Inevitable Fate – Chapter 25

I couldn’t believe I just had a meeting with Xiao You. She’s thinner than the last time I saw her. And all the smiles she put up on her face don’t seem to come from her heart.

I walked into my office building and doesn’t seem to notice of everyone else who greeted me when I passed by them from the entrance of my building until to the top floor of my building, where my CEO room is at. My mind is filled with too many thoughts.

How I longed to be with Xiao You.

I love her too much to let her go… until she tells me she is going to marry someone next month.

All I can do is just wish her the best.

I took out the invitation card from my coat, and since she had given me the card, I should take a look at it. I took the card out from the envelope and I saw the mandarin ducks at the bottom right.

“Mandarin ducks?” I asked.

And I flipped open the card to read ‘Kanako Matsuyuki’ on it.

I smirked. It’s my own wedding invitation card that I’ve taken back.

Yes, after she said she cannot come, she pushed my card back to me.

“CEO Xi Men,” Secretary Xu called.

I abruptly turned over and looked at him.

“CEO Ling and Mrs. Ling is in your room,”

I stared at Secretary Xu. “What?”

“You have a lunch appointment with him and CEO Dao Ming and CEO Hua Ze today at Grand Maple Imperial Hotel,” Secretary Xu said.

I looked at Secretary Xu. “What time is it now?” I stupidly asked despite I have a watch on my left hand.

“It’s 12.15pm, CEO Xi Men,”

“Oh, alright,” I said. I immediately put the maroon card back into the envelope. And then I put in back into my coat.

I have not given Mei Zhuo, Ah Si or Lei my wedding invitation cards. I have insufficient cards to give out at the moment, I will give them at the very last minute.

I opened the door to see Mei Zhuo and Xiao Qiao sitting on the chairs in front of my table talking sweetly to each other. They both turned looking at me.

“Wow, dude, you’re late,” Mei Zhuo said, looking at his watch.

“I forgot about the lunch appointment,” I said, walking to my CEO chair.

“You forgot? Come on… you called me yesterday to ask all of us to go to your wedding dinner venue to taste the food today!” Mei Zhuo snarled.

“Yes, I don’t remember,” I sat down and I took the invitation card out from my coat and threw it into the drawer.

“What is that?” Mei Zhuo asked.

“My wedding invitation card,” I said.

“Really? Where is mine?” Mei Zhuo extended his hand out.

“I’ll give you later,” I said, and I locked the drawer.

“Why later?!” Mei Zhuo yelled.

“I assure you I will give you the card before my wedding comes. Whatever it is, block out 23rd of next month for my wedding. That’s all you need to do,”

“I’ve done that!” Mei Zhuo said. “But why later?”

“I don’t have enough cards. I only have 5 with me now so I need to be selective. Those can wait shall wait,” I said.

“5? Dude, you only print 5?” Mei Zhuo frowned. “Over here you need 3 already! Ah Si, Lei and me!” he showed with his fingers.

Xiao Qiao laughed at Mei Zhuo’s obvious joke!

“My parents took the remaining already. I send it all off to mom in USA for her to invite her family and friends and also to dad for him to invite his family and friends. And I took 5 out of it for myself, and just in case I met some friends or clients I have it with me to give them. And I see you almost everyday so you can wait,” I said.

“What? Toshihiro Matsuyuki only send you that few? And he took everything? Whoa, dude… you gotta beware with your father-in-law and he sounds like he’s controlling,” Mei Zhuo said.

I glared at him. “First, Kanako sends me this and not Toshihiro…”

And before I manage to continue, Mei Zhuo interrupts, “Whoa! That’s even worse! You’ll be facing her every single day and that sounds like you’ll be living in hell!”

“Kanako told me this is the first batch. She will send me the remaining later. And hey, you better be reasonable, okay,” I pointed at Mei Zhuo, “Look, my wedding is such a rush, and there were lots of things to do. Do you think printing wedding invitation cards takes like only 10 minutes? She said she obtained whatever is given to her and she just sends it over, just so I need it to give away,” I said.

Xiao Qiao smiled. “Sounds like Kanako is understanding,”

“She is okay,” I said. “And you better clear your schedule up for me. I wanted to go and try out a tux for my wedding,”

“When?” he asked.

“Let’s see when you can clear your schedule,” I said. “I guess somewhere around next week,”

“Xiao Qiao can go with you if you want to. She has a great pair of eyes for designs,” Mei Zhuo said, looking at Xiao Qiao.

“Yeah, I don’t mind if you want me to go with you,” Xiao Qiao said.

“I guess no problem,” I looked at Xiao Qiao. “As long as you don’t mind I borrow your wife,” I looked at Mei Zhuo.


“Let’s get going,” I smirked as I stood up.

“Hey, I don’t even get to see the invitation card? Let me see the design at least!” Mei Zhuo yelled.

“What? By asking you to see the card and then give it back to me? Don’t be ridiculous. You’ll get a piece of that when the time comes. LET’S GO!” I said as I held open the door.


“What took you so long, dude? You’re late for 25 minutes!” Ah Si yelled. He folded his hands on his chest. He is already sitting there with San Chai and Lei & Jing when I walked in into the restaurant.

“He said he forgot about the lunch,” Mei Zhuo said as he took his seat next to me.

I sat down and I lay open the napkin on my lap.

“You forgot?” Lei asked.

“What’s so big deal about that? I still come, right?” I said. And then I turned looking at Mei Zhuo. “I thought you can drop me a call,”

“Duh, your secretary said you will be back soon, and so I wait in your room!” Mei Zhuo said.

“But this is the food tasting session for your wedding dinner, Xi Men. The food you select today will be the one served to the guests so it is rather important too,” San Chai said. “How can you forget?”

“Alright, alright. My fault,” I said. “Anyhow I ask all of you to come because you know my parents are not here to taste the food with me. And you also know this is for my wedding dinner. So give your comments on FOOD and not why I am late,”

“Ok, FOOD!” Mei Zhuo yelled as he rubbed his hands.


The waiter acknowledge with Mei Zhuo’s calling.

I have pre-ordered the type of food to taste yesterday. Well, yes, it sounds rush when I should be taking their menus and analyze it one by one.

But I am not born to do that. That is why, I ask them out for tasting, and hopefully if any amendments needed, I have their help too.

“Which package are you taking?” San Chai asked, as she handed me the menu, and inside listed multiple packages for wedding dinners.

I took a deep breath as now I FINALLY analyzes it.

And then I saw the package that I have ordered.

“Package C,” I said, handing the menu back to San Chai.

With then, everybody take their turns to look at what ‘package C’ was.

“Not bad actually,” Lei said.

“If the food is not nice, I’ll ask for swapping with another dish,” I said as I crossed my hands on my chest.

“No problem. My hotel,” Ah Si said.

Grand Maple Imperial. Yes, Ah Si’s hotel. A way, very new hotel in Taipei. I fancy the ballrooms in this hotel. The ballrooms were located next door to this restaurant. For each wedding function in the ballroom, the food will be ordered from this restaurant and sent to the next door to the ballrooms. There are 3 ballrooms in this hotel, which, the barriers can be removed and thus combined all 3 ballrooms to 1 ballroom. Grand ballroom… extremely grand ballroom. Enough to fit 300 tables as requested by father-in-law… I mean Mr. Toshihiro Matsuyuki.

And 300 tables mean 3000 guests!

Well… at least 3000 guests for both sides: groom and bride’s family and friends… and of course, business related people.

I shook my head and let out a sigh.

I keep remembering Xiao You as in the meeting earlier. She was clad in a pair of blue jeans and yellow shirt with a white jacket… and with 2.5 inches killer stilettos. I remember her smile, her face, her look, her hair, her fringe…

I can’t erase her from my mind.

She called me up yesterday, saying she will be in Taipei today, and asked me if I could meet her, and of course… I wanted to.

I missed her so much, and of course I wish to see her again.

I remembered it so clearly.

How my face blanked when she told me she is going to get married and when she pushed the wedding invitation card to me.

How I have to hold my tears back.

How I have to lie to her about Kanako when I had yet to meet Kanako… besides the call I had with Kanako yesterday.

I remember how she turned her head from me, outside of the coffee house, and walked away. I looked at her walking away.

I stared at her for a moment before I dunked my head down, turned and walked away, heading to Xi Men Corporation.

I wondered. Her face does look a little sad. Is she not happy about her upcoming marriage too? Just like me?

Why are we ended up like this? Why are we separated?

Anyhow… I cannot do anything about it.

I briefly looked up and looked out, out of the restaurant, to see a lady with a girl behind her, and lead by the hotel manager, passed by the restaurant.

I looked again but she lost in my sight when she turned, following the walkway.

I missed Xiao You too much. Even any woman that walked like her or resembled her, I would have thought it’s her.

It’s getting a little too much of me. How I really miss Xiao You.

“What are you looking at?” Mei Zhuo asked, looking at me, and then turned looking at where I look at.

“Nothing,” I abruptly turned looking straight, and just in time the waiter served us the first dish. “Let’s eat,” I said as I took my chopsticks up.


It’s midnight.

I slumped on my bed when I reached home.

I’m so tired. Took another 3 hours flight to reach home.

Did all in one day.

I did not meet Ken. Basically Ken did not know I went to Taipei.

I went to the venue and checked things out, the venue and how’s things that will be provided will be placed at. I have decided with the theme, decorations, flowers and so many more.

In that few hours in Taipei, I’m also done with the quotations for many things.

Now what are left for the wedding will be the wedding invitation cards, and then the guests’ seating…

It was hectic.

First, to travel to Taipei just for one day to settle all of this ‘leftovers’ for my wedding.

And second, having a wedding that is going to be held in another 5 weeks is rush. If only I know deciding a wedding that is supposed to be held in 2 months is going to be this tiring, I would probably ask for more time.

I guess I could probably be dead by my wedding day.

Somehow the image of Xi Men slipped in into my mind.

I recalled the way Xi Men pushed the door of the coffee house and stepped in.

I recalled the facial expression, when he looked for me in the coffee house.

I recalled his face when he saw me handing him my wedding invitation card.

I recalled the way he walks back to his office, despite his back is facing me.

I recalled everything.

I couldn’t let him go.

I love him too much to let him go…

I recalled how I pushed his wedding invitation card, after knowing I wouldn’t be able to attend.

After I said it’s time to leave I took the wedding invitation…


I looked over to the phone that is ringing still, at first was thinking to let it ring until it stops.

On second thought, who would call at this moment? I just better pick it up.

I slowly sit up, and then slowly walked to the phone on the table.

I feel my body was like about to shatter to pieces. I’m so dead tired!

Walking to the phone could even kill me.

I picked the phone up.

“Hello?” I asked, tiredly.

“Hi there…”

I smiled. “Ken,”

“I got your number from your father…”

“Yeah, I know…”

“You sound tired…”

“Yeah, I just got home…” then I looked up. Oops.

“Just got home?”

“Oh, err… out for a… break,” I lied.

“I see… err… I didn’t get any of your mails today, so…”

I smiled. “That’s so nice of you, Ken,”

“Mind to talk maybe for a while?”


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