I Still… – Chapter 72

Xi Men charges into the hospital entrance and began looking around, as to find out which direction he should go.

Everyone at the waiting area, be it visitors or patients waiting to get medications; looked at Xi Men zooming past, looking panicked.

Jin, who is sitting in the middle of the waiting area, saw Xi Men.

Jin is about to stand up and go over to Xi Men, but within 2 seconds, Xi Men ran off (because he did not see Jin) and that caught Jin by surprise.

By the time Jin gets to the path that Xi Men was at, Xi Men has already disappeared from sight.

“Where is master…?” Jin could only stand there and scratched his head as he looked around, trying to spot Xi Men.

Anyone who saw Xi Men’s reaction would have thought that Xi Men must have a really ill relative in the hospital…


“Where is the outpatient treatment ward?” Xi Men, who appeared suddenly, asked the nurse at the counter who is surprised by his presence all of a sudden.

“Out… outpatient treatment?” the nurse asked back.

“YES! Where is it?!” he asked.

The nurse is surprised by his tone, happened to point to the left, to which he dashes to.

Seeing the signboard that marks ‘Outpatient Treatment’, Xi Men dashes towards the ward.


The outpatient treatment ward that Xi Men dashes into has approximately 10 beds that could cater for 10 patients at one time.

A doctor emerges from behind the curtain, and that is when Xi Men came into the ward.

Spotting the doctor, Xi Men stopped him right in front of the curtain partition that he (the doctor) came out from.

“Doctor!” Xi Men called. “Where is Yang Xiao You?”


Xiao You lifted her head up upon hearing the voice.


“Ah, CEO Xi Men,” the doctor called after he saw Xi Men.

“I said where is Yang Xiao You?!” Xi Men grabbed the doctor’s arms. “Where is my wife?!”

“CEO Xi Men, Miss Yang is okay,” the doctor immediately tried to calm Xi Men.

Hearing the doctor says so, it means the doctor knew about Xiao You’s admittance to the hospital and her condition.

“I was told Xiao You sprained her ankle! Doctor, you need to help her! You need to do whatever it takes to heal her ankle!”

“CEO Xi Men, Miss Yang is really okay…”

“Doctor! My wife is a ballet instructor! She can’t hurt her legs! They are very important for her and her career! She needs to be able to get back on her feet and tip-toe! If she injured her ankle and she can’t get into ballet again; everything will be ruined! Please! I beg you to help her! Please!!!”

“CEO Xi Men, Miss Yang’s condition is not as bad,”

“Doctor! I’ll pay for her treatment! Just make sure she can get back on her feet and dance again!”

This is a nuisance.

What Xi Men exhibits will disturb the peace and the rest that the patients need in this room, and what he did actually had garnered attention from many other doctors and patients in the ward.

And the doctor is also feeling annoyed at Xi Men…

“Get the best doctor…!”

“CEO XI MEN!” the doctor basically yelled to Xi Men’s face in order to get his attention and stopped Xi Men from talking further.

And it worked.

Xi Men stares at the doctor in surprise at the raised voice, not talking anymore.

No one dares to raise his or her voice up to F4.

“CEO Xi Men, please listen,” the doctor said, raising his hands up and gently pushed Xi Men away, so that the grip from Xi Men on both of his (the doctor) arms are removed.

The doctor turned and faced the curtain partition that he just came out from and he immediately pulled open the curtain; opening the partition up.

Xi Men looked at what the doctor is doing, only to realize that particular partition where the bed is in, is where Xiao You is on.

He looked at Xiao You sitting on the bed, and she looked back at Xi Men.

Xi Men realized he had apparently been talking to the doctor next to Xiao You’s bed.

And this is the right doctor he talked to, as this is the doctor that treats Xiao You.

“Miss Yang has only overstretched her ankle slightly, I have done x-ray and ultrasound scan on her ankle. There is no break of bones or crack, and all her ligaments are intact and normal; no signs of tear. There is no serious injury,” the doctor explained.

Xi Men looked straight at Xiao You.

Xiao You must have heard him talking to the doctor, and this leads him to feel embarrassed; especially his explosive anxiousness towards Xiao You can be heard from the tone he talked to the doctor.

He slowly lowered his gaze down to look at her ankles, isn’t sure which ankle is injured, and hoping to see a wrapped ankle to tell him which ankle that is hurt.


“Umm… there is really… no serious injury?” Xi Men asked, looking at the doctor.

“No. Just overstretched. And it is a very mild one,” the doctor said.

“She suffered a fall and had pain on her ankle. Are you sure there is no injury?” Xi Men asked.

“Actually, Miss Yang is very fortunate. Her ligament is just slightly overstretched thus her pain is only for a while. The pain will go away fairly quickly, sometimes within minutes. Which is exactly what Miss Yang has. There is no pain anymore when she came into the hospital just now. She can go back to dancing immediately,” the doctor said.

“Immediately? Are you sure?” Xi Men asked. “She doesn’t need to rest her foot?”

“Not needed,” the doctor said, looking at Xiao You.

“She is a ballet instructor and she is always on her feet. What if this reoccurs while she is dancing and then suffers even more serious injury?” Xi Men asked.

Xiao You rolled her eyes.

The doctor looked at Xi Men.

“Well, if you are afraid, sir, then she can rest for a day,” the doctor said.

“A day? Just a day? Seriously?” Xi Men looked at the doctor.

A day seems like no rest at all.

“Well, she can rest for as long as she wants,” the doctor said. “Days, or a week,”

Xiao You’s eyes widened as she looked at the doctor. “A week?!”

“Or even more, whichever she prefers,”

“No, hell no…” Xiao You muttered.

“Alright, she’ll do just that,” Xi Men said.

Gaping at Xi Men, “Wait! Doctor Chen said I can go back to dancing!” she then turned her head to look at the doctor, “Doctor Chen! You said I don’t have any injuries and my ligaments are okay! You also said that to him just now! Why do you want to make me rest when there is no injury? And for a week? Or even more?!”

The doctor is in a dilemma now.

Truth is, there is no problem. Xiao You can go back to her routine. But the pressure from Xi Men…

“Yes, you can dance again. But if CEO Xi Men is concerned, taking a week of rest is good so that you don’t easily overstretch it again,” Dr. Chen said.

“But…!” she looked at Dr. Chen and then looked at Xi Men, in disbelief that because of Xi Men, she has to rest for a week now.

“Just a week, Miss Yang. It is okay,” Dr. Chen said. “Just in case,”

Xiao You looked at Dr. Chen, and then turned to look at Xi Men.

And then she exhaled a deep breath.

“So… is it better to wrap her ankle to prevent her from potentially overstretch it again within the week?” Xi Men asked.

Xiao You glared at Xi Men again.

She took a deep breath, and then exhaled it in frustration.

‘Why on earth are you one of F4?!’

‘Power overload.’


Xi Men plants his signature on the dotted line at the counter.

“Thank you, CEO Xi Men,” the nurse said, handing Xi Men’s credit card back to Xi Men after using it to make payment.

Xi Men nods a little and then he took the credit card back from the nurse.

He turned and walked to the outpatient treatment ward where Xiao You is at, as Dr. Chen has completed the examinations and granted her to leave.

Xiao You does not need to stay overnight in the hospital as it is just a minor injury; or rather, a ‘non-existent’ injury.

She can just rest at home and refrained from overuse the foot.

Xi Men entered the room where there are other patients seeking outpatient treatment at the same time – which he finally notices now.

Some are attended by doctors, and some are waiting for doctors.

As he approaches Xiao You’s bed, he is surprised to see Jin by the side of the bed.

“Eh, Jin? You are here?” Xi Men asked.

“Master,” Jin called, and gave him a bow.

“He is the one sending me over,” Xiao You said, giving Xi Men a really displeased look.

“I didn’t see him just now,” Xi Men said.

“I was at the waiting area, master, while waiting for ma’am to receive treatment,” Jin said.

“Oh,” Xi Men said.

Since Xi Men has returned to the room, she has assumed that he had made the payment for her treatment, and that means, she can leave the hospital now.

“I am going home now. You can go back to work,” Xiao You said, trying to get down from the bed.

“What do you think you are doing?” Xi Men asked, approaching her instead.

“Walk,” Xiao You said.

“You shouldn’t use your…”

“Excuse me, I was initially cleared and can go back to dancing because doctor did not find any injuries on my ankle. And you forced me not to dance for a week; purportedly not to overdo it, and you are going to deprive me from doing the most basic thing, which is walking?” Xiao You asked, looking at him. “Should I just give up living too?”

Xi Men just looked at her, swallowing the lump in his throat.

Seeing Xi Men didn’t say a thing, “Just go back to work,” Xiao You said, trying to get down from the bed again.

“I can send you back home,” Xi Men said, extending his hands to hold her.

“Jin can do it,” Xiao You retracts her hand from his grip. “He is paid to do that,”


“Ahhhh…” Xiao You interrupted Xi Men, after she lowered her gaze to the floor. “Crap…”

Xi Men and Jin looked at Xiao You, wondering what’s up with her.

“I don’t have shoes,” Xiao You said, looking at her feet, with her right ankle bandaged, and then she looked at Jin.

“Oh… oh, I am sorry, ma’am,” Jin said, scratching his head. “I forgot to…”

“How did she come if she didn’t wear her shoes?” Xi Men asked, looking at Jin.

“I did not walk in the entire journey. He carries me from the penthouse and drives me here. Is that answer good with you?” Xiao You asked.

“You mean…” Xi Men then turned to look at Jin, “You carry her from the car to the hospital too?”

“Yes, master,” Jin said.

Xi Men turned to look at Xiao You.

Xiao You didn’t even give a glance to Xi Men, “Jin, come, carry me,”

“I’ll do it,” Xi Men said, offering to carry her.

“Jin can do it,” Xiao You said, “Jin,” she instructed.

Jin took a step forward to Xiao You.

“Jin, she is a woman,”

That prompted Jin and Xiao You to turn their heads and looked at Xi Men.

“And she is your ma’am,” Xi Men warned.

OKAY. That sums it up.

That prompted Jin to take two steps back, and Xiao You rolled her eyes.

But soon she returned her gaze to Jin, “Jin, I am asking you to do what I want you to do,” she said.

Jin looked at Xiao You, and then he turned to look at Xi Men.

Xi Men is looking at Jin.

Jin is in a very bad situation.

Both Xi Men and Xiao You are his employers.

Who should he listen to?


The chances of him being fired from his job will be higher if he doesn’t listen to Xi Men…

After all, as said by Xi Men, Xiao You is a woman, and she is still Xi Men’s wife.

It is not appropriate for him to actually carry her, unless it is in a dire situation; such as earlier in the day where she slipped and fell at the entrance of the bathroom and they need him to carry her to the hospital.

“Jin,” Xiao You called, as a reminder of her instruction.

“Jin,” Xi Men also called, as a reminder of his instruction too.

Inadvertently, Jin took another two steps back. “I am sorry, ma’am…”

Xiao You closed her eyes and then exhaled her deep breath in frustration.

She understood why Jin refused to do it.

“Good,” Xi Men turned his head to look at Xiao You, “I’ll carry you,” he said.

Xiao You gave Xi Men a glare.

She felt her head is going to blow up. “Can you, for once, stop manipulating things around me and demand them to work the way you wanted to?” Xiao You asked.

“Because you wanna know why?” Xi Men asked, as he took the two steps to approach her.


He carries her up effortlessly in his arms, causing her to circle her hands around his neck for support. “Because I love you,”

What he said is good enough to stop her from talking further.

Xi Men makes his way out from the hospital, and people are looking at him as he carries her out from the hospital.

The glances and stares from everywhere make Xiao You felt really uncomfortable.

She basically turned her head, as she didn’t want to see the faces of people looking at them.

He takes note of her moving her head, seemingly not wanting to look ahead or what’s in front of them.

Jin followed behind them.

This is the closest she has ever been with Xi Men since their separation.

Other than the kiss he plants on her weeks ago.

Her eyes slowly wandered and she began to note his strong jaw, sharp nose…

And then her eyes move to slowly trace the piercings in his ear that he had obtained when he was younger.

Her eyes lowered slightly, and she immediately notes the orange tie he is wearing now.

Although she was talking to him face to face in the hospital bed, she never takes note of the tie until now.

‘Isn’t this the tie he didn’t really like because the color is too bright for his liking?’ she wondered.

She bought him this tie, because she likes to add colors into his boring black and white outfit for work. Since his suit and pants are always black, the only item that can be made colored is his shirt and tie.

He rarely wears this tie, but the only one time he wore it because she wants him to is the day he obtained a billion-dollar project.

Xiao You slowly searches in her mind, wondering how long has it been since she bought the tie.

2 years ago.

Since he hardly wears this as he doesn’t really favor the color, why is he wearing this today?

“Are you in a project meeting with client today?” Xiao You suddenly asked.

Xi Men moved his head slightly to the direction of her head, “No, why do you ask?”

“Nothing,” she said.

As he walked towards his car and she asking him this weird question out of nowhere, he suddenly thought about what he was doing before he comes here.

His eyes widened.

‘Ah, SHIT! I was in the middle of… Xi Men Corporation’s internal yearly meeting,’

As he approaches his car, he directed Jin to take his car keys out from his (Xi Men’s) pants and unlocked the car.

Jin also opened the door to the passenger seat where Xi Men carefully puts Xiao You down.

“Give me a moment, I need to make a call,” Xi Men said, as he stands up straight.

Xiao You looked at Xi Men walked to the back of the car and then took a phone up and makes a call, while Jin looks on.

“Secretary Xu,” Xi Men said. “I am sorry about what happened. Informed all the directors that I will be back in 2 hours,”

Xiao You then switches her gaze to Jin.

Jin also looked back at Xiao You.

Once Xi Men finished with the call, he walked to Xiao You again.

“Alright, I’ll fetch you home now. Jin, you’ll just follow at the back, alright?”

“Go and do what you need to do. Jin can fetch me home,” Xiao You said.

“It is okay,” Xi Men said, and then turned to look at Jin. “See you later,”

“Yes, master,”

Xi Men slammed the door close and then heads to his driver seat.

Xi Men gets in and then closed the door, and starts his car engine.

“Is it your internal meeting?” Xiao You asked.

Xi Men turned his head to look at her. “Umm, yeah,”

“The one you have once every year?”


“That’s a very important meeting,” Xiao You said. “And the most serious meeting,”

“Yes. It is okay. I have rescheduled it,” Xi Men said, “Seatbelts on?”

Xiao You looked at him briefly, and then she pulled the seatbelt and put it over herself.

“Alright,” Xi Men said, stepping on the brake pedal and then engaged in R (reverse) to reverse the car out from the parking bay.

‘He has the serious meeting today. Then why the tie?’ Xiao You wondered. ‘Probably for a smooth sailing meeting…?’


Completely quiet drive.

Xi Men gazes at the time on the dashboard.

“You are not going to work today?” Xi Men asked suddenly, breaking the silence.

“With my leg like this?” she asked.

“No, I mean… you were at home and you fall…”

“Oh. I was preparing to go to work,” Xiao You said.

“Oh, you mean, you are planning to go to work late today…?”

“Yes. I sleep a bit more,” she said.

“Not enough sleep last night?” he asked.

“Just slightly tired,” she said.

“Slept late?” he asked.

“You know I went out yesterday night,”

That prompted Xi Men to turn his head and looked at her, and his eyes brightened up. “How… how did you…”

“Butler Pan called you. I heard,” she said.

“O… oh,” Xi Men isn’t sure what to react.

“Butler Pan did not know I heard,” she said. “That is until he saw me walking passed next to him,” she recalled the horrified look on Butler Pan’s face last night when he saw her walking passed him.

“I don’t mean to do… I was just… I saw you last night and I just want to make sure you got home safely,” Xi Men explained.

“You saw me last night?” Xiao You asked, turning her head to look at him.

“Ye… yeah,” he said. “I was going back to the mansion…”

She turned her head to look out of the window,

‘Must have gone for dinner with Rebecca,’

‘But didn’t he say he loves me still?’

‘Why is he still going out with her?’

Seeing Xiao You is quiet, he turned his head to look at her, “Umm… how… how did the fall happen?”

She straightened her head as she recalled the incident.

“I stepped on the wet floor and I tripped,” she said. “I was hurriedly going out from the bathroom,”

“Hurriedly?” he asked. “Why hurriedly? You have a call or…”



‘Could it be Raymond Leslie?’

Wow, that boils his blood.

He looked straight to the road as he drove, hating the fact that his competitor is still going after her now.

She gazes at him, not knowing he is cooking his own blood to a burning degree. “There’s a cockroach in the bathroom,”

Now the blood cools down within a split second.

“Cockroach?” he asked, turning his head to look at her. “A cockroach in the bathroom?”

“Yes,” she sighed. “The moment I saw the cockroach, I turned around to head to the entrance, wanted to call someone to help me get rid of it. And then I slipped near the entrance. Thank goodness the door is open, or else I’ll definitely hit my head on the door when I fell,”

“And that is when you overstretched your ligament in your ankle…” Xi Men said.

“Yeah,” she said.

“Is it very painful at that time?” Xi Men asked.

“Yes, it is. I was worried, actually,” Xiao You said.

Xi Men exhaled his deep breath. “When Butler Pan calls me and notifies me about this, I was extremely worried too,”

Xiao You looked out to the view in the passenger seat.

She made no extra comment.

“How long did the pain lasts?” Xi Men asked.

“Just… a while. I don’t know how long it is… but… when Jin picked me up and carries me to the car… my ankle is no longer hurting,” she said. “But because it was painful earlier… I decided to continue the journey to the hospital and get a detailed check up,”

“You did the right thing,” Xi Men said.

She smiled faintly. “I still remember… for a brief moment after I tripped and when my ankle is in pain, I am still in the bathroom. The cockroach might come to me…”

A small laugh escaped Xi Men’s mouth.

He is quick to cover his mouth immediately, as even though it sounds funny, it is a terrifying and painful experience for Xiao You.

Xiao You happened to smile briefly too. “Butler Pan came to me first, and I asked him to whack the cockroach instead. I think he is undecided as to what he should really do. To attend to me or to get the cockroach as I asked him to,” she said. “I saw him looking at me on the floor, and then at the cockroach at the wall. It was when Jin and Li came to me, he gets the cockroach,”

“So, I assume the cockroach is settled?”

“Yeah,” Xiao You smiled. “Thank goodness,”

Xi Men smiled. “When there is a cockroach… you will always call for me first,”

Xiao You’s smile fades slowly.

“Because I am the one that will settle it for you, all the time,” Xi Men adds.

Now, the smile on her face fades completely.

She clasped her hands together.


Xi Men casually turned his head to look at Xiao You, and she is looking out to the view, not saying anything.

He also slowly straightened his head and looked on to the road as he drove.

Has he said something he shouldn’t have said?

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