I Still… – Chapter 79

Xi Men looked at the caller’s name on the phone, and then he looked at her. He is damn sure she saw who the caller is.

She stares back at him.

He turned his head to look at his ringing phone that Xiao You had passed to him. And then he picks up the call.

Xi Men: Hello?

X: Hi Xi Men. I saw the news about your accident. I am calling just to ask if you are alright.

Xi Men: Thank you, Rebecca. I am fine. (glances over to Xiao You)

Rebecca (smiled): Oh, that is good to hear.

Xiao You returned her sight to the cabinet and she saw something in the drawer.

He saw the look on Xiao You’s face; as though this call from Rebecca to him does not bug her (Xiao You).

Xi Men: If that is all…

Rebecca: Can I come to visit you?

Xi Men: Not needed. I am going to be discharged soon.

Rebecca: Oh. Umm…

Xi Men: I am in midst of a conversation with my wife, if you don’t mind.

Xiao You turned her head to look at Xi Men.

Rebecca had her eyes stark open upon hearing it. ‘Wife?’ she thought.

Rebecca: Err…

Xi Men: I appreciate you calling just to ask about my condition. Thanks for your concern.

Rebecca: Umm… sure.

Xi Men: Thank you again. Bye.

He hung up the call.

“Sounds pretty mean,” Xiao You nonchalantly said, looking at Xi Men looking at his phone.

Xi Men turned and looked at Xiao You; knowing she isn’t happy that Rebecca called, “I’ve told her not to contact me anymore,”

Surprised, “You told her not to contact you anymore?” she asked.

“Yes. I told her a while back, when I think I shouldn’t meet up with her anymore,” he said.

‘So, he didn’t want to be in contact with her…’ she thought to herself. ‘Okay. That’s good. I can accept that,’

The discontented look on her face is gone.

“Oh,” she said.

He sighed as he handed the phone back to her.

She looked at him and then took the smartphone from his hand. “Why are you sighing?” Xiao You asked, putting his smartphone into the drawer.

“I just think I am not good at dealing with these things. I was just bored and I go out for meals with someone and people starts thinking I am dating her when I knew very well it is not,” Xi Men said. “And the sad part is everyone, including you, thinks I am dating her,”

Xiao You just smirked.

He then gazes at Xiao You. Now, the crucial part.

“And what about you and Raymond?” he asked.

Xiao You’s smirk fades and looked at him. “What me and Raymond?”

“Did you kiss him? Sleep with him?”

Xiao You frowned at Xi Men. “What did you just say?”

“Please be honest with me. I already told you about Rebecca and myself,” Xi Men said.

Xiao You folded her hands on her chest. “If I were to tell you that I did kiss him and sleep with him, how will you react?”

Xi Men suddenly feels uneasy. “Really?” the uneasy tone is obvious in his voice.

“I am pretty sure if I did, I don’t think I am doing anything wrong since you and I were separated during that period,”

“But you are still my wife…” Xi Men uttered before he swallowed a lump in his throat and moves his body awkwardly because he felt so uneasy with that revelation.

Xiao You smirked upon seeing his body language. A small part of her wanted to laugh.

“I just hope you didn’t…” he stuttered, “…impregnated… I mean, I refused to raise his kid,” Xi Men said the last statement in frustration. “And stop going out with him from now onwards. Tell him that you are back with me now and asked him to stay away,” he uttered, jealously.

Xiao You rolled her eyes about how far Xi Men thought things will be. “Raymond and I are just friends, alright? Nothing MORE than that,”


“I said, he and I are just friends. We didn’t kiss or sleep together,” Xiao You said. “It sounds so wrong already,”

“Really?” Xi Men gazes at her.

“Yes. Stop being jealous already. He is just a very close friend,” Xiao You said.

“Oh,” Xi Men felt relieved.

He trusts Xiao You, but… he remembers seeing how Raymond acts and behaves around Xiao You. Xiao You probably is not interested with Raymond but the body language that Raymond gives… well, Xi Men doesn’t trust Raymond. He still feels threatened and that Raymond will steal Xiao You from him.

He better takes extra attention on Raymond.

Wait. What is with what Xiao You had said… the ‘if’ and not doing anything wrong during their (Xi Men and Xiao You) separation?

“Xiao You, why did you say IF you did kiss or sleep with Raymond…”

Xiao You looked at Xi Men. “I just told you I didn’t,”

“I know. I mean, you were saying IF you did and all… I mean, why did you say that when you can just tell me in the first place that nothing happened between both of you?” Xi Men asked.

Xiao You smirked. “I just wanted to know how you reacted,”

“How I reacted?” Xi Men asked.

Xiao You smiled. “Pretty interesting reaction,”

Xi Men glared at her. He knew what she meant.



“Hmm?” both Xi Men and Xiao You reacted.

Xi Men turned his head to look at the drawer again, thinking it is his phone, but soon figured he doesn’t use that ringtone…

“My phone,” Xiao You said upon recognizing the ringtone, heads to her handbag and retrieves her smartphone.

“I hope it is not Raymond,” Xi Men murmured.

“Hmmm… it is Jin,” Xiao You happened to say before she picks up the call. “Hello, Jin,”

“Oh,” Xi Men immediately felt relieved.

For some reason, he just couldn’t get rid of his jealousy.

“Ah?” Xiao You reacted, and then lifted up her left hand to look at the time on her wristwatch. “Oh, okay. I’ll come now,”

“Come now? Where?” Xi Men blurted.

Xiao You hangs up the call and puts the phone back into her handbag.

“Jin called to say he has arrived,” Xiao You said, immediately stood up and starts packing the bowl and the flask which contains porridge.

“Arrived? Arrived what?” Xi Men asked. “Where are you going?”

“He is at the entrance of the hospital. It is 10.20am now. Time for me to go to work,” Xiao You said, flashing him her wristwatch and the time on it.

“What? 10.20am already? Why did the time go so fast?” Xi Men asked, looking at the time on her wristwatch and then returned his gaze back to her.

Xiao You laughed as she then took the strap of her handbag up and puts it over her shoulder. “Time always passed by fast when you are happy,”

He pouted.

“I am going to work now. Remember to call Jin by 12 noon if you cannot make it for discharge at 12.30pm,” Xiao You said.

“Why are you bringing the flask with you?” Xi Men asked.

“I’m asking Jin to bring this home. Why do you ask?”

“Is it already empty inside?”

“There’s a bit left. Do you want to eat it still? Are you still hungry?” Xiao You asked.

“There is nothing I can do here…”

“You mean… since you have nothing to do, you will eat?”

“I guess,” he uttered.

Xiao You smiled. “Alright… here’s the porridge,” she passes the flask back to him. “If you want to eat, you can eat it,” she said. “Remember to bring this home when you are to discharge from the hospital later,”

“Okay,” he said, and then he puckered up his lips.

She laughed at the sight of it, and she leaned over his puckered lips for a brief kiss.

“Have a nice day, see you soon,” Xi Men smiled.

“Take good care of yourself while I am away, okay?” Xiao You said.

Xi Men nodded. “Yes, darling,”

She smiled and then she turned around and walked off to the door.

And Xi Men spent the next 10 minutes hugging the stainless steel flask.


“How is master, ma’am?” Jin, who is driving, asked.

Xiao You turned her head and looked at Jin via the back mirror. She smiled. “He is okay,”

“Ah, that is nice to hear,” Jin smiled, looking at Xiao You via the back mirror.

“Yes. As you know, he had injured his left arm. So, please do extend your assistance to Xi Men whenever needed,”

“Yes, ma’am,” Jin said.

He noticed the smile on her face.

She looks happy.

And this happiness seems to rise from within; not just physically.

It has been a while since he last saw her smiling like this, although at times she still smiles, but those times are not as cheerful as what she gives now.

He didn’t know and what leads her to smile like this, but the last time she actually smiled like this was when she was still with Xi Men.

When she was still with Xi Men?

Jin’s eyes brightened a little and then he gazes to the back mirror again, to look at Xiao You, who is sitting at the back passenger seat, looking out of the window looking contented.

He even noticed the small smile on her face as she looked out of the window.

Maybe that is it?

Maybe that is why she is smiling like this again?

Because she has gotten back together with master?

“Jin,” Xiao You turned her head to look at Jin via the back mirror, and then caught him looking at her.

“Yes, ma’am?” Jin immediately replied.

Xiao You tills her head, “Something on my face?” she asked.

“No, ma’am,” Jin said. “No, you look great today, ma’am,”

Xiao You smiled. “Thank you,”

“Umm… what is it, ma’am?” Jin asked. “That you called me…?”

“Oh. After the traffic light in front, can you park at the side of the road for a while? I want to buy something,” Xiao You said.

“Sure, ma’am,” Jin said.


Jin waits for Xiao You in the car, and he glances at the time on his wristwatch.

“Ma’am need to hurry up or she might be late for class…” Jin murmured, and then he turned his head to look at the shop that Xiao You is in.

And right at the time, Xiao You exits the shop with a paper bag in hand.

Jin immediately gets down from the car and opened the door for Xiao You.

“Thank you,” Xiao You said and gets into the car.

“You are welcome, ma’am,” Jin said, closing the door and he gets into his driver seat again.

Just as he sat down on his driver’s seat and buckled up his seatbelt,

“Jin,” Xiao You called.

Jin turned his head to the back to look at Xiao You. “Yes, ma’am?”

“Go to hospital slightly earlier today and bring this to Xi Men,” Xiao You said, extending the paper bag to Jin.

“For master?” Jin asked, taking the paper bag from Xiao You.

“Yes, you must go over before 12 before he changed out of his patient wear,” Xiao You said. “Or else, he doesn’t have clothes to wear when he discharges from the hospital,”

“Oh, alright ma’am…” Jin said. “But, may I ask, what happened to master’s clothes?”

“It is stained and torn due to the accident,” Xiao You said.

“Oh,” Jin said.

“I should have packed his clothes before leaving home just now. But I have completely forgotten about it. And it is not wise to ask a CEO to wear a torn shirt to leave the hospital, thus… the last minute purchase,” she said, remembering there are some of his clothes in the penthouse still; that he had not packed and brought with him to the mansion.

Jin smiled.

Ah, it does looks like they are back together again.

“Alright, ma’am. I will bring this paper bag to master before 12 noon,” Jin said.

“Thank you, Jin,”

“You are welcome,” he immediately engaged the car into drive [D] gear to continue the journey to Xiao You’s studio.


“Class is 11am at room 2…” Xiao You uttered as she looked at the red file, and then she gazes at the time on her wristwatch. “Another 10 minutes…”


Xiao You dives her hand into her handbag and retrieves her smartphone.

Looking at the name of the caller, she picks up the call.

“Hello, Raymond?” Xiao You asked as she puts the phone on her ear and walked towards her room.

Katie glances over to Xiao You as she walked to her room with the phone on her ear.

“How come there are no flowers for her today?” Katie murmured.


Raymond: I was browsing something on the Internet just now and I happened to stumble onto the highlight news of the day. Is Xi Men involved in an accident or something, last night?

Xiao You inserted the key into the keyhole of her door.

Xiao You: Yes he is.

Raymond (surprised): Really? It is really Xi Men?

Xiao You turned the knob and pushed the door, before she enters the room.

Xiao You: Yeah. It is Xi Men. And he is okay. Just minor injuries. He is going to be discharged today.

Raymond: Minor injuries? Really? With that kind of damages on his car?

Xiao You: I am surprised too. He just hurt his arm.

Raymond: Just his arm?

Xiao You: Yes. He was out of his car when the truck crashes.

Raymond: I can’t imagine what is really happening.

Xiao You: He had a flat tire prior to that, that is why he is out of the car, or rather more accurately, he is standing at the trunk. So when the truck came, he dodged, tripped and fell on his arm.

Raymond: What?! That is so close!

Xiao You puts her handbag on the table.

Xiao You: Yes. Truth to be told, he almost died last night. (exhaling deep breath)

Raymond: Thank goodness he only injured his arm.

Xiao You sits down on her chair.

Xiao You: Yeah. (exhaled deep breath again)

Raymond (tilts his head): What’s with the deep breath?

Xiao You, running her hand on her hair: That accident scares me. I saw it from the TV after my facial last night. I cannot imagine how my life will be if Xi Men died last night.

Raymond: You mean you didn’t get a call or something? You found out from the TV?

Xiao You: My phone was on silent mode because of the facial…

Raymond: Ah. I see.

Xiao You: Raymond… I have something to tell you.

Raymond: Hmmm? What is it?

Xiao You: I… I have gotten back with Xi Men.


Xiao You: Raymond?



“Good day, master,” Jin smiled as he entered the first class ward. “How are you today?”

“I’m fine,” Xi Men smiled faintly. “Is it 12.30pm already? My doctor hasn’t come to me with the report yet,”

“Oh, not yet. It is just 11.30am,” Jin said, putting down a paper bag, which seems to be containing something, on the couch.

“11.30am? Then why are you so early?”

“Ma’am specifically asked me to bring this over so I came earlier,” Jin smiled, now taking the paper bag off from the couch.

“Ah? Bring something for me?” Xi Men asked, taking the paper bag from Jin.

“Yes, ma’am told me to bring this just as when I was sending her to work just now,” Jin said.

Xi Men then looked into the paper bag and frowned. He dives his hand into the paper bag and took out a grey knitted shirt. “Why is she asking you to deliver a shirt to me?”

“Ma’am said you will have nothing to wear when discharging from the hospital if you do not have this,” Jin said.

Xi Men stared at Jin. “Nothing to wear…?”

“She said the shirt you have is stained and torn,”

How did she know the shirt is stained and torn?

Xi Men immediately remembered. He turned his head to the drawer and pulled the drawer open. He immediately saw the shirt that is nicely folded in the drawer.

He took the shirt out and he looked at it.

Whoever the person that folds the shirt is; his or her folding style sucks. Although it is nicely folded, the shirt is folded in a way that the stain is so obviously seen even without the need to spread the shirt open from its folded state.

Xiao You is right.

There is a blood spot on the sleeve of his shirt. And because he grazed his arm on the concrete pathway when he fell, a small part of the sleeve is torn too.

She must have seen it when she opened the drawer and grabbed his phone to give it to him.

He smiled lightly as how attentive Xiao You can be, to ask the chauffeur to bring a shirt for him because she knew his shirt is torn.

She had always been attentive at things he did not and he is attentive at things she did not. This is something he learned during the separation.

He looked at the light blue shirt in his hand, and then he suddenly sighed out loud.

“Why, sir?” Jin asked.

“This shirt is a gift from Xiao You,” Xi Men sighed. “She must be disappointed to know this shirt is torn…”

“Sir, it is an accident. Ma’am might be disappointed but I am sure she understands,”

Xi Men smiled back at Jin. “I know she will understand. But I feel bad for that,” he said, putting the shirt down, and then switched his gaze to the knitted shirt and looked at it, before he lifted it up. “This shirt doesn’t look familiar at all. Are you sure it is from my closet?”

“Ma’am bought this while on the way to work,”


“She asked me to stop at the roadside about two blocks away from the ballet studio. I waited in the car while she goes into the shop to buy,”

Xi Men looked at the knitted shirt again. “Oh,” he said. “I wonder why a knitted shirt,” he then touches the material to find that it wasn’t really thick. Just nice for the current weather.

Won’t be too thin for cold. And won’t be too thick to make him sweat.

“That I don’t know,” Jin said.

Xi Men smirked. “But, what if I can’t discharge today? I mean, you came so early…”

“Ma’am told me to come at 12.30pm initially, but after she bought the shirt, she wanted me to come earlier to pass this to you, so that it will be delivered to you in time, before you get changed,” Jin said. “And it is okay, sir. If you can’t be discharged today, then I will go back to the penthouse,”

Xi Men just smiled slightly and was about to discard the paper bag to only realize there is still some weight to the paper bag.

Seems like there is still something inside.

He opened the paper bag again and noted there is really something inside.

Another fabric?

But it looks so small.

He took it out from the paper bag and he frowned as he spreads the folded cloth to see what it is.

It is a pair of… BOXER!!!!!

His frowned eases and a surprise look appear. He quickly puts the boxer down, after all he had been holding it so high up as though he is parading it.

Now he felt so embarrassed.

Actually, the boxer isn’t the embarrassing part. It is the way he did it and Jin is in the ward…

Without saying anything, Xi Men slowly gazes towards Jin.

Even Jin felt embarrassed upon what he saw – it is not the boxer; not like Jin did not know what that is, but it is how it was shown and also WHO is in the room with him, that he (Jin) pretends he didn’t see anything. He turned his head away to the window, as though looking at the view outside of the room.


And then Xi Men remembered something.

The awkwardness vanished and replaced by panic along with speeded up heartbeat plus widened eyes, he immediately turned to look at the drawer and frantically grabbed the black pants that is folded and kept in the drawer.

He dives his hand into the pocket of the pants.

“Where is it…” Xi Men uttered worriedly, as he touched the end of the pocket and then he would pulled his hand out.

“Umm… what is it, sir?” Jin asked, looking at Xi Men searching for the other pocket.

As he dives his hand into another pocket, “My wedding… I mean, Xiao You’s wedding ring! I kept it in my pa…” he then stopped as he felt a something solid and seemingly round, as well as light enough to move at the flick of his finger at the base.

Grabbing it, he pulled his hand out and looked at the fine jewelry in his hand.

Xiao You’s ring.

He lets out a deep relieving breath.

“Gosh… for a moment I thought I have lost it…” Xi Men uttered. “I thought I lost it in the accident…”


The ring survives the accident with Xi Men.

Knock! Knock!

“Come in!” Xi Men called.

A doctor enters the ward. “Hello, Mr. Xi Men,”

“Hi,” Xi Men smiled.

And Jin nodded at the doctor as a respect.

“This is…” the doctor pointed at Jin.

“He is my chauffeur. He will send me home once you said I can be discharged,” Xi Men smiled at the doctor.

The doctor smiled wider upon hearing that and he stood next to Xi Men.

“So, how is the report?” Xi Men asked.

The doctor opens the file in his hand and looked at the report. “Report is good. You are clear,”

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  1. Like how they clear all misunderstanding between them and finally xiao you is happy again.

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