Inevitable Fate – Chapter 15

I typed an email in my computer.

I glanced over to my file looking for the information to be put inside the email that is to be sent to the Director of another major company for the contract.

After gathering the accurate information, I turned to my computer to start typing again, but in fact I landed my eyes on the photo in the frame that I put on my desk.

It is a picture of me and Xiao You. It is taken 2 months ago in my house, before she went to Canada the following month, all of a sudden. The background of the picture is the scenic view of outside my house.

I smiled.

That photo captures the loving smile of Xiao You and the happy smile on my face.

She is standing next to me, and I hugged her tight.

That’s what I call bliss.

I’m so blessed with Xiao You.

I stared at the picture.

It’s been 6 months since the incident. I have fully recovered.

Yes, I can scream and yell and scold people without any problem.

But I can still feel the scars on my neck that will never fade off.

The incident changed everything.

The robbers were caught and were put to jail for causing grievous hurt to me and attempted robbery to both me and Xiao You. Their fingerprints were captured in the knives that they threw away at the scene of the incident.

Yes… the incident changed everything. It tells me that Xiao You is not married. It tells Xiao You that I am not married too… and oh boy, I thought Xiao You sarcasm me for not being married by asking me where is my wife on our reunion the first day she comes to work in Xi Men Corporation. In fact, she really thought I am married, which prompts her to ask me.

I folded my hand on my desk as I continued staring at the photo and put a smile on my face.

It was her that brings colors to my life.

She taught me life after work. And life is not about work, work, work and work.

She taught me to eat well… and yes, porridge is a food that I will never touch for quite some time… I admit, I am now phobia with porridge.

She taught me so many things which I never knew I should have.

My injuries caused me to show me my dark side, that I threw tantrum when I cannot handle any kinds of pressure. I threw things when I cannot do it right. I relied on people so much for my own disability and when they cannot get it right, I get so frustrated.

I admit I am depressed when I cannot eat food that I want. I grew into frustration.

I only have to pretend everything is alright in front of Xiao You every morning when I walked down the staircase, only to be greeted by the great aroma of coffee. And she would greet me with a smile every morning that would cheer me up.

I hate the thought of everyone has to accommodate with me for not being able to talk. I hate the feeling when Xiao You treated me like a kid by doing so many things for me.

She has to eat porridge with me, monitor my eating, my food… and even she blew the coffee cold or less hot for me to ensure I can swallow it down my throat.

When I got mad and threw things, she would pick up everything for me without a single complaint… until she injured herself when I broke my glass at the same time.

Every day she changed my bandage routinely, as if I cannot do so by myself.

I hate to admit I don’t like all of this.

But I love to say that she is doing all of this for me, and she cares for me.

I remember how stupid I am thinking that Dr. Huang and she are together after finding out she is not married.

And damn Ah Si for not making the whole thing clear and shocked me by telling that Xiao You is married in Canada 5 years ago. Even he got it cleared up, he did not tell me! I am the last to know among the gang that she is not married!

I just recalled how close it is that I almost lost her again.

I took a deep breath, and smiled looking at the picture.

The incident changed my life in a glance.

The incident brought Xiao You to me.

She completes me.

And now… I get to wake up to the aroma of coffee, and to be greeted by the best smile everyday in the morning. Okay, not since a month back.

Everyday I would leave office at 6.30pm sharp.

I would ensure that I have sufficient sleep and rest at night.

I would not strain myself too much.

Health is more important.

And I cannot be able to lose any of my senses again.

She is the only one who understands my hand signals all the time.

It is like she is destined to be with me.

I miss her a lot.

“CEO Xi Men,”

I looked up and looked at Secretary Xu standing in front of me.

“You did not knock,” I said.

“I did… you were just too… too into the photo,” Secretary Xu said.

I smiled. Yes, perhaps I concentrated too much on the photo so I did not realize Secretary Xu had knocked and walked into my room. “Yes, Secretary Xu?”

“This document needs your signature,” he smiled as he spreads open the file. “Allocation of budget to A-Cres project,”

The smile on my face fades off. I took a deep breath as I closed my eyes.

“CEO Xi Men?” Secretary Xu asked.

I opened my eyes and looked at the file. “Leave this out for a while,” I abruptly pushed the file away, unknowingly my head turned away too.

Secretary Xu looked at me. “Alright…” he said, as he dunked his head and closed the file, and slowly removing it from my desk. “I’ll be out…”

I fling my hand without waiting for him to say more, to indicate he can leave my room.

I rubbed my forehead. I took a deep breath again. I heard the door closed.


I looked up immediately. I thought Secretary Xu left my room and closed the door. Little did I realize someone had walked in before Secretary Xu actually close the door.

“Ah Si,” I called out.

Ah Si smiled as he sat in front of me.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“I came to see you,” Ah Si said. “Still no news of Xiao You?”

I shook.

“She just left after that one call?” Ah Si asked.

I nodded. “I don’t know what happened,”

“Didn’t you try to call her?” Ah Si asked.

“Of course I tried. But I cannot get thru her. I always ended with the operator saying the line is out of coverage. I know she had switched off the phone,” I said.

“When was the last time you talk to her?” Ah Si asked.

“When she landed at airport. She called to tell me that she reached Canada, and she will let me know what happened when it’s time. I respect her, you know?” I said.

“Why didn’t you go with her?” Ah Si asked.

“I did… but she insists to go alone…” I said looking at him. “Why are you kept questioning me? I thought I already tell you guys everything!” I slammed my palm on my desk with a bang.

Ah Si jumped back a bit with my reaction. “Sorry dude… I just need… to refresh my… mind,” he said softly.

“I’m very frustrated, Ah Si…” I ran my hands into my hair. “I tried calling her every single day… and do you know that every night I drank a lot of wine or beer?”

Ah Si silent. I looked at him after realizing he did not talk.

“So you have been drinking every night for the past month?” Ah Si asked as he folded his arms on his chest.

“Yes,” I said.

“We can get our private investigators to…” Ah Si said.

I immediately interrupted. “I respect her, ok?”

“Alright, alright!” Ah Si said, lifting both his hands up mid air.

I miss her. A lot.


I looked around the airport, waiting for my flight. I took a deep breath.

Now I’m in Canada, but will not be anymore in the next couple of minutes.

I remembered I rushed back Canada immediately from Taipei to attend to this…

It’s been 2 months since I’m here.

That moment still lingers in my mind… like I have just been with Xi Men yesterday…



It’s about midnight.

My cell phone rang. It rang non-stop.

I abruptly woke up by the familiar tone to realize it was my phone, but all of a sudden I have no idea where my phone was. I lifted my head lightly to look for my phone. Still I cannot see it. The sound is not too near but yet not too far. I turned to see, and then I saw it.

“Arghhhh…” Xi Men groaned, lying on the bed, next to me. My phone rings non-stop it woke Xi Men up. He reached for the phone on the side table at his side and handed it to me by slamming the phone on my head.

“OUCH!!!” I yelled, rubbing my head.

“Oh no! Sorry, baby!” Xi Men immediately opened his eyes wide and reached for me.

“You’re slamming my head with…” I looked at the phone on his hand while rubbing my head. “…your phone?!”

Xi Men looked down to his hand and he realized it’s his Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1. And my phone was left ringing at the side table!

“I placed the phones side by side,” Xi Men immediately turned to place his phone back on the side table and grabbed my phone before handing it to me. “So sorry, baby, it hurts?” he rubbed my head at the place he presumed he had knocked his phone with.

“Yes, it hurts me so much!” I yelled at him, beating him before I grabbed the phone from his hand. “And that’s not the place you knocked…” I pouted.

“Oh, okay… okay, sorry…” he said as he caressed my head lightly, not knowing where he knocked to be exact.

“You’re already treating me like this?” I pouted again.

Xi Men smiled. “I’m really sorry, and are you going to pick your call up?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said as I looked at my phone. I stared at the number displayed. My smile fades off. It’s a call from Canada. I pressed the ‘answer’ button. “Hello?”

*End of flashback


I thought I am going to be with the man I loved…

But apparently it is not.

I brushed my tears off my face. I have no choice but to leave this man…

“Miss Yang…”

I turned and looked at the man standing behind me.

“It’s time to go…” he said at me, lightly dunking his head as a sign of respect.

“It’s time for the flight already?” I asked him, a guy that I just knew for less than 3 weeks.

He nodded. “Still feeling in doubt to leave Canada, miss?”

“Yes… and my past,” I said.

He smiled lightly but it didn’t seem like a happy smile, maybe he understands my pain.

“Here’s the way, miss…” he leads the way. “Master is waiting…”

“Thanks, Satoshi…” I said, and I walked, headed towards the departure gate, leaving Canada once and for all.



“Hello?” Xiao You answered the call as she sits up.

I looked at Xiao You answering her call with a very serious tone. I looked at her face transforming from a cheerful, bubbly face to a serious one all in a few seconds. She slowly turned her head and body making her naked back facing me as she continued listening to the phone. I supposed the call is a bit personal.

I leaned closer and I kissed her flawless back.

“Dear,” Xiao You turned looking at me and shook lightly.

I smiled and nodded, understand her signal. I lied back on the bed as I looked at her, still her back facing me.

Her call ended and took a deep breath.

Suddenly she turned and looked at me. “Xi Men, I need to go back to Canada…”

I looked at her and stunned. “What happened?”

“Something happened in Canada, I need to go back. Can you book me a ticket to go back Canada or something?” she asked. “Earliest, as fast as possible,” she immediately reached for her robe to cover her body and she stood up.

“But… tell me what happened,” I repeated.

“Look, I do not have time for this. I’ll tell you later, alright?” she stopped and said. She then walked off from the bed to the wardrobe partition in my room, that I have shared with her since we are officially together.

I am worried, but she seems more anxious than me. I have to agree to her request, and knowing that asking her right now will make her more intense. I called the airport straight to book 2 tickets to Canada. I am going to Canada with her.

“NO!” Xiao You suddenly yelled, protruding her head from the wardrobe partition and looked at me. “One ticket. Just me. Me alone,”

I looked at Xiao You, with one hand on the cell phone leaning on my ear. “One?” I thought.

“Just one ticket. Please,” she pleaded.

I looked down on the bed. “One ticket…” I gave in. “Alright… 4.30am flight,”

I hang up the call. I stood up as I grabbed my clothes on the floor and I walked to the wardrobe partition, and I looked at her packing up.

“4.30am flight?” she asked me.

“Yes,” I said. “I’ll drive you to the airport,”

“Ok,” she said as she continued packing up, without saying another word.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” I asked her, looking at her busily packing her clothes.

“I’ll call you and let you know when I’m in Canada, it’s too early for me to say anything at the moment,” Xiao You replied.

I took a deep breath. “Ok,” I hate to agree but I have no choice.

*Flashback ended.


“Hello?!” Ah Si waved his hand in front of me.

I immediately looked up at him. That same scenario has been playing over and over again in my mind. I just recalled that he has been in my CEO room and my mind wandered somewhere when he is talking.

“What?” I asked Ah Si.

“You did not hear me talking?” Ah Si asked.

“Oh,” I looked at him. “Sorry, and you were saying?”


Ah Si opened his mouth, wanted to talk, but stopped when he heard the ‘ding’.

I turned and looked at my computer.

“What is that sound?” Ah Si asked.

“New email,” I said, and then I looked at the sender. My eyes grew wide. “XIAO YOU?!”

“Xiao You?!” Ah Si called out in joy. “Finally! Some news from her!”

I jumped in joy. “Yes, yes… finally!” I said as I looked at the mail. “I’ll read her mail first, ok?”

“Sure, sure… go ahead,” Ah Si said happily. “Attend to that first,”

I smiled as I immediately clicked on the email to expand it and I read the content… to which after reading the email, I stunned.

“Xi Men?” Ah Si called.

I blanked. I looked at Ah Si.

“Ah Si…” I called. “Xiao You… is breaking up with me,”

“What?!”  Ah Si shocked. He immediately rushed to my computer and looked at the mail. “What are you gonna do?” he asked.

“I…” I stammered. “I don’t know…” I looked at Ah Si. “I don’t know…”

I went blur straight there and then. I did not see this coming.

Ah Si immediately took his phone out and I hear him dialing someone’s number.

“Mei Zhuo, big deal…” I heard he said.

What’s the next word he said on the phone… be my guest. I did not hear it. I only remember I closed my eyes and I tumbled down my seat from my CEO chair to the floor. All I see is darkness.

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