Inevitable Fate – Chapter 17

I folded my hand as I leaned my butt against my desk, looking out to Taipei. Not that I noticed the skyscrapers scattered around Taipei. My minds are filled with tremendous of things, there isn’t another inch of space in my brain that can fit the image of ONE of the skyscrapers in it.

“CEO Xi Men,” Secretary Xu called from the phone on my desk.

I turned my head looking at the phone. I took a deep breath before I extend my hand out to press the button to respond to Secretary Xu.

“Yes,” I answered. And then I looked away.

“President Xi Men is here,” Secretary Xu said.

I turned my head looking at the phone. “My dad is here?” I asked.

“Yes,” Secretary Xu said.

“Let him in,” I stood up straight and straightened my coat.

“CEO Xi Men,” Secretary Xu called as he opened the door of my room. “President Xi Men,”

I put a smile on my face as dad walked in into my room. Secretary Xu closed the door after dad entered.

“Dad,” I called him.

“Xi Men,” dad smiled, looking at me.

“Have a seat, dad,” I smiled.

“Sure,” he said as he sat down on the chair in front of me and let out a sigh.

“Wow, dad… why are you sighing in my office?” I joked. “The first word you want to give to me is a sigh?”

He laughed. “Just a bit tired. I just reached airport,”

“I didn’t know you’ll come here straight from there. Not that I expect you will come today actually,” I smiled, folding my hands on my chest. “I can handle the company, dad. It’s been years! You don’t have to come straight here to check me out!”

Dad laughed out loud. “I’m never worried of the company, Xi Men! I have you and I know you can do it!” he praised me.

“Thanks, dad,” I smiled. “I’m free for lunch, if that’s the main motive you want to,”

“No, I have something else to talk to you,” dad said.

“And that is?” I asked.

“Do you remember why I’m at airport today?” dad asked.

I laughed. “Come on, dad. I am not old enough to forget things. You went to Tokyo all the way from USA to seal a deal, and you come to Taipei to check me out!”

Dad laughed again. “I’m coming to Taipei to talk to you about the deal, son!”

I smiled. “So, what’s with the deal? How’s Mr. Toshihiro Matsuyuki doing?”

“It was good. The deal is going great. And also…” dad stopped. I looked at him. “Mr. Matsuyuki and we will make a great business partner, if you married his daughter,”

I practically stared at dad with that statement. “Mr. Matsuyuki’s daughter?”

Dad smiled and nodded. “He asked about you, and when I tell him you are not married still, he expressed his desire to hitch you and his daughter,”

I bite my lower lip as I looked away.

“We will be able to penetrate Tokyo’s market and…”

“Dad,” I interrupted.

Dad looked at me.

“I know how powerful Mr. Matsuyuki is in Tokyo, and as well in Japan. I know how well Xi Men Corporation can expand if we manage to penetrate Japan’s market. I…” I stopped.

Dad finally speaks after I went speechless for about a minute. “You always know that sole heirs like you, Lei and Mei Zhuo are intended to marry someone just about our reputation and level for…”

“I know, dad,” I interrupted him again. Marriage of convenience. I always knew.

“And don’t involve Ah Si in this topic,” dad said.

I understand. Ah Si married San Chai, and she is not from any high reputation family. His marriage is a marriage of love. Where as for Mei Zhuo and Lei, their marriage is also marriage of love, but very fortunate to say, the person they married with are from high reputation families. Ying and Teng Tang family.  It’s a good marriage in terms of love, family… and corporate.

“You should be matured enough to think about this,” dad said.

“I’ll think about it,” I cut him short.

Dad smiled. “Fine. I’ll wait for your good news. So I am going back to hotel now and take a good rest, and take your time to think about this,” he stood up and walked out from my CEO room.

A few minutes after dad left, I rise from my seat and I throw the stack of files on my desk to ease my frustration. The files were scattered around the floor.

I slumped on my seat, as I took a deep breath and then I covered my face with my hands.

What am I supposed to do?!


“Mr. Toshihiro Matsuyuki?” Lei asked. “He has a daughter?!”

“You know him?” I asked.

“My company in Japan has some dealings with him since years back,” Lei said. He scratched his head. “But I never know he has a daughter,”

“I doubt that someone as influential as him would tell everyone around, ‘hey, I have a daughter!’ as if he is ‘selling’ his daughter!” Mei Zhuo snarled. “And do you know if he has a son too?” he asked Lei.

Lei shook. “Actually no. I don’t even know he has children!”

DUH! What kind of friends do I have?!

“I’ve heard about him. He’s quite low profile,” Ah Si said, folding his hands and placed it on the table. “What I know about this person is only about business,”

“True,” Lei agreed. “He has always been low profile,” he drank his beer. “I didn’t know much about his personal background, to be honest,”

“I supposed this businessman protects his family, so basically the only thing we know about this guy is pure business. So I guess no one has any idea about his family at all…” Mei Zhuo said.

“Makes sense,” Ah Si said, drinking his beer.

I sighed. I called my buddies to come for a drink at my penthouse after my dad shocked me with the news this morning.

“So how?” Mei Zhuo asked, looking at me.

“What?” I asked him back.

“Your dad is making the marriage proposal for you. What do you think?” Mei Zhuo asked.

I shook. “I don’t know,” I looked at my beer.

“How about Xiao You?” Ah Si asked.

Lei, Mei Zhuo and I looked at Ah Si. Then, all of their focuses were aimed at me.

“Do you have any news about her for me?” I asked.

“She is not in Canada,” Lei said.

“I cannot locate her,” Mei Zhuo said.

“San Chai did not manage to contact her too,” Ah Si said.

“How about the private investigators?” I casually asked.

Ah Si, Lei and Mei Zhuo shook.

“It’s too little time for them to investigate,” Ah Si said.

“It’s 5 months since the e-mail she sent to me. How can that be too little?” I asked.

“The problem is…” Lei said.

I looked at Lei stopped at his words, waiting for him to continue.

“My side ones… he managed to trace she left Canada, but he did not manage to trace where she left to,” Lei said. “That sounds… very, very weird,”

“That is what my PI told me too,” Mei Zhuo said.

“But how can that be, right? She must have headed somewhere,” Ah Si said.

“She intentionally leaves me,” I responded.

All of them looked at me, as I emptied my tin of beer.

“She did not want me to look for her… but we still did. And it’s prove futile,” I said.

“And what now?” Lei asked.

“We are not fated to be together. And this is not the first time,” I said, as I opened another tin of beer. “Previously I thought she is married 5 years back, and now this…”

“Don’t give up, Xi Men…” Mei Zhuo said.

I smiled, trying to hide my sadness. “I love her, Mei Zhuo,” I said.

Ah Si, Lei and Mei Zhuo looked at me.

“I cannot love another person like how I have loved Xiao You… even if I am going to marry another woman, my heart still belongs to Xiao You,”

“Xi Men… we will keep on tracing her for you,” Lei said.

I took a deep breath.

“I love her, I miss her. I want to see her… but I think…” I choked on my words as I started to feel tears filled my eyes. “I think… we’re so over,”

“Xi Men, don’t be like this!” three of them yelled together.

I sniffed as I try to retain the tears in my eyes, not letting it fall down. I touched my neck, on my scar. How I got myself injured because of her. How each time she changed the bandages for me. How much effort she put in to see me healed. I missed her dearly.

Another one more month… it will be a year since the neck slitting incident.

“Xi Men!” Ah Si shook my shoulder. “We married someone we love, and we want you to have the same path like we do!”

I looked at him. “Stop all the investigations. Leave Xiao You alone,”

“What?” they looked at me.

“Since she did not want us to look for her, and she didn’t contact any of us or San Chai… I guess she already decided to cut ties with all of us. I still didn’t know what happened and why she left just like that upon a call,” I said.

I grabbed the beer and Mei Zhuo immediately held my hand back, refusing me to gulp the beer down. I looked at him.

“What have you decide?” Mei Zhuo asked.

“I didn’t decide anything but to ask you all to stop investigation on her whereabouts,” I said casually.

“She just seems disappeared… I don’t get it,” Ah Si said.

“Are you planning to marry Toshihiro Matsuyuki’s daughter?” Lei asked.

I looked at him, only to realize all the eyes were on me.

“Why do you ask like that when you know I only love Xiao You?”

“You were in despair over your ‘loss’ of Xiao You, you can just abruptly pull any lady on street and marry her just to get it over with,” Mei Zhuo said. “And what more now, a daughter of an influential man in Japan?”

“Even if that happens my heart still belongs to Xiao You,” I pushed Mei Zhuo’s hand away and I drank my beer.

Suddenly Lei slammed his hand on my mini bar, and we looked at him.

“You should not marry Toshihiro Matsuyuki’s daughter because that will be unfair for her and you won’t be able to love her!” Lei yelled at me.

“It’s her choice also, ok?” I said. “And I did not say I will marry her!”

“Don’t! Don’t let that thought slipped in into your mind, Xi Men!” Ah Si said.

“I said I did not! Even if I am going to marry her, what’s the problem? The day Xiao You left me, I do not know what to do already! And if marrying that Japanese woman is a way, a need or a request, then so be it!” I yelled.

“Xi Men! You can’t give in just like that!” Mei Zhuo yelled.

“If you marry her you will end up like your dad!” Lei said.

Upon hearing it I angered.

“I will not end up like my dad!” I yelled. “My dad loves my mom but she did not love him back and I am not like him because I do not love that woman and I couldn’t!” I stood up pointing at him. “Do not compare me with my dad!”

“Yo, bro… don’t be so heated up,” Mei Zhuo immediately calmed me down.

“And don’t compare me with you guys because you get to be with the woman you love, and my woman chooses not to be with me!” I yelled at Lei.

All of them looked at me, without uttering a single word.

I pointed at Ah Si. “You get to marry your love one despite she is not like us,”

I then pointed at Lei. “Jing is your first love, and you get to marry her,”

I turned and pointed at Mei Zhuo. “And you… you love Xiao Qiao that is why you marry her!”

Again, all of them looked at me without saying anything more.

“I love Xiao You with all of my heart and yet I do not get to be with her!” I yelled at them. “Because she chose to leave me!”

“Xi Men…” they called.

“Why do I have to settle to marriage of convenience at this era?” I yelled.

“You can choose not to…” Mei Zhuo said.

I silent, as I recalled the painful memories of Xiao You leaving me, and it was too hard to bear.

“Xi Men…” they called again.

“I am the most unfortunate of F4!” I screamed at them, when my tears started to roll down my cheek.

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