I Still… – Chapter 88

Xiao You turned her head and gazes at Xi Men who is driving his Lexus on the way back to town for work after meeting Raymond at the airport to send him off.

She noted that he looked different now.

There seems to be tinge of cheerfulness on his face.

“You look happy,” Xiao You commented.

There is a tiny change on Xi Men’s facial expression and he turned to look at Xiao You. “Hmmm?”

“Yeah, you do look happy,” Xiao You said.

“Oh,” Xi Men smirked, and then he returned his gaze to the road.

“Because Raymond left, huh?” Xiao You asked.

Xi Men chuckled upon hearing it.

“Wow, look at that,” Xiao You said, looking at him.

Xi Men could only smiled.

“And you are also…”

“Hmmm? Also what?” he asked as his smile fades.

“You are friendlier when we bid him goodbye just now,” Xiao You said. “Like some close friend…”



“Have a safe flight, Raymond,” Xi Men said, extending his hand out for a handshake.

Seeing the hand, Raymond grabbed it, “Thank you. And enjoy your trip tomorrow,” he said, and then pulled Xi Men to give him a man-hug.

It took Xi Men by surprise a little as he didn’t expect the handshake will become a hug but he smiled and then as a reaction to the hug, he pats Raymond’s back. “Sure,” he said.

After relieving from the hug, Raymond then proceeds to hug Xiao You now. “Take care, Xiao You,”

“Sure, you take care too. Thank you for being there for me for the last few months,” Xiao You said, hugging him back. “You’ve made things easier for me during those difficult times,”

“I am glad,” Raymond said.

Xi Men smiled.

After hearing the explanations from Raymond, Xi Men no longer feels uneasy or jealous anymore.

At least now he understands that hugging like this is considered a normal gesture between Xiao You and Raymond as well as with her other friends in the University.

Ah wait.

He suddenly remembered something.

Didn’t Xiao You hugs Lei, Mei Zhuo and Ah Si like this too when they meet up?

Ah… so is it really his jealousy’s fault…?

“Thank you for your time here to accompany me, Xiao You,” Raymond said.

“No problem,”

“Keep in touch,” Raymond said.

“Sure, send my regards to Victoria and kids,” Xiao You said.

Victoria and kids?

Who are they?

Xi Men’s eyes strayed.

“I will,” Raymond smiled as he then relieved from the hug. “Have fun in your trip tomorrow, alright,”

Xiao You nodded.

“It is time for me to go in now, so… have a safe trip back to work later, alright?” Raymond said, looking at both Xi Men and Xiao You.

“Alright,” Xi Men and Xiao You replied.

Raymond waved at them as he took a few steps back.

Xi Men and Xiao You waved back.

Raymond gave them a smile before he turned around and heads into the departure hall.

*Flashback ended.


“Oh,” Xi Men smiled. “That,”

Xiao You smiled. “So, what did he told you?”

He glances over to her with the smile still on his face, before he turned his head to look at the road again, “You already knew,”

“I saw you talking to him while I was away at the store. I hope you did not threaten him or something,” Xiao You said, looking at the road.

Xi Men smirked. “I am sure you are happy with the bag that you had just purchased,”

Bag? All of a sudden?

Changed topic, huh?

“The bag is nice,” she smiled. “But why do you change the subject all of a sudden?”

“Are you sure you are buying it because you love it or just because you have to buy something to show me that you are shopping?” Xi Men asked.

She eyed him for a while before she laughed. “Why do you say so?”

“Because you knew the talk is going to happen, so you went to the store on your own, giving Raymond the opportunity to talk to me,” Xi Men said.

Looks like he knew.

Xiao You smiled. “Is that what he told you?”

“Yes, he also said he is the one that wants me to go to the airport,” Xi Men said.

“He is telling you more than I thought,”

Xi Men laughed.

“Yes, Raymond asked me to ask you to go to the airport. He said he wants to talk to you. So, I admitted that I give you an excuse by saying I want to go to the store without you, so you can talk with him,” Xiao You said. “And no, I am not buying the bag because I have to show you I shopped, but because I really like that bag when I saw it. It just happened,”

Xi Men laughed again. “Alright,”

“I use the supplementary card you gave me to buy the bag, just make sure you pay the bill,”

He laughed upon heard that, and soon, his laughter fades, “Okay, will do so,”

She smiled, and then she looked at the cheerful Xi Men.

He looked like he isn’t going to say anything.


“Hmmm?” Xi Men turned his head to look at Xiao You. “What is it?” he turned to look at the road again.

“I asked you what he told you,”

“Oh,” Xi Men said, and then he smiled. “He said he didn’t go after you,”

“Isn’t that’s what I told you?” Xiao You asked.


“But looking at your facial expression…” Xiao You pointed at his face.

“Facial expression?” Xi Men asked.

“It seems that you don’t believe me when I said that, and you believe him when he said so? I thought I am your wife, aren’t you supposed to listen to me? Or is he your wife now?”

Xi Men bursts into laughter, “It is not like that, sweetie,”


Xi Men smiled. “We guys see and interpret things differently,” he said. “Although you told me he didn’t go after you; it is from your point of view. But to me, I feel he is going after you. Thus, I said, I believe you but I don’t trust him,”

Xiao You straightened her head to look at the road, “Oh,” and then she turned to look at him again. “That is what he told me too,”

“Huh?” Xi Men asked.

Xiao You looked at him, and immediately ignored the statement she had uttered, “I think I have told you the same thing numerous times and you have issues in trusting it, but he only has to tell you once, and you believe him straight?”

Xi Men smiled. “Why not?”

“Why should you?”

“Are you jealous over Raymond now, just because he only had to explain once and I believe him?” Xi Men asked.

“Then I guess you have changed,”


“Since you are still in love with me now, it means you are not gay. Are you bisexual now?” Xiao You asked.

Xi Men could only burst into laughter. “Gosh!”


“NO!” he defended as he laughed.


He couldn’t stop laughing, “I can’t believe you can come up with that,”

“I want to know the reason!”

“Tell me something first,” Xi Men said, as he tried to stop laughing.


“Who is Victoria?”

Xiao You paused briefly and looked at Xi Men. “Victoria?” she asked innocently. “Who?”

“Come on, is she Raymond’s wife?”

“Raymond’s wife?” Xiao You asked back. “Raymond’s… wife?”

“Hey, you told Raymond to send your regards to ‘Victoria and kids’ at the airport just now,”

“Ah, crap, I must have said it out loud. You heard that?” Xiao You asked.

“Yes, of course. Is Raymond’s wife named Victoria?”

“Why do you insist it is his wife and not girlfriend or sister or…”

“Xiao You, I know Raymond is married,” Xi Men said.

Xiao You stares at Xi Men.

Xi Men looked at Xiao You’s face.


That face of hers…

Does it mean…

Did Raymond actually lie to Xi Men?

Maybe he is not married, but he told Xi Men that he is attached, so that it will not make Xi Men felt bad?

Then the photo he showed Xi Men…

“Raymond told you that too?” Xiao You deadpanned.

“Yeah… why?” Xi Men asked.

Xiao You straightened her head and then chuckled in disbelief.


This sounds so…

Did Raymond REALLY lie to Xi Men?!

“Raymond doesn’t really share with people about his private life,” Xiao You said. “I mean, his family,”

Ah, that’s a relief.

“Yes, Victoria is his wife,” Xiao You said. “I ask him to send my regards to his wife and his kids,”

Xi Men smiled.

Xiao You then turned her head to look at him, and she frowned, “It must be you,”


“You must have been a difficult person for him to convince that there is nothing between him and me; causing him to reveal he is married so that you will believe him,” she said.

Xi Men gazes at Xiao You for saying that. “I am not a difficult person, you know,” he said. “It’s just that… when there’s suspicion…”

“AHA!” she said, pointing at him.

“You know you could have told me too, right?” Xi Men asked her.

“Firstly, it is his private life. With him protecting his family, I don’t find a need to spread that news. If he wants to do it, he will do it himself. And next, why should I tell you that he is married to get rid of your suspicion when you are supposed to believe me first?” she asked.


Xiao You took a deep breath and straightened her head again.

She sighed.

Xi Men pressed his lips together and then steals glances at her. “Sorry, sweetie…” he guiltily said.

Xiao You just tilts her head, not basically paying attention to what Xi Men had said. “Now that Raymond has told you he is married, I won’t be able to tease you and see that jealous face of yours anymore. I am so going to miss it,” she sighed again.

Xi Men’s eyes widened. “EXCUSE ME! What did you just say?!”

Xiao You turned her head to look at him, “OOPS!” and immediately covered her mouth.


Xi Men placed his hand on his forehead. “Dad, I am sorry,” he said onto the phone that he had placed on his ear.

Mr. Xi Men: Last time, you did not tell me you have separated from Xiao You. And now, you never called to tell me you are back with her. Why do your mom and I have to find out news about you and Xiao You from the media?

Xi Men (pressed his temple): Dad, I am seriously sorry!

Mr. Xi Men: So, you’ve been together since your accident?

Xi Men: Yes, dad.

Mr. Xi Men: How are you guys doing now?

Xi Men: We are…

Mr. Xi Men (interrupts): I think I should come over to Taipei for dinner and…

Xi Men (eyes widened): DAD, NO! Don’t come back to Taipei!

Mr. Xi Men: No? Why?

Xi Men: We are adults now, dad! We can handle this.

Mr. Xi Men: I just want to know more about this, and I can’t come back to my home?

Xi Men: Dad… urgh. (rolled eyes)

Mr. Xi Men: I am coming back so we should eat dinner tomorrow and…

Xi Men: Dad. No. No dinner, lunch, supper, tea or midnight snack whatsoever. I am going away with Xiao You tomorrow.

Mr. Xi Men: Going away? Where to?

Xi Men: We are going away to some place to spend time with each other and to fix this relationship.

Mr. Xi Men: Oh, that sounds good. Where to?

Xi Men: It is not in Taipei.

Mr. Xi Men: I know. Where?

Xi Men: Not in Taiwan either. And dad, stop asking.

Mr. Xi Men: Stop asking? I just want to know where you are going.

Xi Men: I am not going to tell you where we are going.

Mr. Xi Men: Why not?

Xi Men: I am not going to tell you and potentially give you the chance to come and ambush us and then say, you just want to have dinner with us! NO! I am just going to spend time with Xiao You alone!

Mr. Xi Men: Alone? Then what about Emily?

Xi Men: Xiao You’s parents will take care of Emily while we are away. AH CRAP!



Mr. Xi Men frowned upon hearing that tone, causing him to lower the phone down and looked at the screen.

“My son hung up my call?!” he yelled.


Xi Men hangs up the call immediately after he said ‘ah crap’ and then urgently dialed Xiao You’s number.



No answer.


No answer again.


Xi Men’s eyes strayed to the time on his laptop and then hangs up the call.


“No wonder she is not picking up. Xiao You is in the class,” he then dialed another number.


“Hello, this is Yang…”

“KATIE! Can you get Xiao You on the phone now? Urgent!”

Katie is taken aback to hear her name being yelled by the other party at the end of the call. “Okay, Mr. Xi Men, please wait…”


Katie puts the phone down and hurriedly ran to the room that Xiao You is in as she is currently conducting a class.

Katie knocked on the door, and opened it. “Xiao You,” she called.

Xiao You stops twirling and looked at Katie. “Yeah?”

The students stopped twirling as well and looked at Katie at the door.

“Mr. Xi Men is on the phone at the reception counter. He said you must take the call now, and it is urgent,” Katie said.

“Oh, okay,” Xiao You said.

After ordering the students to practice first, she heads to the reception counter to get the call.

Xiao You: Hello, Xi Men?

Xi Men: Xiao You, has my mom called you?

Xiao You frowned: Umm… as I have been in my class… I don’t know if she called my phone…

Xi Men: So, I assume you didn’t talk to her, right?

Xiao You: No, I didn’t.

Xi Men: And my dad? Did you talk to him?

Xiao You: No… (wondering) Why…?

Xi Men (exhaled a deep breath): Okay, now that’s better.

Xiao You: What’s up?

Xi Men: Dad said mom called him and tell him about our news which has been published earlier today.

Xiao You: Okay…

Xi Men: I forgot to tell them that we are back together so they found out thru the media, just like the last time.

Xiao You‘s eyes brightened up, getting the message now.

Xi Men: And dad said he wants to come back for dinner with us tomorrow which I have asked him not to since we are going away, and he is trying to find out where we are going. I am afraid he and mom might try to go to the island! If he or mom calls you, do not tell them where we are going!

Xiao You (swallowing lump in her throat): Okay, I will take note.

Xi Men: And whoever knew where we are going… can you tell them not to tell my parents?

Xiao You: Ah?

Xi Men: Like, Katie, your parents… I don’t know. I am going to tell the guys now.

Xiao You: Alright, I will do so.

Xi Men: Thank you.


Xiao You is surprised at how fast Xi Men hangs up the call. She could only chuckle as she puts the phone receiver down.

Katie looked at Xiao You chuckling, and that brought a smile to Katie’s face, already knowing the chuckle represents happiness to Xiao You.

“Katie,” Xiao You called.

“Yes, Xiao You?”

“Do not tell anyone where Xi Men and I are going tomorrow,”

“Alright, and don’t worry, I didn’t tell anyone,” Katie smiled. “And not going to,”

“Great,” Xiao You said, and then she lifted up the phone receiver again and dialed some numbers.

She waited for a while…

“Hi mom,” Xiao You said after the other party has picked up the call.


“OH MY GOSH…” Xi Men exclaimed.

He then dropped the phone.


“Okay, thank you mom,” Xiao You smiled, and then puts down the phone receiver.


Xiao You and Katie exchanged gazes.

It is just two seconds since Xiao You puts down the phone receiver and the phone rings again.

Katie picks up the call. “Hello…”

Katie paused, and then extends the phone receiver to Xiao You without saying anything.

Xiao You looked at Katie.

“It is for you,” Katie said.

Xiao You took the phone receiver from Katie’s hand.

“Hello?” Xiao You said.

Dejectedly, the caller said, “Honey, too late. Dad has called Mei Zhuo and Mei Zhuo has spilled it to him,”

“Oh uh,” Xiao You said.


“DAD! I BEG YOU! Please don’t go to the island!” Xi Men begged.

His right hand is holding onto the phone, and his left hand is on his head.

He felt so stressed by this matter that his fingertips are pressing on his scalp, and will be penetrating into his head at any time.

“Dad… I want to be with Xiao You. I just want to be with her. Please…” he said. “What about this, you can come over in 2 weeks after we came back from the island,” he continues to beg. “OR I buy you 10 dinners straight in a row?”

Mr. Xi Men: What?! Do you think I can’t pay for my own dinner?!

Xi Men: DAD… I just want to be with Xiao You. We needed this time alone to fix our relationship. I really needed this. Please don’t give us stress anymore. Please…

Mr. Xi Men: Stress? I am giving you stress?

Xi Men: If you are going to the island then YES.

Mr. Xi Men (pissed): Then I am going!

Xi Men (gets mad): FINE! Just go! I am not going to have dinner with you! I will be in my own room with Xiao You! I am going to have the whole place guarded with specific order that YOU shall not be allowed to be near us! You can eat alone in that island anyway!

Mr. Xi Men: What?!

Xi Men: Or I will change the destination. And you will always be referred as the person that spoils my plan to be with my wife!


Xi Men (calms down): Dad, please. I really just want to be with Xiao You. We have just gotten back together. I needed this time to make amends with her. It is very crucial to me. We can have dinner with you and mom sometime later, maybe in another week or two.

Deep breath is heard from the other side.

Mr. Xi Men: Alright. I’ll come back some other time, after your trip.

Xi Men smiled: Thank you dad.

Mr. Xi Men: It is okay, and you are right. You needed this crucial time to fix your relationship. I can come anytime later. But would you mind to call your mom and explain your situation?

Xi Men: Sure, dad. I’ll call her now.

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  1. M glad both are together now, can talk n laugh.
    Is funny seeing xm beg his dad n ask all of them to keep it secret. Wonder will his dad go to the island if xm didn’t give him restriction😂😂

  2. HAHAHAHA.. I laugh a lot while reading this chapter … glad they are ok now….and the funny part how ximen had to convince his father not to come.hahaha..love it so much..

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