “Anything?”

“There is a document that needs you to sign but I am still working on it,” Katie said, beginning to sound panic.

“Don’t worry. I am coming back later,” Xiao You said.

“Oh, you are coming back later?” Katie asked, sounding calmer now.

Xiao You smiled, “Yes. I have a class at 4pm, so I will definitely come back. So, you can buy some time to work on the document and then pass it to me later,”

“Okay,” Katie said. “See you later,”

“See you,” Xiao You smiled, and then she turned, pushing the glass door and left.



Xi Men, whose hands are in his pants, looked at Rebecca reacting in front of the nice model of Bentley in the car showroom.

He turned his head and looked at the Bentley that makes Rebecca gaped.

Rebecca turned her head to look at Xi Men, “Are you going to buy this?”

“I don’t know yet,” Xi Men said, taking a deep breath.

“You brought me here,” Rebecca smiled as she heads to him, stood next to him and hooked her hand into his arm. “I am sure you have the desire to buy this, or else you wouldn’t plan to come here…”

Yes, she is right.

He saw this car in the advertisement on the newspaper, and that prompted him to come and takes a look.

Xi Men smirked as he looked at the car now.



Xi Men stood in front of a luxurious car as he looked at the brochure in his hand.

Xiao You smiled as she looked at the interior of the car in the showroom, and then she sits down at the passenger seat, just to have a feel of it.

Looking over to the driver seat, she then looked at Xi Men who is paying utmost attention in the piece of paper in his hand.

The car salesperson stood a few steps away from Xi Men; didn’t want to interrupt Xi Men in analyzing the brochure.

She smiled as she gets down from the car and heads to Xi Men.

“Love the car?” Xiao You asked, standing next to Xi Men.

Xi Men turned to look at Xiao You and smiled. “I am looking at its specification, looks good,”

“Go and sit in the car, or test drive it,” Xiao You winked at him.

“Why, you love the car?” he smiled and puts a hand around her shoulder.

“The right statement is; you love the car. You are just thinking and evaluating if you really want the car,” she said.

He chuckled. “How do you know?”

“You have the same look every time you want to buy a car,” she smiled.

He laughed.

“Come on, go and try it,” she said.

“Tell me, how and what do you feel about it?” he asked, looking at the Lexus in front of him.

“Sleek looking. Very comfortable. Totally your type,” she smiled.

“My type? How do you know it is ‘my type’?”

“I am your wife, of course I know!” she said.

He laughed. “Right, you know me the best,”

She smiled. “Go, go and sit at the driver seat and get the feel,” she lightly pushed him to the car.

He heads to the driver seat of the car and sits down as asked by Xiao You.

Xiao You joined him by sitting at the passenger seat.

The salesperson just walked closer to them.

Xi Men smiled contently as he ran his hands on the steering wheel.

Xiao You smiled, knowing Xi Men is smitten.

“You won’t complain if I get another car?” Xi Men asked.

“You have always loved getting nice cars. Why would I complain?” Xiao You asked.

Xi Men smiled. “What do you think about this car?”

She nodded and smiled. “Fabulous,”

His smile grew.

“Wanna go for test drive?” she asked.

“I think… I am already sold,” he said.

“Then get it, honey,”

“Alright, I’ll get this,” Xi Men smiled sweetly at his wife.


His smile fades. “Hmmm?”

“Just take the test drive unit and go out for a ride,” she said.

He frowned a little bit, “It sounds like you are the one that wants to go for a ride,”

She leaned over to him. “Yes, I admit. I wanted to,”

He laughed.

“But you drive,” she said, pointing at him. “I want to sit at the passenger seat and enjoy my ride,”

“Alright, we’ll go for a test drive… on a car that I have decided to buy,” he said.

She laughed.

*Flashback ends.


“I like this car…” Rebecca said. “You should get it,”

Xi Men turned his head to look at Rebecca, and then he gazes to the car in the showroom.

It is a beautiful car, and obviously with a nice design.

The words that Rebecca uttered played in his mind.


Something just doesn’t feel right.

He gazes at her again, and then he returned his gaze to the car as thoughts ran in his mind, and then words that Rebecca uttered played in his mind too; over and over again.

He exhaled a deep breath.

“No, I don’t feel like it anymore,” Xi Men said, turning around and walked out of the car showroom.

Rebecca is surprised at what Xi Men had said.

“Like, all of a sudden?” she asked, as she hurriedly followed him.

“Yeah,” he answered shortly.

It has nothing to do with the car. He actually likes it too when he first sees it. But somehow, when Rebecca said she likes it, he just loses interest with the car. Just like that.

He also didn’t like it in a way that she is asking him to get it just because she likes it, because that is how she puts the words.

But he somehow is not convinced in getting a new car… as he felt something is missing.

Just… something.


Xiao You looked at the exquisite wristwatch in her grip.

It is like love at the first sight.

She smiled.

The salesperson just sat in front of Xiao You, said nothing.

Earlier, when Xiao You entered the shop, she scanned the watches in the shop. The moment her eyes land at this watch, she immediately asked to see this wristwatch up close…


“Why are you still so… moody?” Rebecca asked, looking at him as her hand is hooked into his arm.

Xi Men’s eyes strayed, but didn’t look at her. “I am stressed with my tender actually. I came out to de-stress,”

“Oh,” Rebecca said. “But… you didn’t look like you are able to de-stress even a little…”

“I haven’t managed to find the right channel yet,” Xi Men said.

“Oh…” and Rebecca instantly remembers Xi Men being happy at least once, when he actually got a project a while back where he eventually goes out with her for lunch on the very same day.

She really wishes those days to appear more often.

She has been seeing him moody all the time, with exception to that one time.

“Probably in a while,” Xi Men said.

“I hope so…” Rebecca softly said.

Xi Men took a deep breath, and then he looked to the shops around him in the mall.


A watch shop.

His feet slowly brought him to the direction of the shop, and then he stood outside of the shop, gazes at the watches on display in the glass.

Rebecca looked at Xi Men looking at the watches. “Wanna buy?” she asked.

“Usually I just like to see…” he said, and then he saw someone in the shop.

The back of this person is facing him.

And the body shape… looks familiar.


“Pack this up,” Xiao You said, handing the wristwatch to the salesperson. “In a box, please,”

“Sure, ma’am,” the salesperson replied.


Xi Men’s eyes widened upon hearing that voice.

Of course, he recognized that voice.

Xiao You.

It really is Xiao You.

‘Did she buy something for herself?’

‘Or is she buying for someone else?’



‘That dude!!! How dare he!’


“She is just your wife in the name of law! To you, she isn’t your wife anymore!”

“In case you forgot, let me remind you that you have already called your lawyer and starts processing your divorce papers! Once you and Xiao You signs that, it officiates by law that she is not your wife anymore!”

“I hope you understand your current situation, Mr. Xi Men. Your choice is leave her. When you let her go, she has the right to see anyone she wants and even be with them,”

“You let her go, Xi Men. You did,”

“So, you can only blame yourself for whatever is happening,”


Xi Men closes his eyes and took a deep breath as those statements uttered by Raymond played in his mind.

“Xi Men?” Rebecca asked. “Are you alright?”

Xi Men opened his eyes, and took another deep breath. “I think so,” he said, “Let’s go,” and decided to quickly walk away before Xiao You turned around and spots him seeing what she did over there.

And again, Rebecca followed.


“Here, ma’am,” the salesperson handed a black box to Xiao You, along with Xiao You’s credit card.

“Thank you,” Xiao You smiled.

After she kept her credit card into her wallet, she then rose to her feet, and leaves the shop.


‘Why is he always moody? Why can’t he smile and laugh heartily with me?’ Rebecca thought to herself as she walked next to him in the mall.

‘I have been inviting him to my house every single time and he is not coming in.’

‘Is he not ready?’

‘I seriously need to work harder.’

‘I should set up next meeting now…’

Rebecca looked at him. “Xi Men, do you remember… a while ago…”

“Don’t stutter, what is it?” Xi Men asked, looking straight still.

She pouts. “You brought me to this event… where the Phantom of the Opera casts are there…”

“Phantom of the Opera?” Xi Men asked, turning his head to look at her now.

“Yes,” Rebecca said.

At the mentioning of the musical, he is instantly reminded of Raymond again.

Isn’t Raymond…

“The dinner…” Rebecca interrupts his thought.

Perfect interruption.

The dinner?

What dinner?

What kind of dinner involves…


Onan dinner.

Right. Of course he remembers.

The event that makes him pissed and grumpy the whole night.

“What about it?” Xi Men asked, looking straight again.

“After seeing how much publicity the musical is getting at the dinner, it makes me want to go and watch the musical,” Rebecca said.

Xi Men turned to look at Rebecca.

“I found out they are staging the musical here for a limited time only. It was said that the tickets are sold out every single performance,” Rebecca said.

Xi Men didn’t say anything.

“And since it is a fantastic musical… let’s watch it,”

“Watch the musical?” Xi Men repeated after her.

“Yes,” Rebecca nodded.

“The musical?” he asked again.


He had never loved that musical.

But well, he didn’t actually watch it entirely.

Yes, although Xiao You always watches it on the DVD, he had never watches it entirely although he is nearby, doing his work.

Strange, right? Since she watches them while he works, but his utmost focus towards his work deters him from knowing the flow of scenes in the musical and the story.

He may have glanced to the TV at certain scenes, but he never registers them in mind and outlined the proper flow of story.

Xiao You is a self-proclaimed huge fan of Phantom of the Opera, which, he also agrees.

The reason? Xiao You would play the DVD and watches it whenever she feels like it. Sometimes more than once a week.

He always wonders why it doesn’t bore her, since she watches it over and over again for years. And what’s so good about the musical that would make her so into it?

She even hums to the tune of the musical.

Now, there is another thing.

Other than Xiao You loved Phantom of the Opera, this current musical in Taipei has an actor that is currently going after Xiao You now. Or date.

Xi Men is a little sensitive to the name of the musical now.

And that guy’s name, of course.

“Xi Men?”

Xi Men looked at Rebecca. “Hmmm?”

“Let’s go and watch that musical, shall we?” Rebecca asked.

Maybe he should go and watch the musical, to see what’s so great about the musical, to at least get the story of this musical that is garnering attention worldwide.


But Raymond is part of the production.

With that thought lingering in his mind, Xi Men really didn’t feel like watching the musical and in some ways, to contribute to Raymond’s pay; although it doesn’t actually affect Raymond’s pay since he (Raymond) is getting paid regardless Xi Men goes or not anyway…

But then…

Maybe he should see what’s so good about Raymond in this musical.

He remembered all the attention Raymond gets that night at the Onan Holding’s dinner.

And Xiao You was right next to him.

Thinking about it angers Xi Men, but he suppressed his anger.

“Okay,” Xi Men replied.

Rebecca smiled, silently cheering happily in her heart. “Then, which show should we go and watch?”

“Since you have just said that the tickets for every performances are sold out, then go and find which show that still has the ticket availability, then we’ll go to that show,”

“Go and find…? You mean, I go and find?”

“Then?” Xi Men asked, turning his head to look at her.

“Umm…” she looked at Xi Men, hinting to him that she wanted him to do that.

Xi Men looked at her. Looking at her facial expression, “You want me to go and find out about it? You are the one that suggests watching that musical. So you go and do it,”

After uttering such words, he immediately remembered that he had never said things like that to Xiao You.

Whenever Xiao You wants something, he will go and get it for her.




Xi Men glances to the ringing smartphone on his desk, and upon seeing the pretty display picture on the screen, he smiled and then scoops the phone up.

Xi Men: Hi honey.

Xiao You: Hello, hubby. Are you busy?

Xi Men: Manageable. Anything, sweetie?

Xiao You: Just calling to tell you I feel like watching a movie.

Xi Men: Movie?

Xiao You: Yeah, shall we?

Xi Men: Tonight?

Xiao You: Can you?

Xi Men smiled: Alright, what movie do you want to watch? I’ll go and buy it now.

*Flashback ended.


Rebecca bites her lips after hearing what Xi Men uttered.

“Alright…” Rebecca replied. “Then I’ll let you know when I get the tickets…”

“Okay,” he simply responded.

“Is there any specific days that you are busy that you couldn’t attend or…”

“Weekends will be good,” Xi Men said, before she could finish her question. “Perhaps Sunday,”


Xi Men then gazes at Rebecca. “By the way, get the most expensive tickets,”

“Most expensive ones?”

“Yes, the expensive tickets are usually nearer to the stage; providing better view, thus the closer to the stage the better,” Xi Men said. “I prefer that,” he adds. “And after you have purchased the tickets, let me know the cost. I’ll pay you back,”

Rebecca smiled lightly. “Okay,”

‘I want to be as close as possible to the stage so that I can see how good that Raymond is.’

‘And I also want to know… what’s so good about that musical that Xiao You loves it so much? Like, so, so much?’

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  1. Why did XY bought a watch? Is it XM birthday? Did i missed something? I really hope the beca girl will stop. I really hope XM will hit his head hard and will completely forgot that he was separated from XY. Happy XM didnt buy the car, coz if he did the other girl might think he bought it because she said so. I miss Emily. Maybe XY and Emily should watch the musical maybe a Sunday (wink wink) what do you think annie? Hehe

    • Hmmmm, if I am not mistaken, kids below 12 (or was it 18) are not allowed to enter the hall/watch the play. I don’t really remember but I think there’s such restriction, then again, I may be wrong. When I watch POTO there are no kids in the theater and it is good in a way where you won’t hear kids yelling, wailing or crying in the middle of the musical. I keep that in mind when I wrote this so there are no kids in the hall, so… sorry, XY has to go alone. 😛

  2. dun like that ximen still meet up with Rebecca to destress.. he can call F3 right? what is the occasion today? I dun hope that Xiao you will bump into ximen and Rebecca at the musical, it will create more misunderstanding. Xiao you will think why ximen never concentrate to watch the full musical with her but another woman… 😐

  3. Sorry for the late comment sis…. I was out there catching up with your other stories that I missed.. When will Ximen realize his stupidity..

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