Inevitable Fate – Chapter 14

Dr. Huang looked at my neck’s injuries.

“Good, Mr. Xi Men,” Dr. Huang smiled as he write something on my record.

“How was it?” I asked.

“Continue with your effort. You are doing very well in this healing process. You can start talking now… which I presume you already am lately, but don’t scream or yell. Also, remained, don’t drink hot drinks, or eating food that needs a lot of chewing. Because it will tire you, and then swallowing those food may still hurt your throat, your throat may not be able to adapt to it so soon… because of your injuries,” he smiled as he continued scribbling on the record.

“As long as the food is nice, even if requires a lot of chewing, I doubt he would refrain from eating those since he survived on porridge for quite some time already,” Xiao You said.

I looked at Xiao You, and she smiled forcefully at me.

I don’t like her smile. I guess she is pissed off with me since last night because she has been showing me this same facial expression since this morning.

Suddenly, her cell phone rang.

“Excuse me,” she said as she left the room.

I turned looking at Dr. Huang. He smiled while he is still scribbling.

That smile… I hate that smile.

“Taipei really has a lot of food to eat. Do refrain yourself, take good care of yourself,” Dr. Huang smiled. “My wife always ask me not to take high cholesterol food because of my pressure job, and I just obliged,”

I smiled.

Wait. Wife?

“Your wife?” I asked.

“Yes,” he smiled. He then looked up, and turned a family photo that he placed on top of his table, facing me. “That’s my wife. Ain’t she pretty?” he pointed at the picture.

I looked at the photo. Indeed, Dr. Huang is married to another young, pretty lady. “Xiao You…” I said.

“Hm?” he asked, as he continued writing.

“Xiao You calls you a lot…” I said.

“Oh. Your friend is quite concern about you… no, VERY concern,” he smiled. “Although she denied she is your girlfriend… You are very lucky, Mr. Xi Men,” he scribbled on the record.

“Huh?” I asked.

“Miss Yang calls me often, to ask me if you can eat this and that, and she reports to me about your condition. She only wants the best for you. Well, she reminds me of my wife, because my wife did the same thing to me,” he smirked. “Miss Yang said she feels sorry for you and she told me she causes you like this, and honestly, robbery… no one wanted it to happen. She keeps putting the blame on herself. I feel sorry for her too, I don’t know how to console her,” he took a deep sigh. “She called me yesterday. She said, despite that you can talk very softly, you seem to be in depression and frustration. I told her… it is very normal for people like you, who could talk, but due to something… causing the lost of speech, and in your case, tentatively. So I asked her not to worry, and make sure you are happy all the time, being positive…”

“She… told you that?” I asked.

“Yes. She has told me numerous times that you are very angry in the office that you tend to throw tantrum. I told her it’s normal, just let you be, if that would makes you feel better. And I remember once she called me and tell me you are very happy, going with her to Taipei 101. I told her, keep it up, as long as you are happy, it helps you in the healing process. She is just worried that being in depression and frustration would not help in your healing process. Honestly, she is worried for you,” Dr. Huang said.

No wonder she always picked up my things without complaining…

“What did she tell you yesterday about staying with me until I healed?” I asked.

Dr. Huang smiled. “I told her, you may be very frustrated, and if by any means that you want her to leave the house, then, if it is going do you good, then she can leave. Anything that makes you happy. She told me she know, but she is staying until you’re healed,”

So, all this while that I am worried for her and Dr. Huang… is because I oversensitive?

I heard her over the phone yesterday with Dr. Huang… is because she is worried for me?

She is already feeling very guilty for causing me like this due to the robbery, and I still blame her more for it, for being guilty?

“Thank goodness my wife understands me well. Else, she might think Miss Yang is my mistress,” Dr. Huang laughed as he looked at the report he just wrote.

Someone knocked the door. Xiao You opened the door and walked in. She then sat down next to me.

“Ok, I am going to continue prescript you with the same medication you are taking, the bandage… you remove it when you want to sleep. And don’t talk too much,” Dr. Huang smiled.

“Sure…” I said. I turned looking at Xiao You and smiled.

Again, she gave me a forceful smile.

“Do you know where Mei Zhuo is or what he is going to do today?” I asked.

“Nope,” she answered shortly.

“I’ll call him… and I need to see him,” I said. “You don’t mind to…”

“Ok, I’ll call,” she said.

I was thinking to ask her if she don’t mind to go shopping with Xiao Qiao or something while I am with Mei Zhuo but then she interrupted me. “Here, take my phone,” I said, I handed her the phone.

She took my phone and walked out from Dr. Huang’s room.

I looked at Dr. Huang who is looking at his wife’s photo and smiled. He then scribbled on my record again.

That doctor is lovesick.

But that also means that my Xiao You is single, and not Dr. Huang’s girlfriend like I thought she is.

Wait… Did I just say MY Xiao You?


All of a sudden I feel like there is a pathway opened in front of me… it feels like what I have desire all the while… is just right in front, at the end of the pathway.

Stupid me. I never knew she is not married yet!

Damn Ah Si for giving me the wrong news!

“Mr. Xi Men,” Dr. Huang called. “I’m done with your check up,” he smiled at me.

“Oh, ok… thanks!” I said happily.

He looked at me with the look of ‘what’s with your reaction’ and then he smirked. “You’re welcome,”

I walked out from Dr. Huang’s room and I see Xiao You on the phone. She then turned looking at me. “Ok, sure… bye,” she hangs up the call. She then extends the phone to me. “What did Dr. Huang say?”

I am still trying to hold my happiness, looking at the woman that I love standing in front of me. “He said he’s done with me…”

She frowned. “That’s obvious because you were out from the room. And I mean your condition,”

“Nothing much. You heard it all,” I said.

“So you can scream already?” she asked sarcastically.

I know she is offended. What I said yesterday… I thought she is Dr. Huang’s girlfriend.

“Sadly no,” I said. “Not yet,”

“Ok,” she said, taking a deep breath. “I already called Mei Zhuo, he said he can meet you up for lunch,”

I looked at my watch. It’s 11am. “Then you can go shopping with Xiao Qiao,” I said.

“Oh,” she responded. “So I am not a part of the discussion?”

“I need to talk to him… personally,” I said.

“Whatever,” she replied and she turned.

Argh! I don’t like seeing her respond like this…

“Are we going?” she suddenly asked, looking at me.

“Yes,” I said, and I walked behind her.


“So, you can talk now?” Mei Zhuo asked.

I nodded. “Softly,”

He looked at me. “You ‘disappeared’ for 3 months. It’s so difficult for us to meet you,”

“I cannot… I mean, you guys talk, and you need to wait for me to write to reply you guys,”

“What’s so big deal about it?” Mei Zhuo asked. “We know you cannot talk, so?”

I shook.

“That is your problem, Xi Men,” Mei Zhuo said.

I looked at him. “Huh?”

“You do not want to meet with us because of your inability to talk,” Mei Zhuo said.

I looked at him, and I did not respond.

“And you do not want us to see you like this, so you are willing to just say you are not free for any appointments that we are trying to hold for you,” Mei Zhuo said. “Xi Men, we are your buddies. Despite you are quiet and did not tell us what is bothering you, we do know something is up,” he clasped his both palms together. “And now, it’s because you lose your speech,”

“I just don’t want you guys to accommodate with me,” I said.

“We don’t mind at all. And this is your character. You are always like this,” Mei Zhuo said. He took a deep breath. “Ok, you look for me… what’s up?”

I looked down, then up again and I looked around, hoping that Xiao You is not around.

“Something about Xiao You, right?” Mei Zhuo suddenly asked.

I looked at him and nodded.

“Xiao Qiao and her walked to there already,” Mei Zhuo pointed at a direction. “What about her?”

“She is not married?” I asked.

Mei Zhuo let out a small laugh. “No she is not,”

“Then… then why Ah Si told me she is married 5 years ago?”

“Ah Si made a mistake that time. After he told you, Xiao You told him it’s not her,” Mei Zhuo said. “Ah Si just didn’t tell you the mistake he has made. And he was thinking, if that way can make you lead your life better, then so be it,”

“You all know she is not married?”

“Yes, besides you,” he smirked.

“You call yourself MY BUDDY?!” I said.

“You’ll get sore throat,” he said.

“Darn you are right,” I immediately took the water and drank it down.

“So she is not married. Then?” Mei Zhuo asked sarcastically.

“I was just asking,” I said.

Mei Zhuo looked at me and smirked. “No, that doesn’t sound like just asking,” he patted me. “I know what you want,” he laughed.

“Duh. What do I want?” I asked.

“Simple. You ask me about her, and you want her. You’re single, she’s single,” he smiled.

“Yes, sounded simple from your mouth,” I said.

“What is so difficult for Xi Men?” he asked.

“I don’t know how she felt!” I said. Oops.

He smirked. I began to hate that smirk since he is targeting me. “Ask her, you’ll know,” he laid back to the chair. “Besides, I don’t think a lady will move in and do so much for a man if she doesn’t like him,”

“She said she is guilty for causing me like this,”

“Well, maybe,” he smirked again. “I suggest that… she won’t react that way if you are really married… and she changed the way she treat you, after learning you are not married,”


I walked out from my room. I am not sure how to ask Xiao You if she had feelings for me. I closed the door behind me. I walked down the staircase. I glanced around. Xiao You is not in the living room despite the television is on. I looked at the kitchen, and I saw her.

Xiao You’s back is facing me, and she faced the sink. She is holding the long bean and breaks it into a few parts. And she does another one, and another and another.

“Xiao You,” I called.

She stopped, and a moment later she continued, without turning and looked at me.


“Cooking,” she said. “And kitchen is not a place for you,”

“I…” I said.

She did not bother me at all. She just continued with what she is doing.

“We can eat out,” I said. AHH!!! WHY CAN’T I JUST ASK HER!!!

“With your condition, better eat in,” she said, throwing the bean that she had break into a bowl that contains all the beans she had broke earlier.

“Xiao You…” I called again.

“You better stop talking and get some rests,” she said harshly. “I’ll wake you up once dinner is done,”

I admit, it hurts to hear her talking that way to me.

“Xiao You,” I called again as I walked closer to her, behind her back.

“I said…!” Xiao You yelled, throwing the beans away, as she turned and I grabbed her, straight capturing her lips in mine and I kissed her, passionately, as I hold her tight.

She responded to my kiss.

Her hands started circling my neck.

She reacted that way… and that means she likes me too, right?

Else, she would have pushed me and slapped me when I do that in the first place.

Kissing her sends tingling feeling down my spine.

I didn’t know how long I have kissed her, but I like the kiss… I don’t want to let her go… until she lightly pushed me.

I released her and I opened my eyes, but she is still in my arms.

She looked at me. She blinked numerous times.

“I…” she blushed.

I smiled at her and I caressed her face. “That is not for thanking you for taking care of me when I lost my speech,” I looked at her, straight into her eyes. “That is… to tell you how I feel for you, and to ask you to stay with me…”

She smiled. “How do you know how I feel for you?”

“Then how do you feel for me?”

THAT WAS EASY! I know how she felt from the kiss, but I want her to admit too.

She suddenly beats my chest. I stunned. What did I do wrong?

“You just kissed me!” she yelled.

“So?”  I asked. “What it has got to do with how you feel for me?”

“I…” she stared at me. And then she looked away and leaned her head on my chest. “I just kissed you back…”

I laughed. “I know,” I said as I tightened my hug around her.

I have always waited for this day to come… it crushed when I learned she is married 5 years back, but I see the light of hope when I got to learn that she is not married and from Dr. Huang about her… and I won’t let a single day go without trying my luck for this to happen.

And it just did.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I didn’t know… I…” I stammered.


“I thought you and Dr. Huang… but I make a mistake,” I said.

She looked at me, with a wondering look.

“Dr. Huang showed me his wife’s photo,” I said.

“Oh,” she said.

I hold her hands. “And I got to know that you called him so often to ask things for me,”

“Yes, I do,” she replied.

“I thought he is your boyfriend because you called him… and I am so silly,” I said.

“That’s alright… you know it now,” she smirked.

“You have done so many things for me… I…” I stammered again.

She just smiled.

“I don’t want you to run off from me again…” I hugged her.


I immediately sit up and my eyes open widely on my bed. I just realized this is not my bed… and I turned looking around.


I jumped and I turned, looking next to me.

“Xi Men?” I asked.

I immediately placed my hand on my forehead. I forgot totally that I am sleeping on his bed now.

“Are you alright?” Xi Men asked, sitting up and caress my shoulder.

It was his movement on the bed earlier that causes me to jump and awake from my sleep.

“I’m fine,” I said.

I’ve used to sleep alone, and all of a sudden when he is next to me and he moved, I am terrified what’s happening.

“Are you sure?” Xi Men asked.

“Yes,” I said. “What time is it now?”

Xi Men looked over to his clock. “It’s 4am,”

“Let’s get back to sleep,” I said, lying down on the bed.

“Are you sure you are alright?” Xi Men asked.

I smiled. “I’m just not used to share a bed with someone else,” I said. “So, was a bit sensitive to movement,”

Xi Men smiled as he lied down, next to me. He extends his arm across my waist. “You’ll get use to it soon,”

“Hopefully,” I said.

“Anyway, I’ll move your things over to my room tomorrow,” he said.

Moving my things? Guys will only do that over a serious commitment. Is Xi Men… really that serious with me? It feels like he is taking things too fast too…

But I am happy.

I am happy with Xi Men.

I smiled.

So, after 6 long years of losing contact with this man and we’re together now… is this my fate??


“Hello, Mr. Xi Men,” the restaurant manager greeted me with a smile.

“Hello, Lee,” I greeted him.

“Who is this lady of yours?” he smiled.

I turned looking at Xiao You standing next to me, she smiled at him.

“My family name is Yang,” she said.

“My girlfriend,” I added.

Xiao You smiled at me.

“Glad to meet you, Miss Yang. So, table for two, Mr. Xi Men?” Lee asked.

“Yes,” I smiled.

“Smoking or non-smoking area?” Lee asked.

“Non-smoking, like usual,” I said.

“Sure, this way please,” Lee smiled as he leads the way.

“With a better view please,” I smiled.

“Sure do, Mr. Xi Men,” Lee said.

When we’ve took two steps forward…

“You’ve been here with some other people who smoke?” Xiao You asked.

“I’ve met quite a number of smoker clients here previously, why?” I asked.

“Well, it’s obviously you are a frequent visitor to this place since they know you… but I was wondering why he asked since they for sure know you don’t smoke,” Xiao You said.

“They used to ask,” I said.

As my hand gripped her hand tight, we passed by the smoking area to our table, since I requested for a better view in this prestigious restaurant.

“Are we sitting somewhere near here?” Xiao You asked me.

“It’s inside, why?” I asked her, and I saw her face, looking at some smokers.

“Was just asking,” she said.

“We are not sitting at the smoking area, no worries,” I smiled. “You don’t like smokers, huh?”

She looked at me. “NO. And for that, you can’t smoke!”

I laughed. “I won’t smoke, okay?”


“Yes, promise,” I smiled. “I will not smoke forever!”

“You said that and you shall keep to that!” Xiao You said, pointing her finger at me.

“Yes, yes darling,” I laughed at her cute fuming face.

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