Inevitable Fate – Chapter 3

It is very, very embarrassing to fight with a lady in a high class restaurant. I frowned as I drive, on the way back to office. Xiao You sat silently in my car. I did not talk to her either.

After the yelling question on asking her who told her that I am married and she yelled at me asking me who told me that she is married, they asked us to sit down and forgot about it. And she is sitting next to me, I need to bear with it for the entire lunch. I did not clarify to her that I am not married because… what’s the point? I know she is married, and she clearly do this to me because she is trying to show off that she is married and I am not.

I parked my car in the parking lot inside my office building. She and I got down from the car and headed straight into the entrance to the building.

She headed to the lift and pressed the lift button. The lift opened and she pressed the top floor. I stood aside. We still do not talk to each other. The lift finally reached the top floor and she hurriedly walked out from the lift. I walk behind her.

She suddenly stood at the glass door. I was wondering why she didn’t enter, only to realize she does not has the pass to open the glass door. She folded her hands on her chest.

“Excuse me,” I said.

She turned looking at me.

“I can open the door, only if you move aside for me to key in the pin number,” I said.

She immediately walked off, towards my back.

I pressed the pin number and the glass door opened. I pushed the door as I go in.

“CEO Xi Men,” they called.

I nodded at them as a sign of acknowledgement. I walked heading towards my room and then I stopped, and I turned looking at Xiao You who is walking behind me. She stopped and she looked at me.

“I’ll ask Secretary Xu to get you an all access pass to access whichever floor you wanted to go in my building for your project purposes. So you do not need to wait for me to press the pin number or ring the doorbell for the security guard to open the door for you everyday,” I said.

She opened her mouth, seemingly wanted to say something but her face is definitely dissatisfy with what I said. Possibly because of what happened at the restaurant earlier. She then closed her mouth and let out a deep breath.

“Thank you, Mr. Xi Men,” she said.

“You’re welcome, Miss Yang,” I said, as I turned and I walked straight to my room. I guess that is the way she and I are going to communicate for the next 6 months.



I’m so mad with what Xi Men has just said. ‘So you do not need to wait for me to press the pin number or ring the doorbell for the security guard to open the door for you everyday’… that was so arrogant!

I just ‘swallowed’ it because he is the boss now. He is my potential customer!!! Argh!!! I started to hate that word now.

Just because you do not plan to bring your wife out with the friends outing doesn’t mean you can say that ‘I thought we are missing Xiao You’s husband’!

Bloody hell… what the heck are they or he, missed my husband? I am so totally single and not married. How the heck he gets the idea that I am married? But it’s ok… he is trying to show off that he has a wife so he shoved the statement to me to embarrass me or something.

I sat down on my desk, and I looked at my notebook. I took a deep breath. And this is just my first day working for the project in Xi Men Corporation. What’s more to come? I have 6 months more to go… and how can I bear with this arrogant CEO?

Nevermind… it’s ok. Today is Friday. I can have a great relaxing weekend. Hmm… where to go tonight? It’s been a while since I visit Taipei. I smile lightly. I gathered my thoughts and I work on my notebook. Finally, I get my mood to start working.

Suddenly someone slammed something on my desk. I’m so pissed off, I looked up and stared at him.

“I’m so sorry,” Secretary Xu said, a few books on my desk. “I slipped the documents down from my hands…”

“Yes, Secretary Xu?” I asked.

“CEO Xi Men said these are the documentation for some business processes available, for you to read. Some other business related things, you can ask from CEO Xi Men himself,” Secretary Xu said.

I took a deep breath. Xi Men, Xi Men, XI MEN!!!

I looked at the books in front of me. “Some business processes?”

“Yes,” Secretary Xu smiled. “CEO Xi Men said that you can work with the IT department first. Then you can ask other business things from him,”

“Ok, thank you,” I smiled. No thank you for slamming the books down and kicked my ideas on working on the project away, out from my brain the moment you slam the books down!

“And here is the tag that CEO Xi Men said you need for entering the building. This is an all access pass,” Secretary Xu said as he put the tag down.

“Thanks,” I said, waiting for him to leave.

“Miss Yang, this is all access pass, please take good care of the pass,” he said.

“Mr. Xi Men said something again?” I asked.

“No, this is from me,”


“Not all staffs here can access all floors of this building. This is issued to you as per CEO Xi Men’s permission, do not lose this tag…” he said worriedly.

“I will, thank you,” I accepted the tag.


I reached back my place. This neighbourhood is seemingly a bit quiet. Well, I searched for this place myself and here I am. I selected this place because it nears Xi Men Corporation, so that I can go to work and back home easily, within walking distance. The landlady told me that the house is fully furnished. Well, indeed.

It’s nice and a peaceful neighbourhood. But it is indeed weird that this neighbourhood, despite in the middle of town, it’s so quiet.

I came here yesterday. And I dozed off almost immediately last night after reaching home from airport. I remember the bed is not as comfy as the one I had back in Canada but I just dozed off on it right away.

I took my dinner and bath and get changed. I quite like my new place. However, the night is still young. It’s just 9pm. I think I should be going somewhere for fun rather than letting the night passed by just like that. It’s a rather cold night, so I tied a white shawl around my neck.

VS. Been some time since I go to VS.

With then I slowly walked out from my house and VS is just 2 streets away.

I walked in into VS and I sat down at the bar.

“Hi,” the bartender said. “Can I get you any drink?”

“Any specialized cocktail you have?” I asked.

“Of course,” he smiled.

“Give me one. Less alcohol please,” I requested.

“Sure,” he walked off and he prepared my shot.

I looked around the bar. I last came here more than 6 years ago. I remember I looked for Xi Men, and found him in this bar with the help of Mei Zhuo and Ah Si, after I found the billboard that Xiao Gen wanted to show to Xi Men located on top of a building.

This place has been renovated, but nothing much changed. It has renovated to a little classy compared to my last trip. Someone sat down about 3 seats away from me.

“Usual,” I heard he said to the bartender. Nothing very special for me. The bar is for public. Everybody can sit there.

“Hi,” a girl called out to him.

I finally turned over, and the girl is sitting at this man’s side. I cannot see his face due to this girl’s sitting position has covered his head, from where I sit. I shook lightly. Maybe someone is trying to get some one night stands or landing on a rich people.

“Miss, your cocktail,” the bartender said at me.

“Thanks,” I said.

In the corner of my eyes, I saw the girl taking her drinks and walked off. I glanced over, to see what happened. He turned and looked at me.

I froze. He stared at me, and gave me a weird glare.

“Xi Men?” I called out.

“Xiao You?” he said.

I closed my mouth. I said to myself that he is my potential customer, and I am not supposed to call him that!

I stared at him as thoughts running in my mind. How I wish to have slammed the questions at him. What the heck are you doing here? Aren’t you at home with your wife? Anyway, I didn’t ask as it is his stuffs and it is nothing for me to even bother of.

He smiled as he swallowed the glass of beer. He raised his hand up, asking for another glass of beer.

“Sure, Xi Men,” the bartender said.

Ok, that means Xi Men still come here frequently. I have chosen the wrong bar to go tonight. I turned away from him, looking straight. I am not sure what to think, to do or to say.

“Hi,” suddenly Xi Men said, sitting next to me. I did not know when he moved over to the seat next to me.

“Hi,” I replied, looking at my cocktail.

“Xi Men, yours,” the bartender said.

“James, my treat,” Xi Men said at the bartender, pointing at my cocktail.

“Sure do,” James said.

“So, I thought you rest at home,” Xi Men said.

“The night is still young,” I said. “You? Why aren’t you at home?”

“Unless I am busy, I don’t spend time at home… at this time,” he smirked, staring at his glass of beer.

“Your wife? You no need to accompany her?”

He still smirked. “Then you did not call your husband?”

“I am asking you,”

“That is why I am asking you back,”

“Even if I am married I don’t have to do reporting to him,”

“There you go, that’s the same answer,” he did not look at me as he swallowed his beer.

“You are married, you should be with her, and not spend time at VS at this time,” I said.

“I don’t understand, Xiao You,” he said, finally looking at me.

“What?” I asked.

“In the office… ok, professional. Lunch time… still professional, I don’t know how to work with you for the next 6 months if you and I continued like this,”

“I don’t see any problem with my professionalism,”

“I respect you more as a friend, Xiao You,”

“You are the only person who did not keep in contact with me, so the friendship has been broken 6 years ago,”

Xi Men smirked. “I did not know my friends do keep in contact with you,”

“Don’t blame them. I… I honestly waited for you to contact me… but it’s futile, so now I am back as a project manager that handles the project that is…”

“I don’t want to talk about work after 6pm,” he cuts me off. He took a deep breath. “What’s the point of rekindling the friendship when you are married…”

“Now, I don’t understand,” I said.


“Ok, let’s say I am married, you cannot still make an effort to contact me?”

Xi Men smirked as he drank the beer. “When I learned that you are married it crushed me hard,”

“Crush you hard? Who told you I am married?”

“Ah Si,”

“What?” I cannot believe it. Why is he telling Xi Men that I am married when I am not?

“Your husband is the chief police inspector. It’s stated in the Canada news 5 years ago,” he said.

Oh, that Yang Xiao You. I’ve clarified with Ah Si back then because he really thought I am the bride. We have the same name but she is a totally different person.

“Why does it crush you hard, Xi Men?” Oops. I just called his name again.

“Does it matter?” he asked. He sighed. “Anyway, I hope you have happiness. Congrats,”

I wasn’t sure how to answer him. “Erm… thanks?” I asked back.

Xi Men smirked, taking another gulp of beer down.

It was silent. I do not know what to talk to him. Since knowing he is married, I do not intend to know about his marriage life, that is why I reluctant to come to Taipei. But now I am here, and that is, I have no choice. I do not want to hurt myself knowing how happy he is, or anything related to his life, because I am still fond of him. That is the main reason why I keep this distance, taking him as only my company’s potential customer and nothing more.

“So how do you know your wife?” I abruptly asked to raise a topic.


I stared at Xiao You. Again?

“Who told you I’m married?” I asked.

“San Chai,” she said. “That was 4 years ago. I can’t believe you are the first one to get married among all,”

I think San Chai make a mistake. I did not get married 4 years ago. Either she lied to Xiao You, or Xiao You did not get the clear picture. Or was it…

“She also said it’s written in the newspaper,”

Dang. I knew it.

The one written in the newspaper said ’He is the honorary secretary of CEO Mr. Xi Men in Xi Men Corporation’ and that ‘he’ is Secretary Xu. He got married 4 years ago. NOT ME!!! I think either San Chai or Xiao You missed the ‘honorary secretary’ word in the newspaper.

But does clarifying it helps? She is no longer available, despite I still have feelings for her.

“Oh,” I said.

“Congratulations,” she said.

I smiled. “Thanks,” I grabbed the beer and emptied the glass.

Xiao You drank her cocktail.

It’s silence again. I don’t know what else to talk to her, despite that I have a lot of questions running in my mind.

“I think it’s about time to go home,” suddenly I heard she said.

I turned looking at her. It’s just 9.45pm. Anyway, she better be home early too. “Erm, ok,”

“Thanks for the drink,” she smirked.

“No problem. I’ll see you in office on Monday,” I said.

“Sure, don’t drink too much and drive,” she patted my shoulder as she stood up.

“Take care,” I smiled.

“I will,” she said as she headed off.

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