I Still… – Chapter 7


“SHHHH!” Xi Men puts his finger on her lips and then hurriedly drag her out of the airport before garnering more attentions.

Xiao You covers her mouth with her hand as she pulled her luggage and hurriedly walked out from the airport building to the pathway where there is hardly anyone else.

She then drops her hand and glared at him as they walked on the pathway that leads to the car parking lot, “Why all of a sudden?!” she asked him.

“It wasn’t sudden. We’ve said we will meet up with my parents at Ah Si’s wedding!”

She shrieks. “I have completely forgotten about it!” she said. “You could have told me if you already had this planned!”

“I only arranged it with my mom last night and my dad this morning! This is also a last minute decision from me,”

“Didn’t we talk ‘last night’ as well? You called me before I board that plane and we hung up the phone when you reached home!”

“The arrangement is after the call. AFTER the call,” he said.

“Oh my gosh…” she puts her left hand on her forehead. “What am I supposed to do now?!”

“Just don’t panic,”

“How am I supposed not to panic? What if they don’t like me? What if they said things to demean me?! What if…!”

“Xiao You!” he puts his hands on her shoulder and stopped her. “Calm down, please,”

She swallowed the lump in her throat and she looked at him.

“To be honest, I am petrified myself too, I don’t know what to do as well,” he runs his hand into his hair.

“If you don’t know, then why arrange for the dinner?!”

“I just got to do it,” Xi Men said. “There is no other better time to do it than now,”

He stopped in front of a dark grey Porche, and then only he remembers he hadn’t takes out the car keys from his pants. He inserts his hand into the pocket to dig for the car keys.

“Oh gosh…” she murmured.

“I wanted to tell my mom about you last night. I was afraid of how she might respond so I end up didn’t say a thing about you,” he said as he fished his car keys out from the pocket.

He unlocked the car and he took her luggage, putting it into the car boot.

She heaved a sigh.

He then looked at Xiao You, “Rather than living every single day wondering what they will think about us, we will know their answer tonight,” he turned and heads to the driver seat. “Get into the car. We are going to grab your food and then check you in into the hotel,”

“But that also mean if your parents don’t like me, we are going to end tonight,” she stood there and looked at him.

He turned around and looked at her, and swallowed the lump in his throat after hearing what she said. “Xiao You, I will not leave you just because they don’t like you. And I won’t go down without a fight. I have said before, I will try my best to make them like you,”

Xiao You took another deep breath and she felt so helpless at the situation now.

There is absolutely nothing she can do, at all.

“Xiao You,” Xi Men took the few steps forward to her, “Though I do not know what to expect in terms of their reactions about you, I actually anticipate bringing you to meet them,” he raised his hand and caressed her face, “I personally want them to meet you,”

She understands his intention and also his level of commitment towards her.

And if he is not serious with her, he wouldn’t bother about bringing her to meet his parents.

That thought wouldn’t even get into his mind.

He is Xi Men. He was the playboy.

To be in this state with him represents how much she meant to him.

And to think of this from a different perspective, even if they are really going to end tonight, she knew it wasn’t his choice. And she knew how he felt for her and how much she meant to him.

“I am just focusing to that motive [*what he said earlier] and nothing else. In that way, I can stay motivated. And trust me, my level of stress is even bigger and higher than what you are having,” he said.

She stares into his eyes that seemed to bring promises.

“So be yourself tonight and let your personality do the job. And I will do the rest. We will get thru this together, okay?” he said.

She then smiled at him. “Okay,”

He smiled too. “So, let’s get into the car,”

“Alright,” she replied, and she walked towards the passenger seat next to the driver seat.


His right hand is lifting and supporting her left thigh.

He takes lead and she responded to his every thrust.

Her right hand gripped onto his left arm, while her left hand is gripping onto the pillow right next to her.

He leaned over and claimed her lips, kissing her.

Her right hand traveled to his sweaty back, occasionally pressing her hand down as a reaction to the sensation he is giving her.

He slowly retracts from the kiss, distances his face from her, and he gazes into her eyes.

She saw those mesmerizing eyes, staring back at her.

He is looking at her responses to his every movement.

Gravity pulls his signature fringe down; making his look extremely sexy.

His lips are red, his mouth is slightly parted.

The face bears so much expression and will only be happen at such situation.

This special look of his face that is only reserves for her.

No words are exchanged in the entire session.

The session itself meant everything.


Xi Men stood next to the bed in the hotel room as he buttons up the shirt.

He then looked at the time on his wristwatch, before wearing it on his wrist.

“Just right on time,” Xi Men said.

“Going back to office?” Xiao You asked.

“No, I will go back home now. And then I’ll get my mom,” Xi Men said.

“Your mom?”

“Yes, she is at my home now,”

“Oh,” Xiao You said.

“And I will come and get you after that,” he smiled.

“Get me after that?” she asked.

“Yes, so be prepared by 7pm,”

“Ah…? You mean… same car…?” she murmured softly.

“I can’t hear you. What did you say?” he asked as he then sits down on the bed and wear his socks.

“Umm… you haven’t tell me where we are going for the dinner tonight,”

“Oh. Just downstairs at the Chinese restaurant,”

“OH,” she felt relieved, exhaling a deep breath at the same time.

Xi Men turned to look at her. “What’s with the reaction?”

“I actually thought we are going out… and I thought you meant to come pick me up after you get your mom and go to the dinner place together… so I am just a bit worried and nervous to be in the same car with your mom…”

“Ohhhh,” Xi Men then smiled as he stood up. “Nah. I mean, I will go back to get my mom to come to the restaurant here. And then I will come up and get you… and then we will go to the restaurant together, alright?”

“You mean you will come and get me here in my room?” she asked.

“Yes,” he patted his pants to ensure the car keys, phone and wallet are in the pockets.

She smiled faintly.

“Okay?” he asked.

She nodded, “Okay,”

He smiled and then he leaned over and was about to kiss her on her cheek, and then he stopped. He moved slightly nearer to her ear and whispered, “Sorry I took your nap time away,”

She blushed, and he planted the kiss on her cheek.

“Alright. So, go shower and start preparing for the dinner. See you at 7pm,” he said.

“Okay,” she replied. “See you,”

Xi Men opened the door of the hotel room and walked out.

And Xiao You closes the door and locked it.

“If we are ending tonight… then that will be our last intimacy…”


“I wonder why you picked this place for dinner,” Xi Men’s mom said as Xi Men and her walked towards the Chinese restaurant in Grand Maple Hotel.

“Why? You don’t like this place, mom? I thought you love the food here,” Xi Men said, turning his head to look at his mother.

“Yes, I do love the food here. It’s just that we are coming here for Ah Si’s wedding dinner tomorrow, and you are still picking the same place for dinner tonight,”

Xi Men laughed. “Don’t worry, mom. We will order what we love to eat tonight and we are going to eat the food they serve tomorrow, so we are not going to eat the same food tonight and tomorrow,”

“I know,” she smiled, looking at him and then turned and looked straight.

Xi Men smiled, and soon the smile fades. He swallowed the lump in his throat.

“Welcome, Madam Xi Men, Manager Xi Men,” the waiter called.

Even though Xi Men’s mother has officially divorced from Xi Men’s dad, people are still calling her Mrs. Xi Men.

But she acknowledges it anyway since she had been married to him for 25 years.

And Xi Men was 22 years old when he witnessed them signing the papers, 2 years ago.

“President Xi Men has arrived,” the waiter said, turning his body by slight.

“Oh,” Xi Men responded.

“This way please,” he directed the way.

“Thank you,” Xi Men and his mother said together.

The waiter brought them to the table where Xi Men’s father is sitting at and is analyzing the list of food in the menu, thinking what to order.

“Dad,” Xi Men called.

Mr. Xi Men turned his head and looked at Xi Men for the calling, “Xi Men,” he said, and then he looked at his ex-wife. He gave her a small smile and nod.

Xi Men’s mother returned with a brief smile and a small nod.

She sat down.

“I haven’t decide what food to order. Do you have anything you want to eat?” Mr. Xi Men looked at Xi Men.

“Umm… no… I am fine with anything,” Xi Men swallowed the lump in his throat as he sat on the edge of the chair next to his mother.

“Hmmm… then what about you?” Mr. Xi Men turned to look at Xi Men’s mother.

“If I am not mistaken, their stir-fried asparagus in tea leaves oil is delicious,” she said. “Is it still available in the menu?”

“Oh… right. That dish is your favorite. Should we order that?” he asked.

Xi Men smiled briefly that his parents are talking, and his father even remembers which dish his mother loves.

“Sure. I haven’t had that for a long time,” she smiled, and then she turned to look at Xi Men.

She noticed the way Xi Men sits. He is sitting at the edge of his chair and she surely hopes that he is not going to sit like this for the entire dinner.

But that body language looks like…

“You look like you want to go somewhere. To the lavatory?” Xi Men’s mother asked.

Xi Men turned to look at his mother, and Mr. Xi Men looked at Xi Men when he heard Xi Men’s mom said that.

“Umm… no,” Xi Men said. “But… umm…” he exchanged his glances with his father and his mother.

“What is it?” Xi Men’s father asked.

“Umm… I have something to… say,” Xi Men said, swallowing the lump in his throat again.

“Hmmm? What do you want to say?” Xi Men’s mom asked.

“I…” he looked at both of them again. “Actually…” he swallowed another quickly formed lump and took a deep breath. “Tonight…”

“Why are you stammering?” she asked.

“Yeah, say it, son,” Mr. Xi Men said.

Xi Men bites his lips, and he is still gathering his strength… “Actually, I want to introduce someone tonight,”

“Oh?” Xi Men’s dad and mom asked.

“Yes. That is why… I arrange for this dinner,” he slowly lowered his head down to avoid their gazes.

She smiled. “Now I understand why,”

Xi Men can sense the smile from the tone she uses to say her words. He slowly lifted his head up to look at his mother, “What do you mean…?”

“You do look like you want to tell me something since last night,” she said. “So I guess this is the matter,”

“Umm… yeah,” Xi Men responded.

“Hmmm… so you mean someone will be joining us for dinner?” Xi Men’s dad asked.

Xi Men nodded. “Yes… umm… I hope you don’t mind we have someone to…”

“I don’t mind,” Xi Men’s mom interrupts and said. “So where is your friend?”

“What time is your friend coming? Should I ask the kitchen to wait for your friend to come before they start cooking and serve them?” Mr. Xi Men asked.

“Umm… now. And no, you don’t have to ask the kitchen to wait. I… I’m going to go and get her,” Xi Men said, pushing the chair back and he immediately stands up.

“Get her?” Xi Men’s dad asked.

“Now?” Xi Men’s mom asked.

“Yes… umm, she is staying just upstairs. I… I wanted to tell both of you first before I go and get her… so… I’m going to go and get her now,” Xi Men said.

“Sure, go ahead,” Xi Men’s mom smiled.

Xi Men smiled back and then he turned around and heads to the exit.

Xi Men’s parents looked at him leaving the restaurant.

“I wonder what kind of friend is that,” Xi Men’s dad said.

“Well, to have Xi Men specifically arrange a dinner to introduce this friend, whom he had referred as ‘she’ to us tonight, of all days… must be someone special to him,” Xi Men’s mom said.

“Oh?” Xi Men’s dad asked.

“And of all times, he is finding a time that coincides with both of us back in Taipei to bring her to meet us,” Xi Men’s mom said. “The parents,”

Xi Men’s dad smiled. “You are always good with analysis. I wonder what type of person she might be,” he said.

Xi Men’s mom just smiled.

“So, how is your art business doing in Kaohsiung?”


Knock! Knock!

Xiao You heads to the door and opens it, to find a smartly clad Xi Men standing at the door.

He stares at her from top to toe.

She had her long & straight hair loose but the bling on her ears have not gone unnoticed.

She is wearing a presentable bright red halter top and a pair of black pants.

She had light make up on and a very light pink lip gloss on her lips.

It is a very simple look.

But she pulled it off really well.

“So, how do I look?” Xiao You asked, after seeing Xi Men’s eyes traveled from top to bottom. “It… it is very simple. I hope it is okay?”

“Wow,” Xi Men said, as soon as his eyes went back up to her eyes. “You look great,”

“Really?” she asked.

“Yes, just like you said. It is a simple look, but you look wonderful,” he smiled.

“I am very worried that your parents may not like how I look… I mean… I don’t know how to dress up well…” she said, turning around and heads to the dresser.

“You are used to tee and jeans, that is why. If you want to learn more about dressing up well, I can get that fixed for you. But don’t worry about what you are wearing now. It looks good on you and very suitable for the dinner tonight,” he enters the room and closed the door behind him.

She took a really deep breath as she sits down in front of the mirror of the dressing table.

“You are not done yet?” he asked. “But you already have all the make-up on and…”

“I am done. I am just not ready,” she exhaled her deep breath. “I am nervous…”

He stood behind her and leans forward with both hands on the side of the dressing table. “But you know you can’t let my parents wait too long at the restaurant… you know?” he looked at her via the mirror.

She lifted her eyes slightly to look at Xi Men’s image from the mirror as well, and his head is strategically on top of hers, since he is standing right behind her.

She took a deep breath. “I know. Are they both here already?”

“Yes, I told them I am bringing someone to the dinner… so they are waiting for you now,”

She took another deep breath, signifying how nervous she is and how she is trying to calm herself down.

“Don’t be too nervous. You’ll be fine,” he rubbed her right arm. He lowered his head down and kissed the top of her head. “I am here with you,” he then smiled, as he looked at her again from the mirror.

She looked at him, and pressed her lips together.

That is a very promising smile from Xi Men.

She smiled faintly. “Okay,” she swallowed the lump in her throat. “Let’s go,”


“Are you cold?”

Xiao You turned to look at Xi Men. “No… not at all. Why did you ask?”

“Your hand is cold…” he said, lowering his head down and at the same time, lifting his right hand up with her left hand clasped into his palm.

“Oh… I was just…” she didn’t know what to say as her eyes are fixed to the entrance of the Chinese restaurant right ahead of her, since both of them have been heading to that direction after they emerged from the lift.

He knew she is nervous.

“It will be okay,” he said.

She gives him a smile. “I hope so,”

Xiao You’s hand became frozen as they entered the restaurant.

Holding her hand tight, Xi Men leads the way to the table where his parents are sitting.

And he stopped at the table…

“Dad, mom…” Xi Men called, and there is a pause when he saw his parents looking at him. “This is Xiao You. Yang Xiao You,” he introduces, turning his head to look at Xiao You.


Heartbeat increases a thousand fold.

Mr. Xi Men and Xi Men’s mom looked at Xi Men and Xiao You.

“My dad… and my mom,” Xi Men introduces his parents, though Xiao You already knew.

“Uncle, aunty,” Xiao You calls.

Xi Men’s parents smiled.

“Hello, Xiao You. Please take a seat,” Xi Men’s mom said, pointing at the seat next to her.

Xiao You glances to Xi Men, Xi Men nodded briefly as his eyes glances at the chair.

Xiao You smiled at Xi Men’s mom. “Thank you…”

And Xi Men took his seat next to Xiao You.

“I have ordered food so we will get to eat dinner soon,” Xi Men’s father said with a smile at Xiao You.

“Sure, sure… thank you,” Xiao You replied, since he is looking at her.

“So, Xi Men…”

Xi Men turned to look at his father.

“Xiao You is…” Mr. Xi Men asked.

Xi Men swallowed the lump and then he bravely looked at his father. “Xiao You is my girlfriend,” before he turned to look at his mother. “We’ve been seeing each other for over a year now,”

“Girlfriend?” Mr. Xi Men asked.

And Xi Men’s mom goes ‘ah’ with a smile on her face.

Xi Men nodded.

“I see,” Mr. Xi Men said, glancing at Xiao You before returning his sight to Xi Men. “I haven’t seen her before,” he then turned to look at Xiao You. “Xiao You, which family are you from?”



“Katie, from the looks of this schedule… it seems that room 9 will not be use for the next few hours…” Xiao You said, looking at the red file.

Upon hearing that, Katie clicked into her computer to search for the details.

“Yes, no class will be held in the room until 2pm,” Katie said, looking at the data in the computer. “So if you want to use the room, you can use it,”

“Okay, good to know. Thank you,” Xiao You smiled faintly at her receptionist, before she turned to the right and heads to her room.

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