Inevitable Fate – Chapter 12

I’ve almost got used to the look of my employees and strangers looking at my bandages on my neck. I rejected and postponed most of the appointments with many partners, clients and business person so that I don’t have to see their face looking at my bandages.

And I don’t have to struggle with what I wanted to say to them. Not everybody can understand what I wanted to convey with just my hands.

I don’t like writing or typing it out what I wanted to say to these business people and make them wait. This is not efficient at all.

At the same time I also noticed this is a good time for me to work on paperwork and documentations. And abruptly, I feel like I took away Secretary Xu’s job too because he used to be the one handling all my paperwork, but of course, nothing is better than the mastermind himself doing all the paperwork… and I mean me. Sometimes Secretary Xu might not be able to convey the message that I wanted to say.


I turned and looked at my computer, telling me there is a new mail.

A new mail from my potential business partner.

I clicked on it and read the content.

I released my hand from the mouse as I leaned my back against my chair. I run my hand into my hair before I let out multiple deep sighs as my eyes still focuses on the computer screen.

My potential business partner is telling me that he expressed his desire to quit from the partnership with me because I have refused to meet him for the past 3 weeks, since the accident occurs.

I am very angry of myself. This is the price I have to pay for not being able to talk.

Suddenly I feel pain on my wounds.

I didn’t know what happen. At this time, I am so angry and frustrated about my job, and now my wounds are slightly painful, adding to my emotional torture.

I slammed both my fists on my desk.

But I still feel the anger in me.

I didn’t know what comes to me, I saw the stack of books at the side on my desk and I pushed it with anger and force.

I saw the books landed on the floors after hitting the wall.

I took a very deep breath, and it hurt my wounds still.

Like I care.

I covered my face with my hands.

“CEO Xi Men…”

I heard Secretary Xu called. I removed my hands and I looked at him angrily. He stood at the door which he had opened with his head protrudes in.

“I’m sorry, but you bang the wall next to me…”

I looked at him, wondering what the heck he is talking. And then I turned looking at my books, and I recalled. Secretary Xu is sitting behind the wall that the books I pushed had hit earlier.

“Is there any…” he said, but I lifted my hand up and ask him to leave.

I give my sign very well, my hand were extended straight with my point finger asking him to get out.

“Are you…” Secretary Xu tried to say.

I’m so pissed off right now even my secretary cannot understand me because I cannot talk!

At a split second, I took the file that is spread open in front of me up. I closed the file with force, wanting to throw to Secretary Xu but when I lifted the file up midway, I guess Secretary Xu gets my sign now he quickly close the door before I’ve fling the file off my hand.

I let out a deep breath as I slammed the file down on my desk now and turned away.

Knock! Knock!

I turned my head at the speed of lightning as I looked at the door.

What the hell… is this Secretary Xu could not understand a single sign that I’ve said really? Not even the sign of me going to throw the file to ask him to leave?

I slammed my palm on my desk as I heard the handle of the door twisted to open the door.

I grabbed the file that I have slammed down earlier on my desk and this time I don’t really give a damn and I throw it at the door, to that secretary of mine who doesn’t understand that I want to be alone.

But I was wrong. It’s Xiao You opening the door!

My eyes opened so wide and fear that my file is going to hurt Xiao You.

“Watch…” I stood up and tried to speak but it hurts me so much and there is no voice coming out from my mouth, and my wound is painful again.

“WHOA!” Xiao You suddenly yelled so loud she pushed the door open and both of her hands managed to grab the file that I have just threw before it landed on her. But the papers inside the file fall down and scattered around her legs.

She looked at me in disbelief.

I let out a breath. Thank goodness it did not hit her.

I slumped down on my seat.

“Mr. Xi Men, what was that for? Are you trying to kill me?” she asked.

I looked at her, and I noticed most of my employees stood further behind her, trying to see what’s going on, and I saw Secretary Xu’s head too, looking at me. I guess it was Xiao You’s yelling just now that grabbed everybody’s attention.

I glared at everyone else that stood further behind Xiao You, and at instant I saw everyone, including Secretary Xu, immediately turned away to their seat, losing from my sight.

Xiao You turned looking behind her, and I supposed she knew the fiery glare that I threw is not to her but someone else behind her.

Xiao You turned her head facing me, she looked down and then she squatted down politely to gather all the scattered papers.

I closed my eyes as I took multiple sighs of relieve, and I rubbed my forehead with my right hand.

“Mr. Xi Men,” I heard Xiao You called.

I looked up at her, and I saw Xiao You standing in front of me, with the file on her hands, extending to me.

I nodded lightly at her as a sign of thank you, as I took the file from her.

She turned her head to see my scattered books on the floor.

“Oh, so that’s what happened with the loud bang earlier,” she said as she walked to the books, and again, picking up each of the books. She then placed the books at the side table of my desk. I wondered how she knew my books were placed there, out of so many cabinets and drawers of my room.

I smiled lightly at her.

“Are you alright?” she asked me. I nodded but then she spoke suddenly, “Your wounds are bleeding it soaked the bandage, I’ll get you a new bandage,” she said and she turned.

“Xiao…” I groaned in pain voicelessly again. I tend to forget about my limitation at times.

“I have the bandage in my bag. I’ll get it for you,” she said as she turned looking at me.

I looked at her apologetically and nodded. I feel so sorry to put her into this with me.

She smiled as she opened the door and walked out hurriedly, and came back in into my room with her bag. Usually I did not change my bandage in the office, but just so my wound bleeds now, I need to change it.

Basically none of my employees know that Xiao You stayed with me. Xiao You made friends with my employees and she told everyone that she stayed nearby my place, so she took my ride to work. When enquire why she stayed at the prestigious neighbourhood of Taipei, she said it’s her company’s place.

When Xiao You moved to my place, she told me that her manager asked her about her accommodation, to which she said she stayed her friend’s place.

Xiao You pulled a chair and stopped it in next of me. She sat down on it as she dive her hands into the bag of hers, and then she took out some bandages and medication. I turned my seat to face her.

I looked at her delicately remove the blood-soaked bandage off from the wound on the right side of my neck. She looked at it.

“You must have strained your neck just now,” she smirked as she professionally applied the medication on my neck.

I guess that is why it became painful just now, because it bleeds.

I wondered why she didn’t ask me why I throw the file and my books.

“Uh…” I suddenly uttered, and she stopped what she is doing to look at me. I just noticed she was trying to apply the bandage to my wound, it usually hurt a little when she apply medication or the bandage but I just hold on onto it.

“Pain?” she asked.

I smiled and I shook.

She smiled as she pasted the bandage on my wound. She then turned and looked at the bandage on the left of my neck. She then slowly removes it too.

I didn’t expect both wounds would bleed.

“I understand you might have been a little frustrated, grumpy or perhaps angry about your state, so, share with me or any of us if you need to,” she said as she applied the medication on it. “Is there anything you want to tell me or maybe what had happened?” she asked as she pasted the bandage on it.

I turned the computer screen to her.

She looked at me, and then she turned her head and looked at it. She then slowly looked at me.

“I’m sorry for that. What do you want to do about it? Or maybe you want me to talk to him?” she asked.

I looked at her and shook. I let out a deep breath.

“Are you sure?” she asked, placing her hand on my arm.

I abruptly looked at her. My heart skipped a bit.

Darn I still love her a lot.

I smiled at her and nodded.

“If that is the case… then alright,” she said. “I’ll get back to work… so… if you need anything, let me know,” she smiled as she stood up.

I nodded.


I sat down on my seat after emerging from Xi Men’s room. I took a deep breath.

The file he threw almost landed on my head and thank goodness I managed to hold the file when it is aiming at me.

I don’t know if Xi Men really intended to throw the file at me… or he thought it’s Secretary Xu?

Earlier, the entire floor heard the bang on the wall and everyone abruptly looked at Xi Men’s room. Secretary Xu, upon seeing everyone’s reaction, stood up and go to Xi Men’s room. I saw him opening the door and sticks his head in, and a while later he immediately closed the door.

He walked to his place, and I, wanted to know what happened, went to Secretary Xu.

He said he didn’t know what happened, but Xi Men looks angry.

I knocked the door, before I go in, to which I am ‘firmly greeted’ by a flying file when I open the door, and my first instinct was to catch the file before it hits me or scarred my face.

Yes, Xi Men looked extremely mad, so I didn’t ask why he threw things. Also, I can see him depressing about his condition, so, perhaps that is why he throw things.

“Is CEO Xi Men alright?” Secretary Xu asked, not so sure when he actually walked to my desk.

“Yes, he just needs some time alone,” I smiled at him.

“Are you alright, Miss Yang? I saw the file…”

“Yes, I’m fine. It did not hit me,” I smiled.

“I see…” Secretary Xu said.

“Secretary Xu…” I called.

“Yes, Miss Yang?” he asked.

“You know Xi Men could not talk… and I believe you were being nice to ask about his condition… we all heard about the bang on the wall the bangs inside his room… I know he is not happy,”

“Yes, I know that too, Miss Yang…” Secretary Xu sighed. “CEO Xi Men had never expressed his anger this way… so I was kind of concern,”

“I understand it too, Secretary Xu,”

“He just changed,”

“Because he cannot talk,” I said. “I’m sorry that you have to go thru all the anger and frustrations Xi Men had… but trust me, I know he didn’t mean it,”

Why am I talking like I know Xi Men too well?

“I know, Miss Yang. Thanks,” he smiled.

“Give him some time,” I said.

“I will. CEO Xi Men is a very good boss, Miss Yang. I enjoyed working with him, so, if he is not happy, I won’t blame him too,” Secretary Xu said.

I wonder where else anyone can get such a good secretary? No wonder he is a hit among other companies and also turning a celebrity.

“It’s very kind of you, Secretary Xu,” I smiled. “During these times… it is better to let Xi Men alone, unless he called for you,”

“Thank you, Miss Yang. I appreciate your advice,” Secretary Xu smiled, before he slowly walked off back to his seat.

I took another deep breath again.

I know Xi Men failed the partnership because he cannot talk, and due to that, he refused to meet his potential partner. Despite I offered to Xi Men my help to talk to this business partner, he refused.

I could feel he has become very grumpy, frustrated and depressed almost all the time. Poor Secretary Xu did not get to understand why Xi Men is like this, which is why sometimes I feel Secretary Xu is upset due to not be able to understand why Xi Men reacted that way, and Xi Men does not understand why his secretary asked so much.

Yes, I feel so sad all of these happened.

Secretary Xu is just trying to do his best to understand Xi Men, and Xi Men… I don’t know.

I wondered too… why am I the only one who seems to understand Xi Men as well as his hand signs? What does it lies to me? Is there any hidden meaning?

I took my cell phone out, and I scrolled down to Dr. Huang’s number.

It’s time to talk to Dr. Huang again about Xi Men’s condition.

I feel guilty even more.

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