Inevitable Fate – Chapter 26

It’s all left to one week before the wedding day.

Time passes unknowingly, and everyday I have been busy and tired, trying to sort out what’s left for the wedding.

I glanced over to my wedding gown that I have picked about 3 weeks ago. I then e-mailed Ken what color and fabric of the gown I have chosen, so he can match his attire with me. Of course, if he wants to.

If not for father’s reputation as a superb businessman internationally I wouldn’t even bother to put in so much effort for this wedding.

If not for Ken’s reputation in Taipei as a high achiever of the year I wouldn’t even bother to settle this entire wedding on my own.

If not for the wedding is mine, I wouldn’t even care at all.

But honestly I wanted to have a wedding to remember too.

I hand picked a white gown for the wedding ceremony which will be held in the day, and 3 different color and designs’ dresses for the wedding dinner.

I remember how good I looked on it. And how Emi’s smile from ear to ear lightened my heart that those are the dresses I am going to wear, because she said it looks damn good on me.

I turned and looked at the list of the guests in my computer that will be attending my wedding in Taipei.

Ken and I decided to hold the wedding only in Taipei, despite he did ask me if I wanted any dinner or ceremony held in this foreign place of mine, but since all’s attending from my side happens to be father’s business partners, clients or friends, I decided they can fly to Taipei.

I doubt that forking out a few thousand for a flight ticket and accommodation would kill them.

Plus, they are personally invited by father, so I don’t think they will reject or decline the invitation.

I reserved about a few tables for my own, for my own deceased parents’ relatives to attend my wedding in Taipei. Most of them were in Taipei so I guess it is not that difficult at all for them to attend my wedding.

To be honest, despite my wedding day is coming, I am not excited or nervous. I feel like it’s just another day. But somehow I didn’t know how the days ahead will be, being as Mrs. Zhu.

Maybe I am just worried for that, and anxious to know if he is an abuser or something.

Perhaps I’ll die the day after wedding due to his abusive attitude.

Who knows?

Or maybe when he found out I wasn’t a chaste anymore for I have been with Xi Men… and he’ll try to kill me?

Well, maybe he wasn’t too. So?

Fair enough, right?

Or maybe he is just as good as I thought he is from the emails?

Those are unreliable because emails are just pure words. Words can cover up the real man behind who Ken is. Words can cover his attitude. Words can cover his character.

Words can cover a lot of things.

But does it matter? I married off for the name of reputation for my father. Not for myself, not for my love.

But somehow, another one more week, I’ll be Mrs. Ken Zhu. I still couldn’t let Xi Men go, but I know, I never would.

He would be kept in my heart, forever.

Someone knocked the door.

“Come in!” I said.

“Miss,” Emi said, protruding her head in.

I turned and looked at Emi. “Hi, Emi,” I smiled.

Emi looked down to the floor, and she come in, closing the door behind her. She adjusted herself with the spaces she can land her feet at, which only I realized my stuffs have been scattering on the floor due to hectic packing.

“Miss, you have a lot of things to pack,” Emi said, looking at my stuffs.

“Yes, a lot,” I said, turning back to my computer, looking at the guests list.

After a moment of silence, I turned and looked at Emi helping me to fold my clothes and placed it nicely in the luggage bags that I have spread open on my bed.

I saw the smile on Emi’s face when she looked at the box where my wedding gown was at, which is not covered. I put the box on my bed earlier.

“Emi,” I called.

“Yes, miss?” she looked up at me.

“How’s your packing?” I asked.

We’ll be going to Taipei in two more days for the wedding preparation. I have told father that I will be going there a couple of days earlier to see it for myself on the arrangement and decorations of the wedding venues. I will be hands-on too if required, just so it will be wonderful wedding, to father’s reputation, to Ken’s reputation… and to me, hopefully.

No, Emi and I are moving to Taipei, to be exact. However, we’ll be ‘moving’ to hotel first. And after the wedding, Emi and I will move to Ken’s place.

I’ll be leaving this foreign country officially in 2 days, and expecting to carry everything I had with me, and Ken told me to deliver my things to his house. I only have to bring whatever is needed to the hotel for the wedding. However, I told Ken I will ask people to deliver after the wedding. Possibly because I don’t like the thought of placing my stuffs at other people’s place. Therefore he did not give me his house address after I said so. Though I will marry him, I still feel he is a stranger to me.

As Emi has expressed she wanted to follow me, she will be leaving her country, just because she wanted to serve me still.

“I’m almost done, miss,” Emi smiled.

“Emi, why do you want to follow me anyway? Didn’t you plan to find someone and marry him someday?” I know she liked my wedding gown.

“Miss,” Emi smiled as she walked to me carefully amongst the pile of things on the floor, and sat at the edge of my bed, facing me, while I looked at her straight. “I tell you a secret,”

“Really? A secret?” I smiled.

“I find Taiwanese man attractive,” Emi blushed.

I gaped and then I laughed. “NO WONDER!” I said.

“Awww… miss! Don’t laugh at me!” Emi blushed even more.

“Okay, Emi,” I still let out small laughs. “When we’ve move to Ken’s place, we’ll see if you can land on any man in Taipei, and if you found love with him, go and marry him,”

Emi smiled. “But I still want to serve you, miss,”

“You will have to marry someday too, Emi. So it’s no biggie. You know I’m not used to having a servant or maid or something,” I smirked, stretching my hand out and held her hand. “I want you to find your path, and marry someone you love,”

“I will, miss. Just like you,” Emi smiled.

My smile slowly faded, and I put up a forceful smile. I nodded at her.

“Miss… I know you are not happy about this marriage,” she said.

I stared at her straight. “Why? I’m of course happy,”

“I know you have someone else in your heart. I know you went to Taipei the other day and meet someone. But no worries miss… I will keep this, just between you and me,” Emi said. “I respect your decision to marry someone else… because of master,”

“Sometimes… you are better off not knowing something, Emi,” I patted her hand.

“Not only you, miss. It happens to all of master’s children,” Emi said.

“Oh,” I said, and I looked at her.

“Miss, I have never seen any of them doing and preparing their marriage like you. They just handed it out to someone else, like an organizer of event or a wedding planner, and get it done with. I sometimes don’t understand why you wanted to do this personally when you can ask someone to do for you,”

“Marriage is not an event for temporary. It’s for life. Sometimes… some things are better done by myself…” I smiled at Emi. “At least you can feel some satisfaction out of it,”

“I get what you mean, miss. Despite this is an arranged marriage, you really did this whole-heartedly, all by yourself. You wanted everything to work out fine, because this is your marriage,”

I nodded. “Yes, Emi,” I smiled.

“I’ll keep your secret, miss. No worries. Do you know how much my life changed when I began serving you? That’s how I repay you. By being your best friend, and by serving you as long as I could,”

“Your life changed? How?”

“Master is an internationally well-known businessman for the past years, so he treated people differently. Unless you bring him profit, he won’t like you. We as servants… you know the hierarchy. That’s how we are being treated. And his children will do the same to us…”

“I know, I can see that,” I smirked.

“But miss, since you came to the family, you treated all of us equally… and do you know, if we are serving someone else… we can’t even be sitting like this, facing each other!” Emi pointed at her and me, and on the bed.


Emi nodded. “Miss, you fight for my rights. You let me sit next to you, in front of you, or sit with you… and then when you wanted to bring me out, how your face shows you despise master for claiming I shouldn’t be going out with you. I still remember your face and words that you throw to master the other day when we go out for printing the invitation cards,”

I smiled.

“That is why everyone in the house likes you, miss. And they show you greatest respect than they would at master,” Emi suddenly smiled. “And how much they envy me when I get to go everywhere with you, and then move to Taipei with you,”

I laughed. “I’ll see many green-eyes monsters on the day I left then!”

“Miss,” Emi held my hand. “For as long as I have been working here, this is something very new to me, that I am being treated with utmost respect by you, miss. So I love working for you. And for the past weeks after the words you threw to master, master did treat us a litttttttttttle bit better than before,” she stretched the word.

I laughed again.

“So my life changed the day I start serving you. And I enjoyed what I do, being your servant,”

“No,” I looked at her. “You are my friend,” I patted her hand again. “Emi, thank you for being my great friend. And I trust your taste in helping me to choose the bridal gowns. It looks good on me,”

“You’re very welcome, miss. In fact, I should be the one thanking you, miss… And the gowns do look good on you… I should say you look good in every piece of gowns available in the bridal shop the other day, we almost couldn’t make up our mind!” she then held my hand. “And never before in my life as servant, my master would say thank you to me… but yet you keep saying thanks to me every single time, even just when I am doing my job to serve you black coffee,”

I smiled. It’s a good heart to heart talk.

I heard someone knocked the door.

Emi and I turned looking at the door.

“Come in,” I said, and Emi immediately stood up, standing at a corner.

“Xiao You,”

“Hi, father,” I smiled.

Emi dunked her head, “Master,”

Father looked at Emi, and surprisingly he smiled, “Hi Emi,”

Just as said by Emi, he did treat them a littttttttttttttttttttttle bit better, at least with a smile and a ‘hi’.

“Whoa… did typhoon just entered your room?” father asked, looking around, and on the floor.

“Father, I am busy packing,” I said.

“Why? Emi can’t do for you?” father asked, looking at Emi. He then turned looking at me. “And you don’t sound like busy packing for you are sitting in front of your computer. I wonder how you pack if your butt is stuck at the chair?”

I laughed. “First, I placed them all over the room, got a bit tired so I came to use the computer,” I smirked. “And next, Emi did help me out. But some things are better done by myself,” I look over to Emi.

Emi smiled.

I guess her smile is of another statement that I posed to father about fighting for Emi’s right not to be treated badly just because she is designated to be my private servant… I better off call her as my assistant because that word ‘servant’ sounds awful to me.

“I would like to have a talk with Xiao You,” father smiled at Emi.

“Sure, master. Miss, I’ll come back and help you packing later,” Emi smiled.

“Sure, go and pack your stuffs,” I smiled at her.

Emi nodded, and when father find his way to walk to me, Emi left the room and closed the door.

“So how’s everything going?” father asked, as he sat down at the edge of the bed.

“You can see I’m packing,” I smirked.

“Yeah… with you sitting there,” he said.

I laughed.

“How’s preparation for the wedding?” he asked.

“Everything should be alright at the moment. Nothing else is lacking I supposed,”

“How about Ken’s side?” father asked.

“He told me everything is alright. He is busy distributing the wedding invitation cards out,”

“He already gotten the venues all done, arrangement… his attire?” he asked.

“Yes, he had hired a few photographers for the day and he also said he already settled his attire for the wedding ceremony and dinner. Where as for the rests, when I went to Taipei last month I settled most of it on my own,”

“Oh, what did Ken say, upon meeting you?”

“Meeting me? I didn’t meet him, father. I don’t have time to meet him. I’m too busy with my wedding preparations to meet him, father,”

“Huh? He didn’t come out for lunch with you or something?”

“I don’t have time for it, father. It’s a tiring one day trip!”

YEAH… RIGHT! You don’t have time to meet Ken but you do have time to meet Xi Men… you naughty Xiao You!

“Plus, I didn’t tell him I went to Taipei. So, it’s okay. I can meet him next week on the wedding day itself, no biggie,” I said. “Most important is the wedding stuffs,”

Father smiled lightly. “Xiao You, why do you want to do all of this by yourself when you can ask someone to do for you?”

Well… I supposed just because everyone else is giving it to someone to handle their marriage, you expect me to do the same too, father?

“Well, father… there is utmost satisfaction when you handle it on your own,” I smiled.

“Or was it every Taiwanese does this?” father asked. “I mean by themselves?”

I guess you must have not known that only you do the other way round…

“No father. This is very common. It’s a great experience,”

“Oh,” father responded. “Sigh… I couldn’t believe you’ll be marrying so soon. At one moment it feels like you just came to me yesterday,”

I smiled. It’s been more than half a year since my parents passed away. And that’s how long I’ve been with my new father and leading a new life… and left Xi Men.

What is Xi Men doing in my mind at this moment again?

I’m marrying Ken next week!!!

“Thanks, father. For taking care of me during this time,” I said.

Father caressed my head. “Despite you are not my real daughter, I honestly treat you like one. And even my real daughters are not as close as you are to me. Your dad taught you well,”

“Thanks for the compliment,”

“You bring me a lot of laughter and joy too within this period… more than any of my children did over the past years. I like the way you greeted me everyday when I come back from work, I like your smile… whenever I’m in stress and you greet me with a smile… And my own children? No one seems to bother when I come home,” he smirked. “You taught me respect to other people because they are also human beings,”

Oh… another heart to heart talk.

“I’m sorry, Xiao You. I realized I’ve never asked you if you want to marry Ken,”

What? You’re telling me this NOW?

“Are you happy?”

“Of course, father,” I smiled at him.

Now, will that be stupid if I tell you NO?

“You see, father…”


“Everything is fated. Meeting you, being your daughter after my parents’ passes… and marrying Ken,” I said, looking at him. “So I wouldn’t ask for more after all… I have a great life,”


Father smiled. He nodded and let out a deep breath.

“Xiao You,” he called. “I decide Ken for you because he is a nice person, and I know you will be happy with him. So, be happy. If you are not happy with him, or he treats you badly, let me know. I’ll get it done with him,”

I smiled. “Okay, father,”

“I can’t believe your wedding is just next week… and so sorry you have to go to Taipei with Emi first. I will meet you there 2 days before the wedding, alright?”

“No problem, father,” I smiled.

Father smiled as he slowly stood up.

“I don’t want to take too much of your time to pack up. After all, you only have 2 days left to pack…” father said. “I guess you have a lot to pack,”

“You see, father… I guess I have a lot to pack too… the entire house!” I joked.

“Wow! That’s A LOT!” he laughed.

I laughed.

He smiled. “You see… that’s what differ you from my own daughter. She never joked with me,” he sighed. “But anyway, you want to bring the whole house to Taipei, be my guest,”

I laughed. “I’m just kidding. But I will make it in time to pack everything before I left to Taipei, for the courier to deliver all my stuffs to Taipei after the wedding. I have Emi to help me,”

“That’s good to hear, so… I better not to take too much of your time and let you do your stuffs,” he smiled.

“It’s okay, father. You are always welcome to talk with me, even after I have married Ken,”

Father smiled. “I began to not wanting you to leave me,”

I laughed.

“Okay, I’ll get Emi for you, is that alright?”

Wow. Father is going to call Emi for me? That is something he, as the master of the home, would not do that… not in a million years!

Maybe because I really changed him, like Emi said.

“Sure, father,” I smiled.

Father smiled and turned heading to the door, as I looked at him walking.

When father twisted the knob of the door and opened it, I remembered something and I immediately called out to him before he walks out from my room.


He turned and looked at me. “Yes, Xiao You?”

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