I Still… – Chapter 56


Xi Men frowned at yet another phone call.

He took the phone up and looked at the caller’s number on the screen.

Why is he calling again?

Xi Men: Hello?

X: Hello Mr. Xi Men, this is Lawyer Chen.

Xi Men: Yes, anything?

Lawyer Chen: I have called Miss Yang to inform her about the divorce papers, and she has said to sign them on Monday at 9.30am.

Xi Men (surprised): Monday at 9.30am?

Lawyer Chen: Yes, Mr. Xi Men.

Xi Men pressed his lips together.

Lawyer Chen: So, is it okay for me to arrange the appointment on Monday at 9.30am for you and Miss Yang, sir?

After exhaling his deep breath,

Xi Men: Alright. If she said so. 9.30am on Monday.

Lawyer Chen: Thank you, Mr. Xi Men.

Xi Men: Thank you, Lawyer Chen.

He lowered the phone down slowly.

‘Monday. 9.30am…’ the words played in his month.


‘Why immediately?’


Knock! Knock!

Xiao You lifted her head up and looked at the door via the small glass panel on the door.

It is Katie.

“Come in,” she said.

Katie opened the door. “Xiao You, someone came and sends you this,” she puts a basket of beautiful mix of orange, red and white tulips on Xiao You’s desk.

“Someone?” Xiao You asked, looking at the basket.


“Delivery guy?” Xiao You asked.

“I don’t think he is a delivery guy. I have never met a delivery guy deliver flowers wearing suit and tie,” Katie said, and then extends a light blue box to Xiao You.

“Hmmm?” Xiao You frowned as she took the box from Katie.

“He said his name is Xu,” Katie said.

“Xu?” Xiao You looked at Katie.

“Yes, I wanted to call you to let you know about the delivery, but he insists I pass them to you and he sounds like he didn’t want to meet you,” Katie said.

Xiao You looked at the basket of flowers and then returned her gaze to the box in her hands.

“Secret admirer?” Katie asked anxiously.

Xiao You lets out a small laugh upon hearing that. “I don’t ever remember I have one,”

“Could it be Raymond?” Katie asked.

“He can just pass me anything on his own. He doesn’t have to ask a guy who wears a suit and tie and goes by the name of Xu to deliver this to me. And besides, he won’t give me these,” Xiao You said, pointing at the flower basket and the box. “He’ll give me tickets to his musical instead,”

Katie chuckled. “Maybe the ticket is in the box?” she pointed at the box in Xiao You’s hands.

“At one glance, I think you know very well this box is not a box for a piece of ticket,”

“Hmmm… now that you mention it, it looks like a jewelry box though,” Katie said.

Jewelry box?

Xiao You looked at the box again.

It does look like it.

Xiao You opened the box, revealing a very beautiful platinum bangle.

“Wow!” Katie said, looking at the shining platinum bangle in the box. “It is very beautiful!”

Upon seeing the bangle, Xiao You gazes at the basket of flowers again.

“This person sends you a bangle and also sends you a really nice basket of flowers. I am really interested to know who he is,” Katie said.

Basket of flowers. Platinum bangle.

Now the description of ‘Xu’ that Katie has said before hits Xiao You.

“The guy’s name is Xu?” Xiao You asked Katie again.

“Yes,” Katie said.

“Suit and tie?”

Katie frowned as she didn’t understand why Xiao You had to repeat these. “Yes,”

“Wears spectacles?”

Katie looked at Xiao You as she (Katie) didn’t reveal this last information to her (Xiao You), “You know him?”

Looking at Katie’s reactions, “I think I know who the sender is,” Xiao You said, closing the box and then puts it down on the desk.

“Oh?! Who is it?” Katie excitedly asked.

“Xu,” Xiao You said.


“Yeah, Xu,” Xiao You answered the obvious.

Katie frowned. “Oh well,” she said. “Who is he…? Is he going after you or…”

“Just someone I know,” Xiao You said. “A friend,”

“Oh,” Katie said, noted the change of Xiao You’s facial expression.

Xiao You then returned her gaze to her laptop computer and starts typing, looking serious now.

Seeing what Xiao You does, Katie decided probably it is best not to ask anymore.

“I’m going out…” Katie said.

“Sure,” Xiao You said. “Thank you for sending the items in,”

“No problem,” Katie said and heads to the door.

She then leaves the room, closing the door behind her.

Xiao You glances at the closed door and via the glass; she saw Katie leaves for the reception.

Now, Xiao You turned to look at the basket of flowers.

“The delivery guy is Secretary Xu,” Xiao You mumbled. “The sender is Xi Men,”

She continues to stare at the basket of flowers.

Something caught her sight.

There is a small white envelope at the corner of the basket, which is facing Xiao You and actually camouflaged really well with the basket, as though it is a design or decoration for the basket.

From the angle that Katie took the basket, Katie won’t be able to see it since it is facing the other direction. That is why Katie never mentioned about an envelope as she will then ask Xiao You to look at the card and probably ask again who the sender is.

And because the envelope is well hidden at the corner, she (Xiao You) would miss it if she didn’t look at the basket again.

She extends her hand to the basket of flowers and took the envelope.

Opening the envelope, she took the card out.


Xiao You,

Hi. I guess it sounds strange because we haven’t been saying ‘hi’ to each other frequently. We can just practice more often and I guess the strangeness will go away.

I like the watch too. I have always trusted your views in getting things. Everything you get matches me very well. Thank you.

I am sorry. I have lost track of the date and totally missed that today is the anniversary of our relationship.

You are right that it sounds silly back then to celebrate this day still but today it brought a whole different meaning; a day that we know how long we’ve been together.

I hope you love the gift I have bought for you. I believe the bangle suits you well and the flowers will made your day.

I would still love to go out for a meal with you; be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Do let me know when you feel like it, anytime.

Happy Anniversary, Xiao You.


Xi Men, your husband.


Xiao You lowered the note, and looked at the light blue box which the bangle is in.

Opening the box, Xiao You took the bangle up and looked at its design attentively.

“For a last minute shopping gift… this is very good,” she said. “Xi Men is always good with these jewelries,”

For all the years, whenever Xi Men buys Xiao You jewelries or accessories, it is always a beautiful and exquisite ones.

He has good eyes for those.

Lowering the bangle and puts it back into the box, her gaze then switched to the tulips.


Xiao You turned to look at the smartphone on the desk.

New Whatsapp message.

Raymond: Signing on Monday? So soon?

Xiao You replied to the message.

Xiao You: Yeah.

And in a while later, Raymond replies too.

Raymond: Are you alright?

Xiao You: I think so.

Raymond: You can choose not to go. Sign it when you are ready. Don’t rush.

Xiao You: I decided on the date and time. Some things need to be done, the sooner the better.

Raymond: If that is the case…

Xiao You looked at the screen.

Raymond: Let me accompany you to the lawyer firm on Monday.

Xiao You: It is okay. I will be fine on my own.

Raymond: I am just worried. Right now you might be fine, but who knows you need me at that time.

Xiao You took a deep breath. “Maybe… maybe he is right,” she then replies to the message…

Xiao You: Alright then. Thanks.

She dropped the phone on the desk.

After taking another deep breath, she suddenly takes note of the basket of flowers on her desk that she had temporarily forgotten.

She looked at the flowers again.


“He always make mistakes or come up with errors regarding flowers,” Xiao You said, looking at the pretty basket.

“He knows I love red roses, so he bought them for me back then just because I love them,”

“And then he found out there are meanings behind red roses after I told him, and that is when he only know why I love red roses and why I love receiving them from him,” Xiao You uttered.

“He is only good with sending red roses for all these years because he knew I love them very much,” she moves the basket closer to her and she began looking at each of the stalks.

“And now that we have separated, he knew red roses are no longer suitable to be delivered to me, because of its meaning,” she looked at the white tulip.

“For this time, he must have asked his florist for suggestions on anniversary flowers. He must have tried to conceal information that it is from him. He probably said he is buying this basket on behalf of someone else, and his florist suggested this,”

“And he must have agreed to it without knowing it well,”

“Because tulip is for wedding anniversary. And it signifies love as well,”

“Which… does not reflect our situation at all,”


Secretary Xu opened the door of the passenger seat and climbs into the car.

Xi Men turned to look at Secretary Xu, “Delivered?”

“Yes, sir,” Secretary Xu replied.

“Did you see her?” Xi Men asked. “Is she at the reception or something?”

“No, sir. Mrs. Xi Men is in her room when I reached. I passed the flowers and the box to the receptionist and asked her to pass the items to Mrs. Xi Men, as per the plan you have asked me to do, sir,” Secretary Xu said.

“Great,” Xi Men said.



Xi Men’s right hand caressed the watch on his left wrist.

Straightening his head, he then reached for the deskphone.

Xi Men: Secretary Xu, can you check for me, if I have appointments for the next 3 hours?

Secretary Xu: No, sir. You don’t have any appointments today.

Xi Men: Alright. I want to go out in about 10 minutes. You shall come with me.

Secretary Xu: Go out with you… sir?

Xi Men: Yes.

Secretary Xu: Where to?

Xi Men: Buy some stuffs. Save your work now, pack up and prepare to leave in 10 minutes.

Secretary Xu: Alright, sir…

Xi Men hangs up the call, and then he dialed another set of numbers.

X: Hello, this is Passion Flowers.

Xi Men: Hi Melissa. This is Xi Men from Xi Men Corporation.

Melissa: Oh, hello, Mr. Xi Men. What can I do for you today?

Xi Men: Umm… can you prepare something for me?

Melissa: Sure. What is it, Mr. Xi Men?

Xi Men: Can you suggest some flowers suitable for an anniversary?

Melissa: Anniversary?

‘Ah, if I say like that, she will think it is mine… but the world knows what happened between me and Xiao You…’ he thought to himself. ‘Need to make up something…’

Xi Men: Yes. It is for a friend of mine. It is his 11th year anniversary with his wife, and his wife had just given birth this morning so he is in the hospital accompanying her. He wanted to get her wife flowers, and actually asked me to help buy it for him since I am going over to visit him and his wife later…

Melissa: Ohh… alright. So, wedding anniversary flowers and also congratulations for a baby…

Xi Men: No, no, no. Just anniversary flowers. 11th year.

Melissa: Just anniversary flowers?

Xi Men: Yes. Just anniversary flowers.

Melissa: Then what about the baby? Some congratulatory flowers maybe?

Xi Men: He just said he wants anniversary flowers.

Melissa: Hmmm… alright… so, 11th year?

Xi Men: Yes, what are your suggestions?

Melissa: If it is 11th year, then I suggest tulips. Hmmm, maybe a blend of red, white and orange? I have them here in my store now.

Xi Men: Great. Can you do it in a basket?

Melissa: Alright, sure. Which hospital should I deliver it to? Do you have the room number, Mr. Xi Men?

Xi Men: I will come and collect in a while. I am going to the hospital so might as well I collect it from you.

Melissa: Oh, alright. It will be ready in about… 30-45 minutes.

Xi Men: Okay. Thank you, Melissa.

Melissa: Thank you Mr. Xi Men.

Xi Men hangs the call up and then almost immediately rose to his feet.

Grabbing the suit that he had placed on his CEO chair, he heads to the door.

“CEO Xi Men,” Secretary Xu called as he looked at Xi Men emerging from the door.

Xi Men nodded. “Ready to leave?”

“Yes, sir,” Secretary Xu nodded. “Where are we going, sir?”

“We will go to a jewelry outlet first. And then we’ll go and collect flowers, and then heads to the ballet studio,” he said as he puts on his suit. “And you will do the delivery of the items for me,” Xi Men said, pointing at Secretary Xu.


*Flashback ended.


“May I ask, sir, why did you ask me to deliver it on behalf of you, and never to tell the receptionist it is from you?” Secretary Xu, who is sitting at the passenger seat next to Xi Men in Xi Men’s car, asked.

Xi Men took a deep breath. “If I engaged a delivery service, it will not be able to deliver this soon. It may only be delivered later in the evening or tomorrow. I wanted it to reach her fast, so I have to deliver it myself,” he said. “But everyone knows about what is happening between me and Xiao You, so it is not wise for me to do the delivery. After all, the receptionist knows me and she is also a very close friend of Xiao You at work. Passing gifts like that to Xiao You may bring unwanted rumors among the staffs, not just the receptionist. That is why I asked you to do it for me,”

“Oh,” Secretary Xu said.

“Xiao You is a very smart person. She will know it is from me. I just need to get it to her without needing her staffs to know it is from me,” Xi Men said. “Since the receptionist has never seen you before, you are the perfect candidate to deliver it for me,”

Secretary Xu smiled slightly.

“Thank you, Secretary Xu,” Xi Men smiled faintly.

“No problem, CEO Xi Men,” Secretary Xu said.

He then looked at the small smile on Xi Men’s face fades away, and suddenly seemed to be in deep thought.

Seeing Xi Men like that, Secretary Xu made no intention to have a conversation with Xi Men so as not to interrupt him.

Xi Men focuses on driving in silence.

‘This is the last anniversary between Xiao You and I,’

‘Although we already have a wedding anniversary date, we still celebrates relationship anniversary,’

‘Every year on this date… we will celebrate by giving gifts to each other… just like what Xiao You and I have done today,’

‘And then we will go out for dinner at a luxurious restaurant…’

‘Order our favorite food…’

‘Go home and…’

He finds himself swallowing the lump in his throat.

‘Passionate night…’

He suddenly moves awkwardly at that recollection of the thought.

When the slight movement is made, it garnered Secretary Xu’s attention, thus he turned his head to look at Xi Men whose focus remains on the road and not saying a word.

And still seeing Xi Men looked bothered, Secretary Xu returned his gaze to the road.

He guesses Xi Men’s mind might be occupied with the thought of Xiao You as things have been revolving around her since morning.

‘I am never going to get to celebrate any of these days again…’ Xi Men thought to himself. ‘And will be officially divorced on Monday.’

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