I Still… – Chapter 71

“If you don’t mind I say this, I think you are getting better, and better,” Jing smiled. “I mean, you look happier,”

Upon hearing it, Xiao You smiled.

Even San Chai and Xiao Qiao smiled, and happened to nod too.

“Yeah, you’re looking really good now too,” San Chai said.

“You mean, beautiful?” Xiao You teases.

“Oh yes!” Xiao Qiao answered without hesitation.

All of them laughed.

“Well, yeah, I have been… doing well,” Xiao You smiled.

Although it is nice to hear from Xiao You that she is happy and doing well now, at the same time, this is very worrying.

If she is happy and living well without Xi Men now, does that mean she is not going to take Xi Men back?

That guy is trying to get her back, but he can only make his move after he gets the information from the F3 dudes.

He knew Xiao You didn’t want to see him, so he tried to keep his distance from her, but at the same time, he will know how she is doing from his friends – and they will get the information from their wives.

On the day Xiao You found out about her divorce had been nullified following Xi Men’s refusal to plant his signature on the document, it is also the same day Jing found out about it, and she had share the news to San Chai and Xiao Qiao, which obviously, surprised them.

And then they (San Chai and Xiao Qiao) conveyed the message to their husbands.

Honestly, this news is causing quite an uproar among the friends as all of them, besides Lei, does not know that the divorce did not go thru.

Not only that, when Xiao You told her parents that her divorce has been nullified, it took them by surprise too, as they have always thought that Xiao You and Xi Men had signed the document and they are officially divorced.

This leads to everyone having a very confused reaction and perception towards Xi Men.

They aren’t sure if they should hate him, or support him upon hearing the news.

The thing is, the ladies went to confront Xi Men after the supposedly divorce, and he never said anything about the nullified divorce. He just lets San Chai scolds the shit out of him, which he broke down after that.

In relation to that, San Chai isn’t sure if she should feel guilty for her own action or hate Xi Men for not telling her the truth. But somehow, a part of her still resents what he had done to Xiao You for putting Xiao You thru such terrible days, because Xiao You is clearly the victim of this entire scenario.

Even though everyone (the friends) hated what Xi Men had done – by asking for divorce, somehow they are relieved that Xi Men did not let the divorce go thru and also found out that he is still in love with Xiao You and wants to be with her still.

Being the only person that knows Xi Men’s situation from the beginning, Lei told them that Xi Men is desperately trying to save his relationship with Xiao You but could not approach Xiao You now because Xiao You is in midst of evaluating if she should really proceed with the divorce.

For everyone, seeing whatever is happening, and that Xi Men and Xiao You still love each other, they would like to see them have a happy ending too, thus they have agreed to provide information on Xiao You’s condition and also, if they could, they would try to help.

But they know, at the end of the day, it will entirely depend on Xi Men’s effort to win her back and save his relationship.

“You know,” Xiao You suddenly uttered, and the three ladies looked at her. “I saw Xi Men few days ago,”

Hearing that, the three ladies’ eyes widened slightly, and then exchanged glances.

“You saw Xi Men few days ago?” San Chai asked.

They never thought that Xiao You is ready, or want to see him again.

“He came to look for you?” Jing asked.

Xiao You shook. “Not really. It’s just that… Jin asked Patrick (*the mansion’s chauffeur) to fetch me the other day… and Patrick came to get me with him in the car,”

“Oh,” all the three ladies looked at Xiao You.

“Ummm… are you okay with seeing him?” Xiao Qiao asked.

“I didn’t expect to see him,” Xiao You replied. “It is slightly uncomfortable, but it is okay,”

As Xiao Qiao is sitting directly in front of Xiao You, she began to evaluate Xiao You’s facial expression. And then she noticed a fade pink spot on Xiao You’s cheek.

“He… umm… didn’t do anything to you, I hope?” San Chai asked.

Xiao You smiled faintly and shook. “No, but it was raining, and he… came to get me with an umbrella,”

“Ohh… that’s nice of him,” Jing smiled.

Xiao You is still smiling faintly. “He is always nice,”

“Is that the first time you see him since the news of your divorce…”

“Yes,” Xiao You replied to Xiao Qiao. “Yeah…” she repeated again.

Seeing Xiao You’s reaction, they do not know what to say or react.

They exchanged glances again.

“Anyway,” Xiao You smiled wider. “Let’s talk about something else,”

And it seems that she is also not comfortable talking about him…

“Umm… okay…” Xiao Qiao tilts her head, and then she looked at the spot that sorts of distracting her (Xiao Qiao), “Xiao You… is that a mosquito bite on your face?”

“Mosquito bite?” Xiao You asked, touching her face. “I don’t think so,”

Jing and San Chai also looked at Xiao You’s face.

“Don’t think so? But it’s red,” Xiao Qiao said. “Your right cheek,” she pointed.

“Right cheek…?” just when she said that, she touched her right cheek and then…

She could feel a small bump.

However, a mosquito bite should result in itchiness but…

What she had on her face does not itch… but a slightly on the painful side.

“Oh… no…” Xiao You murmured.


Seeing Xiao You treating him like this, Xi Men felt more depressed when he thinks about it. Having no one to go for dinner with him, he chooses to bury himself in his work instead of going back home early – and also he has nothing to do at home anyway.

He has been working until 9pm for 5 consecutive days now.

Gripping onto the steering wheel, he is heading home from Xi Men Corporation.

About 15 minutes into the drive, he stopped his Lexus at red traffic light junction in Xinyi district.

Now, he looked left and right, and also across the road.

And then he spots something familiar.

He leaned closer to the steering wheel to pay attention to what he is seeing, and then his eyes widened.

“Isn’t that Xiao You?” he asked, as he saw Xiao You getting into the car that she had parked at the roadside.

Not someone else’s car, but it is her Honda Accord.

He then saw her hugging someone else, and that prompted him to look and try to spot the face.

“Better not be Raymond Leslie…” he murmured.

He then is relieved when he spots it is not a male that’s hugging Xiao You.

It is San Chai. And then Jing and Xiao Qiao’s turn to hug Xiao You.

They must have had dinner together.

“Then she should have told me to eat with Emily rather than…”

But then again, Xiao You does not want to communicate with Xi Men.

Why would she pings him and tell him to eat with Emily?

She probably prefers to have Emily dine with her (Xiao You) parents than to contact Xi Men.

After they waved goodbye, Xiao You gets into her car.

He looked at the time on his car dashboard.


Xi Men is tempted to follow Xiao You back home, but he is sure she will see his car and she may not be happy to have him follow her home.

She might even think that Xi Men is probably following her way earlier than this.

She is already unhappy with him, if he does this, it will add to her unhappiness.

He is trying to win her back now, so any moves he made will be critical and may jeopardize his chance.

Xi Men reached for his phone, and then dialed a number.

X: Hello, master?

Xi Men: Butler Pan. I want you to do something for me today.


“Welcome home, ma’am,” Butler Pan called as Xiao You walked into the house.

“Hello Butler Pan,” Xiao You said. “Is Emily home?”

“Yes, ma’am. Young miss is home,”

“That’s good,” Xiao You said. “Is she asleep?”

“Not yet, ma’am, let me call young miss and tell her that you are home, ma’am,” Li replied instead.

“Sure, thank you,” Xiao You smiled and walked towards the living room, while Li heads to Emily’s room to notify Emily.

Xiao You then puts her handbag down on the couch, next to her.

“Have you had dinner, ma’am?” Butler Pan asked as he looked at Xiao You sits down on the couch now.

“Yes, I did,”

“How is your day, ma’am?” Butler Pan asked.

“It is okay,” Xiao You smiled.


Xiao You’s smile grew wider. “Hi sweetie,”

“Mommy is home,” Emily smiled as she ran and hugged her mother.

“Yes. Did you eat enough with grandpa and grandma?”

“Yes, I did, mom. What did you eat with Aunty San Chai, Aunty Jing and Aunty Xiao Qiao? McDonald’s?” Emily asked.

“No, we had Chinese food,”

“Ohh…” Emily smiled.

Xiao You chatted and bonded with Emily for another 20 minutes before Xiao You noted it is time for Emily to go to bed.

“Sweetie, it is time for you to sleep already. You need to go to school tomorrow,” Xiao You smiled.

“Okay… goodnight, mommy,” Emily smiled, planting a kiss on Xiao You’s cheek.

“Goodnight, Emily,” Xiao You kissed her daughter back.

After she watches Li brings Emily to her room, Xiao You also stood up and she heads to her room.

Butler Pan bows slightly, “Goodnight, ma’am,”

“Goodnight, Butler Pan,” Xiao You said, opening the door of her master bedroom, entered and then closed the door.

Butler Pan gazes and after making sure Xiao You’s door is closed, he then walked to the phone.

Picking the phone up, he presses the number.


Just taking two steps after closing the door, Xiao You halts her steps. “Ah, my handbag…”

She turned around.


*CLACK (door open).

X: Hello?

Butler Pan: Hello, master. Just to report to you, master, that ma’am is home.

Xi Men: Alright, thank you, Butler Pan.

Butler Pan: Goodnight, master.

Butler Pan puts the phone down and then…


He gets the shock of his life.

Xiao You walked pass, just right next to him.

He is sure she heard the phone conversation.

Butler Pan could only stood there froze at the sight of his ma’am walking passed him like this, and Xiao You just nonchalantly walked to the couch…

… and takes her handbag that she had forgotten to take just now.

She gave Butler Pan a glance as she passed by him again, and then she wordlessly walked to her room with the handbag in hand.

And then she closed the door.

Butler Pan basically slaps his forehead, as Xi Men asked Butler Pan to call him (Xi Men) when Xiao You is home, and specifically gives an instruction that he does not want Xiao You to know.


Xiao You leaned closer to the mirror in the bathroom and checks her skin up close.

Or specifically, her right cheek.


She resents what she sees in the mirror.


“Damn!” she complains.

“Xiao Qiao already saw the red spot yesterday. And here it is! Already became a pimple now!” she groaned.

And then, she remembers something…




Xi Men turned his head to look at Xiao You who is sitting next to him, looking into the hand mirror. “What is it, honey?”

Xiao You lowered the hand mirror down, with a pouting face, “I have a pimple on my face!” she pointed at the red zit on her forehead.

Xi Men looked at the pimple and then he chuckled, “Is that why you go ‘huhuhu’ while looking into the mirror?”

Xiao You glared at Xi Men, and then she sulked.

He laughed as he looked at her sulking face. “It is just a pimple, honey. It will go away,”

“I am not pretty anymore,” she pouts.

Xi Men smiled, and then he laughed, “You are always pretty, honey,” he said. “And you are always pretty to me,”

She sulked as she looked at him, “You are lying,”

Xi Men smiled, reached his hands forward and puts them around her waist, engaging in a hug. “You know what I love about you?”

“I am cute,”

He laughed. “Well, yes, that is one, but there’s more,”

“What is it?” she asked.

“You are pretty inside and out,” Xi Men smiled. “So, even if you are not pretty outside, I still love you because you are pretty inside,”

Xiao You looked at Xi Men, still sulky, but less now. “Really?”

Xi Men chuckled. “Yes. The pimple is just temporary. Does not affect your look. You are still pretty, with or without the pimple. And once the pimple goes away, aren’t you my beautiful Xiao You again?”

Xiao You pressed her lips together, but couldn’t help it that his sweet words make her smile.

She then smiled.

“I still love you very much,” he smiled.

“Okay,” she smiled. “I love you too,”

He leaned over and kissed her briefly on her lips.

She smiled.


“Hmmm?” she looked at him.

“Is it painful?” and just after he finished with his statement, he, with his point finger, quickly pressed on her red zit.

“AHHHHH!!!!” she yelled of pain, “Of course it is painful!” she smacks him on his arm.

He couldn’t help it but laughed at her reaction although at the same time, he had to admit her smack on him is quite painful.

What to do?

He is the one that started it.

And because of the pain, she ends up smacking him hard; of course, she has no intention to hit him hard or to inflict pain.

He watches her writhe in pain, and she looked at him rubbing his painful arm.

And he bursts into laughter again while she pouts.

*Flashback ended.


Xiao You sighed as she slowly stands straight up, moving away from standing too close to the mirror.

Those good days.

“At this moment, I had to be reminded of him,” she said.

She admitted that he plays a big role in her life.

Not only he is a great husband and father, he is also her best friend.

He cheers her up when she is down.

He will always try to make her happy.

She really felt love with, and from him.

She loves him so much.

Standing straight now, she looked at the mirror, looking at the pimple on her cheek; checking how obvious the pimple is from this distance.

As she is staring at her image in the mirror, from the corner of her eyes, she feels that… there is something black on the left.

But there is no black object, as far as she remembers, at that place.

But… this looks like… on the wall.

She doesn’t stick anything to the wall.

Finding it weird, she turned her head and looked at the black ‘thing’.

Her eyes widened.


A cockroach!

There is a cockroach in the bathroom!

Although the cockroach is small, she has a massive fear for it.

At this moment, she quickly turned around and heads to the exit of the bathroom.



“Ah… oww…. ouch…” she groaned.


There’s pain.


“Butler Pan! Li! Jin! ANYONE!”


It is an annual meeting.

All directors and general managers from each and every department in Xi Men Corporation will gather and sat in the boardroom for the meeting that usually takes up the whole day as most directors will provide updates of and from their departments.

Xi Men folded his hands on his chest as he listened to the general manager from the exporting department of his company reporting about their exporting sales complete with presentation slides.

He occasionally glances at the file in front of him, containing the report and notes which is given by the presenting manager for his reference, which Xi Men could refer to when the manager explained certain figures in detail to him and everyone else in the room.

Next to him is his most respected Secretary Xu, on standby with a notepad, ready to jot down questions and answers that will be asked and answered in this meeting.

This meeting is the most serious and most important internal meeting they had every year.


Xi Men’s gaze strayed as his phone vibrates in his pants’ pocket.

He had put the phone into silent and vibrating mode because of the meeting.


Xi Men returned his gaze back to the presenting manager where he is talking about the exporting figure to Japan.


Pretty distracting.


This is not stopping.

The caller is just calling and calling and calling and…

Xi Men raised his hand up. “Stop,”

The presenting manager stopped immediately, and everyone in the boardroom turned to look at Xi Men.

“Give me a moment,” Xi Men said, and he dives his hand into his pants to take his vibrating smartphone out.

He frowned immediately upon seeing the name of the caller on the screen.

And at this time of the day?

He pressed the button and then puts it to his ear, “Hello, Butler Pan?”

He listens…

The frown went off after hearing the key reason of the call.

“What?! She tripped?” he asked in shock.

Everyone in the room heard that.

As he listens on, there is a distinct change of facial expression.

“She hurt her…” Xi Men repeated after Butler Pan. “…what?!”

Xi Men begins to panic.

“Where is she now?! Which hospital?” Xi Men asked.

Everyone in the room exchanged glances.

Xi Men hung up the call and hastily gets up from his seat. “Oh my gosh… this can’t be happening,” he worriedly said as he ran to the door, opening it and then ran out.

Everyone in the room exchanged glances again.

“So… what now?” a director asked, causing everyone to look at each other again.

And lastly they looked at Secretary Xu.

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